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8.1 Improving social infrastructure for the
sustainable and improved living stadards of
people, is one of the prime objectives of the
state. Besides, the development of economic
infrastructure for the improvement in the
living conditions of the people; more impetus
is necessitated on social sector parameters
like education, healthcare, nutrition,
watersupply, housing, social security etc. In
consonance with the commitment to ensure
faster social development and achieving an
inclusive pattern of growth, the overnment
continued its focus on social infrastructure
towards meeting basic minimum
re!uirements of the people especially
towards higher levels of social justice in
society in accordance with the goals of the
"leventh #ive $ear %lan.
&ndhra %radesh is the fifth largest state in the
'ountry, in terms of population. (he state
accounts for ).* per cent of the total
population in the country in the year *++1,
having declined from 8., per cent in 1-.1.
(he population of &ndhra %radesh almost
!uadrupled in the last century from 1-.1
million in 1-+1 to )..* million in *++1. /ut
of which, ,8.0 millions are males and ,).) are
females. (he decadal growth of population
was, in fact, below 10 per cent until 1-.1; it
rose till 1--1 and the growth rate *1.* percent
during 1-812-1 was the highest ever recorded.
3ater, a dramatic decline, however, has been
observed in the rate of growth of population
which was only 11.. percent during 1--12
*++1 and, was lower compared to the &ll2
India rate, at *1.0, percent. %opulation2wise,
the 4tate occupies 0
rank in the country after
5ttar %radesh, 6aharashtra, Bihar and 7est
Bengal. &mong the districts, "ast odavari
continues to be the most populous, least being
8i9ianagaram. %ercentage decadal variation in
population :district2wise; is given as &nne<ure
8.1. =istrict2wise population and se< ratio are
given in &nne<ure 8.*.
Sex Ratio: 4e< ratio is the number of females
per 1,+++ male population. (he se< ratio in
the state has shown decreasing trend till 1--1.
#or the first time, the se< ratio has increased
marginally and it stood at -)8 in *++1 as
against -)* in 1--1. (he se< ratio in the state
is higher than all India ratio of -,,. (he se<
ratio continues to show a favourable trend in
>i9amabad, 4rikakulam and 8i9ianagaram
districts. =istrict2wise se< ratio is given in
&nne<ure 8.*.
=ensity of population is an important
indicator. (he state accounts for 8.,) percent
of the country?s area and ).11 percent of the
country?s population. (he density of the state
is *)) persons@s!. km., as against ,1,
persons@s!. km. at all India level. &mong the
districts, the density of Ayderabad continues
to be the highest with 1-,11- persons per
s!uare kilometer. &dilabad and Bhammam
districts, which account for large forest area,
continue to have the lowest population
density. =istrict2wise density of population is
given in &nne<ure 8.,.
(he percentage of urban population to the
total population in the state is *).,+ percent in
*++1 as compared to *..8- percent in 1--1.
&mong all the districts, Ayderabad obviously
is the only district with ma<imum urban
population. (he ne<t most urbani9ed district is
Cangareddy with urban population of 01.*+
percent. (he least urbani9ed district is
6ahabubnagar with only 1+.0)D of urban
population. =istrict2wise rural and urban
population with percentage of urban
population are given in &nne<ure 8.,. 4' and
4( population is given in &nne<ure 8.1 and
8.0 respectively.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #$%
& person aged ) years and above who can
both read and write with understanding
in any language is considered as
3iterate. (he literacy rate of the state is
.+.1) in *++1 as against 11.+8 in 1--1.
(he literacy rate of the state is lower
than that of all India literacy rate at
.1.81. (he best record in literacy so far
at both the national and state levels was
during the nineties. (he literacy rate in
India increased from 0*.* to .0.1 per
cent during 1--12*++1. 7hereas the
decadal improvement at the national
level had been not more than 8
percentage points till 1--1 and the
nineties witnessed an improvement of
1,.8 percentage points. 3iteracy in
&ndhra %radesh increased over 1.
percentage points during the 1--+s
from 11.1 per cent in 1--1 to .+.1)
percent in *++1. In spite of this faster
rate of growth, the literacy rate in
&ndhra %radesh is still lower than the
all2India average. 7hile the literacy
rate of &ndhra %radesh was about
three2fourths of the all2India level in
1-.1, the state has made substantial
progress subse!uently, especially in the
last two decades. 7hile the overall
literacy rate has gone up from 11.1 per
cent in 1--1 to .+.1) percent in *++1,
the male literacy rate has increased
from 00.1 to )+.,* per cent. 7hat is
encouraging is that the female literacy
rate has gone up by more than 01
percent, i.e. from ,*.) percent in 1--1
to 0+.1, percent in *++1. &mong the
districts, Ayderabad is at the top with
)8.8+ percent. (he least literate district
is 6ahabubnagar with 11.11 percent.
=istrict2wise literacy rate is given in
&nne<ure 8...
8.* "ducation is key to sustainable development,
peace and stability within and among
countries, and an indispensable means for
effective participation in the economy of the
'entury, which is witnessing rapid
globali9ation. 7hile traditionally
E"ducationF has meant children in schools, it
is e!ually important to address the learning
needs of adults.
"ducation is a fundamental right, which leads
for the road map to achieve the goal of
E"ducation for &llF. /ver the years concerted
efforts have been put in at state and national
level to achieve this goal. &s per &rticle 10
of the constitution of India 5niversalisation
of "lementary "ducation is a directive
principle of state policy to provide free and
compulsory education for the children upto
age of 11 years. &s per the article *1& and
'onstitutional &mendment in *++-,
education has become a fundamental right.
(his article clearly spells out the
responsibility of the state to the e<tent of
providing free and compulsory education to
all the children from the age of . to 11 years.
(o make more effective and meaningful
implementation of this obligation, elementary
education is brought under E4arva 4iksha
&bhiyaanF :44&; to universali9e elementary
education. 4imilarly, secondary education has
been brought under the flagship of
ECashtriya 6adhyamik 4iksha &bhiyaanF
:C64&;. (hese two schemes are aimed at
the strengthening of school education in
terms of access, enrolment, retention and
ACCESS: #or achieving universal access in
school education, provision of schooling
facilities is aimed at G
"lementary level should be within
walkable distance of 1 km of all the
habitations and
4econdary level should be within the
radius of 0 kms.
In this regard, our state has achieved --D
access at elementary level and 80.+,D at
secondary level. %rimary schools and
secondary schools have started in areas not
served earlier.
=uring *++82+-, in the "lementary
"ducation sector there were .0,.+- %rimary
4chools and 11,-1* 5pper %rimary schools
and under 4econdary "ducation there were
1),,). Aigh 4chools and 1++ Aigher
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #$'
4econdary schools. 6anagement2wise
4chools *++82+- are shown in the (able 8.1.
Tale 8. #
(ana)e*ent+,ise S"-ools .$$8 / $0
6anagement %rimary
ovt. *+
2 ,, 0- 11*
4tate ovt. 0,+.+ ,)* 1,.-, 2 ),1*0
6%%@H%% 0+,,+- 8,0-+ 8,100 2 .),+01
6unicipal 1,.,, 1.1 ,+. 2 *,1+,
%vt.&ided *,*1* 1,, 811 2 ,,18.
%vt.5naided .,,)0 0,,8, .,,18 11 18,11)
(otal .0,.+- 11,-1* 1),,). 1++ -8,+*)
Source: School Education Department
4everal innovative strategies and
interventions are being made to improve
access to primary schools, which has resulted
in, increased enrolment. (he strategies
adopted for universalisation of elementary
education involves strengthening of the
e<isting schools, opening new primary
schools, establishment of alternative schools
and other type of educational facilities in
smaller and unserved habitations. 7ith these
interventions and several other programmes
enrolment has significantly increased in all
(here was an enrolment of 1,..0- lakhs in
the state as on ,+2+-2*++8 in all types of
schools in the state, out of which 0..8. lakhs
were in %rimary schools and *1.-* lakhs and
0,.)+ lakhs were in 5pper %rimary and Aigh
schools respectively. In Aigher 4econdary,
there was an enrolment of about 1.11
lakh.(he enrolment figures revealed that
about 0*.+1D of the enrolled children are in
%rimary stage :I28; where as 18.0.D and
*1.1,D children enrolled are in upper
primary :8I28II; and secondary stage :8III2
I; respectively.
&gainst the enrolment of school age group
children into the schools, the problem of
retention is observed at various levels. =ue to
various programmes implemented, the
percentage of dropout is coming down over
the years 2 the dropouts being 10..0D at
'lasses I28 :%rimary 3evel; during *++82+-,
while it was 1,..,D during 1--82--.
4imilarly, in classes 8I28II :5pper %rimary
3evel;, the dropouts were ,1.8-D during
*++82+- while it was .*..,D during 1--82
--. &t classes 8III2I :4econdary 3evel;, the
dropouts were .+.),D during *++82+- while
it was )8.1D during 1--82--. (he details of
drop outs are given in &nne<ure 8.).
(eacher is the most important human
resource factor in the school education
system, who acts as a facilitator for learning.
(eacher is instrumental in developing
knowledge, skills, attitudes and values
among children at any stage of education. &s
such, teachers should be in position in
schools as per the optimum teacher2pupil
ratio to achieve the goal of universal
enrolment, retention and achievement of
Beeping this in view, sustained efforts are
being made by government ever since
formation of &ndhra %radesh to provide
teachers in all types of schools to maintain a
reasonable teacher2pupil ratio.
Cationali9ation of teachers, deployment of
teachers, creation of new posts and massive
recruitment of teachers helped in overcoming
imbalances in the demand and supply of
teachers. =uring *++82+-, there were
1,1-,110 teachers in position in the state in
all types of schools in the state.
=uring *++82+-, 1,8,,1-) teachers were
working in primary schools; -1,..* teachers
were working in upper primary schools and
1,.),10- teachers were working in Aigh
schools. In higher secondary schools, 1,1*)
teachers were in position.
=etails of (eachers in schools are furnished
in (able 8.*.
Tale 8..
(ana)e*ent+1ise Tea"-ers in .$$8+$0
18. 2 081 1,8-8
1+,1,+ 1,),) 18,8,, 2
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #$8
1,11,.-. 11,80. .-,.1- 2
6unicipal ,,8)* .8) ,,.1* 2
%vt.&ided .,)+* *,001 8,1-+ 2
0+,.11 1),8*8 ..,*.1 *,**-
(otalJ 1,8,,1-) -1,..* 1,.),10- 1,1*)
Source: School Education Department
Tea"-er Pupil RatioJ
& major element of approach in
strengthening education will be to improve
current learning levels by lowering the
teacher pupil ratio. overnment have already
committed itself to fill2up all the e<isting
teacher vacancies and sanction the additional
posts necessary to achieve teacher pupil ratio
of 1J 1+. (he (eacher %upil Catio :with
8idya 8olunteers; for %rimary, 5pper
primary and Aigh 4chools are shown in (able
Tale 8.2
Tea"-er Pupil Ratio
3ear Pri*ary
*+++2+1 10 ,8 ,1
*++12+* 11 ,- ,1
*++*2+, ,) ,, *-
*++,2+1 ,0 ,1 ,1
*++12+0 *- *0 ,+
*++02+. *8 *0 ,+
*++.2+) *- *1 *-
*++)2+8 *8 *, *8
*++82+- *) ** *-
Source: School Education Department
(he details of number of 4chools, "nrolment
and (eachers are given in &nne<ure 8.8.
Exa*ination Results:
In assessing the efficiency of educational
system, performance of students at different
levels of education has been conventionally
considered as an indicator of achievement.
(he internal efficiency of education system
depends upon the number of pupils who
successfully complete a given cycle of
education. 'ompletion of a given education
cycle depends on the performance and
achievement of the students in the
e<amination of the terminal class in that
cycle. Aence, the number of students
appearing and passing the 8II class common
e<amination at the end of upper primary
stage and 4.4.'. "<amination at the end of
secondary stage :cycle; play a significant
role. (he percentage pass of students in 4.4.'
e<aminations during *++82+- is )8.8, which
is higher than the previous year pass of
)0.1)D. $ear wise performance in 4.4.'
"<aminations is furnished in &nne<ure 8.-.
Exa*ination Re4or*s
(his year, a decision was taken to
implement /6C Bar 'oding system in all
subjects from 44' "<aminations, 6arch
overnment has issued orders for supply of
Iero< copies of valued answer scripts in
#irst 3anguage and 4econd 3anguage
subjects to the candidates on payment basis
from the 44' %ublic "<aminations 6arch,
*+1+ on wards.
& decision was taken to introduce rading
4ystem in 44' %ublic "<aminations from
6arch *+1+ onwards.
(i5+Day (eal S"-e*e
6idday 6eal 4cheme is being implemented
in the 4tate from Kanuary *++, to the
children of classes I to 8II and to the
children of classes 8III to I from /ctober,
(he main objectives of the program are to
improve >utritional status and to motivate
the children to attend the school regularly,
provide >utritional 4upport to the children.
=uring *++-21+, 8..+) lakh children are
covered under this program. /ut of which,
1..8- lakh are in %rimary :I to 8;, *,.)) lakh
in 5pper %rimary :8I to 8III; and 11.*1 lakh
children in Aigh 4chools :II and I;. 4alient
features of the scheme are J
(he menu is fle<ible. 6ostly rice and
4ambar is being given. %ulihora is also being
given. "gg or banana is being given twice a
=7'C&@'=4@4elfAelp roups@4"'@/ther
agencies like temple, >/s of proven track
record, charitable trusts@group of parents :in
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #$0
this order of preference; are identified by the
6C/s are the implementing agencies in rural
In 5rban areas, the implementing agencies
are, 'ommunity development societies
:'=4;@>/s@5rban 4As @ =7'5&@4"'@
/ther &gencies like (emples@>/s of
proven track record@ charitable trusts@roup
of %arents :in this order of preference; are
identified by a committee headed by the
(he 6=6 %rogramme is being implemented
through 6@s >aandi #oundation in twin cities
of Ayderabad and 4ecunderabad 1.0+ lakhs
children in 8-1 schools and ,++ 4chools in
8isakhapatnam 'ity and through I4B'/> in
(irupati 6unicipality covering )0 primary
4chools, in (adipatri *, primary 4chools.
ICT 6 #2$$ S"-ools Co*puteri!ation
(he computer education %rogramme is under
implementation in 0+++ schools from *++82
+-. (he 'omputer education %rogramme
5nder 'entrally 4ponsored 4cheme with
)0D and *0D share of 'entral and 4tate
overnment is being implemented in 1,++
high schools for five years from *++-21+
with an objective to provide computer
knowledge to the students of 8I G I classes.
DSC+.$$8 Tea"-ers Re"ruit*ent
(he =4'2*++8 (eacher recruitment test was
notified in the month of =ecember, *++8 and
the posts of 11,.)1 4chool &ssistants, .,,11
3anguage %andits and *,0+1 %hysical
"ducation (eachers were filled up in the
month of /ctober, *++-.
8o"ationali!ation o4 Se"on5ary E5u"ation
(he 4cheme of 8ocational "ducation was
introduced in &ndhra %radesh during the year
1-81280 and 1-8028.. (he main objective of
the 4cheme is to make the pupils learn but
also to e!uip them with latest skills re!uired
for gainful employment. 8ocational
"ducation is imparted in *-) Aigh 4chools of
overnment, Hilla %arishad, 6unicipal and
&ided 6anagements in the 4tate. *8 6andal
8ocational "ducational 'enters are
functioning in the 4tate. 8ocational
"ducation is imparted to ,1,8++ children
studying in classes 8III, II and I in Aigh
Ras-triya (a5-ya*i9 S-i9s-a A-iyan
Cashtriya 6adhyamik 4hiksha &bhiyan
:C64&; is a 'entrally 4ponsored 4cheme
with an objective to achieve a eneral
"nrolment Catio :"C; of )0D in 'lasses
II and I within 0 years. 1+,18) Aigh
4chools :8,100 Hilla %arishad, ,+.
6unicipal, 1,)*. overnment; with
,*,1-,-++ 'hildren are being covered under
the 4cheme.
& 4ociety was registered under &% 4ocieties
&ct, *++1 called E&ndhra %radesh 4econdary
"ducation 4ocietyF in /ctober,*++- at
Ayderabad to implement the C64& and
related 4chemes.
P-ysi"al Tar)ets o4 t-e S"-e*e
(o improve enrolment ratio for II and I
classes from .0D to 1++D
4trengthening of e<isting secondary
&ppointment of additional teachers.
'onstruction of additional classrooms.
overnment of India will bear )0D %roject
"<penditure as 'entral 4hare and *0D will
be met by the 4tate overnment as 4tate
4hare during 11
#ive $ear %lan :*++)2+8 to
Ci<il 1or9s:
(o improve the !uality of 4econdary
education, the department has taken up
several initiatives. /ne of them is improving
the e<isting infrastructure and 'reating new
infrastructure facilities in all Aigh 4chools
under overnment sector.
overnment have accorded sanctions for
improving the infrastructure facilities in Aigh
4chools @ Institutional buildings under the
following ongoing schemes.
1.'onstruction of additional infrastructure
facilities in 1,1). Aigh 4chool with an
estimated cost of Cs. ,+*.-- crores under
CI=#2II, >&B&C=
*.Cepairs to Aigh 4chool buildings with an
estimated cost of Cs.-+.++ crores under III
#inance 'ommission
,.'onstruction of additional infrastructure
facilities in 1,0 Aigh 4chool with an
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##$
estimated cost of Cs.1*+.*) crores under
CI=#2II, >&B&C=.
Co**unity Parti"ipation: :S"-ool
(ana)e*ent Co**ittee;
#or the first time in the country, overnment
of &ndhra %radesh have enacted
E'ommunity %articipation &ct 1--8F
involving the community in school
management. Cesources are transferred to
4chool 'ommittees empowering them to
plan, manage and promote !uality education.
In terms of ),
and )1
&mendments, the 4arpanches@7ard
'ouncilors have been made the 'hairpersons
of the 4chool 6anagement 'ommittees.
Distri"t Institute o4 E5u"ation an5
Trainin) :DIET;J
overnment has upgraded *, (eacher
(raining Institutes into =istrict Institute of
"ducation and (raining :=I"(; in phased
manner. In 1, =I"(s, 5rdu medium parallel
sections are functioning and .0 lecturer posts
have been sanctioned. (he (amil 6edium
parallel section with intake of 0+ is
functioning at =I"(, 'hittoor at
E5u"ation 4or (inorities:
(he overnment of &ndhra %radesh is
committed to the advancement and
upliftment of 6inorities in the 4tate. 7ith a
view to promoting 5rdu 3anguage in the
4tate, ,++ 5rdu teacher %osts have been
created additionally in 1--)2-8 and
continued. #urther, three more schemes are
under implementation for the welfare of
6uslim 6inorities as detailed below.
Area Intensi<e Pro)ra**e 4or
E5u"ationally =a"9,ar5 (inorities:
& programme of action under >ational
"ducation %olicy suggested area approach for
upliftment of educationally backward
minorities and accordingly formulated a
1++D 'entrally 4ponsored scheme of &rea
Intensive %rogramme to be implemented in -
blocks, identified by overnment of India as
concentrated areas of educationally backward
minorities. (he identified blocks are
6usheerabad :Ayderabad;, Haheerabad
:6edak;, Bodhan :>i9amabad;, Burnool,
&tmakur, >andyal :Burnool;, Badiri
:&nantapur;, Badapa and Cayachoty
:Badapa; in the state.
5nder the 4cheme funds were released to
%rovide infrastructure facilities like
construction of additional class rooms,
drinking water, toilets, electricity, computers
and teaching learning material during 1+
plan period.
&n amount of Cs, ,8)8.*0 lakhs has been
released by the overnment to the above
=istrict and &ndhra %radesh Cesidential
"ducational Institutions 4ociety :&%C"I4; .
(o5ernisation o4 (a5arasa E5u"ation:
(he scheme of 6odernisation of 6adarasa
education is implemented in 4tate with 1++
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ###
per cent central assistance with an objective
to encourage traditional institutions like
6adarasas and 6akhtabs to introduce
modern subjects of 4cience, 6athematics,
4ocial 4tudies and "nglish in their
curriculum. #inancial assistance is provided
towards salaries of teachers teaching modern
subjects in urdu in these centers L Cs.
,+++@2 per month per teacher :i.e., Cs. ,.,+++
per annum per teacher; restricted to two
teachers in the centers.
8oluntary /rganisations@ 4ocieties@(rusts
which are registered under 'entral@4tate
@overnment and &ct of 7akf Boards and
which are in e<istence for the past three years
are eligible to apply for assistance under the
I*pro<e*ent o4 Ur5u E5u"ation /
Appoint*ent o4 Ur5u Tea"-ersJ
(he /bjective of the scheme is to provide
financial support to the 4tate@5nion
(erritories@ overnments for appointing 5rdu
(eachers@Aonorarium to e<isting teachers for
teaching 5rdu to the students with a view to
promote 5rdu in the 4tate@5nion (erritories
wherever necessary.
(he 'entral &ssistance :1++D '44; on
approved pattern shall be admissible to the
4tate overnment for appointment of 5rdu
teachers on new posts and giving honorarium
to the e<isting 5rdu (eachers for teaching
5rdu in 4chools.
(he 4cheme is being implemented in - areas@
blocks identified by the overnment of India
as "ducationally Backward 6inorities
concentrated areas vi9.., Burnool, >andyal,
&tmakur in Burnool =istrict, Badapa,
Cayachoti in Badapa =istrict, Badiri in
&nantapur =istrict, 6usheerabad in
Ayderabad =istrict, Bodhan in >i9amabad
=istrict and Haheerabad in 6edak =istrict.
Ra7i< 8i5ya (ission
Cajiv 8idya 6ission, &ndhra %radesh is
implementing three schemes vi9. 4arva
4hiksha &bhiyan :44&;, >ational
%rogramme for "ducation of irls at
"lementary 3evel :>%""3; and Basturba
andhi Baalika 8idyalayas :BB8s; in the
4tate for 5niversalisation of "lementary
"ducation. (he achievements are detailed
A. Sar<a S-i9s-a A-iyan :SSA;
4arva 4hiksha &bhiyan has been introduced
during *++12+*, with an aim to provide
useful and relevant "lementary "ducation for
all children in the . to 11 age group.
Besides, the 44& intends to bridge social,
regional and gender gaps, with the active
participation of the community in the
management of schools. 44& has now been
renamed as MCajiv 8idya 6ission?.
Pattern o4 Fun5in):
)0J*0 between /I and 4tate ovt. upto
*++.2*++), .0J,0 between /I and 4tate
ovt. in *++)2+8 and *++82+- and .+J1+
between /I and 4tate ovt. in *++-21+.
Co<era)e: *++12+* in "ast odavari, 7est
odavari, Brishna and Ayderabad and from
*++*2+, onwards in all *, districts in the
&ll children in school, "ducation
uarantee 'entre, &lternative 4chool,
Back2to24chool camp.
&ll children complete eight years of
elementary schooling.
#ocus on elementary education of
satisfactory !uality with emphasis on
education for life.
Bridge all gender and social category
gaps at elementary education level
5niversal retention.
.; Inter<entions:
1. /pening of %rimary 4chools
*. 5pgradation of %rimary schools into
5pper %rimary 4chools
,. 5pgradation of "4@&34 to %rimary
1. Cegular (eachers to >ew 4chools G
%rimary and 5pper %rimary 4chools
0. &dditional (eachers to e<isting %rimary
and 5pper %rimary 4chools
.. 'ivil 7orks G 'onstruction of 4chool
Buildings, &ddl. 'lassrooms, 6C'
Buildings, Cooms for 4chool 'omple<es,
provision of 'ompound wall, (oilets,
"lectrification and drinking water
). 4trengthening of 6andal Cesource
'entres and (eacher 'entres
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##.
8. 6aintenance grant to 4chools with own
-. rant to 4chools and (eacher rants
1+. (eaching 3earning "!uipment to >ew
%rimary and 5pper %rimary 4chools
11. (raining to (eachers
1*. Innovations G irls "ducation, "arly
'hildhood "ducation, "ducation of 4's,
4(s, 6inority, 5rban deprived 'hildren
and 'omputer "ducation for 5 % 4chools.
1,. Cesearch, "valuation, 4upervision and
11. 4upport to 'hildren with 4pecial >eeds.
10. (raining of 'ommunity 3eaders
1.. Interventions for /ut of 4chool 'hildren
=. National Pro)ra**e 4or E5u"ation
o4 >irls at Ele*entary Le<el
overnment of India launched a new
programme called >ational %rogramme for
"ducation of irls at "lementary 3evel
:>%""3; in *++, as an amendment to the
scheme of 4arva 4iksha &bhiyan for
providing additional components for the
education of girls at elementary level.
(o develop and promote facilities to
provide access and to facilitate retention
of girls and to ensure greater participation
of women and girls in the field of
(o improve the !uality of education
through various interventions and to
stress upon the relevance and !uality of
girls education for their empowerment.
Co<era)e: ..1 "ducationally Backward
mandals in *, districts where female literacy
rate is less than 1..1, of national average and
gender gap is more than *1.0- as per *++1
census selected for implementation of the
programme. >otified urban slums are also
eligible for >%""3 programme
>%""3 programme is being implemented on
6odel 'luster 4chool approach in a
decentrali9ed manner.
(o5el Cluster S"-ool :(CS;:
& 6odel 'luster 4chool is a model girl2child
friendly Aigh school or 5pper %rimary
school at cluster level identified in all the
"ducationally Backward 6andals. In all the
..1 "ducationally Backward 6andals, 0).0
6'4s were identified. "ach cluster is
having about 021+ habitations and on an
average each block consists of 821+ clusters.
(his girl2child friendly infrastructure is used
by all the schools in that cluster, on rotation.
(a7or inter<entions un5er t-e pro)ra*:
& non 2 recurring grant worth Cs.,+,+++@2 is
provided to every 6odel 'luster 4chool for
purchasing 3ibrary Books, 8ocational
"!uipments and ames and 4ports material.
& recurring grant Cs..+,+++@2 per annum will
be available to each cluster to implement
additional interventions for promotion of
girls education vi9.,Cemedial and supportive
material for slow learners, Bridge 'amps,
Aonorarium to part time volunteers, "''"
"entres? Trainin) to tea"-ers on )en5er
sensiti!ation et".
C. @astura >an5-i =aali9a 8i5yalaya
overnment of India launched a new scheme
during *++12+0 called EKasturbha Gandhi
Balika Vidyalayas (KGBV) with boarding
facilities at elementary level for girls
belonging predominantly to 4', 4(, B' and
6inorities in "ducationally Backward
Blocks in the state.
(o ensure access and !uality education to
the girls of disadvantaged groups of
society by setting up Cesidential 4chools
with boarding facilities at "lementary
(o provide !uality education for dropped
out girls in low female literacy mandals
by mainstreaming from Cesidential
Bridge 'ourse 'enters.
BB8s are being run by different
Cesidential "ducational Institutions 4ocieties
such as &ndhra %radesh Cesidential
"ducational Institutions 4ociety :&%C"I4;,
&ndhra %radesh 4ocial 7elfare Cesidential
"ducational Institutions 4ociety
:&%47C"I4;, &ndhra %radesh (ribal
7elfare Cesidential "ducational Institutions
4ociety :&%(7C"I4; and =isabled 7elfare
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##2
A""ess an5 "o<era)e o4 out o4 S"-ool
I. A""ess
(o provide access to school less habitations,
*,)-- "ducation uarantee 'enters :"4;
were opened during the academic year *++-2
1+ covering .+,8,8 children.
II. Co<era)e o4 out o4 s"-ool "-il5ren
&s against the target of 1,)1,111 out of
school children, 1,+),8,- covered through
the different strategies.
=a5i+=ata .$$0+#$
Badi Bata :"nrolment =rive; was conducted
in all the habitations in the state from 1*
Kune *++-. =uring the campaign
1*,+*,-,1 children who have completed 0
years were enrolled into 1
08,0,+ out of school children and recent
drop outs in the age group of 028 years
were enrolled into regular schools
1*,,0,-1+ children of 0
class and
11,*0,8,, children of )
class were
transited into .
and 8
4amuhika &ksharabhyasam was
conducted for the new entrants on 1*
Kune, *++-.
III. Support to (a5arsas
-.. 6adarsas have been supported and
80,**+ children are covered :'umulative;.
*,1). 8idya 8olunteers are sanctioned.
(raining was provided to all 8idya
8olunteers, (e<t books provided to all
children from state funds. 6id day meal
e<tended to all 6adarsas on par with regular
I8. In"lusi<e E5u"ation
(he following activities were taken up under
this interventionJ
0) special Cesidential Bridge 'ourse
camps :CB's; and ,+ >CB's are being
run covering ,,1+. out of school children
with special needs.
,,0.8 children were mainstreamed in
*++82+- from Aome Based "ducation
and special CB's.
=uring the academic year *++-21+, 8**
Cesource (eachers :4pecial "ducators;
have been engaged to provide Aome
Based "ducation to 1*,,,+ children
belonging to severe and profound
&ids and appliances were provided to
1+,*,1 children.
Barrier free access was provided to
,1,00- schools by constructing ramps
with rail.
'orrective surgeries were done to -*
children who had minor problems in
7orld =isabled =ay is being organi9ed
every year in all mandals covering )8,,0)
schools across the state. =uring the
celebrations, ramsarpanches, 6%('s,
H%('s, 63&s, 6%s and other public
representatives were participated.
8. Ci<il ,or9s
&s against the target of 1-,1+) works, 8,108
works have been completed and the
remaining 1+,.1- are in progress.
8I. Tea"-er Trainin) an5 Auality
:A; Tea"-er Trainin):In service training
was provided to 1,88,)1. teachers during
*++-21+ as against the target of ,,+-,.-*.
:=; Auality Initiati<es:Pro)ra**es
ein) i*ple*ente5 5urin) .$$0+#$
#ollowing are the programmes being
implemented in the state in primary
education under 44&. 4everal concerted
efforts have been made to improve the
!uality of primary education in the state.
Ceforms have been planned and implemented
to improve classroom processes, professional
support to teachers, improving children
performance etc. #ollowing are the important
reforms proposed and being implemented in
primary education under 44& in the 4tate.
#. Learnin) En-an"e*ent Pro)ra**e
:LEP;: & comprehensive !uality programme
is being implemented to address !uality in a
holistic and sustainable way vi9., 3earning
"nhancement %rogramme :3"%;. (he focus
is to address children achievement of basic
competencies in all subject areas from 'lass I
to 8, meaningful engagement of children in
learning processes and appropriate
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##B
professional support to the teachers for
improved classroom processes. #ollowing
are the major components of 3"%J
i. &chievement of 'lass specific, subject
specific essential learning
i. Improved (eaching 3earning %rocess G
1++D utili9ation of learning time and
engagement of children G (ime2on2task.
ii. Improved &ssessment %rocedures
which are competency specific G /ral,
7ritten and %erformance.
iii. %erformance Indicators G (eacher, Aead
6aster, 6"/ and other functionaries at
4ystem 3evel making them accountable
with role clarity.
iv. Improved participation of parents in
school matters.
>ecessary material, modules have been
developed on the 3"% as above and ade!uate
training was provided to all the teachers and
field functionaries to implement the
5nder 3"%, grade specific and subject
specific competencies have been identified
and is being followed for providing
competency specific learning process and
undertaking competency based pupil
assessment procedures. (he children
performance is being graded.
.. >ra5in) o4 S"-ools ase5 on C-il5renCs
per4or*an"e: 4chools are being graded into
&, B, ', = based on children performance.
(his is being implemented under '3I% @
'3&%4 and also now in 3"%. If 8+D of
children are able to perform the competencies
of literacy and numeracy the school is graded
as M&? (he schools grades are being displayed
in all schools for public reference.
2. Star >ra5in) o4 s"-ools ase5 on S"-ool
Fun"tional Aspe"ts :.D Per4or*an"e
In5i"ators;: 4chools are also graded based
on school functional aspects against *0
%erformance Indicators. (he schools are
graded from no star to , star.
B. I*ple*entation o4 (ot-er Ton)ue
ase5 (ulti Lin)ual E5u"ation in Ei)-t
Trial Lan)ua)es: 6other tongue based
multi lingual education is being implemented
in eight tribal languages vi9., 4avara, Buvi,
&divasi /riya, ond, Bolami, Boya and
Bonda. 6ulti 3ingual "ducation is a
programme providing primary education in
mother tongue of the tribal children and
gradually moving to languages of wider
communication i.e., regional language
(elugu. 'urriculum is based on local culture
using local knowledge, customs and
resources to make primary education more
conte<tual and meaningful to the children.
'urriculum reflects child?s conte<t,
environment and culture. &s a part of the
programme, tribal dictionaries have been
developed in eight tribal languages. (he
programme is being implemented since *++1
G +0 onwards on pilot basis and upscaled into
monolingual schools during *++- G 1+.
