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From The Song of Songs Which is to Sumer.

Book One
Ayman Sadik
Translated by
Ahmed Gad
She said:
" They say two
Who's the second
If it is only I and you?"
Since then she is my only one.
Ayman Sadik
* Fom a son! witten "y Fatma #afa$ the %oet&s wife.
'ay tell me
(an I
dedicate you to you..?
Last Song
Song (1)
I love you.
Song (2)
)y only one
Whene*e you ima!e steals
into my *ision
my heat "ecomes + at that lo*e +
a child
who clim"s the ,oy of my deams.
Song (3)
)y only one
In %aadise I will %ay:
-h .od
-h .od of lods
She was a woman
who + in time of o%%ession + used to
e/chan!e with me
the ecklessness of a%%le
and the %iety of ,u,u"e
)ake thy !ace %efect .
with ou eunion.
Song (4)
)y only one
)y heat is sad
And fea s%akles in the mios of the unknown
li!htenin! thei dakness
While I .
clim" my "now"
with the deam cucified on my insomnia
In an attem%t
to catch a !lim%se of
my comin! dawn.
Song (5)
)y only one
0ow saced1
When you flow smoothly
In my lifetime
li!ht .
and life foce.
Song (6)
)y only one
2/alted "e Allah
0e lit me a sun fo you monin!
of all the wold's women
Song (7)
)y only one
They will call me mad.
.et it "e so
Is he mad
who steals moons
To scatte them kisses
o*e his "elo*ed's ni!ht?
Is he mad
who entices a son! into yieldin! its ,oy
fo the sake of his "elo*ed?
I do not cae.
Song ()
)y only one
I s%ell my sal*ation in you.
So$ unsheathe a home
to defend..
my lifetime that cudled unde the "oots of the militay
As I am e/hausted
and I ty only to
!et my death cleaed
3o moe.
Song (!)
)y only one
I tei"ly need you
As my days clim" the death tees
To %ick %ome!anate
and su*i*al
amon! the nym%hs thei %incess
so that we may e/chan!e some lon!in!s
and s%lendou
I tei"ly need you
so that I may cast away my clay
and etun li!ht.
Song (1")
)y only one
)y only one
0ow wondeful1
To !et li!ht fom the !low of *ision1
What a "eautiful I
Seen with you eyes1
Song (11)
)y only one
I fell in lo*e with you with clouds
%ouin! down on my deset deams
a %omise and s%akle
4in!in! my heat "ack its ,oy
4in!in! me "ack my flute..
And a son! o%haned..
"y a "las%hemous moon
And I etun a child
cawlin! o*e the feshness of my time.
Song (12)
)y only one
Would you ise %lease?
)y s%aows
ae e/hausted "y hun!e ..
and ni!ht.
Song (13)
)y only one
We ae alienated
"y this homeland e/hausted
"y tyanny moths
and su"missi*eness woms
So$ let's e%ent of this su"missi*eness
So that the moth may not hollow out
..ou consciences.
Song (14)
)y only one
All %aise "e to Allah
0e !a*e me to my heat's content
When 0e has "een !acious to me
and entusted my lifetime with a tende heat
When he made lawful to me a sky to dwell in its stas
)ade lawful to my tilth a land
)ade lawful to my eye a "eauty
with no o"li!ation to lowe my !a5e
)ade lawful to me you a homeland
unde whose ose I seek shade in sweltein! days
Then$ lo*e fo such a homeland "ecomes a eli!ious o"li!ation
All %aise "e to Allah
0e !a*e us lo*e
to ou heats content
Song (15)
)y only one
If I had Aladdin's lanten
I would ask the ,inni fo a little homeland
with a !een s%aow chantin!
and ,um%in! fom a window to anothe
and no militay "ca!e" him
at his will
whee his willa"o*e his will
unde his will
when his will
"etween his willon his will
not feain! the %olice station.
If I had Aladdin's lanten
I would ask the ,inni fo a little homeland that is ..
Song (16)
)y only one
- maste of all
Sometimes$ I en*y me
and hide fom me
the ,oy of my heat as it kisses you dew
on my fesh sensations
And I deny my soul
as it chases you fa!ance all a"out the house
aound the li%s of the cu%
amon! the details of thin!s
and in my "eath.
Then$ I seek efu!e in the .od of mankind fom the en*ious ones
and fom the e*il of the sneakin! whis%ee.
Song (17)
)y only one
I look at my death e*ey sta
Then I miss you.
