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At the end of the one-hour lesson, the students should be able to:
defne inference;
make inferences based on clues or pieces of evidence;
recall experiences related to the short story and share those to the
A. Topic: Makin !nferences "The #atu$s %eed&
'. (eferences: )nlish *+ for ,ih %chool ! by A. )spiritu, pp. -./--.0
1ath2ays by ). Aapito, pp -.---.3

*. Materials: 1re5i presentation, laptop, 7*# pro8ector, bi book,
A. Routinary Ati!iti"#
-. 1rayer
3. 9reetins
:. *heckin of Attendance
6. %pellin #rill
accommodate millennium
privilege guarantee
questionnaire pronunciation
subpoena conscience
personnel playwright
/. (evie2
Context clues are hints about the meaning of an unknown
word that is provided in the words, phrases, and sentences that
surround the word. Being acquainted with context clues helps a
reader to better comprehend any reading material.
B. Moti!ation
The students 2ill be sho2n pictures of detectives. They 2ill
be asked to identify the tasks of a detective and ho2 a detective
comes up 2ith results about his or her tasks. They 2ill be informed that
they 2ill be actin as detectives as they carry out the day$s activities.
The class 2ill be divided into fve roups. They 2ill be
2orkin 2ith their roups in accomplishin all of the tasks for the day.
Task 1: Riddles
The students 2ill be asked to uess the 2ord bein described
by a set of clues.
! bein in the mornin.
Tomorro2 is al2ays another.
There are :;/ of me in each year.
<=ester< is al2ays another.
! hope you have a nice one.
<T>< is the one riht no2.
! can be danerous.
! miht blo2 my top.
! am part of the )arth.
! can be explosive.
! can erupt suddenly.
,umans and animals have me.
! am your body$s hardest part.
=ou see me 2hen you smile.
=ou et t2o sets of me.
=ou use me to che2 food.
! am very @exible.
! like to o to parties.
! come in many colors.
! come 2ith strins attached.
! like to @oat.
My mother is a princess.
! live in a colony.
! am an insect.
! help @o2ers reproduce.
! like pollen and nectar.
! am smaller than )arth.
! am miles a2ay from )arth.
! re@ect liht from the sun.
! have craters.
! orbit around )arth.
Task 2: Short Story
A short story 2ill be presented to the students. The teacher
2ill pause at particular parts of the story and 2ill ask the students
about their inferences about 2hat is happenin in the story.
!f you 2ere the datu, 2ould you do the sameA Bould you not choose one
of your o2n children as your successorA
The datu decided to do somethin diiferent. Bhat do you think 2ill he doA
#o you have any ideaA
Bhat makes you think soA
!f you 2ere one of the kids, 2ould you feel the sameA Bould you feel
shocked, tooA
Aside from bein shocked, ho2 else 2ould you feelA BhyA
,o2 2ould the datu choose his successorA #o you have an ideaA
Bhat 2ere the datu$s instructions to the kidsA
!f you 2ere one of the kids, 2ould you accept the challeneA
!s the task iven by the datu an impossible thin to doA !s it an easy taskA
<! am oin to ive each one of you a seed today. >ne seed. !t is a very special
seed. ! 2ant you to o home, plant the seed, 2ater it and come back here one year
from today 2ith 2hat you have ro2n from this one seed. ! 2ill then 8ude the plants
that you brin to me, and the one ! choose 2ill be the next datu of the kindomC<
>nce there 2as datu in the Dar )ast 2ho 2as ro2in old and kne2 it 2as
time to choose his successor. !nstead of choosin one of his assistants or one of his
o2n children, he decided to do somethin diEerent.
,e called all the youn people in the kindom toether one day. ,e said, <!t
has come time for me to step do2n and to choose the next datu. ! have decided to
choose one of you.< The kids 2ere shockedC 'ut the datu continued.
Bhat is the name of the youn boyA
#id he follo2 the instructions of the datuA
!f you 2ere 7in, 2ould you also seek assistance from your motherA
Bas there a time in your life 2hen you asked help from your mother or any
member of your family in somethin that you needed to doA #o you
al2ays ask for their helpA #o you al2ays count on themA
#o you think 7in 2ill be successful in his taskA BhyA
Bhat do you think happenedA
Bhy 2as his seed not ro2inA Bhat could be the reasonA
!f you 2ere 7in, 2hat 2ould you doA ,o2 2ould you feelA
!f you 2ere 7in, 2ould you also feel like a failureA Bhy or 2hy notA
#o you think he had really killed his seedA
Bhy 2as he the only one 2ho had nothin in his potA
Bould you keep it to yourself 8ust like 2hat 7in didA
Bould you also be patient to 2ait for the seed to ro2A
Bas there any moment in your life 2hen you needed to 2ait for somethin
you 2ere not sure ofA
!f you 2ere 7in, 2ould you also decide not to o to the kindom 2ith an
empty potA
Bhat do you think his mother told himA
There 2as one boy named 7in 2ho 2as there that day and he, like the
others, received a seed. ,e 2ent home and excitedly told his mother the 2hole story.
%he helped him et a pot and some plantin soil, and he planted the seed and
2atered it carefully. )very day he 2ould 2ater it and 2atch to see if it had ro2n.
After about three 2eeks, some of the other youths bean to talk about their
seeds and the plants that 2ere beinnin to ro2. 7in kept oin home and
checkin his seed, but nothin ever re2. Three 2eeks, four 2eeks, fve 2eeks 2ent
by. %till nothin.
'y no2 others 2ere talkin about their plants but 7in didnFt have a plant, and
he felt like a failure. %ix months 2ent by, still nothin in 7inFs pot. ,e 8ust kne2 he
had killed his seed. )veryone else had trees and tall plants, but he had nothin. 7in
didnFt say anythin to his friends, ho2ever. ,e 8ust kept 2aitin for his seed to ro2.