D. De<elop*ent o4 C-il5ren Literature
an5 Stren)t-enin) o4 S"-ool Liraries:
=evelopment of 'hildren 3iterature and
strengthening of school libraries is one of the
!uality initiatives under 44&. (his initiative
is to develop reading habits among all
children and make them independent readers.
Aabit of reading is the foundation for lifelong
%. Co**unity an5 Parent Parti"ipation in
s"-ool *atters t-rou)- A"a5e*i"
(onitorin) Co**ittees: 'onsiderable
progress has been made in achieving
universal enrolment and retention with the
active participation of community. (he focus
has therefore been, now shifted to
achievement of ENualityF with community
participation. #or this purpose, &cademic
6onitoring 'ommittees :&6's; have been
constituted in all the schools. &6's consist
of parents of best performing and least
performing children L * per class. 4ufficient
representation is given to the focus groups
i.e., 4', 4(, /B' and 6inorities. (he
4arpanch of the ram %anchayat is the
'hairperson and the Aead 6aster of the
concerned school is the 6ember 'onvenor.
&6's meet every month to review and
discuss issues of ENualityF, Infrastructure,
basic amenities etc., with teachers and /ther
stakeholders. =emonstration of children
performance to the &6' members i.e.,
Ceading, 7riting, &rithmetic etc. =iscussion
on utili9ation of various grants released to
schools and support to 4chool Infrastructure,
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##D
monitoring the !uality of mid2day meal and
children, teachers attendance etc are the other
'. Co*puter Ai5e5 Learnin):CAL;:
'omputers were provided to 0). 5pper
%rimary 4chools L 0 per school during *++8
G +-. 4o far, ,,+., schools covered under
'&3 %rogramme including the schools
provided with computers under 44&,
6%3&=s, 4chool "ducation etc., covering
about four lakh children. 1* '.=s consisting
.1 titles replicated and provided to '&3
8. Distan"e E5u"ation / Trainin)s an5
Capa"ity uil5in) t-rou)-
,2days of teleconferencing per month is
being organised in different interventions.
&bout *.0 lakh (eachers, #ield #unctionaries
are participating. (eleconference receiving
facility is being provided in school
comple<es and 6C's. (rainings and
capacity building programmes for teachers
and field functionaries are being organi9ed
by the 4tate 3evel Cesource roups. (he
training strategies are G panel discussions,
interviews, showing video films and
discussions, !uestion hour to clarify the
doubts raised by the participants.
8II. >irls E5u"ation
1.-, "'" centers were opened with an
enrolment of ,*+.. children to make
them ready for primary education.
>ational %rogramme for "ducation of
irls at "lementary 3evel :>%""3;
programme is being implemented in all
the 0,).0 model clusters identified in ..1
"ducational Backward mandals.
8arious vocational training programmes
such as preparation of sanitary napkins,
embroidery works, preparation of
candles, toys etc., were organi9ed under
Cemedial teaching programme was
organi9ed to slow learners among girls by
providing 8idya 8olunteer and remedial
,-1 Basturba andhi Baalika 8idyalayas
:BB8s; were operationali9ed with an
enrolment of 1+,*,1 girl children.
8., In 1-.1, an important policy decision was
taken to the effect that the structure of the
4econdary 4chool system should be of 1+
years duration instead of 11 years, and that it
should be followed by two years
Intermediate collegiate "ducation in place of
the e<isting Aigher 4econdary and
6ultipurpose system. (he %lus two stage
"ducation was introduced in &ndhra %radesh
under 1+O*O, pattern from 1-.-2)+. (he
=irectorate of Aigher "ducation has been
bifurcated into two =irectorates i.e., =irector
of Intermediate "ducation and =irectorate of
'ollegiate "ducation with effect from 12112
1-8-. =irectorate, Intermediate "ducation
was established with the main objective of
administrating the Intermediate colleges,
particularly public funded institutions.
(here are 8+1 overnment Kunior 'olleges
and 1* overnment 8ocational Kunior
colleges under the administrative control of
the =irector of Intermediate "ducation. (he
functioning of *+0 %rivate &ided Kunior
'olleges with regard to the utili9ation of the
rant2in2aid, service conditions and
academic matters is also looked after by
=irector of Intermediate "ducation.
#our Cegional Koint =irectors of Intermediate
"ducation offices at regional level located at,
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.B
Cate)ory an5 Nu*er o4 Funior Colle)es
Cate)ory Nu*er
overnment Kunior 'olleges 8+1
%rivate &ided Kunior 'olleges *+0
%rivate &ided 'omposite =egree
'olleges offering Intermediate
%rivate 5n2&ided Kunior 'olleges *,18,
"<clusive 8ocational Kunior
'olleges :%vt.;
"<clusive 8ocational Kunior
'olleges :ovt.;
Incentive Kunior 'olleges 1).
/thers :&%CK', /I, 4ocial
7elfare, etc;
(otal 1,.11
Source: - Intermediate Education
Cajahmundry, untur, Badapa and 7arangal
and 18 =istrict 8ocational "ducation officers
at district level started functioning from the
year 1---2*+++.
'onventional courses in 4cience, &rts,
'ommerce and 8ocational 'ourses are
offered at the Intermediate stage of
"ducation,. ,1 8ocational courses are also
offered in 1*11 Kunior colleges in the field of
"ngineering and (echnology, &griculture,
Aome 4cience, %ara2medical, Business and
'ommerce and Aumanities.
(he details of district wise and category wise
junior colleges functioning are given in
&nne<ure 8.1+.
(he status of Kunior colleges functioning
under various managements is shown in
(able 8.1.
Enrol*ent o4 Stu5ents
(he enrolment of students :as per fee paid to
B.I.".; both in conventional and vocational
courses for last five years are shown in (able
Tale 8.D
Enrol*ent in Funior Colle)es
:La9- stu5ents;
*++02+. ..*. +.,+ ..0.
*++.2+) ..0. +.1* ..-8
*++)2+8 ).+1 +.1) ).01
*++82+- ).18 +.0) 8.+0
*++-21+ ).81 +..8 8.0*
Source: - Intermediate Education
Cesults of Intermediate %ublic "<amination
6arch *++-J
a. >eneral Courses:
8,1+,+1+ candidates appeared for *
I.%." 6arch *++- for eneral 'ourses out of
which .,.+,,11 candidates are regular
candidates and 1,)-,..- are %rivate
'andidates. /ut of the regular candidates
,,-),1)+ have passed. /f these, 1,)1,-),
have passed in M&? rade, 1,1+,.1+ in MB?
rade, ..,+0, in M'? rade and 18,),+ have
passed in M=? rade. (he overall pass
percentage is .+.10D. irls? performance at
.*D is better than that of boys at 08D.
/ut of 1,)-,..- %rivate candidates, 11,1,*
candidates have passed :*1.0.D;.
. 8o"ational Courses:
01,11, candidates appeared for *
year I.%."
6arch *++- for 8ocational 'ourses. /ut of
which 1*,0*, candidates are regular
candidates and 8,-*+ are private candidates.
/ut of the regular candidates, *1,..1 have
passed. /f these ),+,0 have passed in M&?
rade, 10,..- in MB? rade, 1,88- in M'?
rade and )1 have passed in M=? rade. (he
overall pass percentage is 08D. irls?
performance at .1D is better than that of
boys at 0,D.
/ut of 8,-*+ %rivate candidates, *,..1
candidates have passed :,+D;.
Aolition o4 S-i4t Syste* in >o<ern*ent
Funior Colle)es:
"arlier, *.- overnment Kunior 'olleges
were functioning under shift system.
4ignificant reform measures have been
introduced in public funded institutions in
Intermediate "ducation in the last three
years. 7ith the concerted efforts made
during the last two years, many overnment
Kunior 'olleges have been brought back to
eneral @ Cegular working hours of -.10 &6
to 1.,+ %6 :i.e. * sessions; dispensing with
the unhealthy practice of shift system.
#unds have been provided in phased manner
for construction of permanent buildings for
overnment Kunior 'olleges, which possess
own land. (his is aimed to over2come the
scarcity of accommodation and enable all the
overnment Kunior 'olleges to function in
the general@regular timings of -.10 &6 to
1.,+ %6. (he removal of undesirable shift
system is most effective in promoting the
academic progress @ advancement of the
students. (here is a facility @ convenience of
utili9ing the lunch break of 00 minutes in
between as study hours depending upon the
interest of the students and staff. (he same
would facilitate the students and staff to
become refreshed and to concentrate on their
studies in the evening@second session,
bestowing re!uired concentration.
%resently, 1,1 overnment Kunior 'olleges
were functioning in 4hift 4ystem along with
=egree 'olleges@ %olytechnics@ 4chools. (he
01 new overnment Kunior 'olleges and 1*
>ew overnment 8ocational Kunior 'olleges
sanctioned during *++82+- and ,- newly
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##'
sanctioned overnment Kunior 'olleges
during *++-21+ are also running in 4hift
4ystem. 4teps are to be taken to remove the
shift system and to function in eneral
timings in those colleges by providing
suitable accommodation.
Re5eploy*ent o4 Surplus Sta44:
#rom the last four years many &ided Kunior
3ecturers who are working without sufficient
workload in %rivate &ided Kunior 'olleges
have been identified. (he surplus Kunior
3ecturers in private &ided Kunior 'olleges
are being redeployed to needy overnment
Kunior 'olleges or adjusted in other &ided
Kunior 'olleges to meet the re!uirement of
classroom teaching and to reduce the burden
on overnment by way of 'ontract #aculty.
Appoint*ent o4 Contra"t Fa"ulty
&bout ),*-1 Kunior 3ecturers have been
engaged on contract basis in overnment
Kunior 'olleges in the state during the
academic year *++-21+. 4teps are taken to
provide contract faculty from the date of
reopening to the last working day of the
'ontract #aculty are being engaged in
overnment Kunior 'olleges duly following
the rule of reservation at Honal level, during
the academic year *++-G1+.
/rders have been issued to engage 'ontract
lecturers at the beginning of the academic
year in the vacant posts in overnment
Kunior 'olleges and the remuneration was
enhanced to Cs.),0++@2 in 5rban &reas and to
Cs.8,0++@2 in Cural &reas from *++8.
(he contract faculty engaged will not be
renewed automatically in successive years
unless they reach the pass percentage of the
district average for two consecutive years in
the relevant subjects.
Re"ruit*ent o4 Funior Le"turers:+0,+
vacancies of Kunior 3ecturers have been
identified in overnment Kunior 'olleges
during *++)2+8. /ut of 0,+ vacancies, 01+
vacancies have been filled through &ndhra
%radesh %ublic 4ervice 'ommission during
*++82+- and *+ vacancies are unfilled.
#urther, *+ 5n2filled vacancies and 1,1++
more new vacancies have been have been
notified by the &.%.%.4.'., in >ov. *++8.
Tele+Lessons :(ANA T8;GHe+Class Roo*C:
(hrough 6&>& (8 live (ele2lessons on
important subjects were transmitted for the
benefit of students in 01+ overnment Kunior
'olleges in the state. (he introduction of the
&udio 8isual instruction has improved the
results of I%".
(ele2lessons were also broadcasted through
=oordarshan 4aptagiri channel. It is also
proposed to transmit the lessons through
Broad Band 'onnectivity to all overnment
Kunior 'olleges in the state in phased
programme in addition to =oordarshan
4aptagiri channel. "lectronic class rooms
were established in 0+1 overnment Kunior
'olleges in the state with the latest
technology and the content '.=.?s are
provided by B.I.". #urther, the content in
digital mode is to be developed and provided
for usage in addition to the establishment of
e!uipment and for maintenance of
'omputers, %rinters, 4creens, %rojectors,
&udio "!uipment etc.
A"a5e*i" >ui5an"e an5 (onitorin) Cell.
&cademic uidance and 6onitoring 'ells
have been created in Intermediate "ducation
at 4tate, Cegional, =istrict and 'ollege level
from the academic year *++02+. for effective
functioning and monitoring of the academic
schedules in Kunior 'olleges.
(raining orientation programmes are
designed in the academic and administrative
matters for the %rincipals, 4r. &ssistants and
/fficers of the =epartment and also to Kunior
3ecturers of eneral and 8ocational 'ourses.
Spe"ial EA(CET Coa"-in) Classes:
*, overnment Kunior 'olleges have been
identified to give "&6'"( 'oaching to
4cience 4tudents beyond class room work
with the financial assistance from &.%. 4tate
'ouncil of Aigher "ducation from *++.G +).
(his programme is continued during this year
with an intake of 1+++ students for 1
and *
Supply o4 Text =oo9s y T.T.D:
(.(.=.,(irupati has provided funds for
supplying te<t books to all the girl students
:who are below poverty line and not
receiving any type of scholarships; studying
in all overnment Kunior 'olleges and &ided
Kunior 'olleges in the 4tate in the name of
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##8
E4ri %admavathi &mmavari %usthaka
%rasadamF benefitting -*,-++ irls 4tudents.
(he Books which were printed by "#35 and
(elugu &cademy and "nvironmental
"ducation from ".6.".4.'./., have been
supplied to all the overnment Kunior
'olleges and %rivate &ided Kunior 'olleges
in the state.
Estalis-*ent o4 Ne, >o<ern*ent Funior
overnment have sanctioned 01 >ew
overnment Kunior 'olleges and 1*
"<clusive overnment 8ocational Kunior
'olleges from the year *++82+- with 6.%.'.,
B.%.'., '.".'., and A.".'. #urther
overnment have also accorded permission
for starting ,- overnment Kunior 'olleges
during *++-21+ in the state.
Rural in4rastru"ture De<elop*ent Fun5
5nder Cural Infrastructure =evelopment
#und, construction of buildings, toilets and
=rinking 7ater facilities are being provided
in overnment Kunior 'olleges in the 4tate.
5nder CI=# II, an amount of Cs.1,.1+
'rores was sanctioned for ,88 projects, out
of which, an amount of Cs. ,8.++ 'rores was
released till *++-21+. (he total works are
e<pected to be completed by 6arch *+1+.
5nder >&B&C= CI=# GIIII, administrative
sanction was accorded approving *)*
projects at a cost of Cs.08.80 crores towards
construction of additional accommodation in
needy overnment Kunior 'olleges located in
rural and semi urban areas and the works are
under process.
Re*ote Interior Area De<elop*ent
=uring the year *++82+-, administrative
sanction was accorded for Cs. *1.,1 'rores
under Cemote Interior &rea =evelopment
4cheme towards construction of additional
accommodation and toilets in ,. overnment
Kunior 'olleges located in C.I.&.=. areas.
(he project is proposed for completion
during the years *++82+- and *++-21+. (he
construction work is under progress.
Atta"-e5 &ostel =uil5in)s:
&ttached Aostel Buildings in Kunior 'olleges
at 0 places were sanctioned during *++82+-
for the benefit of Backward 'lass students
and at , places for the benefit of 4chedule
'aste and 4chedule (ribe irl students at
Intermediate level. (he construction work is
in progress.
8o"ationalisation o4 E5u"ation:
In the >ational %olicy of "ducation 1-8.,
8ocationalisation of "ducation is given high
priority. (he main objectives of the scheme
of 8ocationalisation of "ducation are spelt
out in >ational policy on "ducation 1-8. and
accorded priority for diversification of
courses of study for enhancing the
employability of students and reduction of
the gap between demand and the supply of
skilled man power and for reduction of the
pressure on universities for admissions. #or
effective implementation of the programme,
overnment of India has provided liberal
financial assistance to the state during the 8
#ive year

plan period. 4tate overnment
have released the amounts duly converting
the plan schemes to non2plan schemes during
#ive year

plan period
*-+ new sections have been sanctioned
during 1+
five year plan under centrally
sponsored scheme and the total cost of this
scheme is Cs.1..++ 'rores. (he classes have
commenced from the academic year *++)2
+8. 8ocational "ducation is to be promoted
as part of national policy on "ducation for
ac!uiring of skills and self2employment.
8ocational graduates are sponsored for one
year &pprenticeship (raining with
Aospitals @Business firms@Industry. (he
selected candidates are entitled to a stipend
of Cs. 111+@2 per month during this one2year
training period, half of which will be
reimbursed to the training &gencies by
overnment of India through Board of
&pprentice (raining, 'hennai. =uring
*++-21+, 1 Kob 6elas :5nder Cajiv 5dyoga
4ri; and . &pprenticeship 6elas are
conducted and 1,1+8 candidates have got
placements upto =ecember, *++-.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* ##0
(he intake capacity in vocational courses at
O* level is 8+,+++ and the enrolment during
*++-G 1+ is .8,+80 in 1
S-ort Ter* 8o"ational Courses
(here are 08 short term 8ocational 'ourses.
4tate Institute of 8ocational "ducation wing
in the 'ommissioner of Intermediate
"ducation is authori9ed to conduct
e<aminations and issue certificates for the
short term 8ocational 'ourses to the students
from the academic year *++.2+). >early,
11,+** students are admitted in these courses
for , modules for the year *++- in various
4hort2term 8ocational institutions through
out the 4tate. (he 4tate Institute of
8ocational "ducation is conducting ,
months, . months, and 12year duration
certificate courses for the benefit of drop outs
and others, like 44' failed @ pass, Inter
failed@passed through out the state. It is
aimed at improving the employable skills and
employment i.e., both wage and self2
8.1 (he department of 'ollegiate "ducation
monitors the administrative functions,
academic and !uality standards in *1-
overnment degree coleges and 1)- aided
colleges. It monitors the implementation of
various programmes for sustaining and
promoting the !uality of education with the
objective to provide a purposeful education
to all particularly to students hailing from
marginali9ed sections of the society. (he
department also attends the development
re!uirements of all the overnment colleges.
>umber of =egree 'olleges and their
strength is shown in (able 8...
Tale 8.%
De)ree Colle)es an5 Stu5ents? .$$0+#$
Type Colle)es Stu5ents
*1- 1,8+,**1
&ided 'olleges 1)- 1,81,0+0
Total B.8 2?%B?'.%
Source:Commissionerate of Collegiate
I*portant Pro)ra**es G Initiati<es
Startin) o4 Ne, CoursesJ
Beeping in view the recent developments in
Aigher "ducation, the department started
introducing need based, job oriented new
courses like Biotechnology, Industrial
'hemistry, 6icrobiology, 'omputer 4cience,
'ommunicative "nglish, (ourism,
&dvertising and 4ales %romotion etc., in
overnment 'olleges during the last few
years on partial self financing basis.
4imilarly, % courses on self2financing basis
are also sanctioned every year on the basis of
demand and facilities available. (hese
courses are accessible to the students
belonging to the poor and marginali9ed
sections. 5 Cestructured and % courses
started during the last two years is shown in
(able 8.).
Tale 8.'
U> Restru"ture5 an5 P> "ourses
3ear Colle)es Se"tions Courses
U.>. Restru"ture5 Courses
*++82+- ,0 08 **
*++-21+ 18 *0 10
Total D2 82 2'
*++)2+8 ,1 ,- 1.
*++82+- 1+ *1 18
Total B# %2 2B
Source:- Commissionerate of Collegiate Education
Estalis-*ent o4 1o*ensC &ostelsJ (o
encourage women education, the department
is motivating the colleges to provide hostel
facility to women students. 5' has
sanctioned construction of hostel buidlings in
11 overnment =egree colleges at a cost of
Cs.1+.,1 crores during *++)2+8 and the work
is in progress.
Fa,a-ar @no,le5)e Centres :F@Cs;:
Kawahar Bnowledge 'entre, initiated by
overnment of &ndhra %radesh has evolved
to become a dynamic and student friendly
platform to e!uip them fulfill the job
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.$
aspirations of students in degree colleges.
KB' provides training to students in skills
relevant to the needs of the job industry and
is continuously helping them to e!uip for
facing the competitive employment
environment. *). KB's were established in
degree colleges and students are trained in
'ommunication skills, 4oft skills, &nalytical
skills and 'omputer skills. 4tudents of the
commerce stream undergo training in (ally
#inancial &ccounting %ackage. (he students
trained in KB's are shown placement
opportunities in noted and well placed
companies. It is targetted to increase the
placement percentage during *+1+ G 11.
(he achievements are shown in the (able 8.8.
Tale 8.8
Stu5ents Traine5 in F@C an5 Fos Se"ure5
Traine5 in
Fos Se"ure5
*++.2+) .1- ,01
*++)2+8 *+,)8) 1,1-,
*++82+- *),1.1 *,+88
*++-21+ -,,11 1+)
Source: Commissionerate of Collegiate Education
A""ountin) Exe"uti<e Course: &part from
the above programs under KB', a short2term
&ccounting "<ecutive 'ourse for 'ommerce
students is initiated with an objective to
provide employable and work oriented skills
to students for securing employment. (he
duration of the course is *1+ hours spread
over a period of four months. Intensive
training will be given in (ally #inancial
&ccounting %ackage, 'ommunication skills
and 'omputer skills. & total of 0,*11
students in 11. overnment and %rivate
&ided 'olleges are enrolled so far. 4econd
spell of enrolment is in progress. (he
trained students will be placed for 'ampus
Cecruitment drives@Kob melas.
IT initiati<es : 4ome of the other I(
initiatives taken areJ
1. 4oftware =evelopment for 'ollege
6anagement Information 4ystem
*. &pplication =evelopment of &ccredited
'olleges, 6anagement Information
system :networking of >&&'
&ccredited 'olleges;
,. 4oftware =evelopment for
Cesults &nalysis Information 4ystem
1. "2learning
0. "stablishment of "nglish
3anguage 3abs
A""re5itation o4 Colle)es y National
Assess*ent an5 A""re5itation Coun"il
:NAAC;: (he department took several
measures and motivated the staff and the
students of the colleges to obtain the
accreditation from >ational &ssessment and
&ccreditation 'ouncil, which is a significant
parameter for assessing the performance
!uality of the college. /ut of 1,+ ovt.
colleges accredited, 1*+ got grades at the
level of B or above as on 4ept.+8. (he
average grade achieved by the overnment
'olleges in the state is one of the highest at
the country level. (he grades obtained by
&ided colleges are e!ually good. ,1
overnment =egree 'olleges in the state are
getting ready for the re2 acrreditation process
during *+1+211. (able 8.- shows different
grades secured by colleges in the state.
Tale 8.0
>ra5es otaine5 y >o<t. an5 Ai5e5 Colle)es
>ra5e >o<t.
1 *, *)
B, BO and
11. .. 18*
','O and
1+ * 1*
, stars
and 1 stars
+ 1 1
Total #2$ 0D ..D
Source- Commissionerate of Collegiate Education
State Auality Assuran"e Cell :SAAC;:
4tate Nuality &ssurance 'ell :the functional
unit of 43N&''; has been established with
the following objectives.
(o plan and organi9e activities and
programmes that help e<pediting the
>&&' accreditation of institutions in the
(o take up !uality enhancing activities
(o plan and organi9e post accreditation
activities in the institutions
Beeping above objectives in view, 4N&'
organi9ed number of workshops,
conferences, meetings, seminars etc., for
creating !uality awarness across the 4tate.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.#
(ANA T8J =epartment of 'ollegiate
"ducation is facilitating the telecast of
curriculum based degree lessons of 1*
conventional and , restructured subjects
through 6&>& (8, which supports and
supplements the normal teaching by
providing the latest information. It is a
modern and innovative learning resource and
the telecast is received by 1.- ovt. 'olleges
in the 4tate benefiting large sections of the
students belonging to rural areas.
Innovative live programmes like
(eleconferences, (elecounselling and %anel
discussions were organi9ed through 6&>&
(8, which generated huge enthusiasm among
teachers and students and led to several such
discussions in colleges. In addition to the
above, training programmes and certificate
courses were arranged live in communicative
skills for presenters as well as students.
Distri"t Resour"e CentresJ =istrict
Cesource 'entres :=C'; were established in
*1 =istricts covering all the overnment
'olleges in the state to provide additional
support to the students of ovt. =egree
'olleges situated in semi urban, rural and
remote areas. (he =C's have been
conducting activities like sharing of teacher
e<pertise, labs, library, playgrounds and other
infrastructural facilities and support services
like 'omputer centre, Aealth centre etc. Koint
activites like additional coaching, career
guidance, linkages, summer programmes,
competitions etc., are conducted at the
district level.
(he department in association with
concerned =C's conducted three two2day
awareness workshops on strengthening of
=istrict Cesource 'entres and enhancement
of !uality in teaching learning practices at
overnment =egree 'olleges Cajahmundry,
6ahabubnagar and >ellore, where in
%rincipals and 3ecturers of all overnment
=egree 'olleges of the respective districts
Extension Pro)ra**esJ (he department is
working towards promoting certain
community development programmes with
the help of the colleges under its control. 10+
ovt. =egree 'olleges have started
'onsumer 'lubs, "co 'lubs, Ced Cibbon
'lubs and Aeritage 'lubs to educate the
students and society about consumer
awareness, &I=4 awareness, protecting the
environment and ecological balance and
preservation of Aeritage and cultural
State Tea"-er A,ar5sJ overnment gives
4tate (eacher &wards to the meritorious
5niversity and 'ollege teachers every year
commemorating the birthday of =r.
4arvepalli Cadhakrishnan, a great scholar, the
former %resident of India. (his year, ,,
&wards to 5niversity (eachers and ,. awards
to 'ollege teachers were presented.
En)lis- Lan)ua)e LasJ "stablishment of
)0 "nglish 3anguage 3abs in ovt. 'olleges
is nearing completion. (he students are
trained online about using the most advanced
audio2visual modes of learning through
computers. (he software installed in these
labs is highly beneficial to the student
community and its three packages vi9.,
&cademic lab, &ptitude lab and 'areer lab
which help the students speak fluently and
improve their analytical and listening skills.
8.0 (echnical "ducation department promotes
(echnical "ducation in the 4tate with the aim
to help in bringing out good engineers and
technicians with profound knowledge, skill,
positive work culture, improved efficiency
and productivity. (he ultimate goal is to
ensure effective working of our industries
and to shape our students to be competitive
in global market.
(he department is responsible for
development of (echnical "ducation both at
=egree:raduate "ngineers; as well as
=iploma :(echnician; levels.
(he department coordinates with &ll India
'ouncil for (echnical "ducation :&I'("; in
processing the applications for the
establishment of "ngineering 'olleges,
%olytechnics and Institutions offering
%harmacy, 6'&, 6B& and &rchitecture and
enhancement of sanctioned intake in them.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #..
Inta9eJ (here are .0. "ngineering 'olleges,
)+, 6'& 'olleges, 881 6B& 'olleges, *)8
B.%harmacy 'olleges and *1, %olytechnics
functioning in the state:includes ,)+ 6'&
and **1 6B& stand2alone colleges;. (he
intake of the students is *,*.,8)+ in
engineering courses, 1),0-0 in 6'& courses,
0-,.). in 6B& courses, 1.,.)0 in
%harmacy, and .,,+)0 in %olytechnics.
(he department encourages !ualitative
(echnical "ducation at =egree and
=iploma levels through improved
standards set by >ational Board of
&ccreditation :>B&; of &I'(" and
>&&' of 5'.
"ncourages upgradation of e!uipment
through a scheme of 6oderni9ation and
Cemoval of /bsolescence :6/=C/B4;
of &I'(".
#acilitate in establishing 4/>"( :4ociety
for >etworking for "<cellence in
(echnical "ducation; to provide
interconnectivity among "ngineering
'olleges, to adopt innovative (eaching
practices, =igital library, 8ideo
conferencing etc. throughout the 4tate, to
benefit all (echnical Institutions. 4/>"(
today is providing latest International
technical journals to its member colleges
benefiting number of students.
'onducts 7eb based admissions as per
the ranks secured by the candidates at 0+
"&6'"( and ,) ""% Aelpline centers
in &ndhra %radesh. (his enables the
student to attend counselling at any one
of the above places in the 4tate as per
their convenience and select college and
course of his choice.
'oordinates with Board of
&pprenticeship (raining :B/&(;,
6inistry of 4econdary and Aigher
"ducation, ovt. of India and various
organi9ations@industries to provide
apprenticeship training to thousands of
"ngineering raduates and =iploma
holders including sandwich courses to
improve their skills to fit into the best
production centers in the country
(he department and the 4tate Board of
(echnical "ducation and (raining &.%.,
Ayderabad arrange transmission of
recorded technical lessons and live
interaction between students and lecturers
through B5 Band and teach students via
electronic classroom simultaneously
around the 4tate.
%rovides facilities for 'areer uidance
and counselling for the students of
"ngineering =egree@=iploma institutions,
to enable them to plan in advance for a
future, after the completion of their
respective courses.
"ncourages establishment of Industry2
Institution2Interaction 'ell with the aid
from &I'(". (hus, industry can
participate in the development of skills of
the students and staff in different
practical areas.
(he =epartment and the Board, provide
academic improvement at =iploma level
for in2service candidates, through
'orrespondence cum 'ontact 'ourses
"ncourages Internal Cevenue eneration
:IC; throughout the 4tate in the
%olytechnics, to update their skills and
find out resources for institutional
Initiati<es to i*pro<e a""ess:
Ne, >o<ern*ent Polyte"-ni"sJ ,, >ew
overnment %olytechnics were started after a
long gap, during the academic year *++82+-.
(he intake in each of the new %olytechnic is
1*+ and they are being run on shift basis in
e<isting ovt. =egree@Kunior colleges@Aigh
schools. (he overnment accorded
administrative sanction for starting 1. more
overnment %olytechnics and admissions are
in progress. Including these 1- new
overnment %olytechnics, the total no. of
overnment %olytechnics increased to 11*.
In addition, there are 1 aided and 1- unaided
%rivate %olytechnics in the state. (he total
intake of the students in all these 1.0
%olytechnics is 0-,))+. Besides, there are 18
=.%harmacy institutions with an intake of
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.2
*1 >ew 'ourses were started in *,
ovt.%olytechnics during *++82+-. 4econd
shift is permitted in *) overnment, 1 &ided
and *, %rivate 5naided %olytechnics for the
first time in the state during *++82+- and
*++-21+. %olytechnic as 4econd shift has
been introduced in .0 "ngineering colleges
and admissions are in progress.
Ne, En)ineerin) Colle)es:
Indian Institute of (echnology,
Ayderabad at Bandi, in 6edak =istrict
was established by ovt. of India and
admissions were taken up from the year
*++82+-. &n &mount of Cs.1-.++ 'rores
was released for II(, Ayderabad in
Kuly,+8 for land ac!uisition.
Birla Institute of (echnology and 4cience
:BI(4; was established in Ayderabad.
/ne engineering college each is
established i.e., under $ogi 8emana
5niversity at %roddatur of Badapa
=istrict, at (irupathi,4.%.6ahila
5niersity, at 4.B.5niversity and at
>agarjuna 5niversity.
Auality initiati<es:
(o improve the Nuality in (echnical
"ducation, following measures are being
a; e+Lessons:
e23essons is a %restigious %roject of the
department taken up during *++82+-
&s a teaching aid G >ot self learning
(o ensure minimum standards in
(o enable in easy understanding of the
subject by student and improve %ass
1,* class rooms have been provided with
3'= projector and computer.
e2lessons are prepared by %olytechnic
teachers pertaining to all subjects taught
in polytechnics out of ,+,+++.
e2lessons implemented from *++82+-.
;. Fa"ulty trainin) an5 ot-er *easures
o &ll ,) >ewly promoted principals are
provided training in administrative skills.
o 010 3ecturers are provided training in
instructional =esign and =evelopment
4ystem and training will be provided for
remaining .++ lecturers in ne<t , months.
o 11 %rogrammes were conducted for 100
(eaching and 6inisterial staff in office
&utomation, administrative procedures,
'&= and graphic design, '2
programming, I(P', 4atellite and
/ptical fibre 'ommunication, %ower
protection in electrical 4ystems and
teaching methodology during *++82+-.
o &ll the "nglish lecturers are trained in
participatory teaching methodology
o "nglish communication labs have been
setup in .+ ovt. %olytechnics
o 11*. latest computers have been supplied
in .1 ovt. %olytechnics
";. State =oar5 o4 Te"-ni"al E5u"ationJ
Syllaus re<ision to *a9e Diplo*a
"ourses on san5,i"- pattern
It is decided to make all =iploma 'ourses as
4andwich courses to benefit the students to
know the needs of the industry and will
provide hands on e<perience:
In five semesters all the students have to
study theory subjects out of . 4emesters.
=uring the 8th semester of the course,
every student has to undergo compulsory
%ractical training of . 6onths duration in
any one of the industry.
(he "<pert committee was constituted.
(he industrialists are invited to
participate in the workshop on syllabus
revision and their advice and suggestions
are invited and are taken into
consideration in finali9ation of syllabus
so as to prepare the student suitable to the
needs of the industry.
4yllabus last revised in ,1 'ourses
during *++02+.
4yllabus of =iploma in &utomobile
"ngineering Cevised in *++82+-
4yllabus revision for 1+ =iploma 'ourses
is almost completed and remaining
=iploma courses is in progress and is
decided to be implemented w.e.f. *++-2
/ther reforms like introduction of unit tests
and sessional marks, issue of Iero< copy of
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.B
valued answer scripts and revaluation and
streamlining of scheme of valuation have
been implemented.