Song (1)
)y only one
)y "utteflies dismount fom the li!ht"acks
to %efom the itual a"lution in the !low of *ision
So$ e*eal youself to us
- scent of secets
that we may contem%late the ceati*ity of Allah
Song (1!)
)y only one
- the sweetest of my sweetest lots
the "elo*ed lo*es !athe aound me
ou %esence !ets wom
with the necta of the "elo*eds' tendeness
with the ma*elous su"tle secets.
Then$ I hide us fom thei ecstasy
And hide my moons fom them
And I ecite unde my "eath
"in the name of Allah"
Song (2")
)y only one
Tyanny tees toweed
"ecame foests
whee !houls e*el
and owls ho*e
and cows %ech
So$ !i*e me a i*e
Whee I can %u!e
)y stinkin! su"missi*eness
Song (21)
)y only one
- li!ht of loneliness "ehind ,oy hidin!
What ae these "ehind you *eil?
6uestions whose lote7tee my thisty lon!in!s clim"
and etun distu"ed "y thist?
Ae they two seas?
A sun?
A moon?
o clouds that so kindle ou ste%
that whate*e we ste% on "ecomes a sky?
8ou faith dwells a %ossi"ility
And you faith is dwelled "y a %ossi"ility
and my 9uestion on you *eil
)y only one.
Song ( 22)
)y only one
I seek shade unde you lo*e
2*ey wee%in!.
Song (23)
)y only one
0un!e stetched its lim"s all o*e my homeland
'eo%le's deams cudled on a million %latfoms
'eo%le ae "itin! thei caws
Thei lifetime is leakin! an autumn afte anothe
hulin! failue at one anothe e*ey e*enin!
3i!ht !ot ni!htie fan!s and "leedin!
I'm afaid
afaid that the "ids deset my homeland
Fo a loaf.
Song (24)
)y only one
I'm all ni!ht.. and dakness
2/ce%t fo.
a handful of li!ht
which kindles me adiance
and tuns me into a son!
and %eace
a handful of li!ht which is
Song (25)
)y only one
I'm kni!hted "y a lifetime
cucified on the meanness of days
Sometimes$ I stum"le o*e mies of %atience.
At othe times$ I "um% a!ainst
the ocks of fate
and the iony of deams
Then$ I tansfom you
that we may "e metamo%hosed into a dawn
which I cay
while I !o%e fo my deam ..
in a million cloak of dakness
Song (26)
)y only one
In you em"ace
my death yields .
a son!.
Song (27)
)y only one
- insi!ht fo my 9uestions
- cetainty fo my answes
When I oll my %aye on the thesholds of ecstasy
so that
I may me!e into you "ein!$
)y lifetime !ets dessed in the a!s of days.
So$ would you fee my lifetime with you lanten?1
Song (2)
)y only one
I'm soy
The 5eal i*es in ou *alley sta!nated a!es a!o.
And fathes' histoy !ot fla""y
on the "odies of thei sons
who wee humiliated
So$ homelands fell down to a false !loy.
I'm soy
I am +my only one +
Song (2!)
)y only one
#ifts do% down fom the %alm of Allah.
The lo*eliest !ift is
I %ostate myself thankin! Allah.
Song (3")
)y only one
It went otten.
The wold's a%%le went otten.
And I feel dis!ust fo otten a%%le.
So$ let me cast away my clay
So$ lea*e me alone..
That I cast away my clay
and etun to
the ams of the 4elo*ed.
Song (31)
)y only one
The militay ae %ocues
decei*es$ swindles
and thie*es whose maste sla*e7taded my "ead
and my tomoow
They sold the "easts of my stas to stan!es$
tuned all days a misey
all seasons a winte
The militay..
"etay the dawn's conscience
The militay ae
#od's wath on the cowad.
Song (32)
)y only one
3ea you I lack nothin!.
As with you lo*e I am a Sultan.
8ou lo*e is enou!h fo
all %o*ision of life.
In you lo*e
my deaest wishes come tue.
Song (33)
)y only one
Witten on my foehead:
"you ae the sweetest %at of me"
So$ the moons in my heat lit
and "oth my eyes aced
to cast away my ni!ht.
Song (34)
)y only one
It "ecame easy1
We ha*e only until
the moon is full.
I&ll %ack
so that
ta*el may !et eady fo me.
I wonde
you eyes will fo!i*e me
it is time.
We ha*e only until
the moon is full.
Song (35)
)y only one
)y half
and my othe half.
3o"ody's lau!h "ut yous
can "sta" me in a thousand skies.
