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Curriculum Vitae

Principal Investigator resume

11.0 Responsibilities handled :
Worked as clinical coordinator for several PhaseIII clinical trials conducted in the
Pharmacolog! "epartment b! various sponsors# as part of the post graduate training.
Responsible for overall management of the Clinical $nit and setting up of related s!stems.
Investigator for %&'%( studies and Phase I studies.
Coordinate )ith various sponsors# I(C# internal departments and panel of medical
consultants to ensure smooth operations.
Responsible for ensuring smooth functioning of the clinical facilit! in coordination )ith
different departments and agencies.
Implement effective *ualit! checks to ensure compliance to regulator! and sponsor
re*uirements and meet pro+ect timelines.
&ssist in revie) of protocols and other documents related to clinical trials. &ttend
Investigators, meet and involved in training of investigators for PhaseIII clinical trials.
Coordinate and conduct training for the stud! personnel on:
o -edical emergencies and their management
o &ll departmental and related ./Ps
o 0CP and related guidelines
o &n! other training as re*uired
(nsure preparedness of the facilit!# s!stems and staff to face audits and inspections. 1ave
successfull! undergone several sponsor and regulator! audits# )hich includes $.2"&#
and &3VI.&.
14.0 Workshops ' Conferences &ttended:
5%ioe*uivalence 6 from laborator! to clinic, conducted b! "ept. of Pharmacolog!# 7.8.
-.-. College# -umbai and Indian .ociet! of Clinical Pharmacolog! and 8herapeutics
on 19 .ept. 1:::.
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Curriculum Vitae
Pharmacon 4000 6 5Perspective in Clinical trials: I8 based designs and medical portals;
conducted b! the Clinical Pharmacolog! unit and "epartment of Pharmacolog!# <.=.
.omai!a -edical College# -umbai on 1>

-arch 4000.
Workshop on statistics in clinical research conducted b! Center of (?cellence in Clinical
Research@ %reach Cand! 1ospital# -umbai on A 2ebruar! 4001.
IC-R training course on Clinical Pharmacolog! of 8raditional -edicine# from 44 to
> 3ovember 4004 at "epartment if Clinical Pharmacolog!# 8.3. -edical College and
%.C.7. 3air charitable 1ospital# -umbai.
8raining Workshop on 0ood Clinical Practice conducted b! 7ambda 8herapeutic
Research 7imited# from 1
to 4 /ctober 400D at &hmedabad -anagement &ssociation#
International Workshop on Clinical Research -anagement &nd Clinical "ata
-anagement conducted b! $niversit! of Pune from 1E to 1> "ecember 400B at Pune.
Workshop on .cientific and Regulator! &spects of %ioe*uivalence: & to F conducted b!
8he Indian Pharmaceutical &ssociation from 2ebruar! 1B1A# 400B at 0oa# India.
Workshop on Gualit! &ssurance H Preparing for 2"& inspections in Clinical Research
b! I%C &sia I.J Pte 7td from D1
&ugust 400A to 1
.eptember 400A at 0rand 1!att #
.eminar on 5%&'%(8he 7infeline of Pharmaceuticals, conducted b! Indian "rug
-anufacturers, &ssociation at -umbai on 11
-arch 400E.
Conference on 5/utsourcing of Clinical 8rials in India, conducted b! -arcus (vans at
-umbai from 4D
=ul! to 4B
=ul! 4009.
1D.0 Publication Iif an! as &ppendi?J : .ee &ttachment
1B.0 -embership of .cientific .ocieties and Professional %odies: -ember of "I&
1A.0 (?tra Curricular &ctivities : Reading# listening to music.

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Curriculum Vitae
Original Articles:
Pharmacosurveillance of prescription patterns for diarrheal diseases amongst private
practitioners in -umbai cit!. 8he Indian =ournal of Clinical Pharmacolog! and
8herapeutics# =ul! 6 .eptember 4000: >D>E.
"rug utiliKation revie) of ethams!late in surgical bleeding. =&-& India 6 8he
Ph!sicians, update# /ctober 4000:DI10J: B:A4.
"rug utiliKation revie) of ethams!late in gastrointestinal bleeding# =&-& India 6 8he
Ph!sicians, $pdate 3ovember 4000:DI11J: 414B.
"rug utiliKation stud! in Ps!chiatr! /P" of & 8eaching 1ospital. 8he India
Practitioner# 2ebruar! 40001:ABI4J: 99>1.
&n observer 6 blind# randomiKed controlled clinical trial to compare the onset of
action# efficac! and safet! of CetriKine flash table )ith oral loratidine and CetriKine in
allergic rhinitis. =&-& India 6 8he Ph!sicians $pdate /ctober 4001:BI10J 49 6 D1.
Review Articles
Controlling migraine. %iomed# "ecember 1:::: :0 6 :A.
&nalgesia and ne)er analgesics. "entograph: Indian "ental &ssociation# 1::: to
4000:1:10 6 1B.
CetriKine: & pioneer drug of the second6generation histamine 1
6 receptor
8he =ournal of 0eneral -edicine# =an 6 -arch 4000: 14 I1J: D 6 :.
Cefpodo?ime 6 In perspective. =&-& India 6 8he Ph!sicians, $pdate &ugust 6
4001:BI>J: EA 6 E:.

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