5;.(o5erni!ation an5 Re*o<al o4
Osoles"en"e S"-e*e :(ODRO=S;:
(he overnment %olytechnics are receiving
funds from &I'(", >ew =elhi for
procurement of 6odern and sophisticated
e!uipment for the laboratories to train the
polytechnic 4tudents, during *++82+-.
e;.Te"-ni"al E5u"ation Auality
i*pro<e*ent Pro)ra**e :TEAIP;:
("NI% is an "<ternally &ided %roject :"&%;
for the !uality improvement programme and
is implemented in 11 engineering colleges
and 1 ovt.%olytechnic.
(he ("NI%2I %roject with an outlay of Cs.
11*..* 'rores commenced in *++12 +0 was
completed on ,12,2*++-.
(he ("NI%2II %roject with an anticipated
outlay of Cs. *18.++ 'rores is likely to
commence from Kan?@&pril, *+1+. (he
project is proposed to be implemented in *+
engineering colleges.
4;.Ot-er *easures
"nglish curriculum restructured
o introduced in all , years
o student workbook on """
o focus on 34C7 4kills
o employability skills introduced
o (eachers Aandbook prepared
Biometric attendance introduced
e<perimentally in -, %olytechnics for
students and staff
(eaching through video conference is
e<perimentally started in 6C
%olytechnic, %aderu.
Ot-er i*portant S"-e*es o4 t-e
SAPNETJ ovt.of &ndhra %radesh have
signed 6emorandum of 5nderstanding
:6/5; with I4C/ for effective and efficient
utili9ation of satellite resource for
(ransmission of (echnology through 6&>&
(82 e2 'lass room method. 3ive 3ectures are
being telecast in all overnment
%olytechnics for the benefit of %olytechnic
A5option o4 Polyte"-ni"s y In5ustries:
(he 'oncept of &doption of ovt.
%olytechnic by nearby Industry is taken up to
e<tend the following facilities for mutual
benefit of the industry and the polytechnic.
1. Better Industry2Institution2Interaction
*. Increased employability of students
,. 6ore industrial e<posure by
arranging Industrial visits and training
1. 'onsultancy 4ervices of faculty with
0. uest lectures by industrial %ersonnel
for the benefit of students
.. (raining to technical staff of industry
in improving their Bnowledge and
theoretical skill
). Better %ractical (raining :on hand
e<perience; to students on sophisticated
machines in industry.
Prati-a S"-olars-ips: It was introduced in
1--- by for promoting !uality and e<cellence
in education under which meritorious
students will be awarded 6erit certificate,
6emento and 4cholarship. %ratibha
4cholarships are provided for different
courses L Cs.1+,+++ for =iploma
'ourses:'""%;; Cs.1),0++ for "&6'"( G
"ngineering; "'"(, I'"( :6B& and 6'&;;
and Cs.**,0++ for "&6'"( 2 6edicine.
Re*ote an5 Interior Area De<elop*ent
:RIAD; S"-e*e:
CI&= scheme is implemented for
infrastructure development in four
overnment %olytechnics located in Cemote
areas i.e., Bhadrachalam, Bothagudem,
4risailam and %aderu since *++82+-.
Ra7i< U5yo)a Sri
=epartment of (echnical "ducation is
implementing Cajiv 5dyoga 4ri training
programmes in %olytechnics utili9ing the
infrastructure facilities available for the
benefit of unemployed youth. (he scheme
aims to improve the skills and their
employability. (he >o. of candidates (rained
are )0)0 and placements are shown for 18,8
out of a (arget of 1++++ during *++82+- and
,1+. candidates are undergoing training,
(he programmes covered under training are
Aouse 7iring and Cepair of =omestic
"lectrical &ppliances, 'omputer Aardware,
'omputer software, (8 repairing, %lumbing,
Cefrigeration and &ir2conditioning, (wo
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.D
wheeler servicing, 6odern 4urveying on
(otal station, (ailoring and "mbroidery,
Basic Bakery, 6achine "mbroidery, Hardosi
7ork, Bnitting and #abric %ainting,
Beautician etc.
Centuary >uru9ula*s
'entuary urukulams are Cesidential
(echnical Institutions to provide enhanced
opportunities for meritorious Cural $outh of
&ndhra %radesh. Its primary purpose is to
provide Cemedial "ducation and Information
(echnology for the most meritorious students
among the Cural $outh. (he main aim of the
century urukulams is to provide !uality
candidates by imparting training to the Cural
$outh to International level of e<cellence in
specially designed (echnical "ducation
'ourses. %resently it is started at . centers.
Ra7i< >an5-i Uni<ersity o4 @no,le5)e
Te"-nolo)ies :R>U@T;:
overnment of &ndhra %radesh have
established Cajiv andhi 5niversity of
Bnowledge (echnologies :C5B(; in the
year *++8 through &ct 18 of *++8 to cater to
the educational needs of the rural youth.
(hree fully residential III(s have been
established under the C5B( at Basar in
&dilabad =istrict, >u9vid in Brishna =istrict
and C.B. 8alley in Badapa =istrict. (hese
institutes are meant to speciali9e in teaching
and research in Information (echnology and
emerging areas of "ngineering and 4cience.
&round *+++ students are admitted in each
III( in the academic year *++82+-. (he
5nder raduate %rogramme at these III(s
leading to a B.(ech =egree is si< years
duration. &dmissions are made after the 44'
level :'lass I; on the basis of marks
obtained in the board e<amination. (he first
two years of education by and large
correspond to intermediate syllabus and the
subse!uent four years are meant for
engineering education.
(he pedagogy followed at C5B( is based
on learning to learn and life long learning
philosophy. &ll education is imparted
through the use of Information and
'ommunication (echnology. "ach student is
given a lap top.
8.. #amily 7elfare =epartment is providing
maternal health care, child health care and
family welfare services to the people through
1*,0** 4ub2centers; 1,0)+ %rimary Aealth
'entres in rural areas; 8* %ost %artum 5nits;
1,1 5rban #amily 7elfare 'entres and *.)
5rban Aealth 'entres in 5rban &reas.
(he estimated Birth rate, =eath rate and
Infant 6ortality Cates for the year, *++8 in
the case of state are 18.1, ).0 and 0*
respectively as against **.8, ).1 and 0, for
&ll India :as per 4ample Cegistration
4ystem, /ctober, *++-;. "<peted life at
Birth,:*++.21+; for 6ale and #emale in the
4tate are .0.1 and .-.1 as against .0.8 and
.8.1 for &ll India. 6aternal 6ortality Catio
:66C; is defined as the proportion of
maternal deaths per 1++,+++ live births
reported, which is 101 in the state as against
*01 in &ll India in *++12+. as per the 4ample
Cegistration 4ystem, &pril,+-.
A. (aternal &ealt- Care Ser<i"es:
6aternal Aealth 'are 4ervices are being
provided to the pregnant woman by
implementing the following schemes@
&ccredited 4ocial Aealth &ctivist :&4A&;
#C5s strengthened with '"6/>' services
:'omprehensive "mergency /bstetric and
>eo2natal 'are;
Blood Bank and Blood 4torage 'entres
*12hours 6other and 'hild Aealth centres
Kanani 4uraksha $ojana scheme
A.# A""re5ite5 So"ial &ealt- A"ti<ist
(his scheme was started during the year
*++02+. with an objective of providing the
services of the health resource person very
near to the community in rural areas. It is
implemented in *1,-1. villages :.),0.1
)+,)++ &4A&s:00,1++ in rural areas, 1+,+++
in tribal areas and 0,,++ in urban areas; have
been identified in all habitations across the
state through the ram %anchayat Aealth
'ommittees, to acts as health2resource
persons of first resort in all maternal and
child health services and they are in position.
(hey provide services to the pregnant
woman, infants and eligible couples.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.%
A.. FRUs stren)t-ene5 ,it- CE(ONC
ser<i"es :Co*pre-ensi<e E*er)en"y
Ostetri" an5 Neonatal Care;:
(his scheme was started during the year
*++02+. with an objective of providing the
services of life2saving emergency care to
mothers and children :caesarian, neonatal
care, etc;. "very '"6/>' centre is
designed to have 1 obstetricians, 1
pediatrician, 1 anesthetist, blood bank or
blood storage center; and additional budget
for drugs and consumables per each case of
delivery. 108 '"6/>' 'enters have been
A.2 =loo5 =an9 an5 =loo5 Stora)e
(his scheme was started during the year
*++02+. with an objective to provide the
blood to the caesarian surgery cases. *+ new
blood banks and 8- blood storage centers are
to be set up in 'omprehensive "mergency
/bstetric and >eonatal 'are :'"6/>';
(he Indian Ced 'ross 4ociety is appointed as
the 4tate 3evel >odal &gency to set up Blood
Banks and Blood 4torages 'enters. 1+ Blood
Banks and )1 Blood 4torage 'entres are
functioning. (he remaining are under
A.4 24-hours Mother and Child Health
(MCH) centre:
(his scheme was started during the year
1--)2-8 with an objective of providing round
the clock services for conducting normal
deliveries, to identify the high risk pregnancy
cases and to refer them to #C5s. 8++ %A's
are functioning as *1 6'A 'entres. )-,-81
deliveries were conducted during *++82+-
and 18,,-. deliveries are conducted during
*++-21+ :upto /cober *++-;.
A.D Fanani Sura9s-a 3o7ana :FS3; :
(his scheme was started during the year
*++02+. with an objective to encourage
pregnant women for institutional delivery in
overnment@%rivate Institution which
contributes for the reduction of 6aternal
6ortality and Infant 6ortality.
5nder this scheme, Cs.1,+++@2:Cs.)++@2
under K4$ :/I; O Cs.,++@2 under
4ukhibhava scheme :4tate; is being paid to
rural B%3 woman who undergoes
institutional delivery. #rom 1
&pril *++.,
K4$ has been e<tended to B%3 urban families
(he number of K4$ beneficiaries were
0,01,*+. during *++8G +- and 1,*-,1-. in
*++-21+ so far.
=. C-il5 &ealt- Care Ser<i"es:
'hild Aealth 'are 4ervices are being
provided to the Infant and 'hildren by
implementing the following schemes @
8accine %reventable =iseases
6ain &ctivities
Implementation of 5niversal
Immuni9ation %rogram
>eo2natal intensive care units
=.# 8a""ine Pre<entale Diseases :8PDs;:
&ll children are being vaccinated against 8%=
such as 7hooping 'ough, =iphtheria, (etanus,
%olio, (B, 6easles, and Aepatitis2B. (he
names of the vaccines used under
immuni9ation are 2 B.'., /.%.8., =.%.(,
Aepatitis2B, 6easles and (( will be given to
the pregnant women.
=.. (ain A"ti<ities:
a; Coutine Immuni9ation including 8itamin2&
Bi2annual administration during Kanuary
and Kuly of every year.
b; 'ampaign G Intensified %ulse %olio
c; 4urveillance G %olio and 6easles
=.2. I*ple*entation o4 Uni<ersal
I**uni!ation Pro)ra*:
#ollowing immuni9ation activities are being
implemented as %art2' under C'A2II with
additional inputsJ
1; &dditional 6obility support to =I/s, *;
8accine transport, ,; 'old chain repairs and
maintenance, 1; 'omputer assistants to assist
the =I/, 0; &lternative vaccine delivery, .;
#ocus on slum and underserved areas in
urban slums, );6obili9ation of children by
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.'
In addition to the above, the following
activities are also taken up for strengthening
routine immuni9ationJ
a. 'onducting 8illage Aealth and >utrition
=ay in the villages once in a month for
providing immuni9ation and treatment for
minor ailments.
b. /rgani9ing immuni9ation catch2up
campaigns in tribal districts as and when
felt necessary.
c. /rgani9ing 6easles and &#% surveillance
campaigns as per necessity.
d. By publici9ing through I"' activities to
bring awareness in all sections of public
about the immuni9ation particularly in
the 4'@ 4( and weaker section areas,
habitations and outreach areas.
=.B. Con<er)en"e:
#or effective implementation of Aealth
activities in the districts, 'onvergence
sessions are being conducted among the
Aealth, 6edical and #amily 7elfare, 7omen
=evelopment and 'hild 7elfare and =C=&
departments at the state, district, %A' and
sub2centre level.
=.D Neonatal Intensi<e Care Units
:NICUs; :
(his scheme was started during the year
*++.2+) with an objective to provide
emergency neonatal care services to new
born and neonates to reduce Infant mortality
rate and to improve the !uality of pediatric
care services in remote, interior, tribal areas
and urban areas.
It is proposed to establish 1.+ >I'5s in the
4tate :in 1, (eaching Aospitals, *, =ist.
Aospitals, 1. &rea Aospitals and 1+8
'"6/>' centers;. 11 %ediatricians are
positioned against 1*1 posts sanctioned.
It is planned to position two 4taff >urses and
two &>6s on contract basis in each unit. 4o
far, 1.1 4taff >urses are positioned. =istrict
4election 'ommittees are re!uested to fill2up
the remaining vacancies and it is under
C. Fa*ily 1el4are Ser<i"es:
#amily 7elfare 4ervices are being provided
to the eligible 'ouples by implementing the
following schemes@interventionsJ
%ermanent 6ethods
4pacing 6ethods
6(% 4ervices
#amily %lanning Insurance 4cheme
4tate %opulation %olicy
C.#: Per*anentGSpa"in) (et-o5s:
(his scheme was started during the year 1-0*
with an objective to control the population
growth by providing family welfare services
to the eligible couples who want to adopt
spacing or small family norm on voluntary
(he services of tubectomy and vasectomy
under permanent methods and I5=, /ral
%ills and >irodh pieces under spacing
methods are being provided to the eligible
couples. (he overnment is providing
#amily %lanning Incentive towards
'ompensation loss of wages for female
sterili9ations :B%3@4'@4(; G Cs..++@2 and
Cs.*0+@2 for &%3 people and male
sterili9ation :B%3@4'@4(; Gand Cs.11++@2 for
all people.
C.. (e5i"al Ter*ination o4 Pre)nan"y
Ser<i"es :(TP;:
(he objective of the scheme is to provide the
6(% services to the eligible couples for
termination of unwanted pregnancy. (he
services are being provided at all the ovt.
hospitals in the state. (he number of
beneficiaries during *++8G+- are .,1,*.
C.2 Fa*ily Plannin) Insuran"e S"-e*e:
(his scheme was started during the year *++0
with an objective to provide insurance to
sterili9ation acceptors as per 6/5 signed
with insurance company. =etails of the
scheme are shown in (able 8.1+.
Tale 8.#$
Fa*ily Plannin) Insuran"e
Issues "o<ere5 Li*it o4
1 =eath due to sterili9ation
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.8
operation in Aospital or
within ) days from the date
of discharge from the
* =eath occurring due to
sterili9ation operation
between 8 to ,+ days from
the date of discharge from
the hospital
, #ailure of sterili9ation
operation :payable once
1 "<penses for treatment of
medical complication due to
sterili9ation operation
:within .+ days of operation;
subject to
ma<imum of
Source: Family Welfare Department
C.B State Population Poli"y:
(he 4tate %opulation %olicy was formulated
during the year 1--) with an objective to
improve the !uality of services under #amily
7elfare programme. =uring the #amily
%lanning 'amps, the facilities like
arrangement of 4hamiyanas, =rinking 7ater
Bottles, Beds, (ransport, etc. are being
provided to the sterili9ation acceptors.
#urther, on the eve of the 7orld %opulation
=ay on 11
Kuly of every year, an incentive
of Cs.1+,+++@2 is being paid to .-
sterili9ation acceptors at the rate , per district
who are being selected on lucky dip basis at
district level to the following categoriesJ
a; 'ouples accepted sterili9ation with one
b; 'ouples accepted sterili9ation with two
girl children
c; 'ouples accepted vasectomy with two
D. Uran Slu* &ealt- Ser<i"es :
(his scheme was started during the year *+++
with an objective to provide %reventive,
%romotive and 'urative 4ervices to the
people living in urban slum areas. 1-* 5rban
Aealth centres are functioning in the state
through >/s with 4tate overnment
#unds. "ach urban health centre covers
10,+++ population in slum area. )0 5A's
were established so far under C'A2II.
D.# Trial &ealt- Ser<i"es:
(he following additional initiatives are taken
up to strengthen the health services in the
tribal areas
8,0++ 'ommunity Aealth 8olunteers
working in tribal areas are converted as
&4A&s. (hey are being paid
performance based incentive on par with
other &4A&s in addition to the
honorarium being paid to them since
inception of the scheme.
Initiati<es un5er RC&+II 4ro* .$$D+$%
Birth 7aiting AomesJ (ribal area birth
waiting homes are being constructed to
enable women from distant and interior
habitations to reach the delivery care
institution a couple of days before the
e<pected date of delivery as to prevent
the complications of arrival in late
labour. (he construction of *- Birth
7aiting Aomes is completed and
handed over so far and - are to be
,+ 6obile 6edical 5nits are
functioning in all the tribal areas to
provide the services at the door step of
the tribal people.
E. Co**unity In<ol<e*ent A"ti<ities:
E.#.Su+Center un+tie5 4un5s
(he scheme was started during *++02+.. (he
/bjective of this scheme is to provide funds
at ram %anchayat level to meet the
re!uirements for maintenance of sanitation
and public health at village level and to
improve the facilities at the sub2centre level.
&n amount of Cs.1+,+++@2 is being released
to each sub2centre per annum and this
amount will be deposited in a joint account to
be operated by the 8illage 4arpanch and the
(he untied funds for maintenance of
%A's@'A's is being given for getting minor
repairs done; to get the %A'@'A'
compounds clean on a regular basis; to
arrange for scientific bio2medical waste
disposal; to meet e<penses for >CA6 review
with 6%A& :6ale and #emale; and &4A&s
and to provide referral transportation in
e<ceptional situations etc. at %A'@'A' level.
(he amounts given for %A'@'A' is briefed
E...Untie5 4un5s 4or (aintenan"e o4
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #.0
(he scheme was started during *++.2+). (he
budget for untied funds is Cs.*0,+++, annual
maintenance grant is Cs.0+,+++ and for
Aospital =evelopment 4ocieties :A=4; is Cs.
/ne lakh per annum.
E.2.Untie5 4un5s 4or (aintenan"e o4
(he scheme was started during *++.2+). (he
budget for untied funds is Cs.0+,+++ and
A=4 is Cs. /ne lakh per annum.
E.B.8illa)e Le<el &ealt- an5 Sanitation
(his scheme was started during the year
*++.2+) with an objectives to ensure optimal
use of health service in the village; improve
participation of the village level health and
sanitation committees in maintaining !uality
health services and sanitation; to prevent
occurrence of epidemics in the villages.
(he 8illage Aealth and 4anitation
'ommittees are formed with %anchayat
4arpanches as chairpersons, and ward
members, &nganwadi 7orkers, &>6s, and
7omen Aealth 8olunteers as members and
6%A&s :6;, and 6%A&s :#; as member
conveners. *1,-1. 8illage Aealth and
4anitation 'ommittees are constituted and
amount of Cs.1+,+++@2 is being given to each
8illage Aealth and 4anitation 'ommittees for
annum under >CA6.
F.Puli" an5 Pri<ate Partners-ip
(he following activities are being
implemented under %ublic and %rivate
%artnership &ctivities in &ndhra %radesh.
F.#.Rural E*er)en"y &ealt-
Transportation S"-e*e + E(RI; +#$8 :
(he ovt. of &% initiated the scheme to
enable the rural poor to have easy access
to the hospital health care services free of
cost in times of emergency particularly in
respect of maternal and neonatal @ infant
health emergencies.
(he "mergency 6anagement Cesearch
Institute :"6CI;, an >/ set up by the
4atyam #oundation is identified as nodal
agency by overnment of &ndhra
& common toll2free telephone number
1+8 is provided for *1 hours and ,.0
days for accessing ambulance services.
&n operational cost of Cs.1,1*,1--@2 per
month per ambulance is being paid by the
"very ambulance is provided with trained
technical staff.
(otal )0* &mbulances are covering the
entire state of &ndhra %radesh.
(he average number of trips for
transporting emergency patients per day
is 8 trips per ambulance.
)+D of the trips are towards
transportation of 4'@4( and B%3
pregnant women and children below 0
years of age to the nearest #C5?s.
"ach ambulance is covering 0+ kms. per
trip appro<imately for both ways of
transport covering 1++ kms per day
appro<imately by each ambulance.
(he no. of average calls received per day
are .8,+++.
(otal number of lives saved is 01,+++ so
far :since inception;.
(otal number of emergencies attended
since &ugust, *++0 is ,1.1) lakhs.
F... &ealt- In4or*ation &elpline / :#$B;:
(his scheme was started during the year
*++). It is a %ublic %rivate %artnership with
Aealth 6anagement Cesearch Institute by
ovt. of &ndhra %radesh. (he objective of
the scheme is to provide Aealth Information
advice, counseling to the public on (oll free
>o.1+1. /n average ,.,+++ calls are being
attended by AIA3.
Spe"ial Features:
It is a uni!ue, innovative scheme being
implemented for the first time in India. &n
individual can also utili9e 1+8 emergency
ambulance services to transport emergency
seriously ill patients through AIA3 1+1.
Information on referral services at various
overnment Aospitals and the people can
also lodge complaints on functioning of
Aealth Institutions of ovt. sector which will
be referred to concerned A/=s for redressal
and further action. Information on epidemic
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #2$
out breaks can be passed on to =irector of
Aealth and other A/=s through 1+1.
F.2.Fixe5 Day &ealt- Ser<i"es / :#$B;:
(he #i<ed =ay Aealth 4ervices is a 6obile
Aealth 8ehicle based service that provide a
convergence of comprehensive services for
the identification, diagnosis, monitoring and
treatment, record keeping and referral of high
risk cases in each rural habitation to nearest
overnment Aospital for management and
"ach 6obile Aealth 5nit is e!uipped with an
ultrasound machine, an e<tended roof
canopy, basic laboratory e!uipment to
perform basic lab tests, a cold chain unit to
store vaccines and blood samples and a
laptop computer to enable store and forward
technologies for improved beneficiary profile
tracking. (he vehicle also incorporates a
video projection system for public health
#i<ed =ay Aealth 4ervice is a once2a2month
fi<ed day service at the rural habitations
through a 6obile Aealth 8ehicle. (hese
6obile Aealth 8ehicles are serving the Cural
%opulation of around 1 crores who are
located , km beyond a Aealth 'are =elivery
institution such as %rimary Aealth 'entres
:%A's; and 'ommunity Aealth 'entres
(he services are being provided through a
6obile Aealth 8ehicle, which physically
visiting each habitation on a fi<ed day every
month with a population of 10++ each
according to pre2determined calendar with a
staff of si< :.; %ara 6edics to provide the
following servicesJ
1. %regnancy monitoring and care
*. Infant and 'hild health
,. 'hronic ailments including >ational
Aealth %rogrammes
1. "nhanced Integrated =isease
4urveillance %rogramme
0. 4chool Aealth.
"ach mobile health vehicle serves one
habitation in the morning from 8.++ am to
1*.++ noon while the other habitation is
served from 1.++ %6 to 0.++ %6 for *8 days
in a month. &t present the services are being
rendered with 1)0 6A5s in all districts
e<cept Ayderabad.
>. Pre"on"eption an5 Prenatal
Dia)nosti" Te"-niIues :PCan5PNDT;:
(he %re2'onception and %re2natal =iagnostic
(echni!ues :%rohibition of 4e< 4election;
&ct 1--1 and Cules 1--. are being
implemented in &ndhra %radesh to prevent
#emale foeticide and to improve the female
se< ratio in the 4tate. 5nder this &ct 2 ,.*+
6edical #acilities :4canning 'entres; are
registered in &ndhra %radesh as on
,1.+,.*++-. 1+ cases are filed so far in
various courts for violation of %' %>=( &ct.
(he e<pected 3evel of achievements and
actual achievements of family welfare
programme and immuni9ation are furnished
in the &nne<ure 8.11.
Ra7i< Aaro)yasri &ealt- Insuran"e
8.) (here was a felt need in the 4tate to provide
financial protection to families living below
poverty line for the treatment of serious
ailments such as cancer, kidney failure, heart
diseases etc. &vailable network of
government hospitals do not have the
re!uisite pool of specialist doctors to meet
the statewide re!uirement for such treatment.
'onse!uently, many such people go to
private hospitals and incur huge costs. In
many cases, patients died in harness unable
to access medical treatment, which is beyond
their means. 6ounting medical e<penses is
identified as one of the causes leading to
pauperi9ation of the farming community.
&arogyasri Aealth 'are (rust was therefore,
set up to implement a 'ommunity Aealth
Insurance 4cheme named &arogyasri :now
&arogyasri2I; to begin with in three districts
of 6ahabubnagar, &nantapur, 4rikakulam
from +12+12+). (he scheme has since been
e<tended to the entire 4tate with certain
modifications in a phased manner. (he (rust
also established a network of hospitals, fi<ed
the diagnostic and treatment protocol to keep
the cost of administering the scheme low.
overnment and private hospitals fulfilling
minimum !ualifications in terms of
availability of inpatient medical beds,
laboratory e!uipments, operation theatres etc.
and a track record in the treatment of
specified diseases are enlisted for providing
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #2#
treatment under the scheme. %remium under
the scheme is fully borne by the overnment.
Salient 4eatures o4 t-e s"-e*e:
%rovides financial protection upto Cs.
*.++ lakhs to each family in a year for
medical treatment. &ll B%3 ration card
holders :white card; are eligible for the
benefit. =iseases covered include Aeart,
'ancer, >euro 4urgery, Cenal, Burns
and %oly2trauma cases:,,+ major
(he entire operation is cashless for the
patient from date of reporting to hospital
till discharge. #ree diagnostic and
treatment facility is provided for all
patients, irrespective of surgery.
Aospitals have to conduct at least one
free medical camp in a week, thereby
taking advanced evaluation to the
doorstep of patient.
'ashless arrangement with network
hospitals is one of the key elements of
the scheme, whereby beneficiary once
registered in network hospital does not
have to pay at all for the entire process of
treatment. (his has become possible by
evolving package rate, which in addition
to actual cost of treatment includes cost
of conducting health camps, screening of
patients, diagnostics, testing and
treatment, food, transport and follow2up.
Insurance company undertakes the health
insurance and provides risk cover, on
payment of premium. 4election of
insurance company is done through a
process of competitive bidding :technical
and financial; and !uote of lowest
(he 4cheme provides coverage for
meeting e<penses of hospitali9ation and
surgical procedures of beneficiary
members up to Cs.1.0+ lakhs per family
per year subject to limits, in any of the
network hospitals. (he benefit on family
is on floater basis i.e. the total
reimbursement of Cs.1.0+ lakhs can be
availed of individually or collectively by
members of the family.
& separate fund is maintained as
Buffer@corporate floater to take care of
e<penses; if it e<ceeds the original sum
i.e. Cs.1.0+ lakhs per Individual@family.
In such cases, an amount upto Cs.0+,+++
per individual@family is additionally
%articipating hospitals are re!uired to be
empanelled with selected insurance
company, based on pre2fi<ed criteria of
availability of infrastructure, e!uipment
and !ualified personnel. 'hoice of
hospital for treatment from among
empanelled hospitals is given to patient.
%atient facilitation is done through a
dedicated team of &arogyamitras
:health workers;, *1 < ) 'all 'enter
:(oll #ree >umber 18++21*02))88; and a
Aelp =esk at each network hospital.
(reatment is to be provided in hospitals
as per pre2fi<ed medical protocols.
&ll %rimary Aealth 'enters :%A's;,
which are the first contact point, are
provided with &arogyamitra :Aealth
7orkers; selected by women self2help
groups to help illiterate patients.
(he 4cheme is implemented on line
through an I( portal for efficiency,
transparency and accountability. &n I(
company is engaged to develop and
maintain software, hardware and all data
and medical records pertaining to the
4ince the coverage of diseases under
&arogyasri2I was restricted, a large number
of poor patients continued to represent to
provide assistance from 'hief 6inisters?
Celief #und :'6C#; for treatment of other
ailments. &n assistance of Cs.1*0 crores was
so far provided in 1.*0 lakh such cases from
'6C# in last 1 years to meet part of the
treatment cost. (his, however, did not help
,+ percent of the rural poor, being unable to
meet balance e<penses. (he (rust, therefore,
constituted ,1 teams of specialist doctors
from government and private hospitals and
analy9ed all the diseases afflicting the poor
patients, listed more than 11++ medical and
surgical procedures and finally basing on the
criterion of being emergency and life saving
in nature and such that specialist doctors
re!uired for treatment are in shortage in
government hospitals, finali9ed a further list
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #2.
of 0,, diseases for inclusion in &arogyasri
scheme :named as &arogyasri2II;.
&arogyasri2II was launched in the 4tate on

&pril, *++8 at >ellore for cashless
treatment of these additional diseases :,8-
surgical and 111 medical; thus enable many
more B%3 families obtain cashless treatment
and lead a healthy life. #urther, based on the
feedback the coverage under the scheme was
e<tended to another )) new procedures, in
/bstetrics, "ye, ">(, 'ardiology and in life
saving areas in (rauma and 'ritical care. It is
also e<tended to fund the Behind2 the2"ar,
&nalog hearing aid for hearing impaired.
(hus, the total number of diseases covered
under &arogyasri is -1*. 7hile the front end
of both &arogyasri G I and II schemes vi9.
network hospitals, &arogyamitras, Aealth
'ards etc., are one, pre2authori9ation and
claim settlement for &arogyasri2I scheme is
done by the Insurance company, while for
&arogyasri2II, it is done by the (rust directly
and funded from '6 Celief #und.
Aospitals are now providing minimum of
*0D beds in their hospitals. Beneficiaries are
allowed 18 hours time to produce Aealth
'ard@7hite 'ard in case of emergencies.
overnment created revolving fund of Cs.1+
crores to assist government hospitals to
e<pand their capacity to treat Aeamodialysis
patients. It is decided to retain *+D of
earnings by the overnment Aospitals to
create further fund to regularly assist these
hospitals to improve their infrastructure.
&arogyasri scheme is uni!ue in its
applicability, since no other state@
government agency has provided universal
health coverage to the poor for major
ailments. (he entire process from the time of
conduct of health camps to the screening,
testing, treatment, follow2up and claim
payment is made transparent through online
web based processing to prevent any misuse
and fraud. (he scheme is complimentary to
facilities available in government hospitals
and put together fully meets the medical
re!uirements of B%3 population.
overnment hospitals treating &arogyasri
patients are entitled to receive same payment
as the private and corporate hospitals.
overnment hospitals have obtained
approvals worth Cs.10+ crores till date under
the scheme. .0 percent of the revenue goes to
hospital development society and remaining
,0 percent to the team of treating doctors and
paramedics as incentive. (his system is
motivating more and more government
hospitals to participate in the scheme and
utili9e the revenue earned to improve
facilities to provide !uality medical care and
thus bring reforms in tertiary medical care.
/fficials from several 4tates and foreign
dignitaries have visited the state and
appreciated the efforts. (he scheme is
providing much needed help to poor families
for treatment of serious ailments, thereby
saving them from debt2trap. It is also
bringing advanced surgical treatment within
their reach and helping many an invalid
young and elderly patients to resume their
A"-ie<e*ents :as on #B
Fanuary .$#$;
4ince inception :&arogyasri2I from 1
*++) and &arogyasri2II from 1)
Kuly, *++8;
10,,0, 6edical camps were held by the
network hospitals in rural areas and *..81
lakh patients were screened in these health
camps. 4o far, ).* lakh patients treated as
out2patients and 0.) lakh patients treated as
in2patients in ,1+ network hospitals under
the scheme. 1.-1 lakh patients underwent
surgery@ therapy worth Cs.11)8.0. crores.
8.8 &ndhra %radesh 8aidya 8idhana %arishad
:&%88%; was established in >ovember,
1-8. to manage secondary level hospitals in
the 4tate. 10- hospitals were developed
under 7orld Bank funding during 1--02
*++*. (hey are provided with new buildings,
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.##
&ospitals an5 =e5s
(ype of Aospitals Aospitals
Beds :>o.;
=istrict Aospitals 1) 11++
&rea hospitals 08 08++
'ommunity Aealth
1** 181+
4pecialty Aospitals 1+ 8*1
=ispensaries *. +
Total .22 #D8%B
Source:- ! "aidya "idhana !arishad
minor and major e!uipment. 4taff was given
training in skill updation to better manage the
hospitals and provide patient care.
4ubse!uently, %rimary Aealth 'entres were
transferred to secondary health care and now
there are *,, hospitals spread over the entire
4tate. =etails are shown in (able 8.11.
AP88P A"ti<ities:
&%88% %lans, monitors, guides, supports
and evaluates both physical and financial
aspects in the following areas at all the
secondary hospitals that are under its control.
6aintenance of hospital buildings and
%rovision, maintenance and supervision of
major and minor e!uipment.
%rovision of drugs and consumables.
%osting, transfers, training, punishments and
rewards for all employees.
