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Answer 4 Questions only

Question 1
a. List stepwise methods for recruitment of the following human resources for a production
organization, separately. How the recruitment processes differ in each case?
i. Contract manager
ii. Purchasing officer
iii. electrician
(33 Marks)
b. Illustrating three (3) points explain the drawbacks of hiring people for projects on casual basis.
(7 Marks)
c. Write short notes on the following with respect to human resources management.
i. Interviewing as a selection method
ii. Grievance systems
iii. Termination of employment
(33 Marks)

Question 2
a. Discuss the drawbacks in subcontracting in construction projects?
(5 Marks)
b. What are the different types of subcontracting? Provide examples.
(8 Marks)
c. Discuss the importance of following decisions taken in a construction organization.
i. Hire or buy decisions of machinery
ii. Single supplier for construction materials
iii. Decision of obtaining ISO 9000 quality standards
(34 Marks)
Question 3
Explain the three (3) of the following including part a) with suitable examples.
a. The importance of adopting project management practices in construction organizations.
(9 Marks)
b. Work breakdown structure
c. Resource leveling
d. Pre-contract planning
(28 Marks)

Question 4
Solid Construction (Pvt) Ltd has recently been awarded a job for construction of a semi-urban housing
scheme. The scope of the project spans initial feasibility study to handing over 120 ready to dwell, identical,
single story houses. Company decided to plan and construct one house initially as a pilot project.
a. The company expects to take strategic, financial and duration decisions based on the outcome of the
pilot project. What are the practical limitations and risks associated in making such critical decisions
based on the outcome of the pilot project?
(5 Marks)
b. Write a scope statement for the pilot project.
(5 Marks)
c. Carry out a formal risk analysis in the structural work for the project.
(7 Marks)
d. Define ten (10) activities associated with the finishing work of the pilot project and construct the
project network diagram with logical precedence relationships. Define realistic timing for each task
and determine the critical path based on the timing defined by you.
(8 Marks)
Question 5
a. What are the different planning tools used in construction projects?
(5 Marks)
b. What are the major advantages of pre-tender planning?
(5 Marks)
c. ABC construction (Pvt) Ltd is currently considering a tender to be placed for construction of a mini
hydro project. The scope of the project includes construction of a concrete dam across a small
waterway, fabrication of a steel tunnel which carries water from the penstock to a powerhouse and
associated civil and mechanical work. In relation to the above project list different activities to take
place during pre-tender, pre-contract and contract phases of the project. List all assumptions made.
(15 Marks)
Question 6
a. Explain different computer and information technology applications available for construction
(6 Marks)
b. Explain three (3) possible limitations expected in construction sites in using computer and
information technology applications.
(6 Marks)
c. List available computer applications and software used in construction industry.
(4 Marks)
d. Illustrate with examples, the availability of different displays and visualizations available in project
management software applications used in construction industry.
(9 Marks)
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