3o"ody "ut you
can "moon" me in the ni!ht of !ief.
Song (36)
)y only one
When we leisuely oam "ountiful %assion$
2n,oyin! it as we will$
3othin! tem%ts us
"ut o"edience tees
to seek shade in #od's lo*e.
We e/claim: "Allah is !eatest"..
when we see Satan "itin! off his fin!e7ti%s
fo a!e..
and misey.
Song (37)
)y only one
Al7Aksaa is ous.
So$ let's wi%e its foehead with tomoow
which does not emem"e us
which emem"es only ou funeals.
)ay"e it fo!i*es us some sins.
)ay"e it fo!i*es us some sins.
Song (3)
)y only one
In you eyes I s%ead out the sails of la"yinth
and sail
3othin! "ut the wa*es of lon!in! sail me
-n lon!in! I land
And fom lon!in! I sail
.on!in! thows me to lon!in!
)y 9ueen$ %ay
Should he whose ocean is you lo*e
2*e seek a life"uoy?
Song (3!)
)y only one
)y shadow id diminished "y sweltein! days.

I dismount fom a lifetime

that stum"les o*e the co%ses of deams.
-nly to seek shade in you.
Song (4")
)y only one
I doo% fom my homeland
)y homeland..
doo%s fom the "oots of the militay.
4e a wom"
whee I can %ut me a s%em fo a %uified homeland.
Song (41)
)y only one
I'll let you down one sin!in!.
A sea !ull will come to you
stum"lin! o*e a %iece of news
and wee%in!
It will ali!ht in you theshold
like a son! dessed in my sweat
So$ make sue that
my shadow does not doo%
in you eyes
without a %aye
Song (42)
)y only one
Wee I !i*en a %o%het's miacle$
I would take you on the miaculous win!ed hose
head towads some homeland that
s%its not on ou tomoow.
Song (43)
)y only one
- handful of li!ht in my "ein!
)y tees ae o%han
and my s%aows.
-%han ae %i%e's tunes
you$ my 9ueen$ !et u%.
Song (44)
)y only one
-u youn! Sheikh let his "ead !ow
to fo"id whate*e declaed lawful "y Allah.
And he "ummed on the %latfom of eli!ion
weain! away its toleance
"e!!in! with fatwas
*omitin! on ou consciences
his fatwas
.. .. ..
.. .. ..
- #od
0a*e mecy on us
0a*e mecy on us.
Song (45)
)y only one
I "ecome ni!ht
when you teas li!ht in my face.
So$ %ay$ do not cy
that I may not shed my days.
Song (46)
)y only one
I withe in the a!onies of death.
.. .. ..
.. .. ..
.. .. ..
So$ cloak youself in my sin!in!
when ..
I "ecome..
Song (47)
)y only one
#od willin!
.et him who is admitted fist into 'aadise
intecede with the )ost 4eneficent fo his %atne$
"y the lo*e we knew in 0im
4y the fact that we ne*e tasted lo*e$
:ntil we lo*ed 0im.
)ay"e$ his .od acce%ts him
and we !et to!ethe.
Song (4)
)y only one
still says:
"my 9ueen$ my deaest lo*e1
A man like me should not "e %oud e*en
if my win!s wee such em%oweed
that they took me to the "each of 'aadise"
8et I say you ae my only one.
8ou ae my most saced secets.
8ou ae what I ho%e and e*en moe.
So$ I ha*e i!ht to "e conceited.
)y lye has i!ht to sound %oud.
- my sweetest lot.
* )ohamad A"dul )onem Al7Ansai$ a well7known %oet fom Ale/andia whose com%lete wok was collected
"y his student Ayman Sadik and %u"lished in ;a Al7Wafaa in <==>.
Song (4!)
)y only one
The news
7 whethe head o seen
ead o fied
"oiled o !illed 7
s%it on the wound monin! and ni!ht
and all the time.
4ut why not e*en a nail mo*es?
All faces !ot defomed
Song (5")
)y only one
I don't know what to say
if someone asks me
a"out a ma% in %ain on the school note"ooks.
Should I steal a memoy
wa%%in! itself in Aa" !loy..
in the histoy of (ali%hs..
and in a nei!h..
that once %anced o*e the #eek thones
and the 'esian oyal %alace?1
)y only one
)y child is stolen fom his tomoow.
Should I o" him of yesteday's ,oy?
Should I o" him of yesteday's ,oy?
Song (51)
)y only one
What if.
If we !et id of this time hea%ed
unde the moanin! of the deam
sickly waitin! fo
my death?1