Ceview of Aospital performance.
&llocating funds.
&ospitals A"ti<ities:
&%88% hospitals provide the /utpatient
services, Inpatient services :including
emergency and surgical;, =iagnostic services
and 3aboratory services. &long with the
%rimary Aealth 'entres and (eaching
hospitals :(ertiary hospitals;, these hospitals
act as a platform for implementation of
various national health programs like
6alaria. (uberculosis, #amily 7elfare,
&I=4, etc.
=istrict Aospitals provide service with a bed
strength that ranges from *++2,0+ and ten
clinical specialities like /bstetrics and
ynaecology, %ediatrics, eneral 6edicine,
eneral 4urgery, /rthopedics, =ental, ">(
/phthalmology, &nesthesiology, Cadiology
and others.
&rea Aospitals provide service with 1++ beds
and four clinical specialities like /bstetrics
and ynecology, %ediatrics, eneral
6edicine and eneral 4urgery.
'ommunity Aealth 'entres provide service
with ,+20+ beds and one clinical speciality.
(hese hospitals are provided with
professional staff :=octors, >urses and
%aramedics; and medical e!uipment
depending upon their service levels and bed
(he drugs are provided to all the hospitals by
the central drug stores under &%A6AI=' as
per the re!uirements specified by &%88%.
Sta44 Position:
1,0.- =octors on regular basis and 1*)
doctors on contract basis, ,,,,) regular
>ursing 4taff and ,1, >ursing 4taff on
contract basis, *,1.1 regular paramedical
staff and 11- paramedical staff on contract
basis are working in these hospitals.
8.- National Io5ine De4i"ien"y Disor5ers
Control Pro)ra*
>ational Iodine =eficiency =isorders
'ontrol %rogram is 1++D 'entrally
4ponsored 4cheme. Iodine =eficiency is the
single most common cause of preventable
mental retardation and brain damage. Iodine
=eficiency in pregnant women may cause
miscarriages, still birth, and birth defects.
'hildren with Iodine =eficiency grow up
stunted, less active and may retard with
impaired movement or hearing.
(o promote awareness on oitre and Iodine
=eficiency =isorder and their prevention
among people living in endemic areas.
(o educate the masses to use Iodi9ed4alt.
(o conduct surveys to assess the magnitude
of the Iodine deficiency disorders.
=aily consumption of Iodised 4alt prevents
the spectrum of disorders causes due to
Iodine =eficiency.
(he daily re!uirement of Iodine for adults
is 10+m gms.
Iodi9ation of salt is a low cost. Aighly
effective means of prevention of Iodine
=eficiency =isorders.
A"tion Plan .$$0+#$:
'onducting surveys in the district assess
the magnitude of I==.
'onducting awareness campaign in the
=istrict to create awareness about I== and
using of Iodi9ed salt.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #2B
'oordinating with the civil suppliers
department to ensure supply of Iodi9ed salt
through %=4.
A"ti<ities an5 A"-ie<e*ents in .$$0+#$:
=istributed ,,,,, salt testing kits so far.
.+.01 4amples were tested upto the month
Kanuary *+1+ and **,111 samples of
Iodi9ed salts found confirmed to the
S"-ool &ealt- Pro)ra**e:
(he &.% school health programme was
started in 1-80. (he objectives of the
programme areJ
%romotion of Aealth of the 4chool going
%revention of diseases by early detection
and prompt treatment.
Aealth appraisal of the pupils by the 4chool
%reliminary 4creening of all the pupils by
the 4chool teachers.
Nuarterly medical e<amination by the
#irst2&id and treatment of minor ailments.
A"ti<ities 5urin) .$$0+#$:
%lan to send the doctor to the Aostels of
4', 4( students for 1++D coverage of
4'@4( Boys and irls.
6edical officer visits the boarders once a
month whereas the %ara 6edical 4taff
e<amines the children twice a month.
=uring the visits, special attention will be
paid to the following aspects in addition to
the routine e<amination.
a; %ersonal Aygiene of the Boarders.
b; 4tatus of %rotected water supply.
c; 'onduct of 6id day meals
d; Nuantity and Nuality of food.
e; %lace of %reparation of food and that
of distribution.
f; 'onductions of 8essels and other
g; %rotection of food from flies and
other insects.
h; &vailability of toilets, their numbers
and sanitary status.
i; eneral sanitary environment and
sanitation inside the hostel.
j; &vailability of emergency drugs
:6any of &shram 4chools are
provided with some money to
purchase drugs as well as for the
honorarium to engage a doctor on
part time basis.;
k; &vailability of mos!uito repellants
and nets.
l; (o create awareness among the
boarders of 4'@4( Aostels on
%reventive 6easures of 8ector borne
diseases like 6alaria, 'hikun guniya,
=engue, astroenteritis and =iarrhea
&chievements during the*++-21+ areJ
>o of 'hildren "nrolledJ 8+,,-,+.+
>o of 'hildren e<aminedJ .1,)),111
>o of 'hildren treatedJ ,*,88,)+8
>o of 'hildren referredJ ,*,1-+
%erformance under school health programme
is given in &nne<ure 8.1*.
Toa""o Relate5 Diseases an5 Control
5sage of (obacco and tobacco products
causes a wide range of major diseases i.e.
several types of cancer, heart diseases and
lung diseases. It re!uires considerable public
support for prevention and control of tobacco
4tate overnment have issued notifications
on prohibition of smoking and health
protection &ct with the following objectives.
(o promote awareness in the community by
enlightening the public about the ill effects
of tobacco products.
(o create awareness among teenagers about
the ill effects of using tobacco products.
"ducate public about prevention and
control of deadly diseases caused by the
usages of tobacco products like cancer of
mouth, throat, lung, urinary bladder etc.
A"tion Plan:
Intensification of Information, "ducation
and 'ommunication :I"'; activities to
create awareness on tobacco related
diseases in the community.
"ducate the community not to smoke and
not to use tobacco products.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #2D
1,*81 cases were booked against the
violators on smoking in public places and
penalty also collected.
Diaeti" Care an5 Control Pro)ra*:
overnment have taken up the =iabetic care
and control program with the following
"arly detection of the diabetic in the
/ne day of every month is free for the
diabetic tests in all %A'?s
(o create awareness of the diabetes and its
"ncouraging public to get diabetic tests
done periodically.
"<tending treatment for positive cases and
making them self monitoring, if necessary,
referring them to referral hospital.
A"tion Plan:
(o organi9e Aealth and other departments
and >/?s at %A' level@ =istrict level to
create awareness on =iabetes.
(o conduct screening camps for =iabetics
at every %A' on a day in a week@month.
(o supply the re!uired drugs and
e!uipment to %A'?s@=istricts for control of
National 8e"tor =orne Diseases Control
Pro)ra* :N8=DCP;
6alaria has been a major scourge in India
contributing 1) 6illion cases and +.8 6illion
deaths every year, prior to the launching of
>ational 6alaria 'ontrol %rogram in 1-0,.
(he >ational 6alaria "radication %rogram
was launched in 1-08 with encouraging
results in its implementation. (he modified
plan of operation stabili9ed malaria incidence
around * million cases annually, since 1-)).
"nhanced 6alaria 'ontrol %roject was
introduced in 1--), aided by 7orld Bank,
covering the tribal areas of 1+ districts in the
4tate. (he problem is mostly concentrated in
1+0 %rimary Aealth 'enters in (ribal areas of
the 4tate and the project is e<tended to 1*8
%A's including tribal and non2tribal areas.
(he program has been changed to >8B='%
in the year *++1. >8B='% deals with
6alaria, Kapanese "ncephalitis, 4uspected
8iral "ncephalitis, =engue, 'hikungunya,
#ilaria and Bala a9ar under an umbrella
1. %revention of deaths due to vector
borne diseases.
*. Ceduction of morbidity.
Strate)ies A5opte5:
o"arly =iagnosis and %rompt (reatment of
all vector borne disease cases by weekly@
fortnightly surveillance, through %ara
6edical 4taff.
oIntegrated 8ector 'ontrol 6easures by
adopting insecticidal spray operations,
personal prophylactic measures like bed
nets usage, biological control measures
with ambusia fish release and source
reduction methods.
o'apacity building by conducting induction
and re2orientation level trainings to in2
service staff and other voluntary
organi9ations useful to the program.
oIntersectoral co2ordination between other
departments and the medical and health
oAealth education through Information.
"ducation and 'ommunication :I"'; to
create awareness among the public
regarding the diseases and its prevention
and control.
=etails on 8ector borne diseases are shown
in (able 8.1*.
T= Control Pro)ra*
(he Cevised >ational (B 'ontrol %rogram
:C>('%; was launched in the year 1--0 with
=#I= aid. #&(6 is aiding the program
from >ovember, *++0.
(he first two districts to start C>('% in the
state are Ayderabad and 6edak in the year
1--02-.. C>('% coverage of &% has been
completed in a phased manner by #ebruary
*++1. (here are 1)) (B 5nits and -18
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.#.
8e"tor =orne Diseases
.$$8 .$$0
Cases Deat-s Cases Deat-s
6alaria *.,1*1 + *,,,.- ,
=engue ,1, * 1,1-+ 11
0 + 11) +
K.". 1. + ,1 +
Source: #ealth Department
=6's :=esignated 6icroscopy 'enter; and
8+,+++ =/( :=irectly /bserved (reatment;
centers in the 4tate under the %rogram.
(o achieve -+D sputum conversion rate
and 80D cure rate among new sputum
positive (B cases registered.
(o detect )+D of the estimated new
sputum2positive cases after achieving first
objective.(he performance of C>('% is
shown in (able 8.1,.
National Pro)ra* 4or Control o4 =lin5ness
>ational %rogram for control of Blindness
was started in 1-). aiming to reduce the
prevalence of Blindness from 1.1D to +.,D.
Disease Control:
#ree 'ataract 4urgeries, both in
overnment and >/ sector.
Cefractive errors detection G 4chool "ye
4creening G =istribution of #ree 4pectacles
2 4pecial Ceport on Blind 4chools.
"ye =onation and 4trengthening of "ye
"arly detection of laucoma and =iabetic
>ewly initiated (ele2/phthalmology by
C"A28isakhapatnam to %aderu and
=#I= G(ribal "ye 'are %roject by &%C(44
in all I(=& areas.
1. (o provide high !uality of "ye care to the
affected population.
*. (o e<pand coverage of "ye care services
to the under2served areas.
'ataract /perations conducted during *++82
+- and *++-21+ are shown in (able 8.11.
(he target and achievement of 4chool
'hildren "ye 4creen during the years *++82
+- and *++-21+ are shown in (able 8.10.
State &ealt- E5u"ation =ureau
(he 4tate Aealth "ducation Bureau :4A"B;
is functioning with the divisions vi9.,
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.#2
Per4or*an"e o4 RNTCP
Total "ase
>ew smear
'ure rate
*++1 1+08,0 11..- 81D
*++0 1+8.)- 11+-) 81D
*++. 1+)+01 118.) 81D
*++) 111*-* 1-+80 80D
*++8 111.*1 1-)0- 8.D
8.0*1 ,)-)* 8)D
Source: - #ealth Department
Tale 8.#B
Catara"t Operations
3ear Tar)et A"-ie<e*ent J on
*++82+- 0,0+,+++ 0,8*,,18 1+0.-
0,0+,+++ *,-0,-00 1+)..*
Source:- #ealth Department
Tale 8.#D
S"-ool C-il5ren Eye S"reenin) :Nos.;
:upto Sep.$0;
11,+++ 1+,8*8 11,+++ ,,1*)
:in lakh
-..0* 1,.-* 10.++ )..0*
with Ceff.
..,..) .-,111 -+,+++ ,1,,.8
*+,+++ ,,,118 *),+++ ),,81
Source:- #ealth Department
&dministrative wing, (raining, 4tudent
Aealth "ducation, 6edia, "ducational, #ield
4tudy and demonstration centre and 4tate
health museum.
Important activities under 4A"B include 2
%reparation of I"' material in (elugu on all
the >ational Aealth %rograms, %roviding
(echnical guidance for (raditional 6edia,
and conducting /rientation (raining
programs to %ara 6edical trainees at 4tate
Aealth 6useum.
8.1+ &.%. 4tate &I=4 'ontrol 4ociety was
registered in 4eptember, 1--8 for AI8@&I=4
:Auman Immuno2=eficiency 8irus @&c!uired
Immuno2=eficiency 4yndrome; programs.
AI8@&I=4 has been a constant threat to the
country and in particular to the 4tate, as
&ndhra %radesh is one of the si< high &I=4
prevalent states in India :(amilnadu,
Barnataka, 6aharashtra, 6anipur and
>agaland;. &mong these si< states, &ndhra
%radesh is one with the highest prevalence
rates of *D among attendees of &nte >atal
'linics and **.8D among 4(= clinic
attendees in the year *++0 posing a great
challenge for prevention and control of this
infection. Aowever, with sustained efforts,
during the last two years, the prevalence rate
has come down, and as per reports of the year
*++8, it is 1D among attendees of &nti >atal
'linics. AI8 still remains a matter of concern
among people having high2risk behaviour. In
order to augment the efforts to prevent the
further spread of AI8@&I=4, overnment
have initiated several measures, focusing not
only prevention, but also providing services
for testing, treatment, care and support to the
people infected with AI8@&I=4.
/ut of all the infections, -,.1-D was through
se<ual transmission and -*D are in the
reproductive age group of 1021- years
:Ceports by 8oluntary 'ounseling and
(esting 'entres;. (he reasons for such high
prevalence of AI8 were high non2regular
se<ual partners, high prevalence of se<ually
transmitted illnesses, low condom use with
non2regular se<ual partners, large migrant
population, and large network of national
highways, trafficking of girls and most
importantly awareness not resulting in
behavioural change.
&s per the latest AI8 4entinel 4urveillance,
*++), &ndhra %radesh is one of the high
prevalent 4tates in the 'ountry in terms of
AI8 prevalence among the adult population.
(he estimated adult population living with
AI8@&I=4 is 0.1 lakhs. (he trend of AI8
prevalence among various groups involved in
the sentinel surveillance is presented in (able
Tale 8.#%
&I8 Pre<alen"e
Ris9 >roup .$$D .$$% .$$'
*.++ 1.01
4(= patients **.8 *1.+ 1).*
#emale 4e<
7orkers :#47s;
1*.8 8.8
..0 1+.*0
Source: - ! State ids Control Society
(o5e o4 Trans*ission: /ut of total AI8
positive cases in *++-21+, :&pril to
>ovember, *++-; of about 01,+++ people,
-,.-D were due to hetero2se<ual followed by
1.1D parent to child, +.1-D infected syringes
and needles, +.,1D blood and blood products
and +.- D non2specified@ unknown reasons.
Poli"y Initiati<esJ (he >ational &I=4
'ontrol %rogramme2 %hase III :*++)21*; has
commenced on .
Kuly *++), to take forward
the initiatives on AI8@&I=4 control
programme in the country.
In accordance with the goal of >&'% G III,
the 4tate of &ndhra %radesh aims to reverse
the epidemic by aiming to reduce new
infections, as estimated in the first year of the
program, by si<ty percent in the 4tate by
(his is aimed to be achieved by introducing
focused prevention interventions by
implementing community2led structural
interventions for key population groups, by
motivating and enabling community
ownership of the AI8@&I=4 %rogramme and
translating awareness and knowledge into
behaviour change with adoption of safe
practices at an individual level.
Strate)y 4or &i)-+ris9 Population:
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #28
(he prime strategy of targeted interventions
for high risk population is to achieve
saturated coverage among key population
groups like female se< workers :#47;, male
se< workers :647; and men who have se<
with men :646; and transgender :(;. (he
program will also address the needs of the
bridge population groups :clients@partners of
the key population, like truckers, prison
inmates and migrants;. 5nder (argeted
Interventions, 88D of the Bey populations
are covered with programs taken up by
&%4&'4 and partners like B6#. &t
present, there are 11 #47, ) 646, 0 I=5
interventions by 4&'4 for Aigh Cisk roups
covering 1+D of these populations and the
partners are covering the rest .+D ACs. In
addition, 1* interventions for migrants and )
interventions for truckers have also been
started to saturate the coverage of all key
populations. It is estimated that, at present
two lakh persons of the Aigh Cisk roups
are being covered with these interventions.
(he mapping of the Aigh Cisk roups has
commenced to estimate the correct picture of
these groups.
Pre<ention o4 ne, in4e"tions in )eneral
%revention among general population is
aimed to be achieved by scaling up
interventions to increase awareness, bring
about community ownership leading to
adoption of safe behaviour. (his would be
through effective communication,
community mobili9ation, advocacy and
sensiti9ation. %artnerships with not2for2
profits and >/s will also be a crucial
component of the program.
In4or*ation E5u"ation an5
Co**uni"ation :IEC;:
&%4&'4 has taken up intensive campaigns
like &&4A& and Be Bold in the past which
were aimed creating 1++D awareness on
AI8@&I=4 and encourage people to access
the services provided for AI8@&I=4
counseling, testing, care, support and
treatment. 7hile the &&4A& 'ampaigns
generated awareness with people?s
participation in the AI8@&I=4 awareness,
MBe Bold? campaign resulted in massive
uptake of services. (he B44 *++., indicated
that, more than -+D of people have become
aware of AI8@&I=4 as a result of awareness
campaigns, where as the number of people
got tested for AI8 to know their services has
increased from . lakh per annum from *++.
to more than one million in *++8. It is
estimated that, during *++-21+, more than
two million people would get tested
voluntarily to know their AI8 status in the
state. (he number of people accessing &C(
services and services in '''s has also
increased to .+,+++ in each area.
K(ee Nesta*L Ca*pai)n: 'ontinuing
these efforts and in view of the scaling up of
services like .)) I'('s, mobile I'('s, -0
'''s, ,+ &C( centres, etc., the M6ee
>estam? campaign is launched as an
overarching campaign primarily to fight
stigma and discrimination and encourage the
health care providers to offer services in a
friendly and congenial atmosphere.
(his is in tune with the strategic program
implementation approach and aimed at
enhancing the participation and ownership
among service providers and the recipients
by launching a brand name and
programmatic medium. M6ee >estam?
campaign, is thus, much different from a
routine I"' campaign launched to bring in
greater awareness about the intervention
available in the community and also to de2
stigmati9e the community.
&ll the service providers are branded as M6ee
>estam? with badges and all the new
initiatives of &%4&'4 like the 6obile
I'('s, I"' programs were branded as 6ee
>estam giving all the activities of &%4&'4 a
generic and unified spirit. (he campaign thus
strategically helped in establishing linkages
between various services of &%4&'4.
&n interactive tele2in program is started on
Cainbow #6 channel called M6ee >estam?
on every (hursday broadcast from ..++ p.m.
on AI8@&I=4. (his program is scaled up and
now on &IC across the state. 4imilar
programs are aired through private #6
'hannels G Cadio 6irchi and Big #6
focusing on youth and adolescents.
E&&4A&8&>IF a bi2monthly news
maga9ine is published highlighting the
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #20
activities of &%4&'4 which disseminates
information to all the stakeholders in the
state. &iming to reach the un2reached
populations, four M6ee >estam? mobile
Information, "ducation and 'ommunication
8ans were started to create awareness among
tribal populations and remote areas.
A5oles"en"e E5u"ation Pro)ra* on
AI8@&I=4 in schools and colleges for
students of -
class and above was held
successfully covering all the schools and
1+D of colleges.
Inte)rate5 Counselin) an5 Testin) Centres
:ICTCs;: (o encourage voluntary
counseling and testing to know their status,
so that services to stop further infections can
be stepped up, .)) I'('s, 8 mobile I'('s,
8+ #acility Integrated I'(' in *1 hour
%A'?s, 8+ %rivate sector health facilities
under %%% which offer I'('and%%('(
services have been established. "fforts are
being made to increase the number of mobile
I'('s, #acility Integrated I'('s and I'('s
under %ublic %rivate %artnership. &ll these
I'('s are supported with counselors, lab
technicians, test kits and consumables etc. /f
the .)) I'('s, *.. located in %A's and
'A' level are managed by >urse
%ractitioners who provide counseling, testing
and conduct deliveries for AI8Ove women.
(he remaining I'('s are manned by
counselors and 3(s.
=loo5 Sa4ety: (o ensure the availability of
safe blood, voluntary blood collection has
also increased to *,10,+++ units during *++-2
1+:&pril to >ovember +-; which is )1D of
the total blood collection in the state during
this year. *+8 licensed blood banks are
working in the state where steps are taken to
provide tested safe blood for AI8. .. Blood
4torage centres were also started and *0
Blood banks are provided with Blood
'omponent 4eparation units.
Early STI :Sexually Trans*itte5
In4e"tion; Dete"tion an5 Treat*ent: (here
are 80 4(= clinics functioning at present in
the state. 1++ more 4(= clinics are started
during the year *++82+-. 'ounselors are
placed in the ovt. 4(= 'linics in the state.
'olor 'oded =rugs were introduced for
4yndromic 'ase 6anagement of 4(= cases
in the state.
Antiretro<iral Treat*ent: 6ore than
.+,+++ &I=4 patients are being provided
with the &nti Cetroviral (herapy medicines
free of cost in ,1 &C( 'entres in the state. In
addition to 11 link &C( 'entres, it is
proposed to start *. more 3ink &C( 'entres
to increase the access to &C( medicines in
rural areas to &I=4 patients. *
line of &C(
medicines are also started on a pilot basis in
Ayderabad for the first time in the state.
Care an5 Support Centres: (he number of
community care centres to provide treatment
to %eople 3iving with AI8@&I=4 has been
increased to -0 and more than .+,+++
patients have accessed the services during the
year *++-21+ so far.
PL&A :People Li<in) ,it- &I8GAIDS;
Net,or9: 5nder reater Involvement of
%eople 3iving with AI8@&I=4, a new wave
has been created in the state to involve more
%3A&s to participate in all AI8@&I=4
initiatives in the 4tate. 4o far, around 8+,+++
%3A&s have been motivated to become
members of this network to work towards
reducing stigma and discrimination.
(ainstrea*in): 5nder mainstreaming
efforts, a new program called E&bhayaF has
been started in association with &ndhra
%radesh 4tate Coad (ransport 'orporation to
provide AI8@&I=4 prevention, testing and
treatment services to the C(' employees and
their families. 4imilarly, ECakshaF
programme was started in %risons with AI8
testing centres in ) %rison Aospitals and *0
counselors in prisons. =uring *++-21+, more
than 1+,+++ persons were reached with
messages and 1*+ %risoners have been
identified with AI8 infection so far. (o train
.+,+++ &nganwadi 7orkers on AI8@&I=4
and engage them in the prevention of mother
to child transmission, MKagruti? programme
has been started in association with 7omen
and 'hild =evelopment =epartment.
Distri"t Pro7e"t (ana)e*ent: 5nder a new
initiative, E=istrict &I=4 %revention 'ontrol
5nitsF :=&%'5s; were established in all the
districts for convergence with >CA6 and
decentrali9ing the programme
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B$
implementation and all the posts in =&%'5s
were filled as sanctioned by the ovt.
I5entity "ar5s an5 Pensions to People
Li<in) ,it- &I8GAIDS:
E4&A&C&F Identity cards for the patients
receiving the &nti Cetroviral (herapy :&C(;
medicines are provided, which would help
them to access the benefits provided by the
ovt. like concessions for travel, priority in
housing schemes and pensions etc., without
any stigma or discrimination. 6ore than
*1,+++ persons receiving the &C( medicines
are issued with the 4&A&C& Identity cards
so far.
Pensions to the &I=4 patients receiving &C(
have been announced by the overnment L
Cs.*++@2 per month for Below %overty 3ine
families along with Aealth Insurance
'ards@7hite Cation 'ards on par with other
social welfare pensions.
It is envisioned that, by the end of the year
*+1+, there will be increased access to
voluntary AI8 testing, 4(= treatment,
condom usage, treatment for opportunistic
infections and availability of &C( medicines,
besides reduction of stigma and
8.11 (he activities of 7omen =evelopment and
'hild 7elfare =epartment can be broadly
classified into three 'ategories.
6anagement of the Institutions for the
welfare of 7omen and 'hildren in need.
Implementation of the I'=4 %rogramme
universali9ed throughout the state with
,80 I'=4 %rojects covering all 6andals.
(o take care of the 4ocial, 3egal and
"mpowerment issues relating to 7omen
and 'hildren.
In each erstwhile Block, one I'=4 %roject is
functioning, headed by '=%/. (he '=%/ is
in2charge of implementation of all I'=4
4ervices, 4ocial and "mpowerment issues
7omen and 'hildren in , to 1 6andals in the
%roject area assisted by 0 to 8 4upervisors
depending on number of &7's sanctioned in
the %roject. &t each 8illage one or more
&7's are functioning.
Pro)ra**es an5 S"-e*es:
(he =epartment is running -, Institutions for
'hildren and ,0 Institutions for 7omen to
cater to the needs of 'hildren and 7omen in
difficult circumstances.
1o*en Institutions:
Ser<i"e &o*es:
#ive 4ervice Aomes are functioning in the
state at Bannapuram :7est odavari =istrict;,
>ellore, &nantapur, 7arangal and Ayderabad.
&t present, there are ,01 inmates as against
the sanctioned strength of ),+. (hese Aomes
are meant for rehabilitation of socially and
economically deprived categories of 7omen
in the age group of 182,0 years. (he inmates
are provided necessary training for skill
upgradation in various trades and condensed
courses for appearing in )
and 1+
#ood, shelter, clothing and medical care is
provided in the Aome.
State &o*es:
#our 4tate Aomes are functioning in the state
at 4rikakulam, Cajahmundry, 6ahabubnagar
and Ayderabad with 10* inmates as against
the sanctioned strength of ,)0. (hese Aomes
are meant for 7omen discharged from
correctional Institutions and 7omen who are
unable to protect themselves. #ood, shelter
and clothing are provided besides imparting
training in various trades for self2
employment, wage employment @ job
Res"ue &o*e:
/ne Cescue Aome is functioning in
Ayderabad with *1 inmates as against the
sanctioned strength of ,+. 7omen who are
rescued by the %olice and are facing trial in
the court are given shelter during the trial
period. (hey are provided shelter, food,
clothing, medical and training in skill
&o*es 4or A)e5:
(here are two Aomes functioning in the 4tate
at Ayderabad and 'hittoor with 01 inmates at
present, against the sanctioned strength of
.+:,+ each;. (hese Aomes provide peaceful
and comfortable living for the /ld destitute
7omen of above .+ years of age with food,
shelter and clothing.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B#
&o*es 4or Colle)iate >irls:
(here are . Aomes functioning in the 4tate at
8i9ianagaram, (anuku, untur, (irupati,
7arangal and Ayderabad with **8 inmates at
present, as against the sanctioned strength of
*0+. Inmates of 'hildren Aomes who passed
'lass and in 102*0 years age group are
admitted in these Aomes to pursue higher
studies and they are allowed to stay for a
ma<imum period of 0 years.
1or9in) 1o*enMs &ostels:
1. Aostels are functioning in the 4tate with
-)) inmates at present, as against the
sanctioned strength of 8-+. (hese Aostels
provide food, shelter and security to the
6iddle 'lass working 7omen. (hose who
earn monthly income of less than Cs.0,+++@2
are eligible for admission in 'lass M&? cities
and Cs.1,0++@2 are eligible for admission in
other cities and towns. (he inmates
contribute mess charges and other
administrative e<penditure i.e., water and
S*t. Dur)aai 1o*enMs Te"-ni"al
Trainin) Institute:
(he institute is located at &meerpet,
Ayderabad. (he institute provides =iploma
courses in 'ivil, &rchitecture, 'omputer and
"lectronics, instrumentation courses. (he
students are selected by the =irector of
(echnical "ducation through the 'ommon
"ntrance (est. 4anctioned strength in 'ivil
and &rchitecture 'ourses is .+ each and in
'omputer and "lectronics and
Instrumentation 'ourses is 1+ each.
C-il5ren Institutions:
C-il5ren &o*es:
(here are 81 'hildren Aomes functioning in
the 4tate. (he sanctioned strength of each
Aome is .+. &s against the total sanctioned
strength of 0,,,+, there are 0,+01 children
#or overall improvement of 'hildren?s
knowledge, certain innovative schemes were
introduced in 'hildren Aomes vi9.,
'omputer (raining @ 4ports $oga @ special
coaching for .
to 1+
'lasses@ Bul Buls and
guides, training in creative arts etc.
5p to *++)2+8, the =iet charges are provided
to child L of Cs.,,8@2 per month upto )
class and L Cs.11*@2 per month per boarder
from 8
to 1+
class. (he =iet charges have
been enhanced on par with 4ocial 7elfare
=epartment in Kune, *++8 L Cs.1)0@2 per
child upto )
class and L Cs.0,0@2 per month
per child for students from 8
to 1+
Sis-u<i-arGSisu)ru-as: In the
4ishuvihars and 4isugruhas, abandoned
infants and orphans below si< years of age
are admitted. (he 'hildren of 4ishuvihar are
being given for legal adoption to 'hildless
couples. (here are two 4ishuvihars in the
4tate. /ne at Ayderabad and the other at
'hittoor. (he sanctioned strength of each
4ishuvihar is ,+. (he 4ishuvihar, Ayderabad
is accommodating more than 10+ 'hildren at
a time irrespective of sanctioned strength.
(he present strength in 4isuvihar 'hittoor is
10. =uring *++-:upto >ov.;, *1) 'hildren
are given for adoption for 'hildless couple.
(he =epartment of 7omen and 'hild
=evelopment, overnment of India have
formulated schemes for the development of
7omen and 'hildren for improving their
overall !uality of life. (he schemes are
implemented through >/?s, 'orporations
etc. (he details of schemes, for which
financial assistance is given by 7omen and
'hild 7elfare =epartment, overnment of
India areJ
S-ort Stay &o*es 4or 1o*en an5 >irls:
(he Aome provides counseling and
guidance, medical and psychiatric check2up
and treatment, development of skills and
rehabilitation to women and girls in moral
danger, family discord, emotional
disturbances etc. (he total 4hort 4tay Aomes
in the state are 1+.(he sanctioned strength of
each Aome is ,+.
S,a5-ar S-elter &o*es 4or 1o*en in
5i44i"ult "ir"u*stan"es:
(he 4cheme for 7omen in difficult
circumstances aims at covering primary
needs of shelter, food, clothing, care besides
emotional support, counseling and a package
for rehabilitation and reintegration
specifically for the women and girls rescued
from trafficking.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B.
(he Aome strength is ranging from 0+ 2 *++
beneficiaries. ,* 4wadhar 4helter Aomes are
sanctioned. /ut of that, ,1 Aomes are run by
>/?4 and 1 Aome is under the control of
7omen =evelopment and 'hild 7elfare,
Inte)rate5 C-il5 De<elop*ent Ser<i"es
(he I'=4 4cheme is a centrally sponsored
scheme and is the single largest integrated
programme of child development. It was
started in 1-)02). in * Blocks of the 4tate on
a pilot basis. (he concept of 5niversalisation
of I'=4 with !uality and the revised norms
of &7'4 @ I'=4 in &pril, *++) increased the
spread of I'=4. (he details are shown in
(able 8.1).
Ser<i"es pro<i5e5 y ICDS S"-e*e
4upplementary >utrition to . months to .
years aged children, %regnant and
3actating 6others.
Immuni9ation to 'hildren and 7omen.
Aealth check2ups to 'hildren and
Ceferral services to 'hildren and 7omen.
>utrition and Aealth "ducation to
6others and &dolescent irls.
>on2formal %re24chool "ducation to ,2.
years 'hildren.
Supple*entary Nutrition Pro)ra**e:
4upplementary >utrition %rogramme is being
implemented in ,80 I'=4 %rojects covering
),,-11 &nganwadi 'enters. &t present the
coverage of beneficiaries under 4>%
component is ). :average by saturation; for
1,+++ population. overnment of &.%. have
accorded permission to incur the e<penditure
on 4>% under I'=4 4cheme as per /I
revised norms.
(o5i4ie5 T-erapeuti" Foo5:
(he &.%. #oods :ovt. under taking; prepares
and distributes the food in *** I'=4
(he 6odified (herapeutic #ood is being
supplied to the age group of . months to ,
years children. 6odified (herapeutic #ood
containing Coasted 7heat #lour, 4ugar, #ull
#at 4oya #lour, 8anaspathi and #ortified with
8itamins, 6inerals. 11+ grams of food is
being given to children as (ake Aome Cation
and it contains 1-+ B.'al and 11 grams of
protein and =ouble ration is being provided
to malnourished children.
&ot Coo9e5 Foo5:
Instant hot food mi<es i.e., 5pma mi<, Aalwa
6i< and Bichidi 6i< is being provided to the
I'=4 beneficiaries to the age group of , to .
years children and %regnant and 3actating
Lo"al Foo5 (o5el:
3ocal #ood 6odel is implemented in 10-
I'=4 %rojects with a view to enhance the
community ownership of the 4>% and also to
improve the !uality and acceptability of 4>%
by the beneficiaries. Aot %ongal, Broken
7heat Bichidi, and 4nack #ood with
re!uired calories of %rotein are provided.