A year fnally 2ent by and all the youths of the kindom brouht their plants
to the datu for inspection. 7in told his mother that he 2asnFt oin to take an empty
!f you 2ere to ive 7in an advice, 2hat 2ould you tell himA
#o you think 7in 2ould listen to his motherA
!f you 2ere him, 2ould you be brave and honest enouh to o to the
palace 2ith an empty potA
#id he obey his motherA
Bould you do the sameA
#o you really obey your motherA ,o2 about your fatherA
!s obeyin your parents a ood traitA
!s honesty a ood trait as 2ellA
Are you an honest personA Bhat makes you think soA
Bhat do you think happened nextA
!f you 2ere 7in, ho2 2ould you feel upon seein the variety of plants
ro2n by all the other kidsA
!f you 2ere one of the other kids, 2ould you also lauh at 7inA
!s it a ood trait to lauh at other person$s failureA
Bhat do you think happened nextA
Bould you also hide in the back 8ust like 2hat 7in didA BhyA
!s there any little chance for 7in to be appointed the next datuA BhyA
Bhen the datu arrived, he surveyed the room and reeted the youn people.
7in 8ust tried to hide in the back. <My, 2hat reat plants, trees and @o2ers you have
ro2n,< said the datu. <Today, one of you 2ill be appointed the next datuC<
Bhen 7in arrived, he 2as ama5ed at the variety of plants ro2n by all the
other youths. They 2ere beautiful, in all shapes and si5es. 7in put his empty pot on
the @oor and many of the other kids lauhed at him. A fe2 felt sorry for him and 8ust
said, <,ey nice try.<
All of a sudden, the datu spotted 7in at the back of the room 2ith his empty
pot. ,e ordered his uards to brin him to the front. 7in 2as terrifed. <The datu
kno2s !Fm a failureC Maybe he 2ill have me killedC<
'ut she encouraed him to o, and to take his pot, and to be honest about
2hat happened. 7in felt sick to his stomach, but he kne2 his mother 2as riht.
,e took his empty pot to the palace.
Bould you also feel terrifedA BhyA
Bhat do you think the datu 2ould do to 7inA BhyA
Bhat do you think 2as the datu$s announcementA
Bas 7in able to ro2 his seedA
,o2 could he be the ne2 datuA Bhat could be the reason 2hy he 2as
appointed the ne2 datuA
Bere the instructions clearA Then, 2hy 2as 7in chosen as the ne2 datuA
!f the datu ave them boiled seeds, ho2 did it become possible for the
other kids to ro2 their seedsA
!s it important to be honest in lifeA
!s it diGcult to be honestA
Bas there a time in your life 2hen your honesty 2as re2ardedA
!n your life as students, ho2 can you sho2 honestyA
Task 3: Lecture-Discussion
All of you, except 7in, have brouht me trees and plants and @o2ers. Bhen
you found that the seed 2ould not ro2, you substituted another seed for the one !
ave you. 7in 2as the only one 2ith the courae and honesty to brin me a pot
2ith my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one 2ho 2ill be the ne2 datuC<
Bhen 7in ot to the front, the datu asked his name. <My name is 7in,< he
replied. All the kids 2ere lauhin and makin fun of him. The datu asked everyone
to Huiet do2n. ,e looked at 7in, and then announced to the cro2dI
Then the datu said, <>ne year ao today, ! ave everyone here a seed. ! told
you to take the seed, plant it, 2ater it, and brin it back to me today.J
The datu announced to the cro2d, <'ehold your ne2 datuC ,is name is 7inC<
7in couldnFt believe it.
The datu continued, K'ut ! ave you all boiled seeds 2hich 2ould not ro2.J
1assae -
Michael felt completely sad and completely alone. ,e had al2ays
counted on his randfather for help and for uidance. ?o2, 2ithout him he
2asn$t sure 2hat he could do. The feelin made him even more adamantly
opposed to drunk drivin.
What happened to Michaels grandfather!
1assae 3
Mother told me ! needed to stop, but ! couldn$t stop no2, not 2hen ! 2as
so close to 2innin. My eyes 2ere fxated on the television and the controller 2as
in my hand. ! didn$t even see my mother 2hen she 2alked into the room.
What is the boy doing in front of the "#!
The teacher 2ill no2 present the concept of inference.
Makin inferences means usin clues to come up 2ith a
conclusion. >ne must look for clues and use his4her prior kno2lede
about the situation to come up 2ith an inference. !t may also mean
readin bet2een the lines.
Be make inferences in our daily life. !t helps us in solvin
pu55les, ans2erin Huestions and in readin.
The students 2ill be asked to make inferences on the

Make inferences about the follo2in pictures.
Makin inferences is huntin for clues and puttin them toether to come
up 2ith an idea and make an educated assessment of a situation.
To infer means to deduce, fure out, uess, interpret, read bet2een the
lines and dra2 conclusions. Be are constantly makin inferences every day by
solvin pu55les, ans2erin riddles and 2ord problems, ans2erin Huestions,
conversin 2ith people and readin.
!n makin inferences, one must look for clues: visual clues, situational
clues, location clues, 2ord clues, and body lanuae.
A four-minute video clip 2ill be presented to the students. They
2ill be asked to fll out a raphic orani5er 2ith details about the video
and their inferences about 2hat happened.
What the video says What $ know My inferences
Brite your o2n skit "/-L minutes& about the video presented earlier. %upply
dialoues based on your inferences about the characters and the story.
=ou 2ill be raded usin the follo2in criteria:
1erformance - :/ M
!nferences - :. M
*reativity - 3/ M
>verall impact - -. M
Accomplish the follo2in roup activity.
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