Co**unity (ana)e5 SNPJ
(he 'ommunity 6anaged 4>% has been
started to enhance the target community
ownership of the 4>% component of
I'=4 in collaboration of '&C" &.%. in 1
I'=4 %rojects in *++* i.e., 4iricilla,
8emulawada, Bunavaram and (irupati.
6others committees prepare food and supply
to the &.7 'enters. (hey are supplying
Kowar 6i< containing Kowar, roundnuts,
Coasted 'henna and 4ugar.
Nutrition Pro)a**e 4or A5oles"ent >irls
5nder >ational >utrition 6ission, assistance
is provided to nutritionally backward
districts. (he programme is being
implemented in two districts of &dilabad and
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.#'
ICDS Pro7e"ts
Total No.
G A1Cs
Uran Rural Trial (ini
5p to

,1 ,++ *-
..,1+1 0,)-8 00,).0 1,0,8 1,*11
,80 0. ,++ *-
),,-11 ),+*1 .1,88+ 0,+1, .,1)-
Source: Women De$elopment and Child Welfare
6ahabubnagar in the 4tate. 4election of
beneficiaries will be done in grama 24abhas
on the basis of weight monitoring on
!uarterly basis.
"ach undernourished &dolescent irl below
,0 Bgs weight would be provided . kgs rice
per month. If any beneficiary crosses the
cutoff point, they will be out of this
(he beneficiaries covered under the scheme
for the year *++82+- is *,*+,81, in &dilabad
and *,,*,)1. in 6ahabubnagar district.
Early C-il5-oo5 Care an5 E5u"ation
(he main objective of this programme is to
cater to the needs of the development of
children in the age group of ,2. years. %re2
school education aims at ensuring holistic
development of the children and to provide
learning environment to children which is
conducive for promotion of social,
emotional, cognitive and aesthetic
development of the child.
(he %re2school activities strengthen the child
to get ready for primary school education
with re!uired skills to performance better
candidate for school entry and also better
performance for regular attendance in school.
It aims at improving school enrolment and
school retention in rural areas, relieve the
older sibling mostly girls from the burden of
child care and enable her to attend school and
to prepare the children to adjust to formal
school going.
(he %re2school material like story cards,
charts, indoor and outdoor play material,
color concept, pu99les, school readiness kit,
&ctivity kits etc are supplied to all the
&nganwadi 'entres every year at a cost of
Cs..++ per &7' as per /I norms.
(o make pre2school more effective
orientation training programmes are
conducted and trained all *,*++ 4upervisors,
1++ '=%/s, *, %=s and . C==s on
implementation of curriculum at &7's.
&rranged demo classes and involved .+
&7('s and 1 63('s Instructors to make
the orientation session more effective.
*+.1+ lakh 'hildren are attending %re2school
"ducation activities in &nganwadi 'entres.
Ne, >irl C-il5 Prote"tion S"-e*e .$$D:
O7e"ti<es o4 t-e S"-e*e:+
(o eliminate prejudice against the girl
child through direct investment from the
(o encourage enrolment of the girl child
in school and to ensure her education at
least up to the Intermediate level.
(o encourage girls to get married only
after the age of 18 years :which is the
prescribed statutory limit;.
(o reduce school drop out rate among the
(o encourage parents to adopt family
planning norms with two girl children.
(o provide social and financial
empowerment to the girl child.
"liminate all forms of discrimination
against the girl child.
"liminate negative cultural attitudes and
practices against girls.
%romote and protect the rights of the girl
child and increase awareness of her needs
and potential.
"liminate discrimination against girls in
education and provide skill development
and training.
"liminate discrimination against girls in
health and nutrition.
4trengthen the role of the family in
improving the status of the girl child.
Salient Features:
1. #amilies having undergone #amily
%lanning operation with annual
income below Cs.*+,+++@2 per annum for
Cural areas and Cs.*1,+++@2 per annum
for 5rban areas and having single girl
child from +2, years of age will be
given first priority. &mong these
categories, preference shall be given to
the victims of atrocities of trafficking and
*. 4econd priority will be for families
having two2girl children out of which
the age of the second girl child should not
be more than , years.
,. (he age of the child on the date of
application shall be the criterion
for determining the eligibility of the child
for the benefit under the 4cheme.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #BB
a; In case of single girl child she is
entitled to receive Cs.1.++ lakh after
completion of *+ years of age.
b; In case of two girl children, both of
them are entitled to receive Cs.,+,+++@2
each after completion of *+ years of
1. (he girl child is entitled to receive
Cs.1*++@2 per annum as scholarship from
to 1*
class as a benefit under the
0. Cisk coverage for life insurance of the girl
child will commence from the age of ,
Spe"ial Dispensation 4or Orp-ans an5
1. M/rphan? defines a girl child not having
both parents. =estitute will mean girl
child from a B%3 #amily not having
either of the parents or trafficked girls
etc., forsaken by their family@parents.
*. &ll such destitutes or orphans who have
not crossed 18 years as on 6ay *++8 will
be eligible for the benefits under irl
'hild %rotection 4cheme. (he benefit of
EKana 4hree Bhima $ojanaF and E4hiksha
4ahyog $ojanaF as per eligibility will be
applicable as per guidelines of e<isting
irl 'hild %rotection 4cheme.
,. (he condition of formal education will be
rela<ed in respect of orphans, destitutes
and differently abled girls, who are born
before 6ay, *++0. (hose girls who do not
pursue education beyond 8
class will
naturally not be eligible for education
1. (herefore, all destitutes orphans and
differently abled girls born after 6ay
*++0 shall also necessarily be enrolled in
a school and continue up to, III class to
be eligible for the benefit under '%4.
(hese shall apply to all girl children
including /rphans, destitute and =isabled
girls. In case of abandoned orphan children,
the head of the institutions based on a
medical certificate shall ensure the birth
registration is completed. In case the caste is
unknown, the caste of all such children shall
be recorded as E'astelessF.
Spe"ial Dispensation 4or Disale5 >irls
1. =ifferently abled girls will include
mentally challenged girls as per the
criteria of disability as prescribed by the
overnment from time to time.
*. &ll such disabled girls who have not
crossed 18 years of age as on 6&$, *++8
will be eligible for the benefits under
'%4. (he benefit of EKana 4ree Bhima
$ojanaF and E4iksha 4ahyog $ojanaF
4cheme as per eligibility will be
applicable as per guidelines of e<isting
,. (he condition of formal education is
rela<able in respect of =isabled girls,
who are born before 6ay *++0. (hose
girls who do not pursue education beyond
8th class will naturally not be eligible for
"ducation 4cholarships.
1. (herefore, all differently abled born
after 6ay *++0 shall necessarily have to
be enrolled in a school and continued
upto III class to be eligible for the
benefit under '%4.
Relaxation o4 E5u"ation? In"o*e an5 >irl
Silin) Con5itions For Se<erely Disale5
1. (hose who pursue education after 8
class will be eligible for the scholarships
under 4hiksha 4ahyog $ojana as
prescribed under irl 'hild %rotection
*. (hose girls whose disability is more than
8+D shall accordingly be eligible for the
benefits under irl 'hild %rotection
4cheme provided the income of their
%arents @ uardian from all sources does
not e<ceed Cs.1.++ lakh per annum. (his
is a special dispensation only to severely
differently abled girls.
,. In respect of severely =isabled irls
:more than 8+D disability; the condition
of the irl 'hild being either single or
two girls alone shall not apply. & irl
with one or two male siblings will also be
eligible for the benefit of irl 'hild
%rotection 4cheme.
1. 4eparate guidelines issued on the mode
of payments of maturity amount of
Cs.,+,+++@2 @ Cs.1.++ lakh to the girls
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #BD
@girls child as case may be, on attaining
the age of *+ by the overnment in
consultation with '"/, IB% :4elf help
groups; etc.,
(hese rela<ation @ special dispensation may
be e<tended to orphans @ destitutes differently
abled girls as specified supra, subject to all
other conditions being continued at present.
&dditional conditions for eligibility under
'%4 for all girls w.e.f., Kune *++8.
1. &ll girl children born after Kune, *++8 shall
have to register their Birth under CB=
:Cegistration of Birth and =eath;, &ct.
*. &ll girl children born after Kune, *++8
should complete the immuni9ation as
per schedule.
=etails of irl 'hild %rotection 4cheme are
shown in (able 8.18.
Do*esti" 8iolen"e A"t .$$D an5 Rules
.$$% :Central A"t No.B2 o4 .$$D;
Initiati<es y t-e An5-ra Pra5es-
(he %rotection of 7omen from =omestic
8iolence, &ct G *++0 and Cules *++. has
come into effect from *0
/ctober, *++..
1+1 %rotection /fficers &ppointed.
)) 4helter Aomes identified.
)* 4ervice %roviders Cegistered.
1,11) 'ases Booked and =ICs #iled.
11+ Interim /rders and 81, #inal /rders
* 'ounsellors, * Aome2uards and /ne
="/ 4anctioned for each district.
Initiati<es Un5er Anti+Tra44i"9in)
,1 4wadhar Aomes are sanctioned by
/I to ensure rehabilitation of 8/'4"(s
:8ictims of 'ommercial 4e<ual
"<ploitation and (rafficking ;
81* 8/'4"(s are provided vocational
trainings in various trades along with job
placements, )-- 8/'4"(s are reunited
with their families and 81 8/'4"(s are
re2married and mainstreamed to society.
,0,+1* Balika 6andals have been formed
to create awareness on &nti2(rafficking
issues and ,1,1.0 'ommunity 8igilant
roups have been formed to prevent
trafficking of women and children at
village level.
Constru"tion o4 A1C =uil5in)s
11,..8 &7' Buildings are so far
constructed with 4tate funds in the last 1+
years :*+D of the total &7's; with
7orld Bank &ssistance and 10D eneral
#unds of Hilla %arishads.
1,-). &7' Buildings are sanctioned
with an outlay of Cs.0..,* 'rores under
>&B&C= during *++)2*++8.
*,0++ &7' Buildings sanctioned with an
outlay Cs.1++.++ 'rores during *++-2
1,0,+ Buildings are sanctioned under
Backward Cegion grant fund with an
outlay of Cs.1*-.++ 'rores during *++)2
*++8. (he work is in progress.
81 6odel &nganwadi Buildings are taken
up by the =epartment during *++-2*+1+.
(o reach 6illennium =evelopment oals, a
4tate %lan of &ction for children E"nsuring
child well G being *++) G *+1+ is prepared.
(he objectives set for reducing the I6C,
'6C and 66C areJ
1. 5niversalisation of Integrated 'hild
=evelopment 4ervices through out the
*. "nsure 1++D 'holostrum feeding within
1 hr.
,. "nsure 1++D awareness on best infant
and young child feeding practices.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8.#8
>irl C-il5 Prote"tion S"-e*e
No. o4 =ene4i"iaries un5er >CPS
Sin)le >irl T,o >irl Total
*++02+. 0*1) ,.8,8 1*+00
*++.2+) )1*1 )80+. 80-*)
*++)2+8 )*+0 8-*8, -.188
*++82+- *181 *8.1+ ,1+-1
,)-- 1,)-, 1)0-*
(otal *.1*. *))+,+ ,+,10.
Source: Women De$elopment and Child Welfare
1. "nsure management of neonatal and
childhood illnesses.
0. 5niversali9ing Immuni9ation to all
children Q * yrs.
.. Improving the nutrition status of pregnant
and nursing mothers and young girls.
). Improving the standards of rowth
6onitoring according to new 7A/
growth standards.
1. I'=4 4ervices taken up through
'ampaign 6ode to reach the un reached
and 8ulnerable communities :>ov. +8 to
*. Intensive training on Infant and $oung
'hild feeding %ractices and early
childhood education and creating
awareness to family members.
,. &ttempts to improve monitoring and
accountability through accreditation and
technical support.
Pre+S"-ool E5u"ation
&.%. is the only 4tate to have
developed and launched an activity based
%re2school curriculum to promote holistic
development in children.
/rgani9ed :1; days refresher
training in &7('s and 63('s for &77,
&7A and 4upervisors totalling to 81,1,)
during *++8 2 *++- and upto /ctober,
%re2school kit containing
Banjeera :=aphli;, 4tory Books,
'onversational 'harts, 4e!uential 'ards,
Indoor ames G one #ish %ond and #ishes
:, 4ets of #ishes for &lphabets in 3ocal
3anguage i.e., (elugu, "nglish and
numbers from 121+; and second flash
cards on &lphabets and numbers are
supplied to all &7's
Imparted 6aster (rainers (raining
to 1,* functionaries i.e., 4upervisors,
&77s and Instructors of (raining 'enters
for 1. days through M4/=A&>&? G
'haritable (rust, 8i9ianagaram during
Introduced award of %re2school
'ertificates to all children with effect from
%roposal to appoint local tribal
girls as 4upervisors providing 1 year
diploma training in home science college is
under active consideration
%roposal to introduce to self
&ppraisal and accreditation of &7's and
4ectors is under finali9ation for being
introduced as a pilot project
(onitorin) Syste*
1. #ive %rotocols developed to improve
delivery of servicesJ
#i<ed >utrition and Aealth =ay.
%rioriti9ed home visits.
4upportive supervisory visit.
4tructured sector meeting.
'ommodity supply chain
*. rading &nganwadi 'enters basing on
their capabilities and thereby identify
their training needs.
,. #or immediate access to information and
analysis of data 6I4 6onitoring is
introduced in Ayderabad =istrict and
proposed to scale up to 1 districts.
8.1* &s per the M%ersons with =isability
:e!ual opportunities, protection of rights and
full participation; &ct, 1--0?, disability
means 2 the persons with blindness, low
vision, leprosy cured, hearing impairment,
locomotor disability, mental retardation and
mental illness. &s per *++1 'ensus, the
disabled population in &ndhra %radesh is
&n independent 'orporation in 1-81 and a
separate department in the year 1-8, were
established to look after the welfare of
disabled in the state. (he department is
working towards implementation of %ersons
with =isabilities &ct, 1--0 and >ational
(rust &ct, 1--- and ensures multi2sectoral
coordination with various overnment
departments for %revention, "arly
identification and detection, "ducation,
"mployment, Cehabilitation, 6ainstreaming,
>etworking and monitoring of overnment
of India grant2in2aid projects of >/s.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B'
'ategory wise =isabled %opulation in
&ndhra %radesh is as shown in (able 8.1-.
Tale 8.#0
Cate)ory ,ise Disale5 Population :.$$# Census;
Cate)ory Population
8isually Impaired 0.8* 1*..+
6entally Cetarded 1.00 11.,)
1.1. ,+.1)
4peech Impaired 1.,- 1+.18
Aearing Impaired +.), 0.,8
(otal 1,..0 1++.++
Source:-Disa&led Welfare Department
overnment have enhanced the =iet
charges to the inmates and boarders
staying in hostels, homes, residential
schools and attached hostels of training2
cum2production centre for disabled
persons from Cs.,,8@2 p.m. to Cs.1),@2
p.m. for boarders up to )
class and from
Cs.11*@2 p.m. to Cs.0,0@2 p.m. for
boarders from 8
to Intermediate from
the academic year, *++82+-.
(he cosmetic charges given to hostel
boarders are also increased from Cs.*+@2
to Cs.0+@2 for boys@men and from Cs.*0@2
to Cs.)0@2 for girls@women. (he stitching
charges are increased from Cs.*+@2 per
pair to Cs.1+@2 per pair. Aair cut charges
are increased from Cs.0@2 to Cs.1*@2.
(he number of uniforms supplied is
increased from * to 1 pairs per annum per
boarder from the year *++82+-. (he
amount for supply of one set of bedding
material is increased from Cs.1*+@2 p.a. to
Cs.,++@2 p.a. &dditional toilets and
bathrooms are provided in Aostels.
"nhanced the amount of marriage
incentive award from Cs.,,+++ to
Cs.1+,+++ for the marriages between
differently abled persons and normal
"<tended the benefits like pensions,
scholarships, I&$ houses, economic
support schemes etc., to the disabled
=irect loans are being sanctioned to
severely challenged students studying
post graduate and professional courses to
purchase motori9ed vehicles,
sophisticated prosthetic aids etc.
"nhanced the %ost2matric scholarships,
re2imbursement of tuition fees and
special fees to disabled students on par
with scheduled castes students from the
year *++82+-.
"nhanced the annual income ceiling of
the parents from Cs.1*,+++ to
Cs.1,++,+++ for the educational schemes
implemented by the department.
3aptops are being provided to visually
challenged students which will be an
assistive device for promoting access to
!uality education and enhancing their
professional skills.
Pro)ra**es I*ple*ente5:
6aintenance of 1+ hostels and ,
homes with a sanctioned strength of
11 Cesidential 4chools :. for Aearing
Impaired and 0 for 8isually Impaired;
with a sanctioned strength of 180+.
* Cesidential Kunior 'olleges, one for
hearing impaired and another for visually
impaired with a sanctioned strength of .+
) BB8 schools for disabled girls.
& training 'entre to train the teachers
of visually impaired persons is
established and functioning in
(uition fee reimbursement to the
students studying %ost metric courses.
4anction of *,80* pre2matric
scholarships and ,-- post2matric
scholarships to the students up to =ec,+-.
4anction of )++ scholarships to
6entally Cetarted 4tudents up to =ec,+-
as against the annual target of *+00.
So"ial Se"urity
4anctioned subsidy L Cs.,+++@2
each to 1,.-0 disabled persons under
economic rehabilitation scheme up to
=ec,+- as against the annual target of
..++ beneficiaries.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B8
4anctioned Incentive &wards for
marriages between disabled and normal
persons for *-0 persons L Cs.1+,+++@2
4anction of %etrol subsidy to the
disabled persons who are having
motori9ed vehicles.
A.P.8i9alan)ula Cooperati<e Corporation
(he 'orporation has taken up the following
rehabilitation programmes.
1. 4upply of %rosthetic &ids and 6obility
*. 4upply of educational aids to individuals
and institutions.
,. #acilities to impart training in various
technical and non2technical trades.
1. /rgani9ing employment generation
production units with assured market for
0. 'reating awareness among parents for
early detection and stipulation and
treatment of various disabilities.
(he following schemes are being
implemented by the &.%.8ikalangula
'ooperative 'orporation.
Re-ailitation an5 supply o4 Prost-eti"
(he &.%.8ikalangula 'ooperative
'orporation is supplying aids and appliances
like tricycles, wheel chairs, calipers,
crutches, artificial limbs etc. to the needy
disabled persons.
Soun5 Lirary:
(ape Cecorders and cassettes with lessons
recorded for intermediate and above classes
are supplied to visually disabled students to
pursue their studies.
=raille Press:
(he 'orporation prints and supplies the
braille books to school going visually
disabled students from 1
'lass to 1+
Imparting training to disabled persons in
I.(.I. and >on2I.(.I. trades in the (raining2
cum2%roduction 'enters :('%'s; established
in 11 districts in the 4tate.
8.1, Backward 'lasses population falls under
1,0 communities pursuing traditional
activities such as cattle and sheep rearing,
toddy tapping, earth works, fishing, weaving,
goldsmith, blacksmith, brass smith,
carpentry, stone carving, laundry, pottery, oil
pressing, basketry, hair dressing, tailoring
and dyeing etc.
&ostels: Aostels have been opened for
providing free boarding and lodging to
enable B.'. students to pursue their %re2
6atric studies. Cs.1)0@2 per month for III to
8II class boarders, and Cs.0,0@2 per month
for 8III to I class boarders is being paid
towards diet charges per boarder, besides
cosmetics at the rate of Cs.0+@2 per month for
boys and Cs.00@2 per month for girls up to
class 8II and Cs.)0@2 per month for irls
from class 8III to I class. Boarders are also
supplied >ote Books and four pairs of
dresses every year. &t present, there are
1,1** ovt. B.'. hostels :1,1+* hostels for
boys and ,*+ hostels for girls; including 11
hostels for =e2notified and >omadic (ribes.
& total strength of 1,),,+8. boarders were
admitted in the B.'. hostels during *++82+-
and 1,)8,-.- have been admitted during
*++-21+. &ll these hostels have a
combination of ).D Backward 'lasses, 1+D
4cheduled 'astes, 0D 4cheduled (ribes, ,D
6inorities and .D other castes for the
purpose of 4ocial Integration. /ut of 1,1**
hostels, 8+* hostels are located in
overnment buildings. /ut of the remaining
hostels, 1,0 buildings are under construction
under 6atching rant %rogramme and under
'entrally 4ponsored 4cheme to provide a
clean and healthy atmosphere to the boarders
of hostels. 4till, 180 buildings are to be
Cesults of I 'lass 4tudents in B.'. 7elfare
Aostels is shown in the (able 8.*+.
Tale 8..$
Results o4 N Class Stu5ents
in =.C. 1el4are &ostels
3ear Results in &ostels
State A<era)e
*++0 ))..) )*.11
*++. )).)0 ),.1.
*++) )8.,. )1..0
*++8 8,.,* )0.1)
*++- 80.1. )8.8,
Source: 'ac()ard Classes Welfare Department
Resi5ential S"-ools: 11 B.'. Cesidential
4chools :*8 for Boys and 1. for irls; with a
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #B0
total strength of 11,)-* students are
functioning in the state. Cesults of I 'lass
4tudents in Cesidential 4chools is shown in
the (able 8.*1.
Tale 8..#
Results o4 N Class Stu5ents
in =.C. 1el4are Resi5ential S"-ools
3ear Results in Res.
S"-ools :J;
State A<era)e
*++0 -8.-, )*.11
*++. --..+ ),.1.
*++) --.01 )1..0
*++8 --.*1 )0.1)
*++- --..+ )8.8,
Source:'ac()ard Classes Welfare Department
Post+(atri" S"-olars-ips an5
Rei*urse*ent o4 Tuition Fee
%ost 6atric 4cholarships and Ceimbursement
of (uition fee and 4pl. #ee to all eligible B'
4tudents are sanctioned on par with 4ocial
7elfare =ept., for category E&F students
from the year *++82+-. (he income limit of
%arents@uardians of B' 4tudents for getting
scholarships and other educational benefits
has been revised. (he present ceiling of
Cs.,,,0++@2 per annum for getting
scholarships in non professional courses and
the ceiling of Cs.11,0++@2 per annum for
obtaining scholarships in %rofessional
courses has been enhanced to Cs.1,++,+++@2
per annum for both professional and non
professional courses. #urther, the scholarship
rates have been enhanced on par with 4ocial
7elfare and (ribal 7elfare =epartments.
-,)),0,. students were sanctioned %ost
6atric 4cholarships during the year *++82+-
and 1,1.,.), students were sanctioned during
*++-21+ upto =ecember *++-. 4imilarly,
1+,+,,118 students have been sanctioned
Ceimbursement of (uition #ee during the
year *++82+- and 1,.),0-1 students were
sanctioned Ceimbursement of (uition #ee
during the year *++-21+ upto =ecember
Colle)e >irls &ostels
(o encourage the B' irls to pursue higher
education, ,++ new B' college girls hostels
are opened L one in each &ssembly
constituency in the 4tate with a sanctioned
strength of 1++ boarders per hostel during the
year *++82+-.
/ut of ,*, :*, B' irls Aostels were
permitted to be converted as 'ollege irls
Aostels during the year *++02+., but only 10
were converted and ,++ newly sanctioned
'ollege irls Aostels during *++82+-;, *.0
hostels have been started upto =ecember
*++- with an admitted strength of 11,1,).
AP Stu5y Cir"les 4or =Cs
(here are 8 B' 4tudy 'ircles functioning in
the 4tate to provide free coaching facilities to
eligible B' unemployed graduates and %ost
graduates, who are appearing for various
competitive e<aminations like 'ivil 4ervices,
4tate roup2I, roup2II and other
e<aminations and also overnment have
sanctioned ) new study circles. #rom the
year *++)2+8, new courses in the B%/ sector
have been started in the &% 4tudy 'ircles.
(raining in medical transcription and
'omputer animation skills have been started
in Ayderabad, 8isakhapatnam and &nantapur
4tudy circles for .+ students in each course
and also industrial automation course has
been started for B."., B.(ech., and =iploma
holders at Ayderabad. 1,88. students have
been benefited during the year *++82+- and
*8-* students were benefited during the year
*++-21+ upto =ecember *++-. It is also
proposed to give training in &(" and '&(
for B' "ngineering students to obtain better
A.P.=a"9,ar5 Classes Cooperati<e
Finan"e Corporation
(he &.%.Backward 'lasses 'ooperative
#inance 'orporation 3td., Ayderabad was
established in the year 1-)1 for the economic
upliftment of the Backward 'lasses in the
state. (he 'orporation is implementing the
following schemes.
1. 6argin 6oney
*. Cajiv &bhyudaya $ojana
(ar)in (oney :.$$0+#$;:
6argin 6oney %rogramme is aimed at
providing financial assistance to the B.'.
beneficiaries in the activities under
&griculture and &llied 4ectors, 4mall
Business and Industry, 4ervice and (ransport
4ectors. (he scheme was implemented upto
the year *++)2+8 with *+D 6argin 6oney
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D$
from 'orporation, )+D Bank 3oan and 1+D
Beneficiary 'ontribution.
#rom the year *++82+- onwards, the funding
pattern of the scheme has been revised with
subsidy component from 'orporation. (he
funding pattern of the restructured scheme is
as follows.
1. 4ubsidy of 0+D unit cost not e<ceeding
Cs.,+,+++@2 per beneficiary.
*. 1+D of the unit cost as beneficiary
,. 1+D or balance unit cost as Bank 3oan.
1. (he benefit of the scheme of E%avala
8addiF as applicable to the 7omen 4elf
Aelp roups shall be e<tended to the
bank loan component of the units
grounded under this scheme.
=uring the year *++-21+ :upto >ovember,
*++-;, 1-0, units have been sanctioned
covering **1- beneficiaries with financial
assistance of Cs.*,1.,- lakhs.
Ra7i< A-yu5aya 3o7ana :.$$0+#$;:
Cajiv &bhyudaya $ojana scheme launched
during the year *++02+. is aimed at
providing financial assistance to the
B.'.&rtisans@ B.'./ccupational roups in
urban areas. (he scheme is being
implemented for a period of five years from
*++02+. to *++-21+.
(he scheme was implemented upto *++)2+8
with the funding pattern of *+D as (erm
3oan by the 'orporation, )+D by the
'ommercial Banks and 1+D as Beneficiary
=uring the year *++-21+ :upto >ovember,
*++-;, *,.0, units have been sanctioned
covering 1,+.- beneficiaries with financial
assistance of Cs.1,*.10 lakhs as against
budget allocation of Cs.0++.++ lakhs.
An5-ra Pra5es- 1as-er*en Co+Op.
So"ieties Fe5eration
(he &.%. 7ashermen 'o2op. 4ocieties
#ederation 3td., Ayderabad was established
in the year 1-8* for the economic upliftment
of 7ashermen in the 4tate. (he #ederation
implements the following schemesJ
1. 'onstruction of =hobighats,
*. #inancial &ssistance 4cheme.
Constru"tion o4 D-oi)-ats:
(he unit cost of each =hobighat is enhanced
from Cs.1.*0 lakhs to Cs.*.++ lakhs in the
year *++82+-. -+D of the cost is sanctioned
as subsidy by the #ederation and the
remaining 1+D is contributed by the
beneficiaries. In case, the cost e<ceeds
Cs.*.++ lakhs the balance needs to be borne
by the respective local body.
ovt. have provided an amount of
Cs.*+0).0+ lakhs for construction of
=hobighats, since the formation of the
#ederation i.e., 1-8*. &bout *,-)+
=hobighats have been taken up for
construction with an amount of Cs.*+1...)
lakhs. 4o far, *,0.+ =hobighats have been
completed and the work in 11* =hobighats
are in progress.
=uring *++-21+, an amount of Cs.0+.++
lakhs is allocated for taking up *0 new
Finan"ial Assistan"e S"-e*e:
6edium term loans are sanctioned to the
eligible %rimary 7ashermen 'o2operative
4ocieties ranging from Cs.*,+++@2 to
Cs.0, +++@2 per member at a simple interest
of 0D repayable in ,. e!ual monthly
installments. #rom 1-8*28, to *++-21+, **81
%rimary 7ashermen 'o2op. 4ocieties,
consisting of 1,.*,*++ Cajakas have been
affiliated to this #ederation.
1,1-- %rimary 7ashermen 'ooperative
4ocieties, consisting of .*,+10 beneficiaries
have been sanctioned medium term loans
with an amount of Cs.)*-.1+ lakhs.
=uring the year *++82+-, a new "conomic
4upport scheme called the E#inancial
&ssistance 4chemeL has been introduced by
way of 4ubsidy with bank credit linkup
instead of 6edium (erm loans. (he unit cost
fi<ed is Cs.1.0+ lakhs for a group of 10
members with :0+D;subsidy Cs.)0,+++@2,
:1+D; bank loan Cs. .+,+++@2 and :1+D;
beneficiary contribution Cs.10,+++@2
&n amount of Cs.0+.++ lakhs is provided for
*++-21+ for implementation of #inancial
&ssistance scheme. 4o far, Cs.1*.0+ lakhs
released to 1) %rimary 7ashermen
'ooperative 4ocieties to cover *0+ Cajaka
An5-ra Pra5es- Nayee =ra-*ins Co+
Operati<e So"ieties Fe5eration
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D#
(he &ndhra %radesh >ayee Brahmin
'ooperative 4ocieties #ederation 3td., was
established in the year 1-8- for economic up
liftment of >ayee Brahmins and the
following schemes are implemented by the
#ederation for their upliftment.
Finan"ial Assistan"e.
6edium term loans are sanctioned to the
eligible %rimary >ayee Brahmins
'ooperative 4ocieties ranging from Cs.
*,0++@2 to Cs. 0,+++@2 per member at a simple
interest of 0D repayable in ,. e!ual monthly
#rom 1-8-2-+ to *++-21+, 1),* %rimary
>ayee Brahmins 'ooperative 4ocieties have
been affiliated to this #ederation. )+1
%rimary >ayee Brahmins 'ooperative
4ocieties consisting of ,1,))8 beneficiaries
have been sanctioned 6edium (erm 3oans
with an amount of Cs. 1,).81 3akhs.
=uring the year *++82+-, H#inancial
&ssistance 4chemeC was introduced by way
of 4ubsidy with bank credit linkup instead of
6edium (erm 3oans in the federation with a
unit cost of Cs.1.0+ lakhs for a group of 102
member society with :0+D;subsidy
Cs.)0,+++@2, :1+D; bank loan Cs. .+,+++@2
and :1+D; beneficiary contribution
Cs.10,+++@2 .
&n amount of Cs. 0+.++ 3akhs is provided
for *++-21+ for implementation of #inancial
&ssistance scheme. 4o far, Cs. 1*.)0 3akhs
is released to 1) %rimary >ayee Brahmins
'ooperative 4ocieties to cover *)1 >ayee
Brahmin beneficiaries.
An5-ra Pra5es- 8a55era Cooperati<e
So"ieties Fe5eration
(he &ndhra %radesh 8addera 'ooperative
4ocieties #ederation 3td., was established in
the year *++.. (he main object of the
#ederation is to implement various schemes
for economic upliftment of poor 8addera
'ommunity. *,+8. primary vaddera societies
are registered and affiliated to the #ederation.
4ince inception, .8 societies have been
e<tended financial assistance under the
=uring the year *++82+-, M#inancial
&ssistance 4cheme? was introduced for
e<tending economic support to members of
registered primary co2operative societies.
(he scheme contains subsidy with bank
credit linkage with an unit cost of Cs.1.0+
lakhs for a 10 member primary society with
:0+D;subsidy Cs.)0,+++@2, :1+D; bank loan
Cs. .+,+++@2 and :1+D; beneficiary
contribution Cs.10,+++@2.
=uring the year *++-21+, an amount of
Cs.1,.0+ lakhs was spent by way of release
of subsidy to 18 societies covering *)+
vaddera beneficiaries.
8.11 (he 4cheduled 'aste %opulation in the
state has increased from 1+0.-* 1akhs in
1--1 to1*,.,- lakhs in *++1 registering a
growth of 1..0+ percent. &s per the 'ensus
*++1, the 4cheduled 'astes population forms
1..1- per percent of the total population of
&ndhra %radesh. 6ore than 8*D of the
4cheduled 'astes are living in rural areas.
4e< Catio among the 4cheduled 'astes is
-81, which is higher than the 4tate average of
-)8. (he percentage of 4' population in
rural areas has declined from 88.- percent in
1-.1 to 8*.8 per cent in *++1. (he literacy
rate among 4's was 0,.0* in *++1, lower
than the &ll India percent of 01..-.
(he principal objectives of 4ocial 7elfare
=epartment are "ducational &dvancement,
4ocio2"conomic =evelopment, 7elfare and
%rotection of 4cheduled 'astes.
S"-e5ule5 Castes Su+Plan :SCSP;:
5nder the 4pecial 'omponent %lan for 4's,
it has been imperative for all the overnment
departments to earmark 1..* D of their %lan
/utlay i.e. in proportion to the 4' population
in the 4tate, e<clusively for the development
of 4's.
(he >odal &gency under the 'hairmanship
of Aon?ble 6inister :47; and the &pe<
'ommittee under the 'hairmanship of
Aon?ble 'hief 6inister review the
allocations and e<penditure under 4'4%
during the year.
(he 4'4% outlay for *++-21+ is Cs. 0,*1,.1)
crores, and the e<penditure under 4'4%
during *++-21+:upto =ecember,+-; is Cs.
1)+8..- 'rores indicating an achievement of
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D.
E5u"ational Pro)ra*s:
&ostelsJ =uring *++-21+, there are *,,08
hostels :Boys 1,.-1 and irls ..); in the
4tate with an intake of *.18 lakhs.
overnment have enhanced the mess charges
in ovt. Aostels from Cs.,,8@2 p.m. to
Cs.1)0@2 p.m. for boarders up to )
class and
from Cs.11*@2 p.m. to Cs.0,0@2 p.m. for
boarders from 8
to 1+
class from the
academic year, *++82+-. (he cosmetic
charges given to hostel boarders are also
increased from Cs.**@2 to Cs.0+@2 for boys
and from Cs.1+@2 to Cs.)0@2 for girls. (he
stitching charges are increased from Cs.*+@2
per pair to Cs. 1+@2 per pair. Aair cut
charges are increased from Cs.0@2 to Cs.1*@2.
(he number of dresses supplied is increased
from * to 1 dresses per annum per boarder
from the year *++82+-. #urther, medical
insurance is also being provided to the hostel
boarders covering accidental death cases
Sa*9s-e*a =ata: &n innovative e<ercise
was taken up, in which the Aon?ble 6inisters
and 63&s personally visit 4ocial welfare
hostels to list out the repairs to be taken up in
the hostels. #or repairs of overnment
Aostel Buildings and to provide
infrastructure facilities an amount of Cs.0+
crores was provided, i.e, Cs.,0 crores for
repairs and Cs.10 crores for construction of
new toilets and bathrooms for hostel boarders
L of 1J1+ boarders. 1-1+ works have been
takenup and out of which, 110) have been
completed and remaining works are in
Anan5a Nilaya*sJ &t present, there are )-
&nanda >ilayams functioning in the 4tate. 0+
percent of the seats in &nanda >ilayams are
filled up with orphan students and the
remaining 0+ percent with the children
whose parents are engaged in unclean
occupations. (he inmates in these &nanda
>ilayams are provided all facilities on par
with the boarders in 4ocial 7elfare hostels.
(he details of &nanda >ilayams are shown in
(able 8.**.
ResultsJ (here has been considerable
improvement in the results of 1+
class in
4ocial 7elfare Aostels. =uring 6arch *++-,
*1,18* students appeared for 44'
e<aminations and *+,018 students passed in
the 4tate. (he overall pass percentage is
8,.81 as against the 4tate average of )8.8,.
=uring the year *++-21+, ,,.81 4.'. boarders
who obtained good marks in 44' were
admitted in reputed Kunior 'olleges like
>arayana, 'haitanya, etc. 44' results of
students in 4ocial welfare hostels are shown
in (able 8.*,.
Colle)es &ostels: %rior to *++-21+, there
were 10* 4cheduled 'aste 'ollege Aostels
:)1 for Boys and 81 for irls; functioning
with an intake of 1++ students for each
hostel. *1,18* students are admitted in the
hostels during *++-21+. overnment is
providing electricity charges, house rent,
water charges and scholarships. (he students
themselves are maintaining the mess through
mess committees. overnment have
sanctioned 1++ college hostels i.e., *++ for
boys and *++ for girls during *++-21+.
Post+(atri" S"-olars-ips: Cesidential and
>on2Cesidential scholarships are being
awarded to all eligible %ost26atric students
belonging to the 4cheduled 'astes. (his
scholarship amount includes maintenance
charges for the students and non2refundable
fee payable to the institution, e<penses on
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8...
Anan5a Nilaya*s
=oys >irls Total
*++02+. )- 1+.1 ,18- )*0+
*++.2+) )- ,1)0 ,18+ ..00
*++)2+8 )- ,)+- ,*,. .-10
*++82+- )- 11++ ,*., ),.,
*++-21+ )- ,-.* ,*)0 )*,)
Source: Social Welfare Department
Tale 8..2
SSC Results o4 Stu5ents in S1 &ostels
3ear Appe
Passe5 J o4
J o4
*++, 1,-1- 1+0,+ )0..0 )0.++
*++1 1.*-1 1,80, 80.+* 8+.00
*++0 1-*-- 111)8 )0.+* )*.11
*++. *,)1* 181+1 )..*1 ),.1.
*++) ***0+ 1)*8. ))..- )1.,.
*++8 **+)* 1))*8 8+.,1 )0.,1
*++- *118* *+018 8,.81 )8.8,
Source: Social Welfare Department
study tours and typing charges of thesis etc.
(he e<isting income ceilings for the award of
%ost26atric scholarships is Cs.1.++ lakh per
annum from the year *++82+-. 4' Cesearch
scholars in 6.%hil course will get a
fellowship of Cs.0++@2 per month and
Cs.1,+++@2 per annum towards contingent
e<penditure on data collection, etc. (he
4cheduled 'aste Cesearch 4cholars in %h.=.
'ourse would be sanctioned a sum of
Cs..++@2 per month towards maintenance and
Cs.1,0++@2 per annum towards contingencies.
=uring *++-21+ an amount of Cs. .++..*
'rores is provided to cover si< lakh 4'
students. #rom the year *++82+-, applications
for scholarships and sanction of scholarships
were made Monline? to ensure that
scholarships reach the students by the 1
every month and also to ensure transparency
by keeping all the information in the public
Distriution o4 &ouse Sites: (he income
ceiling for allotment of house sites to weaker
section families, free of cost, is Cs.11,+++@2
per annum. "ach family is eligible for
allotment of an e<tent of , cents of wetland
or 0 cents of dry land or .+ s!. yards per
family in urban areas towards house sites. In
the ac!uisition program, land is also allotted
for common purposes like internal roads,
schools and community halls etc.
(he allocation of house2sites among various
sections of population is as followsJ
4cheduled 'astes 2 1+D
4cheduled (ribes 2 1+D
Backward 'lasses 2 ,+D
6inorities 2 1+D
/ther "conomically poor 2 1+D
=uring *++-21+, an amount of Cs..+.++
crores was allotted. 5nder I>=lC&66&
programme 1
phase 1,+-,1,, house sites
were provided. 4imilarly, 1,..,.81 house
sites were distributed upto 4eptember *++-
under I>=IC&66& *
phase and *,1+,0+.
house sites have been distributed so far under
I>=IC&66& %rogramme ,
An5-ra Pra5es- S"-e5ule5 Castes
Cooperati<e Finan"e Corporation
&.%. 4cheduled 'astes 'ooperative #inance
'orporation 3td., was established in the year
(o plan, promote and take up "conomic
&ssistance programs in the fields of
&griculture =evelopment, &nimal
Ausbandry, 6arketing, %rocessing, 4upply
and 4torage of &griculture %roducts, 4mall
4cale Industry, 'ottage Industry, (rade,
Business or any other activity which enables
the members of 4cheduled 'astes to earn for
a better living and helps them to improve
their standard of living.
(o undertake programs of employment
oriented 'ottage and 4mall 4cale Industries
etc., by providing technical know2how,
managerial assistance and financial
assistance, which may be re!uired to achieve
the above objectives, including necessary
financial guarantee to its members.
=uring *++82+-, an amount of Cs. ,)..0)
'rores was incurred as e<penditure towards
financial assistance for the benefit of *,01,,0)
4cheduled 'aste beneficiaries.
=uring *++-21+, an amount of Cs. 1*-.+)
'rores was incurred as e<penditure towards
financial assistance for the benefit of 1,1*,101
4.' beneficiaries as on ,+2112*++-.
(he 'orporation, since inception i.e., from 1-)1
upto *++82+-, has grounded various economic
support programmes benefiting 1.,+8,1-)
4cheduled 'aste families with an outlay of Cs.
,,.11..+ 'rores. (he 'orporation has adopted
model schemes to serve as incentives to the
prospective 4cheduled 'aste beneficiaries. (he
=istrict 4ocieties have, however, been allowed
to take up any new scheme which is viable and
feasible. =uring the year *++-21+, an amount of
Cs. 1, 'rores is allocated by oI and Cs. 11.--
crores allocated by overnment of &.% towards
4hare 'apital.
overnment of &ndhra %radesh announced
7aiver of loan with interest upto Cs. 1.++ lakh
per beneficiary and all welfare 'orporations
shall as facilitators to obtain institutional finance
duly providing Cs. ,+,+++@2 or 0+D of the
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #DB
scheme cost whichever is less as subsidy.
&ccordingly, &.%.4.'. 'ooperative #inance
'orporation has adopted the new pattern of Cs.
,+,+++@2 or 0+D of the scheme cost as subsidy
from 4'& provided by overnment of India and
other subsidies provided by 4tate overnment.
Spe"ial Central Assistan"e :SCA;:
4pecial 'entral &ssistance provided by
overnment of India is being utili9ed for
providing subsidy and for non2recurring items
like making the schemes given to the target
groups really bankable and effective and to
provide infrastructure to meet backward and
forward linkages at district level. =uring *++-2
1+, an amount of Cs.10 crores is allocated under
4'& to 4pecial 'omponent %lan.
E"ono*i" Support Pro)ra*:
6any of the 4' families have been assigned
agriculture lands but the income derived from
such land is very meagre. It is therefore, essential
to provide irrigation facilities to these lands to
enable the assignees to reap ma<imum benefit.
"mphasis is made to cover these lands by
providing irrigation facilities, land development,
horticulture and minor irrigation etc., in the
&ction %lan for *++-21+.
overnment issued orders in Kuly, *++- to
waive 6argin 6oney, >4#=' and
>4B#=' loans with interest of less than Cs.
/ne lakh for 4cheduled 'aste loanees, who
availed these loans and outstanding as on *-2
+*2*++8. &n amount of Cs.11)..8* crores of
loans of 1),8+,81* 4cheduled 'aste
beneficiaries has been waived and made
them free from corporation loans.
(he subsidy component has been enhanced
to Cs.,+,+++@2 from Cs. 1+,+++@2 or 0+D of
the unit cost whichever is less.
4pecial Cehabilitation 4cheme for
4cheduled 'aste released %risoners is being
%avala 8addi is made applicable to promote
prompt repayment of Bank 3oans.
(he per capita investment which was Cs.
),+@2 during 1-)12)0, has gradually been
increased upto Cs. 18,+++@2 in recent years. It
is e<pected to reach upto Cs. 0+,+++@2 in the
&ction %lan of *++-21+ with a view to attain
sustainable income to poor 4' beneficiaries.
8.10 (he tribal population of &ndhra %radesh
according to *++1 'ensus is 0+.*1 lakhs
constituting about ..0-D of the total
population of the 4tate. (he 4cheduled areas
e<tend over ,1,180.,1 s!. Bms, which is
about 11D of total area of the 4tate with
0,-,8 villages distributed in 4rikakulam,
8i9ianagaram, 8isakhapatnam, "ast
odavari, 7est odavari, Bhammam,
7arangal, &dilabad and 6ahabubnagar
=istricts. (here are no scheduled areas in the
other districts. (here are ,0 4( communities
living in the 4tate. /f the 0+.*1 lakhs tribal
population, ,+.1) lakhs are found in the
above mentioned - districts. (he remaining
tribal population of 1-.)) lakhs is distributed
in the other districts.
(ribal development did not get translated into
a definite program of action till the 1
$ear %lan period until the socio2economic
development of 4(s was accepted as a
general goal. (he concept of tribal sub2plan
strategy was evolved after a detailed
comprehensive review of the tribal problem
was taken during 0
#ive $ear %lan. #or
implementation of the strategy, Integrated
(ribal =evelopment &gencies :I(=&s; were
conceived. =uring .
#ive $ear %lan,
6odified &rea =evelopment &pproach
:6&=&; was adopted to cover smaller areas
of tribal concentration and for still smaller
areas the cluster approach was adopted. >ow,
there are 11 6&=& %ockets and 1) 'lusters.
=uring )
#ive $ear %lan, the programs
were e<tended to =ispersed (ribal roups
:=(s; also. By the end of -
#ive $ear
%lan, the %rogram priorities of (ribal 7elfare
=epartment are provision of incentives to
students by way of free boarding and lodging
for hostellers and package of incentives like
supply of te<t books, note books, dresses etc.
#or the first time, 8* %rimary Aealth 'enters
were sanctioned during *++1 e<clusively for
tribal areas to improve access to primary
health care. &ll efforts are being made to
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #DD
ensure that all the tribal habitations are
provided with safe drinking water.
&reas inhabited by primitive tribal groups
and remote areas of the I(=&s and 6&=&s
are by and large lacking in necessary
infrastructural facilities re!uired for a
minimum standard of living. (he availability
of infrastructure facilities in the tribal areas is
far below the 4tate and >ational averages.
(he general literacy rate is .+.0D as per
*++1 'ensus, while the 4( literacy is
,).+1D. overnment accorded high priority
for the accelerated development of tribals by
implementing socio economic development
programs. 6ajor focus is on "ducation,
Aealth and 3and based schemes.
(ribal 7elfare =epartment assists the tribal
population in the field of education,
economic development and other programs.
Trial Cultural Resear"- An5 Trainin)
Institute :TCR O TI;:
It is established in the year 1-.,. (he key
functions of the institute are to conduct
ethnographic studies on tribes of &%, carryout
socio economic and bench mark surveys,
formulate perspective plans for Integrated
(ribal =evelopment &gencies :I(=&s; and
%rimitive (ribal roups :%(s; and impart
various types of orientation trainings to
officials and non officials engaged in tribal
>iri7an Cooperati<e Corporation :>CC;:
"fforts to eliminate e<ploitation by private
traders are being continued. (he irijan 'o2
operative 'orporation 3td., 8isakhapatnam is
purchasing minor forest produce with
monopoly rights in ,8 items.
A.P. S"-e5ule5 Trie Co+Operati<e
Finan"e Corporation :TRICOR;:
(he &.%. 4cheduled (ribe 'o2operative
#inance 'orporation :(CI'/C; is providing
margin money needed for the tribals to draw
institutional finance for the economic
development programs.
Trial 1el4are En)ineerin) 1in):
(ribal 7elfare "ngineering wing is looking
after construction of &shram 4chools,
Aostels, Cesidential 4chools@I(Is@
%olytechnics@=egree 'olleges, formation of
roads in agency areas, 'onstruction of
'ommunity and Individual latrines and
works sponsored by other agencies.
A.P. Trial 1el4are Resi5ential
E5u"ational Institutions So"iety
:>URU@ULA(;: It is established in the
year 1--- bifurcating from &.%. Cesidential
"ducational Institutions 4ociety and renamed
as 5C5B53&6. It takes care of enrolment
and retention of tribal children and
improvement in the !uality of education. It
is responsible for the effective management
of the institutions.
A.P. Trial Po,er Co*pany Li*ite5
overnment of &ndhra %radesh promoted
(ribal %ower 'ompany to establish, generate
and operate 6ini Aydel %ower %rojects and
other non conventional power projects like
4olar, Bio2mass etc., in tribal areas. %rojects
will be owned and managed by local tribals
constituted into a project committee.
A.P. Trial (inin) P<t. Li*ite5
(ribal 6ining limited was established under
companies &ct 1-0. during the year *++1 as
Koint 8enture 'ompany :K8'; of &%
(CI'/C :)1D; and &%6=' :*.D;. (he
objective is to facilitate mining operations in
tribal areas for the benefit of tribals by
framing (ribal 6ining 'ooperative 4ocieties,
and providing safe and scientific mining
methods to the tribals.
=u5)et: (he =epartment?s budget for *++-2
1+ is Cs.))+.-- cr. consisting of Cs.1++.*)
cr. under >on2%lan and Cs.,)+.)* cr. under
%lan :Including Cs..1.,- cr. under '44;.
)1D of the budget Cs..1+.1* 'r. was
allocated towards tribal education.
A"-ie<e*ents 5urin) .$$0+#$:
E5u"ation: (ribal 7elfare =epartment is
maintaining 0-- &shram 4chools with
strength of 1,0-,*+,, 11* Aostels with
strength of )-,.1+ and 1,,1) irijana 8idya
8ikasa Bendras :4ingle (eacher 4chools;
renamed as overnment %rimary 4chools
:(7; with a strength of 1,+1,80*.
(here are 0. Cesidential 4chools, 1*
Cesidential 4chools for %rimitive (ribal
roups :%(s;, 1 "nglish 6edium 4chools,
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D%
1- Cesidential Kunior 'olleges, * 5pgraded
Cesidential Kunior 'olleges, , 4chools of
"<cellence, , 'olleges of "<cellence, 11
6ini urukulams and -+ Basturba andhi
Balika 8idyalayas with a strength of ),,+81,
of which ,1,+81 are boys and ,-,+++ are
0,+,+ seats increased in residential
institutions during *++-21+.
),))1 4( students admitted additionally over
previous year in (7 5C5B53&6
En-an"e*ent o4 5iet "-ar)esJ overnment
have enhanced diet charges of 4( boarders
by 1+D in *++82+-.
Ne, (enuJ In tune with increased diet
charges the revised menu along with detailed
guidelines on the procedure, !uality, hygienic
and other practices were communicated to all
%roject /fficers of I(=&s and =(7/s. (he
menu charts have been displayed in the
hostels, ashram schools and residential
institutions. (he menu was also published in
telugu daily news papers for public
Re<ise5 in"enti<esJ overnment have
enhanced@revised certain incentives that are
being provided to the 4( boarders from
*++82+-. 4upply of bedding material is made
once in every year, four pairs of dresses are
being supplied every year and hair cutting@
cosmetic@stitching charges were also
C=SE SyllausJ overnment have
introduced "nglish medium with 'B4"
syllabus from *++-21+ in * sections of class
and .
in 108 tribal welfare &shram
4chools and )1 Cesidential 4chools
benefiting ,*,,+) students.
Corporate E5u"ation in Inter*e5iateJ
*,)01 4( students were admitted in reputed
corporate colleges for !uality education in
Intermediate by paying Cs.,0,+++@2 per
student per year.
/ne =."d 'ollege was sanctioned at
Bhadrachalam in *++8.
)0D of seats in the degree colleges located in
agency areas are reserved for local 4(
Results: )8D of students in Aostels, 8.D of
students in &shram 4chools and -,D of
students in (7 Cesidential 4chools passed
44' %ublic "<aminations held in 6arch,
1-D of students in (7 Cesidential Kunior
'olleges passed in Intermediate 1
"<aminations held in 6arch, *++-.
.8D of students in (7 Cesidential Kunior
'olleges passed in Intermediate II year
"<aminations held in 6arch, *++-.
&ealt- Insuran"e: (he Ehealth insurance
schemeF has been renewed for *++-21+ also
with >ational Insurance 'ompany 3imited
and an amount of Cs.8-,10,,0.@2 was paid as
annual premium L *.@2 per boarder
:including service ta<; to cover ,,11,-*1 4(
student boarders studying in ashram schools,
hostels, B..B.8s, residential schools,
residential junior colleges and 6ini
urukulams. 1.), cases were treated and
reimbursed an amount of Cs.,0,1),1)+@2 up
to >ovember, *++-.
Pre+(atri" S"-olars-ips:
overnment have enhanced pre2matric
scholarships by 1+D during the year *++82
+-. 0,-18 4( students studying in 11*
reputed schools under Best &vailable 4chools
4cheme are receiving pre2matric scholarships
L Cs.8,8++@2 to Cs.*+,+++@2 per annum per
boarder. 4( students are sponsored for
admission in Ayderabad %ublic 4chools
:A%4; to get !uality education. ,+1 4(
students are studying in Ayderabad %ublic
4chools and receiving !uality education
during this year.
Post+(atri" S"-olars-ips: 81,01) 4(
students are receiving %ost26atric
4cholarships during the current year :up to
,+2-2+-;. &n amount of Cs.10.,1 crores was
spent on %ost2 6atric 4cholarships.
overnment enhanced income ceiling limit
of parents of 4( students for sanction of
%ost2 6atric 4cholarships to Cs.1,++,+++@2.
overnment have issued orders to sanction,
drawal and disbursement of post matric
scholarships through online from the
academic year *++82+-. 1,+,,.10 fresh
applications and -0,0+0 renewal applications
were received through on line from 4(
students :as on 1-21*2*++-;. 6aintenance
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D'
charges for 4( students were enhanced by
,+D during *++82+-.
Sa*9s-e*a =ataJ overnment have
sanctioned an amount of Cs.00.+) crores
towards essential repairs and construction of
new toilet blocks in 1,1)1 (7 educational
institutions :as on ,121+2*++-;.
Conser<ation "u* De<elop*ent Plan 4or
PT>s: 'onservation cum =evelopment %lan
for the %rimitive (ribal roups of &% for the
II #ive year plan with a total cost of
Cs.110.-8 crores was prepared and submitted
to overnment of India. (he oI have
released an amount of Cs.8..+ cr. to take up
priority projects like establishment of
nutritional rehabilitation centers, land
purchase, viability gap funding for
indiramma houses and coverage of balance of
%( families under Kanasri Bhima $ojana for
the welfare of %(s and the same was
released to the concerned ) =istricts.
>ine branch drug stores were sanctioned at
I(=& head !uarters.
8illa)e Trial De<elop*ent Asso"iations
:8TDAs;: overnment have issued orders to
organi9e village development &ssociations
:8(=&s; duly replacing the village
development committees :8='s; in all tribal
habitations having more than )+ households
and located in (4% areas and which are not
major ram %anchayats. (he main purpose
of this concept was to ensure participation of
the tribal community in all development
activities in addition to the works@functions
already being performed by 8='s and to
inculcate a sense of ownership of community
assets, ensure proper and e!uitable
development to the (ribal 4ub %lan villages
in the state. #inancial powers of 8(=&s has
been enhanced from Cs.0.++ lakhs to
Cs.1+.++ lakhs for all building works, road
works other than B( roads, minor irrigation
works and all maintenance works.
Stren)t-enin) o4 Trial 1el4are
E5u"ational InstitutionsJ &s a part of
strengthening of *,1 "ducational Institutions,
overnment decided to provide toilets and
bathrooms at the rate of *+ toilets and *+
bathrooms for each institution. &n amount of
Cs.*0.1, crores was sanctioned.
>iri7an Co+operati<e Corporation: irijan
'o2operative 'orporation is targeted to
procure Cs.**.8+ crores worth of 6inor
#orest %roduce and &gricultural %roduce
during *++-21+ (he activity wise
performance depicted in the (able 8.*1.
Tale 8..B
Per4or*an"e o4 >CC 5urin) .$$0+#$
A"ti<ity Tar)et A"-ie<e*ent
6#%@&% %rocurement **.8+ ,.1.
4ales of "'s and
/ther =Cs. 1),.*0 81.*8
'redit =isbursement ..++ 1.0,
'redit Cecovery 8.++ +.,0
C6= 4ales *0.++ 0.)*
Total .2D.$D 0..2B
Source: - +ri&al Welfare Department
TRICOR: #or the year *++-21+, (CI'/C has
prepared action plan with an out lay of Cs.,+-.08
cr. to benefit ,,)),.)) 4( beneficiaries under
economic support schemes including training
and employment generation programs. &n
amount of Cs.,0.)8 crores was spent so far,
covering 1,01,-)+ 4( beneficiaries.
Susi5y: overnment have taken a decision to
increase subsidy from Cs.1+,+++@2 to Cs.,+,+++@2
from *++-21+ onwards. It will be limited to 0+D
of the total unit cost or Cs.,+,+++@2 whichever is
less. 5nits costing more than Cs.1+.++ lakhs will
be assisted by speciali9ed agencies under
Industries and 'ommerce department.
Co44ee Pro7e"t: 'offee plantation project during
II #ive year plan has been contemplated with
financial assistance from 'offee Board :*0D;,
/&% :*0D; and :0+D; beneficiary contribution
in the form of labor to take up coffee in .+,+++
acres with an out lay of Cs.118.++ cr. 'offee
including pepper was taken up in 1*,+++ acres
and 4ilver /ak in *+,+++ acres with an
e<penditure of Cs.118.8* lakhs in %aderu I(=&
area of 8isakapatnam =istrict.
Ruer Pro7e"t: =uring the current year,
plantations were taken up in 1,-.* acres with an
e<penditure of Cs.,.8- cr in C.'.8aram I(=&
Or)ani" 4ar*in) pro7e"t: (he /rganic farming
project is under implementation in , I(=&s i.e.,
4eethampeta, "turunagaram and Bhadrachalam.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D8
(he project is jointly funded by (7 department
and Aorticulture department. &n amount of
Cs..1.-8 lakhs was spent to benefit ,,1)1 4(
Lan5 Trans4er Re)ulations: ).,.01 cases were
detected, )1,8+) cases were disposed and ,.,,01
cases were decided in favor of 4(s.
(ini &y5el Pro7e"ts :TRIPC$;: *, #resh
=%Cs and %#Cs for 6ini Aydel %rojects were
prepared for sanction with an estimated capacity
of *1.,8 67 and with an estimated project cost
of Cs.11,.)0 cr. Ceconnaissance survey for *0
locations is completed by specialist agencies. ,
6ini Aydel %ower %rojects have been taken up at
8etamamidi, %injarikonda and 6itlapalem in
I(=&, Campa 'hodavaram, "ast odavari
5nder 8illage energy security program :8"4%;,
the 6inistry of >ew and Cenewable "nergy, oI
have sanctioned three Bio #uel "nergy based
projects at 6arripalem, Biligondapenta and
'hinnarutla villages in %rakasam district at a cost
of Cs.0,.18 lakhs.
Re4erral Fun5: *++ (ribal people suffering
from chronic ailments were given financial
assistance for treatment in referral hospitals.
Inter Caste (arria)es: ,1 couples received
incentives so far for inter caste marriages, if
one of the spouses belongs to 4(.
Trial Su Plan:TSP;: =uring the year
*++-21+, the (ribal sub2plan outlay is
Cs.*,)+.8. crores, which is ).+8D in the
total state plan outlay. (he e<penditure
incurred is Cs.8,,.). crores indicating an
achievement of ,0.1)D :upto =ecember,+-;.
Re"o)nition o4 Forest Ri)-ts A"t? .$$%
:RoFR;: /perational guidelines for
implementation of Co#C &ct were issued by
overnment and communicated to all
=istrict 'ollectors@%roject /fficers of I(=&s
and other concerned officers. ,,*),11, claims
were received covering an area of 1-,11,+)1
acres, 1,8*,+-, claims were approved
covering 11,*1,-+1 acres and 1,),,1+.
certificate of titles were issued covering
1,,.8,+-8 acres.
In4rastru"ture De<elop*entJ &s part of
strengthening infrastructure facilities in tribal
areas, )) road works have been taken up
under CI=#GII8 :>&B&C=; in *++82+-
with an estimated cost of Cs.1,..80 crores.
5nder &rticle *)0 :i;, *0 road works have
been taken up with an estimated cost of
Cs.10.00 cr. in I(=& areas.
1ee5in) out 4alse ST Clai*s: 8,+1- cases
were scrutini9ed before admission into
various courses like 6edical, "ngineering,
%olytechnic etc., and 11 were found to be
doubtful or false.
Estalis-*ent o4 Inte)rate5 Trial
De<elop*ent A)en"y :ITDA; 4or
De<elop*ent o4 S"-e5ule5 Tries in Plain
Areas: overnment accorded administrative
sanction for establishment of Integrated
(ribal =evelopment &gency :I(=&; for the
development of 4(s in plain areas in #eb,
*++-. (he jurisdiction of the I(=& subject
to the e<clusion of areas included in I(=&s
'henchus at 4risailam and $anadies at
>ellore shall e<tend to the districts of
Brishna, unture, %rakasam, >ellore,
'hittor, Badapa, &nantapur, Burnool,
6ahabubnagar, Ayderbad, Canga Ceddy,
6edak, Barimnagar, >i9amabad and
Dr. 3.S.Ra7ase9-ara Re55y Stu5y Cir"le
4or STs: overnment have issued orders in
4eptember, *++- establishing a study circle2
cum2preGe<amination2training centre to cater
to training needs of the educational tribal
youth in the 4tate with a sanctioned strength
of 1++ seats and started with )0 admitted
8.1. India is a vast nation with a fabric like
interwoven society with many religious and
ways of life. &s a secular country,
overnment?s endeavor has always been to
ensure carrying its entire population,
including the 6inorities, on the path of
progress. (he =epartment of 6inorities
7elfare was created in the year 1--, with the
transfer of related subjects from the
departments of Cevenue, eneral
&dministration, "mployment, $outh 4ervices
and "ducation. 4chemes and policies have
been put in place to ensure the upliftment of
6inorities under the aegis of the 6inorities
#inance 'orporation. (he advancement of
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #D0
6inorities re!uires attention from several
angles. &s per *++1 'ensus, the population
of 6inorities in &ndhra %radesh is around
8*.++ lakhs, which constitutes over 11 D of
the total population of the 4tate. (he
population of 6inorities is generally urban2
based. & large segment of 6inority
population is living below poverty line. (he
share of 6inorities in different economic
support schemes has also been very low. (he
6inorities in general and their women
counterparts in particular, have been highly
backward, both educationally and
economically. (he 6ain problems of
6inorities and the overnmental
intervention are attempted in the following
"conomic =evelopment;
7omen =evelopment;
"ducational =evelopment;
%rotection and =evelopment of 7akf
%rotection and =evelopment of 5rdu
4ocial and 'ultural =evelopment; and
Cemoving the sense of discrimination.
overnment have taken various initiatives
for the overall development of the minorities
4ome of them are briefed belowJ
A.P. State (inorities Co**ission:
It was constituted in 1-)-. 4ubse!uently,
overnment, in 1--8, have enacted the &.%.
4tate 6inorities 'ommission &ct, 1--8. (he
6inorities 'ommission is looking into
specific issues being faced by minority
A.P. State (inorities Finan"e Corporation
an5 A. P. C-ristian Finan"e Corporation
(he &ndhra %radesh 4tate 6inorities #inance
'orporation 3imited was incorporated under
the 'ompanies &ct, 1-0. in the year 1-80, to
assist the weaker sections of 6inorities vi9.,
6uslims, 4ikhs, Buddhists and %arsis etc. for
their socio economic development through
banks for which the corporation provides
subsidy component only for the schemes vi9.
i; economic assistance for setting up of
businesses, Industrial, 4ervice, &griculture
and allied viable activities and rant in &id
for 7elfare 4chemes. & separate 'orporation
vi9., &ndhra %radesh 4tate 'hristian #inance
'orporation has been established in *++- for
welfare of weaker sections of 'hristians.
A"ti<ities 5urin) .$$0+#$: :2$G$0G$0;
Susi5y >rant 4or =an9ale S"-e*eJ (he
corporation envisaged to provide 4ubsidy for
Bankable 4cheme to *..) beneficiaries to
the tune of Cs. 1++.++ lakhs.
Pre (atri" S"-olars-ips: (he 'orporation
envisaged to provide %re 6atric 4cholarships
of Cs. 11-0.,1 lakhs to 1,)+,)0- students.
Post (atri" S"-olars-ips: (he
Corporation envisaged to provide %ost
6atric 4cholarships to 1,*8,)+1 students the
tune of Cs. ,,)8..- lakhs.
Rei*urse*ent o4 Tuition Fee: (he
'orporation envisaged to e<tend an amount
of Cs. 08)0.++ lakhs towards (uition #ee
(aintenan"e o4 Pre an5 Post (atri"
&ostels 4or (inoritiesJ (he 'orporation has
provided Cs.1++.++ lakhs towards
maintenance of %re and %ost 6atric Aostels
for 6inorities.
I*pro<e*ent an5 De<elop*ent o4
Resi5ential S"-ools an5 "olle)es 4or
*inoritiesJ &n amount of Cs..++.++ lakhs
was provided for development of Cesidential
An5-ra Pra5es- State 1a94 =oar5:
overnment have sanctioned Cs. )+..)
crores for the 7akf Board from 1--02-. to
*++82+- for various schemes like Cepair and
6aintenance of 7akf Institutions, Cepairs,
Cevolving #und for construction of 4hopping
'omple<es, rant2in aid towards payment of
legal e<penses and repayment of loans,
'onstruction and maintenance of Aaj Aouse,
'onduct of 6arriages to %oor 6uslim irls,
6aintenance assistance to 6uslim =ivorced
#amilies, etc.
Ur5u A"a5e*y :
(he 5rdu &cademy was established in 1-)0
for %romotion, %rotection and =evelopment
of 5rdu 3anguage and 3iterature. It provides
rant2in2&id towards 22 preserving and
promotion of 5rdu language, 4cholarships
and fees re2imbursement to urdu medium
students, 8ocational training in 5rdu
computer education 'ourses, providing
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%$
Infrastructure facilities in 5rdu 4chools and
assistance to &% /pen:5rdu; school etc.
Centre 4or E5u"ational De<elop*ent o4
5nder this scheme, '"=6 is taking steps to
improve the 'lassroom %erformance of
4chool 'hildren Belonging to 6inorities. It
has adopted the schools with dismal
performance to provide basics and improve
the performance in 44' "<amination.
'entre distributes workbooks in 6aths2I,
6aths2II, %hysical 4ciences, Biological
4ciences, "nglish and (elugu :); to I class
5rdu 6edium students :coaching and non2
coaching; throughout &%.
(he free coaching programme covers a
period of si< months from &ugust to
#ebruary every year.
Dairatul (aari4+Il + Os*ania:
(he =airatul 6aarif is an autonomous body.
It is one of the leading institutions of India,
which carries out research on &rabic works
written during the classical and mediaeval
era. "ach and every work selected goes
through the process of careful transcription
and diligent collation of different
manuscripts available by a team of renowned
scholars before it goes for printing and
publication. (he =airatul 6aarif2il2/smania
has so far published about 1)0 works of
seminal importance all being welcomed
warmly by the world of learning.
A.P.State &a7 Co**ittee:
(o perform religious duties, thousands of
6uslims of the 4tate proceed to 4audi &rabia
in order to perform Aaj. Aaj 'ommittee
constituted by &.%. overnment has been
providing all the re!uired facilities to Aajis.
& total amount of Cs. )+.++ lakhs is provided
as rant2in2&id during *++-21+ to &.%. 4tate
Aaj 'ommittee.
8.1) (he $outh 7elfare 4chemes are categori9ed
as :a; providing 4elf "mployment to the un2
employed youth, :b; (raining to provide
employment and :c; other participatory
programmes. Cajiv $uvashakthi %rogramme
is implemented to provide financial
assistance, to create self employment
opportunities to the eligible unemployed
youth to establish 4elf employment units in
Industry, 4ervice and Business 4ectors.
4uitable training programmes are designed
and implemented as per the market demand
and needs of the youth to make them
employable in association with the Industry.
(o facilitate the unemployed youth for
enrolment into &rmy, 'C%# and other allied
services, 'ommissionerate of $outh 4ervices
is organi9ing suitable training programmes in
association with %olice and >'' officials in
all =istricts. In addition to 4elf "mployment
and (raining %rogrammes, youth
empowerment programmes like $outh
3eadership (raining %rogrammes, $outh
"<change %rogrammes, $outh #estivals,
4hramadan programmes, 6ass mobili9ation
programmes like &ids &wareness 'ampaign,
3iterary, #amily %lanning etc., are organi9ed.
Ra7i< 3u<as-a9t-i Pro)ra**e:
&n employment generation programme,
Cajiv $uvashakthi was taken up by
overnment of &ndhra %radesh for the
benefit of unemployed youth. (hree types of
schemes are being implemented under this
self employment programme vi9. Individual
:Cs. 1.++ 3akh;, roup :Cs. ,.++ 3akhs to
0.++ 3akhs; and %etty :Cs. +.0+ 3akh; with
*+D 4ubsidy, 1+D Beneficiary 'ontribution
and )+D Bank 3oan.
=uring *++82+-, *1,)*1 units were grounded
with a project cost of Cs.10-.1* crores,
involving a subsidy of Cs.,1.., crores.
(he achievements under Cajiv $uvashakthi
%rogramme are given in &nne<ure 8.1,.
Pre Ar*y Re"ruit*ent
4cheme of %re &rmy Cecruitment training is
aimed for eligible unemployed youth to
enable them for enhancing chances of
recruitment in &C6$, &ir #orce, 'C%# and
other &llied services. (he training is
designed for ,+ days prior to the Cecruitment
rallies with free boarding and lodging besides
academic assistance.
=epartment of $outh 4ervices is
e<tending necessary administrative
support to authorities for recruitment
rallies whenever held in the districts.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%#
=uring *++)2+8, 1,-,1members have
undergone training and 1,88) youth have
got selected.
=uring *++82+-, 0,1)0 members have
undergone training and ,,8*1 youth have
got selected.
S9ill De<elop*ent Trainin) Pro)ra**e
'ommissionerate of $outh 4ervices is
identifying employment opportunities in
private sector by conducting market survey in
association with the departments@ training
institutions, like Ceddy?s #oundation,
&%I('/, &%%', 4C(CI, >II(, Aandlooms
and (e<tiles, 3I='&% etc. 4kill development
training programmes are taken up to impart
employable skills to unemployed youth. (he
skill upgradation trainings are organi9ed in
various demand oriented courses like security
services, masonry, bar bending, I( enabled
services, 368 driving; bedsides nursing
assistants, 'all 'entre e<ecutives, hotel
management, garment making, &uto 'ad,
hardware etc. and assisting the youth in
getting placement in various private
organi9ations as a part of wage employment.
=uring *++82+-, placements were provided
to ,*,.8* members with a minimum salary of
Cs.*,0++@2 and above.
#or the year *++-21+, a sum of Cs.1,-*1.1,
lakhs is provided and is targeted to provide
benefit to .,+++ youth in ongoing programs.
8.18 &ndhra %radesh has been the pioneer in
implementing EAousing for allF duly aiming
at the objective of >ational Aousing %olicy
of E4helter for allF and committed to making
EAousing for allF a reality. Bey principles
followed in implementing the housing
programme areJ
%roviding affordable housing with
ade!uate amenities and healthy
environment for "conomically 7eaker
#acilitating access to affordable housing
for the 3ower Income roups both, in
rural and urban areas.
'omplementing construction of housing
with provision of basic services to ensure
clean and comfortable cities and towns.
(he pioneering effort of the &ndhra %radesh
4tate Aousing 'orporation 3imited
:&%4A'3; in motivating and educating
beneficiaries and introducing the concept of
E4elf2Aelf and 6utual2AelpF has succeeded
not only in creating awareness among the
beneficiaries to drive away from e<ploitation
by middlemen and in reducing the cost of
construction by adoption of 'ost2"ffective
and "co2#riendly (echnologies, but also
helped in capacity building and utili9ation of
human resources among rural and poor. (he
introduction of Beneficiaries? 6elas and
%reconstruction orientation programs helped
immensely in increasing the willing
participation of the beneficiaries.
(o meet the demand of building materials
and also to minimi9e the cost of construction,
&%4A'3 is encouraging the production and
usage of 'ost "ffective and "co #riendly
materials by the beneficiaries. 88 >irmithi
Bendras@ 4ub >irmithi Bendras were
established all over the 4tate on spreading the
use of such materials and technologies. 4o
far, Cs.11*..+ 3akhs worth of building
components such as 4and 'ement Blocks,
#al2 Blocks, %re2'ast door and 7indow
frames, 'ement Kallies, C'' Cafters etc.,
have been produced and utili9ed for the
housing program.
5nder 7eaker 4ection Aousing %rogram,
since inception till the end of 4eptember
*++-, -1,),,+.) houses have been completed
comprising of 81,,.,0+0 in rural area and
),,.,0.* in urban areas. $ear wise
achievements upto 4eptember *++- are given
in &nne<ure 8.11.
Ra7i< S,a)ru-a:
overnment of &ndhra %radesh embarked
upon a uni!ue and Maffordable housing?
scheme called ECajiv 4wagruhaF for
moderate income groups in the urban area of
the 4tate in the year *++). (he project is
demand driven and self financed. It provides
an Menabling environment? for fulfilling the
shortage of appropriate housing to the needy.
(he mandate of the state government is to
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%.
provide the houses at cost *0D less than the
prevailing local market.
Cajiv 4wagruha 'orporation 3imited is
incorporated as a Mspecial purpose vehicle?
for implementing the scheme
De*an5 Assess*ent:
& =emand survey was conducted to assess
the choice of applicant for each category of
flats@houses during 6arch 2 &pril?+) and
1.)0 lakh applications in -8 6unicipalities
were !ualified for construction. Initially, the
Mtentative cost? is notified. (he final cost is
calculated at the finishing stage of the
(he construction of housing programme
under Cajiv 4wagruha is under progress.
%rojects were prepared for construction of
80,-.1 houses@flats; out of which projects
have been awarded and grounded for
construction of 1-,,0, units upto 4eptember
*++-. 'onstruction of 1,11+ flats at
'handanagar, Ayderabad has been
8.1- (he overnment is determined to solve the
drinking water problem in rural areas with
the following objectives 2
=elivery of safe, potable drinking water
to all rural people.
4afe water to fluoride, brackish and other
polluted habitations.
5pgradation of all habitations to fully
covered status.
%roper sanitation facilities to all
(he funds for implementing schemes @ works
meant for providing drinking water facilities
and sanitation facilities to the habitations are
allocated under various programmes of 4tate
and 'entral overnment such as &C74%,
46%, ==%, (#', &mbedkar Keevan
=hara:&K=;, Cajiv %allebata, 4ector
Ceforms, 4wajaladhara and other e<ternal
agencies as well. #unds are being tapped in
the form of loans from >&B&C=, A5='/
In4rastru"ture Create5
(here are ,,*.,0+. hand pumps, 1),8,- %74
4chemes and 1). '%74 4chemes :incl. 44%
4chemes; e<isting as on +1.+1.*++-.
Rural 1ater Supply: On)oin) pro)ra*
=uring the year *++-21+, 1,,,)0
:1,+1.O*0-; works are on hand with a cost
of Cs.,+1-.)0 'rores to cover -,01,
habitations. 4o far, Cs.,,*.11 'rores was
spent covering 0,008 habitations. (he
balance works are in progress.
Total Sanitation Ca*pai)n :TSC;
(he (4' projects are sanctioned in **
districts in the 4tate in a phased manner from
1---2*+++ to *++. by /I with matching
share from 4tate ovt. beneficiaries and
panchayats. (he programme is sanctioned
with a target of .),18,.+) Individual 4anitary
3atrines :I43s; to be constructed in rural
areas for B%3 families, 1,11,8)1 4chool
toilets and 10,.10 &nganwadi toilets. &gainst
whch, ,-,,-,.8- I43s, -.,8*, 4chool (oilets,
and 1,)8- &nganwadi toilets have been
constructed upto 6arch, *++-.
(otal 4anitation 'ampaign :(4'; emphasi9es
more on information, education and
communication :I"';, human resource
development, and capacity development
activities to increase awareness and demand
generation for sanitation facilities.
4tate overnment have taken up massive
programme by providing matching share for
the amounts released by the /I.
=uring *++-21+, so far, -8,+18 I43s, 1)-0
4chool toilets and .,* &nganwadi toilets
have been constructed so far as against the
targeted 8,11,0,0 I43s, 1-,1.) school toilets
and 1+,8), &nganwadi toilets.
8.*+ &n independent department of %ublic
Aealth and 6unicipal "ngineering and a
separate service called %ublic Aealth and
6unicipal "ngineering 4ervice were
constituted in Kune 1-.+.
Uran 1ater Supply an5 Sanitation
%ublic Aealth and 6unicipal "ngineering
=epartment is incharge of Investigation,
=esign, preparation of "stimates and %lans
and e<ecution of 7ater 4upply and 4ewerage
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%2
4chemes in all 11+ 6unicipalities and 1*
6unicipal 'orporations :e<cluding reater
Ayderabad 6unicipal 'orporation,
8ijayawada 6unicipal 'orporation and
reater 8isakhapatnam 6unicipal
7ater 4upply Improvement 4chemes are
being taken up in 5rban 3ocal bodies from
time to time to improve per capita water
supply on par with >ational 4tandards. In
addition to the above, the technical control
over all engineering works is done by
"ngineer2in2'hief :%A;. (he operation and
maintenance of 7ater 4upply and 4ewerage
4chemes is being attended by the respective
6unicipalities and 6unicipal 'orporations.
Status o4 1ater Supply:
&s per the standards stipulated in 'entral
%ublic Aealth "ngineering "nvironmental
/rgani9ation :'%A""/; manual, the rate of
drinking water supply to be maintained is as
(own with 5nder round =rainage G 1,0
(own without 5nder round =rainage G
)+ lpcd
(he 4tate overnment has given top priority
to provide protected drinking water to all
urban local bodies by strengthening the
e<isting infrastructure and service levels.
=uring last five years, 01 water supply
schemes with an estimated cost of Cs.0+8.1)
crores were completed adding ,.0 63= of
water, raising the installed capacity from -,1
63= to 1,*-- 63= and thereby the average
water supply was raised from .,3%'= to
=uring *++-21+, 1* water supply schemes
were completed and commissioned so far,
under plan, 5I=446( and A5='/ grants,
duly adding 1*-.+, 63= of water at a cost
of Cs.1.1.*) crores.
&fter commissioning of the above 7ater
4upply 4chemes, the water supply scenario
in the 4tate is as followsJ
(he normal daily water supplies in various
5rban 3ocal Bodies are varying from .0
3%'= to 1++ 3%'= and water supply is
regulated as detailed below.
=aily 2 81
&lternate =ays 2 ,+
/nce in three days 2 8
/nce in four days and above 2 ,
& total of ,1,*-, >os. bore wells are
e<isting :%ower and Aand bores; in 1**
5rban local bodies. ,,,11- >os. are
&t %resent -+1 >os. of tankers are
making 1,11- >os. of trips per day to un2
served areas in 1** 5rban 3ocal Bodies.
Fa,a-arlal Ne-ru National Uran
Rene,al (ission :FNNUR(;:
overnment of India has launched the
K>>5C6 in the year *++02+. with a
budgetary provision of Cs.0+,+++ crores for a
period of seven years, the mission will
initially cover about .+ cities and provide
grant assistance to them for specified
5I=446( :5rban Infrastructure =evelop2
ment 4cheme for 4mall and 6edium (owns;
4cheme is a component of K>>5C6
%rogramme launched with an aim to provide
5rban Infrastructure in the 4ector of 7ater
4upply, 5nder round =rainage, 4torm
7ater =rains, 4olid 7aste 6anagement and
(ransportation in >on2mission 5rban local
bodies :53Bs; in a planned manner.
(he scheme applies to all 53Bs in the state
e<cluding mission 'ities i.e., Ayderabad,
8ijayawada and 8isakhapatnam.
(he funding pattern is in the ratio of
8+J1+J1+ between overnment of India,
overnment of &ndhra %radesh and 53B.
S"-e*es un5er I*ple*entation:
Uran In4rastru"ture De<elop*ent
S"-e*e 4or S*all an5 (e5iu* To,ns
-8 projects costing Cs.,,--.,0 'rores have
been cleared so far, in various 434's
covering ). 53B?s. (he funding pattern is 8+
D and 1+ D grant by 'entral overnment
and 4tate overnment respectively and the
balance 1+D and inadmissible component
could be raised by the 53B@ nodal@
implementing agencies from the financial
institutions. In our state, the 53B share is
being borne by the 4tate ovt.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%B
/ut of -8 projects sanctioned, .8 are under
water sector costing Cs.**.8.** 'rores, 1*
are under 4ewerage sector costing Cs..*0.8.
'rores, 1, are under 4torm 7ater costing
Cs.,)1.1+ 'rores, 1 are under Coads costing
Cs.1*).++ 'rores and 1 under 4olid 7aste
costing Cs.,.8) 'rores. 4o far, /I has
released funds in respect of 81 %rojects and *
projects converted into 5Iand. /ut of these
-8 projects, 1* %rojects of water supply and *
%rojects of 47= and 1 project of 5= and 1
project of road are completed and the
remaining projects are in progress.
Inte)rate5 &ousin) an5 Slu*
De<elop*ent Pro)ra**e : I&SDP;:
1, projects costing Cs.18+.,- 'rores have
been sanctioned covering 1153B?s with a
funding pattern of 8+J1+J1+ between 'entral
overnment, 4tate overnment and 53B.
/ut of 1, %rojects, e<ecution of ,+ %rojects
costing Cs.1+-.8. 'rores has been entrusted.
*) projects are in progress and the balance ,
projects are at tender stage.
&UDCO an5 Plan S"-e*es:
10 >os. of schemes are under progress with
A5='/ loan :11 74 and 1 5=; at a cost
of Cs 01*.8, 'rores. /ut of these,1 water
supply scheme and 1 5= are completed
and the balance schemes are in progress.
1, %rojects are taken up with %lan grants :1+
74, 1 5=, 1 47=, 1 (raffic and
(ransportation; at a cost of Cs *)...,'rores
with an 63= of 0).,0. /ut of these, , water
supply schemes are completed and the
balance schemes are in progress.
By 6arch *+11, the balance 0. water supply
schemes costing Cs.*+)-.*. crores under
5I=446(, and 11 water supply schemes
costing Cs.11..)- crores under A5='/, and
) water supply schemes costing Cs.11).8+
crores are targeted to be completed, duly
adding 81. 63=. By completing all the
above said schemes, the installed capacity
will be raised from 1*-- 63= to **)1 63=
and thereby the average water supply will be
raised from 80 3%'= to 10, 3%'=.
Un5er >roun5 Draina)e S"-e*es:
%resently only one town, (irupathi is fully
covered with under ground drainage system
in the ongoing schemes. "luru, Cajamundry,
untur, >ellore and (enali are covered about
1+D to *+D. 7orks of under ground
drainage system are in progress in (adipatri
and %ulivendula towns.
UIDSS(T+ un5er )roun5 5raina)e
(hree under ground drainage schemes for
6unicipal 'orporations are sanctioned at an
estimated amount of Cs.*1,.11 'rores by
/I for 1.Barimnagar *.Badapa ,.>i9ambad
and works are awarded to agencies and
works are under progress. &nother three
under ground drainage schemes, other than
6unicipal 'orporations, are sanctioned at an
estimated amount of Cs.1,,.,+ 'rores by
/I for >algonda, 6iryalaguda and
>arsaraopet municipalities and works are
under progress.
&nother 4i< 5nder ground drainage schemes
are sanctioned at an estimated cost of
Cs.*1-.10'rores for which /I Celeases are
awaited for (irupati, %roddutur, $emmiganur,
>andyal, (adepalligudem and >agari "(%.By
6arch *+11, the balance 1* 5= schemes
costing Cs..)0.8. crores under 5I=446(
and 1 5= scheme costing Cs.)8.,8 crores
under %lan are targeted to be completed.
8.*1 Uran Sanitation+ Door to Door >ara)e
(here are 1*1 urban 3ocal bodies i.e., 11+
6unicipalities and 11 'orporations in the
state, e<cept reater Ayderabad 6unicipal
'orporation :A6';. (he total garbage
generated is 8,)+1 6(= and the garbage
lifted is 8,1)8 6(= :-1D;. &bout -*D of
the ,*,0+,80) households in these 53Bs
were covered. (he length of drains cleaned is
*1,,81.** Bms against total drains length of
*,,*1+.1. Bms.:-*D;. (he length of roads
swept is 18,.*).0) Bms as against the total
roads of 1-,81..0) Bms length :-1D;.
(uni"ipal Soli5 1aste (ana)e*ent
(he 1*
#inance 'ommission has
recommended allocation of Cs ,)1.++ crores
to the 4tate during the years *++021+. (he
overnment of &ndhra %radesh have taken a
decision to utili9e the entire amount for
implementation of 4olid 7aste 6anagement
in the 53Bs and an amount of Cs.,,).18
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%D
lakhs was released to the 53Bs so far. (he
emphasis is mainly on ac!uisition of land for
compost yards. overnment decided to
utili9e (#' grants for ac!uisition of 3and for
the purpose of compost yards in the 4tate on
need basis.
(he following is the status of availability of
land in the 53Bs.
>o. of 53Bs having no land 2 1.
>o. of 53Bs having partial land
:below 1+ acres; 2 8.
>o.of 53Bs having ade!uate land 2 **
:more than 10 acres;
Instructions were already issued to the
6unicipal 'ommissioners to purchase land
where no@inade!uate land is available for
composting as per norms.
Pro)ress on 1aste to Ener)y Pro7e"ts:
&ll 5rban 3ocal Bodies are grouped into 1-
clusters for management of 6unicipal 4olid
7aste in 5rban 3ocal Bodies. &pprovals
have been accorded to 0 7aste to "nergy
projects after the recommendations of the
(echnical 'ommittee and 4tate 3evel
/fficial 'ommittee covering .* 53Bs in 0
Ra7i< Na)ara =ata :RN=;
&n innovative program called ECajiv >agara
BataF :C>B; had been launched from -
Kanuary *++0 in all the 5rban 3ocal Bodies
with the following objectivesJ
%rovision of ade!uate water, drainage
system, street lighting, roads etc., with an
emphasis on basic infrastructure in areas
inhabited by the poor people.
Cation cards to households to all eligible
people below poverty line.
%roviding houses to eligible houseless
under permanent Aousing@8&6B&$
%roviding minimal infrastructure in
community and religious institutions like
temples mos!ues, churches etc.
'reating sufficient employment
opportunities through building of re!uired
5nder the program, a total )18 assurances
have come up with a cost of Cs.1,*-..1.
crores, of these .18 assurances have been
redressed with an amount of Cs.,,+*1.0.
INDIRA((A in (uni"ipal Areas
(he scheme is aimed to develop all the wards
in the 6unicipal &rea over a period of three
years by saturating them with identified basic
infrastructure facilities and welfare measures
in a focused and time bound manner.
overnment have notified that 1,*)+ wards
in the 1
phase, 1,,8+ wards in the *
and 1,*)- wards in ,
phase are to be
covered under this programme.
(he old age, widow, weaver and disabled
persons are assisted by way of pensions. In
the 1
phase 1,-0,111 pensioners, in the *
phase *,0.,)1) and in the third phase
1,-1,8.8 pensioners have been assisted under
I>=IC&66& %rogramme.
(ission 4or Eli*ination o4 Po<erty in
(uni"ipal Areas :(EP(A; :I@P+
(he poor in urban areas are organi9ed into
4elf Aelp roups and they are brought
together into 4lum 3evel #ederations at slum
level and in to (own 3evel #ederations at
town level. (here are *1.)8 lakh women in
1,-8,+1- self help groups in the 1*0 urban
local bodies. -+ D of the urban poor living in
),11) slums in the state are organi9ed into
5pto =ecember *++-, 0,)-) 4lum 3evel
#ederations and 1) (own 3evel #ederations
have come into e<istence.
6"%6& is taking up placement linked skill
development training under the training
component of 4K4C$@C54. =uring *++-21+,
:upto =ecember,+-; *,1+8 urban youth
persons were trained, of which, 1,1., got
placements. &nother 1*,+8* persons are
undergoing trainings.
5nder urban self employment programme
0,,81 units were sanctioned for setting up of
gainful self employment ventures@micro
enterprises upto =ecember,+-.
S&> =an9 lin9a)e+ Pa<ala 8a55i S-e*e
(he government is facilitating loans from
Institutional sources to 4As L ,D interest
rate under pavala vaddi scheme. =uring
*++-21+, Cs..8,.-1 crores bank loans were
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%%
given to .1,8)0 4As. 5nder pavala vaddi
scheme, Cs.1.81 crores was provided upto
Disaility inter<ention
IB% urban has adopted a participatory
approach to support the persons with
disabilities in all local bodies by building
their capacitites to improve life skills and self
esteem. +..0 lakh persons with disabilities
are organised into 1+,1)0 e<clusive 4As
and they are federated into -. (own
8ikalangula 4amakhyas. -) %arent
&ssociations for mentally retarded also
formed during this year.
5nder Dr.3.S.R A-aya-asta* G Insuran"e
4cheme, 1*,*0* eligible pensioners were
provided with pensions for the month
>ovember, *++-.
6"%6& has takenup various other new
initiatives like Cickshaw Bandhu for
Cickshaw pullers, &&4&C& for the senior
citi9ens, conducting street vendors survey,
and slum survey:profiling; etc. in all the
urban local bodies.
8.** (he Ayderabad 6etropolitan =evelopment
&uthority :A6=&; was constituted on
*1.8.*++8 :previously known as A5=&; for
the purpose of planning, co2ordination,
supervising, promoting and securing planned
development of the Ayderabad 6etropolitan
Cegion. (he important development
programmes implemented areJ
#. P.8.N.R. Ele<ate5 Express,ay:
(he %roject has been taken up to provide
e<press connectivity to the International
&irport at 4hamshabad.
(he project consists ofJ
a; M"levated "<pressway? from 4arojinidevi
"ye Aospital to &ramghar Kunction on
>A ) via Cetibowli and Inner Cing Coad.
It is a #our2lane elevated divided
carriageway of * lanes on either side. (he
total length of the elevated portion is
11..,, Bm.
b; &n Munderpass? to >A at &ramgarh
junction to facilitate traffic from and to
elevated corridor towards 'handrayana
gutta and 8ijayawada highway.
c; & Mtrumpet interchange? at 4hamshabad to
facilitate easy access to the International
&irport on >A 2 ). It?s a four lane
carriage way.
d; &long with the "levated "<pressway it is
also proposed for 5pgradation and
7idening of e<isting four Glane
carriageway of Inner Cing Coad from
Cetibowli Kn to &ramgarh Kn to 4i<2lane
carriageway to a total length 8.)+ Bm
along with necessary improvements of
(he estimated cost of works is Cs. 10+
'rores. (he overall project cost is Cs. .++
'rores including 3and &c!uisition, 4hifting
of utilities, environmental management plan
(he project is taken up on "%' Basis. %eriod
of completion is *. months. (he work was
entrusted to at a cost of Cs 1,- 'rores. (he
work was commenced on 12-2*++..
Status as on 2$+$0+.$$0:
(rumpet Interchange on >A) at &irport Kn.
2 'ompleted and opened to traffic on 102
5nder %ass on >A) at &ramghar Kn.
2 'ompleted and opened to traffic on )2*2
"<pressway 2 'ompleted e<pect certain
finishing 7orks.
.. Flyo<er at Lun)er-ouse Fun"tion:
(o tackle the heavy traffic congestion at
3ungerhouse Kunction on Ayderabad
'hevella Coad, it is proposed to construct a
flyover at a cost of Cs.1) 'rores. (he
foundation stone for the project was laid on
Kanuary *++).
Salient 4eatures o4 t-e Flyo<er:
%roposed flyover alignment 2 along the
direction from >anal >agar chowk to Bapu
(otal 3ength of the flyover is .-0 mts.
'arriage 7ay G #our lane divided
carriageway :two lane each direction;.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%'
7idth of the proposed flyover G 10 mts
:/@4 of 'rash barrier;
(enders called on "%' basis and work is let
out in Kanuary *++).
Status as on 2$+$0+.$$0J
)0D of work completed.
(he balnce work is in active progress and
programmed to be completed before
6arch, *+1+.
2. De<elop*ent an5 "onstru"tion o4 =us
Ter*inus an5 =usiness Center at Ol5
>an5-i &ospital Site? Se"un5eraa5
(he overnment have issued instructions to
develop and construct the Bus (erminus cum
Business 'enter in an area of 11 acres at old
andhi Aospital site, 4ecunderabad. (he
A6=& has prepared the conceptional plans
by engaging 'onsultants. (he proposal
consists of , basement floors ground and *,
upper floors for parking 1 wheelers, *
wheelers Bus (erminus, Business 'enters,
Cestaurant and food court and also
accommodations for railways and &%4C('
offices with access to bus terminus from
6C(4 through foot2over2bridges. (he
estimated project cost is revised to Cs. .++
6@s 4(5% 'onsultants and 6@s 'apital
#ortunes are the (echnical and #inancial
consultants :respectively; for the %roject.
(enders were invited on B/( basis and
there is no response.
#inancial Cestructuring of the %roject is
on the way.
B. RO= on Spinal Roa5 at @u9atpally:
(he 4pinal Coad connecting >A2- to
6adhapur area is completed by A6=&. (he
construction of C/B on 4pinal Coad at
Bukatpally near 66(4 4tation is taken up.
12lane divided carriageway with -1+ mts
length and *1.0 mts 7idth and the estimated
cost is Cs. *0 'rores. (he foundation stone
for C/B was laid in =ecember *++.. &n
&greement was concluded with 6@s IK6
Infrastructures 3td
Status as on 2$+$0+.$$0.
10D work of substructure and
superstructure completed.
"<pected =ate of 'ompletion &ugust *+1+.
D. Sta5iu* "u* Sports Co*plex at
A6=& proposed to take up mini stadia in the
surrounding municipalities of erstwhile 6'A
&rea to promote sports and recreational
activities. Initially one sports comple< is
proposed at Batedhan.
Status as on 2$+$0+.$$0J
&dministrative 4anction for an amount of Cs.
).0+ 'rores was issued for Batedhan sports
comple<. (he sports comple< is planned with
the following features 2 Basketball, Aand
ball, 8olley ball and tennis courts and Indoor
stadium. &ll works e<cept Indoor 4tadium
are nearing completion.
&ussain Sa)ar La9e an5 Cat"-*ent Area
I*pro<e*ent Pro7e"t 4un5e5 y Fapan
International Cooperation A)en"y
4or*erly F=IC
Aussain 4agar 3ake and 'atchment &rea
Improvement %roject covers aspects of
improvement of lake water !uality by
preventing pollutants entering into the lake,
catchment area improvement and
construction of additional 4(%, ugradation of
e<isting 4(%, dredging the contaminated
sediments of the lake bed and increasing the
eco2tourism potentiality.
(he project cost is Cs. ,)+ 'rores, of which
KI'& is funding Cs. ,1+ 'rores as a soft loan.
(he overnment of India and KBI' have
entered into an agreement on ,12,2*++. for
Cs. ,1+ 'rores for EAussain 4agar 3ake and
'atchment &rea Improvement %rojectF. (he
%roject period is *++.2*+1*.
Pro7e"t Pro)ress:
6@s. >K4 'onsultants of Kapan were
appointed as %roject 6anagement
'onsultants for preparation of =%Cs and
construction and supervision of the %roject.
(he works of construction of ,+ 6ld 4(% at
%icket >ala, 0 6ld 4(% at Cangadhamuni
'heruvu, upgradation of *+ 6ld 4(% at
Balkapur >ala are in progress.
(he shoreline improvement activity under
4hore &rea =evelopment is in progress.
IP= works at %icket >alla, Balkapur >alla,
#atehnagar, %rakash >agar and >ecklace
Coad at Bukatpally >alla all under
1.++mm dia C'' Cing 6ain from
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%8
Bukatpally >ala at >ecklace Coad to Buddha
Bhavan, 1.++mm C'' %ipe Kacking at Boats
'lub, (runk 6ain and diversion weir at
Cangadhamuni 3ake :I=3;, 11++mm C''
Bala >agar 6ain all in progress.
=redging pre2!ualification in progress.
Cepair of 4urplus 7eir G under review.
Installation of &eration "!uipment G review
of techni!ues in progress
4horeline Improvement G in progress e.g
Bhairatabad #lyover, proposed "copark
opposite BI64, 4anjeevaiah %ark to Boats
'lub shore improvement works
>alla Improvement G in progress e.g walls
constructed along nallas
%ublic awareness and 'ommunity
development activities are under progress
through 0 >/ roups in ** lake
surrounding colonies.
Uran >reenin) Pro)ra**e:
=uring *++-21+, A6=& proposed urban
greening activities under overnment 8acant
3ands, reenbelts along road margins and
homestead planting components with the
financial outlay of Cs. 1)*0 3akhs.
(he prime objectives of the urban greening
programme areJ
reening the A6=& area to reduce air, noise
and water pollution.
'onversion of unproductive lands into
greenery to provide gainful employment to
rural poor especially women.
Income generation for the women through
>ursery raising activity.
&(DA Nurseries:
A6=& caters to the environment
upgradation of Ayderabad 6etropolitan
=evelopment &rea by developing and
supplying various types of seedlings for
multiple urban uses like ornamental plants,
shade bearing plants, fruit bearing plants,
fodder and fuel needs of the urban and peri
urban population. It is proposed to raise 0.++
3akh seedlings with 1+ varieties of species
during *++-21+ in 11 central nurseries by the
5rban #orestry wing all around A6& area.
Outer Rin) Roa5 Pro7e"t + Status
overnment of &ndhra %radesh have taken
up major infrastructure facilities in
Ayderabad 'ity and one among them is
construction of /uter Cing Coad. (he 108
Bm long /uter Cing Coad passes through
%atancheru :on >A2-; G Bandlakoi near
6edchal :on >A21; G 4hamirpet :on Cajiv
Cahadari; G hatkesar :on >A2*+*; G %edda
&mberpet :on >A2-; G 4hamshabad :on >A2
); G %atancheru :on >A2-; providing
connectivity to various >ational Aighways,
4tate Aighways and 6=Cs. (he /CC is
being taken up as an eight lane access
controlled e<pressway with a design speed of
1*+ B6%A. In addition, *2lane service roads
on either side are being provided. (he entire
project is being implemented in , phases.
P-ase+I 2 #rom achibowli to 4hamshabad2
*1.,8 Bm. (he works are taken up in
contract packages at an estimated cost of
Cs..-- crores and works commenced in Kuly
*++.. 12lane of /CC is completed and the
stretch opened for traffic during >ovember,
*++8. (he phase2I works are e<pected to be
completed by Kune, *+1+. (he progress of
work by the end of =ecember, *++- is
Cs.,1).*) crores on both the packages.
P-ase+IIA: #rom >arsingi to %atancheru and
4hamshabad to %edda &mberpet of length
.*.,+Bm is divided into 0 contract packages.
(hese works :with an estimated cost of Cs.
*1,- 'rores; are taken up on B/( :&nnuity;.
7orks are commenced on =ecember, *++)
and are e<pected to be completed as per
schedule :i.e.; by Kune, *+1+. (he progress
of work by the end of =ec. *++- is Cs.
1*01.,. 'rores on all the 0 %ackages.
P-ase+II=J #rom %atancheru to %edda
&mberpet via Bandlakoi, 4hamirpet,
hatkesar of length )1.,+ Bm is divided into
. contract packages. (he estimated cost is
Cs.,,008 'rores and are being taken up with
the loan assistance of KI'&. (he , %ackages
works from %atancheru to 4hamirpet were
commenced in Kune, *++- and to be
completed by >ovember, *+11. &n amount
of Cs.1+1.-, 'rores is spent on all the ,
%ackages by the end of =ec? *++-.
%rocurement for the balance , 'ontract
%ackages and 4upervision 'onsultancy
'ontract in the stretch from 4hamirpet to
%edda &mberpet has been initiated and is in
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #%0
8.*, Cural =evelopment was a part of #orest
and Cural =evelopment =epartment prior to
1-80. Cural =evelopment wing from the
4ecretariat has been transferred to the
'ommissionerate of %anchayat Caj and Cural
=evelopment in /ctober,1-80 for effective
implementation of various rural development
programmes. & separate 'ommissioner of
Cural =evelopment was posted as Aead of
the Cural =evelopment department in the
year 1--1, de2linking it from the %anchayat
Caj wing. (he department had two major
wings namely =%&% and 7age "mployment
and 4As wing. (he 'ommissionerate of
Cural =evelopment was further bifurcated in
the year *++1, into a;'ommissionerate of
Cural =evelopment and b; 'ommissionerate
of 7omen "mpowerment and 4elf
"mployment. (he 7omen "mpowerment
and 4elf "mployment wing was again
merged with the 'ommissionerate of Cural
=evelopment in *++0.
&t the district level, the =istrict Cural
=evelopment &gencies :=C=&s; are
implementing the programmes of Cural
=evelopment sponsored by overnment of
India under the administrative control of the
'ommissioner, Cural =evelopment.
& separate %roject =irectorate was
sanctioned in 1--1 for implementing
7atershed and 7age "mployment
%rogrammes for &nanthapur district.
4ubse!uently, %roject =irectorates were
created in the 11 =%&% districts taking into
account the work load involved in watershed
and wage employment programmes.
(he overnment have constituted a 7ater
'onservation 6ission :7'6; with the
'ommissioner, Cural =evelopment as the
'hief "<ecutive /fficer :'"/; in the year
*+++. 5nder the 7ater 'onservation
6ission, large scale water conservation @
water harvesting activities were taken up in
all the ** rural districts. 7hile implementing
these activities a need was felt to have
separate wing for water management in the
1+ non2=%&% districts also. (owards this,
separate establishment for water management
and wage employment at district level was
created in *++1. #or the sake of uniformity
all the projects handling watersheds and
wage employment programmes have been re2
designated as =istrict 7ater 6anagement
&gencies :=76&s;. (he =76&s are
implementing both =%&% and 7age
"mployment programmes .
0+D of our lands are degraded and nearly
,+D of our people are poor :below poverty
line;. 7ith proper planning, scientific
approach and efficient management it is
possible to increase the productivity of
degraded lands, while creating huge
employment opportunities for the poor. It is
now firmly believed that the development of
degraded lands is an important input re!uired
for eradication of poverty.
(owards this direction following programmes
are being implemented by office of
'ommissioner, Cural development.
1. 7atersheds =evelopment %rogrammes
:=%&%, ==%, I7=%;
*. 'omprehensive 3and =evelopment
%rogrammes :Indira prabha under CI=#
,. 7age "mployment %rogrammes
&ll the three programmes are being
implemented and monitored through the
software solution C&&4 :Cashtra
rameena &bhivridhi 4amacharam;. (he
entire data is every day uploaded into central
server and the reports are visible in
respective websites, thus bringing in
transparency and accountability to these
1aters-e5 De<elop*ent Pro)ra**es
In order to combat the recurring drought
conditions in the state, 7atershed
=evelopment %rogrammes are being
implemented under centrally sponsored
=%&%, ==% and I7=% schemes. 7atershed
programmes are concentrated only in rainfed
areas which have undulating terrain and are
prone for degradation of soil :soil erosion;.
(hese areas are generally characteri9ed by
very poor groundwater profile.
& series of structures like sunken pits,
rockfill dams, percolation tanks, check dams,
farm ponds, earthen bunding vegetative
barriers, plantations etc., are constructed to
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'$
reduce the velocity of water and allow
percolation. (hey also control soil erosion
and improve vegetative cover on the land so
as to augment productivity. 4tatus of
watershed development is shown in
Integrated >atural Cesources 6anagement,
following the Mridge2to2valley? approach in
selected micro watersheds of appro<imately
0++ ha. area, with total participation of the
local community is the main objective of the
7atershed =evelopment %rogramme. 4oil
and 6oisture 'onservation, 7ater
Aarvesting, round 7ater Cecharge,
Improvement of vegetation and Bio2mass,
7asteland =evelopment etc., are the main
components of 7atershed =evelopment
%rogrammes. &part from these, the
promotion of 7atershed based livelihoods
for the resource poor is also included as one
important component since *++1, after the
&ndhra %radesh Cural 3ivelihoods %roject
supported by =#= provided the necessary
learnings on providing sustainable
livelihoods to the rural poor. (he oI had
issued comprehensive uidelines on
7atershed =evelopment %rojects in 1--0 and
revised them from time to time. In *++,2+1,
Aariyali guidelines were issued by oI to
provide more role for the ram %anchayats.
In *++8, /I have issued >ew 'ommon
guidelines for 7atershed =evelopment
%rojects bringing all schemes under one
umbrella and providing for cluster approach
wherein contiguous areas upto 0,+++ ha. will
be taken up for treatment. 4o far, -,,+1
7atersheds covering an area of 1..0+ 3akh
have been sanctioned, of which, 1,)11
7atersheds with an area of *,.)+ lakhs are
completed. (hese watersheds include
sanctioned under other programmes like
"&4, &%C3% and &%A6 etc. %resently, the
following schemes are under implementation.
Drou)-t Prone Area Pro)ra**e /
(his is a centrally sponsored scheme funded
by 'entral and 4tate on 0+J0+ basis upto I8th
batch i.e., 1--82-- and )0J*0 cost sharing
basis from 1---2*+++ onwards. It is aimed at
developing the drought prone areas with an
objective of drought proofing by taking up
soil and moisture conservation, water
harvesting structures, afforestation and
horticulture programmes on a comprehensive
micro watershed basis. =%&% scheme is
being implemented in -1 =%&% Blocks of 11
districts and =esert =evelopment %rogramme
:==%; is being implemented in 1. Blocks of
&nanthapur =istrict since 1--02-..
Inte)rate5 1aste Lan5 De<elop*ent
Pro)ra**e :I1DP;
Capid depletion of green cover and vast
stretches of marginal lands lying fallow,
found to be causing enormous ecological
imbalance and productivity is also negligent
on account of soil erosion and
marginali9ation of lands. (o arrest this,
massive integrated wasteland development
project was under taken during 1--* with
1++D central assistance. (he programme of
dry land development in &.%. under went a
major change from 1--02-. with the
introduction of new watershed guidelines.
I7=% is implemented in non2=%&% blocks
of =%&% districts and in all non2=%&%
districts. (he overnment of India has
communicated new guidelines called
Aariyali, is implemented in the watersheds
during the year *++,2+1.(he area is treated
with soil and moisture conservation works,
water harvesting structures, afforestation
from ridge to valley concept.
& total of 8, :1+)8 watersheds; ongoing
projects are under implementation to treat an
area of 0.,8 lakh Aa. 4o far, 1.)- lakh Aa
area has been treated out of the total area of
).10 lakh Aa under I7=% in &.%.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+*
Tale 8..D
Pro)ress o4 1aters-e5s
4anctioned 'omple
=%&% 1,*1* 1,.+8 *,.,1
==% 1,+01 *+. 818
I7=% 1,1-- 1*1 1,+)8
:"&4, &%C3%,
*,0+. *,0+. 2
(otal -,,+1 1,)11 1,0.+
Source: *ural De$elopment Department
In5ira Pra-a : Co*pre-ensi<e Lan5
De<elop*ent Pro7e"t :CLDP;
O7e"ti<e o4 t-e S"-e*e: (he main
objective of the scheme is to provide an
Integrated and 'omprehensive 3ivelihood
options centered and development of
compact blocks of assigned land owned by
poor 4', 4(, B' and /thers. & minimum of
0+D of physical and financial benefits would
go in favour of 4's and 1+D for 4(s. (he
%roject was launched in >ovember *++1.
&n amount of Cs.0--.18 crores has been
sanctioned under CI=#2II, I and IIII
%rojects covering an area of 0.*8 lakh acres
belonging to ,.01 lakh families. RIDF+IN
and RIDF+N were launched in >ovember
*++1 and RIDF+NIII was launched in
/ctober *++).
RIDF+INJ >&B&C= has sanctioned 8*)
%rojects with financial outlay of Cs.*++.,1
crores and so far an e<penditure of Cs.1.+.11
crores has been incurred.
RIDF+NJ >&B&C= has sanctioned 8,.
%rojects with financial outlay of Cs.*18..+
crores and so far an e<penditure of Cs.1.0.,+
crores has been incurred.
RIDF /NIII: NA=ARD has sanctioned **
projects, one in each district, with a financial
outlay of Cs. 10+.*. crores and so far, an
e<penditure of Cs. 01.18 crores has been
overnment released an amount of
Cs.110.88 crores so far under CI=#:II,I
and IIII; and an amount of Cs.,)).1- crores
has been spent as on ,+.+-.*++- and ,.01
lakh acres has been developed.
National Rural E*ploy*ent >uarantee
S"-e*e :NRE>S as on 0+#$+.$$0;
>ational Cural "mployment uarantee &ct
gives legal guarantee of providing at least
1++ days of wage employment to rural
households whose adult members are willing
to do unskilled manual labour. (his 4cheme
is implemented in ** districts of &ndhra
%radesh, 1, districts in %hase I, . districts in
%hase II and , districts in %hase III :e<cept in
#irst time in the history of the country, this
&ct gives entitlement to every rural
household to demand for wage employment.
It is 4tate government?s responsibility to
provide 1++ days of employment to each
household. (he &ct also gives entitlements
like worksite facilities such as safe drinking
water, shade at worksite, crRche for the
children under five years etc., 5nder this &ct,
if an applicant for employment under the
scheme is not provided such employment
with the receipt of application within 10 days
he shall be entitled to a daily unemployment
allowance. (he rate of unemployment
allowance shall be S of the wage rate for the
first ,+ days and half2of2the wage rate for the
remaining entitled period of the financial
(he program has been grounded in &% on a
strong footing with the following non2
'ontractors and labour displacing
machinery shall not be engaged.
"very registered rural household shall be
provided not less than 1++ days of wage
employment in a financial year.
%ayment of wages shall be made at least
once in a fortnight.
"!ual wages shall be paid to men and
women. 7orks approved by the
rampanchayat :identified in the ram
4abha; at village level, 6andal %arishad
at 6andal 3evel and Hilla %arishad at
=istrict level, only shall be taken up.
=est Pra"ti"es + (IS:
(otal program is being run through a
specially designed software to make the
system more accountable and transparent.
(his helped to minimi9e corruption and
to minimi9e the time taken for various
%ay slips are generated in 'omputer and
distributed to the labour at their door
steps. %ay slips carry information about
the amount of wages deposited in the
accounts of labour
"ntire information about Kob card
holders, works, muster rolls, e<penditure,
and progress are put in public domain
through website nre)a.ap.)o<.in.
(he above information can be accessed at
=istrict, 6andal, 8illage and household
So"ial Au5it:
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'.
&ndhra %radesh is the only 4tate which
established a full2fledged 4ocial &udit 5nit at
the 4tate level with e<clusive 4taff. (he 5nit
works independently and reports to
overnment. 4o far, 4ocial &udit has been
completed in *),*0. ram %anchayats,
covering -.+ mandals in ** =istricts in the
round, ,.1 mandals in *
round and *+
mandals in ,
round. (his is an effective tool
to check corruption and to enhance the
accountability to people. 4o far, more than
*,00+ functionaries have been removed from
services or disciplinary actions have been
initiated. Cs.1.,* crores has been recovered
from erring officials.
Rural Stan5ar5 S"-e5ule o4 Rates
Cural 4tandard 4chedule of Cates has
been prepared by conducting work time
motion studies. (his is an initiative first
of its kind in rural development which
ensured earning of minimum wage by
,+D e<tra wages are being allowed in
summer season keeping in view the
increased fatigue levels of the labour due
to high temperature.
,+D allowance is also paid to disabled
group through out the year. (he
additional allowance is to compensate
decreased output due to disability.
1a)e Pay*ents t-rou)- Post O44i"e
(o avoid middlemen and to make the
payments directly to the labourers, wage
payments are being made through individual
%ost /ffice &ccounts. 4o far, 1.*. 'rore
individual accounts are opened.
(a7or initiati<es to,ar5s li<eli-oo5
se"urity un5er NRE>S+AP:
#. In5ira**a C-eru<ulu + Co*pre-ensi<e
restoration o4 (I tan9s: 18,1,1 tanks are
taken up with an estimated cost of Cs. 1,))8
crores. /ut of which, 10,-.1 tanks are in
progress. 4o far, Cs 1,.),.*1 crores
:including desiltation; has been spent. 8,*1.
tanks are restored, stabili9ing -., lakh acres.
.. &orti"ulture: Aorticulture is taken up on
the lands of the poor in ,.-1 3akh acres at an
estimated cost of Cs.8++ 'rores. /ngoing
4A6 and &%6I% projects are converged in
this initiative.
2. Lan5 De<elop*ent: &n e<tent of 0.-.
3akh acres land lying fallow belonging to
4'@4(@ B%3 families have been developed.
&ctivities like 3and 3eveling, silt
application, clearance of bushes, deep
ploughing etc. are taken up.
(he >C"42&% software and website have
been recogni9ed as one of the best I'(
solution in the 'ountry and world wide. 4o
far, I'( solution of >C"4 G&% has won the
following awards.
i. &ward for "<cellence in e2governance
ii. 6anthan award for best e content website
iii. Bron9e 6edal in >ational e2governance
awards for government website *++)2
iv. 4pecial mention at E4tockholm 'hallenge
&ward G *++8F on **2+02+8 for its
e<cellence in the use of Information
v. #inalist in 4tockholm B% awards *++).
vi. Cunner up in (hailand egov. awards
S*art Car5
It is a pilot initiative to make payments of
overnment benefits to the beneficiaries
through 4martcards which are backed by
bank accounts. (he overall objectives of the
initiatives areJ
i. %rovide a operational frame work for
increasing the outreach of main stream
banking and financial services to the
poorest of the poor by using technology
based solutions.
ii. "nsure efficient and timely transfer of
govt. benefits to the poor.
iii. 6inimi9e the possibility of fraudulent
iv. 5ltimately to achieve (otal #inancial
Inclusion through 4martcards.
=etails of >C"4 are shown in (able 8.*..
Tale 8..%
O<er<ie, o4 NRE>S
:upto 0+#$+$0;
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'2
(otal >o. of Kob 'ards
issued 0,81,.,+ 1,1-,+8,+18
(otal >o. of works
1,,8+,*+8 18,)0,,)*
(otal 8alue of works
sanctioned :Cs. 'rores;
1-,8*) *,,)1-
>o. of 7orks
1,.,,0++ .,08,81*
(otal "<penditure
:Cs. 'rores;
*1.* )0...0
>o. of Aouseholds
provided wage
0*,1),0+- 81,+1,+18
>o.of Individuals
provided wage
-1,.,,,,) 1,0+,-1,-+0
%erson days generated
: 'rores;
*1.1* ),.11
>o. of households
completed 1++ days
.,+1,881 10,.,,.-1
&verage no. of days
employment provided
per household
&verage 7age rate
per day per person 2
>o. of 6andals 4ocial
&udit completed
*nd round 6andals
,rd round 6andals
>o. of ram
%anchayats 4ocial
&udit completed
>o. of minor irrigation
'heruvulu; taken up
"stimated amount of
6I (anks :Cs. 'rores;
>o. of Indiramma
'heruvulu completed
"<penditure on
Indiramma 'heruvu
:including desiltation
and related; 2 Cs.
Source: *ural De$elopment Department
An5-ra Pra5es- 1ater? Lan5 An5 Trees
(he government of &% promulgated the
&ndhra %radesh 7ater, 3and and (rees &ct2
*++* to promote water conservation, (ree
cover and regulate the e<ploitation and use of
ground and surface water for protection and
conservation of water sources, land and
environment in the entire state. (he &ct came
into force with effect from 1-2+12*++*.#or
effective implementation of the &ct,
provision was made for the constitution of
subsidiary authorities at =istrict and 6andal
levels. In view of the indiscriminate drilling
for bore wells, the ground water has been
depleting fast. &dded to it, unscientific and
reckless drilling has resulted in failure of
bores leading to farmers incurring heavy
losses. Beeping this in view, the government
of &% have suitably amended the &%7&3(&
&ct and conse!uently, through
comprehensive Cules2*++1 have also been
brought out for effective implementation of
the &ct.
(he most important feature is introduction of
4ingle27indow &pproach for speedy
clearance of the applications for new bore
Sin)le+1in5o, Approa"-: (he farmers
desiring to drill a bore will apply to the
8illage 4ecretary@6C/. (he 6C/ takes the
feasibility of electricity from the
&%(C&>4'/ and feasibility of ground
water from the round 7ater =epartment.
7hen both are feasible, the 6C/ gives
permission for drilling of new borewell.
Faile5 =ore,ell "o*pensation s"-e*e: &ll
farmers who obtain permission for drilling of
new agriculture borewells from the
concerned 7&3(& authority are covered
under this Efailed Borewell 'ompensation
schemeF. If any bore well drilled after
securing necessary permission from the
concerned authority fails the farmer will be
eligible to get compensation up to
Cs.1+,+++@2 &ll the cases will be settled by
the %roject =irector concerned.
Pro)ress un5er AP1ALTA 4ro* .$$D+$%
to .$$8+$0 :
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'B
**.11 lakhs &griculture 7ells are
*,0)) rigs are registered.
*.1 eologists are empanelled.
-,-01 applications are received for
permission of new well sinking.
#easibility given for .,8,) new agriculture
,,11- 8illages are notified as over
e<ploited banning drilling of new bore wells.
1,+). sand mining cases are booked.
Cs. .*.,0 lakh collected toward penalty.
Po<erty Alle<iation an5 So"ial
Assistan"e Pro)ra*s
8.*1 So"iety 4or Eli*ination o4 Rural
In5ira @rant-i Pat-a* :I@P;
(he main objective of Indira Branthi %atham
is to enable all the rural poor families in **
rural districts of &ndhra %radesh to improve
their livelihoods and !uality of life. &ll
households below the poverty line, starting
from the poorest of the poor are the target
group of Indira Branthi %atham.
Institution an5 &u*an Capa"ity =uil5in)
(he Institution and Auman 'apacity
Building facilitates the formation and
strengthening of self managed institutions of
the poor and helps in building social and
human capital. (here are 1+...1 crore 4elf
Aelp roup:4A; members in -.,, lakh
4As organi9ed into ,.,,-1 8illage
/rgani9ations :8/s; and 1+-- 6andal
4amakhyas:64s;. (he 4As in &.%.
constitute *).)1D of all 4As in the country.
In addition to above :64s;, there are 1*.
6andal 8ikalangula 4angams, 1) 'henchu
6andal 4amakhyas, ) #ishermen 6andal
4amakhyas and *+ $anadi 6andal 4amakyas
in the 4tate. =istrict #ederations called Hilla
4amakhyas :H4; have come into e<istence in
all the ** districts. ,,,*.+ :-,D; 8illage
/rganisations and 1,+-+ :--D; 6andal
4amakhyas 10 H4s are registered under
&ndhra %radesh 6utually &ided 'o2
operative 4ocieties &ct 1--0, to provide a
legal entity and status to the federations.
(i"ro Finan"e an5 S&> =an9 Lin9a)es
(he 4A2Bank 3inkages is a great success
story in &.%. *0 'ommercial Banks, 1.
Cegional Cural Banks and more than 1,+++
branches are participating in the programme.
Bank lending has dramatically increased
from Cs.1-).)+ crores in *++12+* to
Cs..,.1-.11 crores in *++82+-. &ndhra
%radesh leads the country in 4A2Bank
3inkage %rogram with 0+D of all bank loans
given to 4As in India. =uring the year
*++-21+, 4"C% has facilitated Cs *010.))
crores of bank loans to 1,)8,01, 4As up to
>ovember, *++- as against the target of
Cs.-,+++ crores. (he year2wise progress is
given in &nne<ure 8.10.
Finan"ial A""ess an5 Pa<ala 8a55i
(o encourage the women?s groups further
and also to achieve 1++D repayment, the
4tate overnment have introduced the
%&8&3& 8&==I scheme, where in the
government is reimbursing the 4A
members any interest paid by the 4As over
and above ,D per annum. (his has led to
significant improvement in loan repayment.
5nder this initiative, 1,)0,1.1 4As were
given Cs. 0*..) 'rores in *++12+0 and *++02
+.. *,-+,8*0 4As were given Cs.0+.+*
'rores during *++.2+) and 0,01,,0- 4As
were given Cs11*.,+ 'rores during *++)2+8.
=uring the year *++82+-, Cs. 1-0.,1 crores
interest subsidy was given to ),11,-,+
groups. =uring *++-21+ :up to >ov. +-;, an
amount of Cs.111.++ crores is given to 1.-*
lakh groups. (hus, an amount of Cs. 0*1.,+
crores is given to *0.*8 lakh 4As
:repeated finance; as %avala 8addi incentive
from inception of the 4cheme.
Co**unity In<est*ent Fun5 :CIF;
(he 'I# provides resources to the poor
women 4A members to improve their
livelihoods. (his component supports the
poor in prioriti9ing livelihood needs by
investments in sub2projects proposed and
implemented by the 'ommunity Based
/rgani9ations :'B/s;. (he cumulative 'I#
e<penditure up to >ovember *++- is Cs.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'D
-1,.,8 'rores and the total number of
beneficiaries are *,,.8,).0.
Dairy Inter<ention
(he dairy activity is a major livelihood
opportunity for the rural poor in &ndhra
%radesh. 6ilk procurement activity was
taken up on pilot basis in >i9amabad and
6ahabubnagar districts during *++.2+) and
it has helped the milk producers to get better
price for milk and promoted transparency in
6ilk %rocurement. (his also triggered
intervention in milk productivity in the
villages. Based on the success evidenced in
the pilots, the same model is replicated in 18
more districts in the state during the year
*++82+-. Bulk 6ilk 'ooling 5nits :B6'5s;
with a capacity of *+++ to 0+++ liters to
collect and chill to the desired temperature of
' were established in 1)1 mandals in the
state. In collaboration with the &%=='#
3td., the 4As and their federations have
taken over 1.* B6'5s covering ,1++
8illage 6ilk %rocurement 'enters with
1,,-,8)0 milk producers have contributed
*.0) lakh liters of milk per day in peak
season and 1.)- lakh liters of milk per day in
lean season. (he total !uantity and the value
of the milk procured and supplied by the
4A managed B6'5s during the year
*++-21+ is 1-,*18 6(s and Cs.-81-..+
lakhs. *0 &ndhra %radesh Bajra >apier
:&%B>; fodder nurseries :perennial fodder;
have been established during this year for
supplying fodder slips to the farmers. &bout
1,+*0 acres of &%B> is grown by community
members to supply green fodder to the 6ilch
animals in 11* villages of 1. districts.
.- 6ini #eed 6i<ing %lants have been
sanctioned under %6 package to B6'5
6andal 4amakhyas for preparation and
supply of 'oncentrate feed to community
members under feed credit programme. /ut
of the .- plants sanctioned, *0 plants have
been installed and were sanctioned a working
capital of Cs.,.++ 3akhs each. - plants have
already begun supplying feed to community
member farmers.
Lan5 Pur"-aseGA""essiility
5nder this component, productive and ready
to use land with assured irrigation facility is
being given to the poorest of the poor
households in the rural areas. &s on 6arch
*++-, an e<tent of 1,0,-.*1 acres of land was
purchased and handed over to 0,,+, poor
families, out of which *,)-- :0,D; are from
4' families and 1-)- :,)D; are from 4(
families. 5nder the 3and &ccess %rogramme
up to >ovember *++-, *.08 lakh cases related
to land disputes of poor were resolved and
created the accessibility of ,..* lakh &cres to
the 4A members.
Co**unity (ana)e5 Sustainale
A)ri"ulture :C(SA;
'ommunity 6anaged 4ustainable
&griculture :'64&; is meant to support the
poor farmers to adopt sustainable agriculture
practices, to reduce the costs of cultivation
and increase net incomes to improve and
sustain agriculture based livelihoods.
It is proposed to reach 1,+*1 villages in ,++
mandals of *1 districts. It is intended to
cover *+.++ lakh acres in *++-21+ by
benefiting ..10 lakh farmers. /ut of the total
target set, for the year, 1+.0. lakhs is covered
upto end of >ovember *++- by benefitting
0.** lakh farmers. 5nder '64&, 101
resource villages were developed and )1,
seed banks were established to bring seed
sovereignty to farmers.
5nder >C"4 >on2%esticidal 6anagement
:>%6; convergence, 11,+,1 compost pits
were dug upto Kuly, *++- for effective
composting and timely supply of compost,
1,.18 farm ponds were dug to conserve water
and recharge ground water and *),,,1 acres
tank silt applications were taken up.
=ue to implementation of >%6 practices, the
cost of cultivation has drastically reduced.
(he range of savings varied from crop to
crop ranging from Cs.*,0++@ha in case of
%addy, to Cs.1*,0++@ha in case of 'otton and
Cs.,),0++@ha for 'hillies. =uring last year
total savings across the 18 districts reached to
an estimated amount of Cs.,*+.11 crores.
Colle"ti<e (ar9etin)
(he marketing strategy of the project is to
enable the small, marginal farmers and >(#%
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'%
collectors to obtain the best price for their
#orest %roduce and agricultural commodities.
It also aims at to minimi9e the cost of inputs
to the rural poor farmers and offer
remunerative prices for their produce. (he
marketing intervention of IB% has registered
a significant increase in this financial year
with pick up in paddy procurement activity.
(he 8./s have successfully implemented
village level collective marketing of >eem,
Cedgram, reengram, 'hillies, %addy,
6ai9e, (urmeric, 'ashew, and >(#% besides
&gricultural Inputs etc. 8arious marketing
initiatives are taken up by 4"C% in *++82+-,
among them %addy procurement is
predominant in many districts. In the current
financial year, upto >ovember *++-, the 8/s
have procured a total of .1.1* lakh !uintals
of agriculture and >(#% commodities worth
Cs. 0-,.+, crores.
=etails of the marketing intervention of last
three years are shown in (able 8.*).
Tale 8..'
Colle"ti<e (ar9etin)
Item *++)2+8 *++82+-
:up to
664 Involved
1+,. 810 00-
8/s involved
*+)1 1..* 11-,
:>o.in lakhs;
,.+1 *.1) *.,*
Aandled :>o.;
)- .0 ,1
:lakh Nuintals;
1).,+ 0-.,+ .1.1*
(urnover :Cs.
,*+.10 1-*.1. 0-,.+,
Source:- SE*!-*ural De$elopment Department
Foo5 Se"urity
In the lean &gricultural season, many of the
rural poor have barely one s!uare meal a day.
(he #ood 4ecurity 'redit is a direct
intervention to tackle the hunger gap in rural
areas. 8illage /rgani9ations :8/s; estimate
the balance re!uirement of 4A members, in
respect of rice and other essential
commodities, negotiate and buy better !uality
of commodities at bulk, from the open
market and sell to their members at a price
lower than the retail outlets. 5nder this
initiative, 1*,*.,.+. families in 1,*1,.0+
4As in -*., 8/s were provided food
security upto >ovember, *++-.
Fos 4or Rural 3out-
"mployment eneration and 6arketing
6ission :"66; was set up to address the
needs of the ne<t generation of the large net
work of 4As created and nurtured by IB%.
It aims at to create employment@
employability for the rural@tribal
underprivileged youth. It works in a public2
private partnership mode to identify, train
and place youth in entry level corporate jobs
in hospitality, retail, sales, tourism, banking,
rural B%/s, manufacturing, te<tiles and
construction sectors. (otal number of jobs
created up to *++82+-, was 1,8,,8-1.
>umber of persons trained during the current
year up to >ovember *++- are ,1,1*., out of
which placements are shown for 1),11)
(he gender strategy envisages that the poor
women are able to access and control over
assets, incomes, all services available at
village and individual level. ender
programme helps women to increase their
understanding of intra2family e!uity issues,
decision making levels, free mobility and
necessity of building a safe environment.
5nder this component, 01. 6andal 3evel
4ocial &ction 'ommittees are formed with
the membership of 1,),1 members.
'ommunity 6anaged #amily 'ounseling
'enters run by 4A women are *8,.
>umber of 8illage /rgani9ation 4ocial
&ction 'ommittees formed up to >ovember
*++- are 11,8,* with a membership of
8+,81*. 7omen are actively mobili9ed into
8./. 4ocial &ction 'ommittees :8/4&'s; in
the villages to work on social agenda and
gender discrimination cases. >umber of
cases dealt with by these committees and
family counseling centers together are 18,1-.
and number of cases resolved are 1*,-+..
4"C% is playing important role to prevent
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #''
infanticide by organi9ing women into 4elf
Aelp roups.
Cecogni9ing that people with disabilities are
among the poorest and most vulnerable of the
poor, IB% has adopted a participatory
development approach to support them by
building their capacities to improve life skills
and self2esteem. IB% has e<tended the
support to enhance their livelihoods by
creating accessibility to government benefits
and entitlements. %rovision of assessment,
treatment and rehabilitation services were
made through community managed
interventions. Intensive activities are carried
out in 1*8 mandals.
*,1,,88- %ersons with =isabilities :%7=s;
are organi9ed into *,,,-1 e<clusive 4As
both in the program and non2programme
mandals in the 4tate. & total of 0*,081
%7=s are given an assistance of Cs..,.11
crores through 'I#, Bank 3oans and
Cevolving #und for enhancing their
3ivelihood. #urther, *,8.* 4urgical
'orrections were carried out and *+,.1*
%7=s were issued assistive devices at no
cost to them in the programme mandals.
&ealt- an5 Nutrition
(he major goal of the Aealth and >utrition
strategy under the &%C%C% operates in a
convergent mode with the line departments
by looking at gaps in the e<isting public
health and nutrition services that are provided
by the line departments. It is being
implemented in ., mandals including 8
iripragathi mandals covering *,*8- 8illage
organi9ations in the state.
"<tensive Aealth and >utrition strategies
being adopted across ., mandals include
fi<ed schedule for regular capacity building
of stake holders at mandal and district levels,
institutionali9ation of the fi<ed >utrition and
Aealth =ays :>A days; in convergence with
line departments and regular health savings
by *.), lakh members in *.,)18 4As to an
amount of Cs.*.)1 crores as safety nets for
health emergencies. (he intensive health and
nutrition strategies focus on intensive health
'C% strategy. 8++ best practitioners from the
pilot mandals have been identified as health
'C%s. 4ince Kanuary *++), the health 'C%s
strategy has been implemented in .8+ 8illage
/rgani9ations and established )1, >utrition2
cum2day2care centers. (he impact of
perinatal and neonatal outcomes among the
members attended >utrition2cum2day2care
centers shows --D safe deliveries, -+D
normal deliveries, >o low birth weight baby
born. >o maternal, infant and neonatal deaths
happened in 1,*++ deliveries occurred among
the members enrolled at .+- nutrition
5nder "arly 'hildhood "ducation :"'";,
new centres have been started in the
$acharam mandal of Canga Ceddy district.
4upport is being continued for the
'ommunity 6anaged %re2%rimary 4chools
in &dilabad, 8i9ianagaram, 8isakapatnam,
"ast odavari, Bhammam and 7arangal
districts. In all, ,,. "'" centres established
in 8 districts with the enrolment of 0,*8+
5nder 'orporate "ducation for 7eaker
4ections, 8,++- seats were allocated to the
districts during *++-21+, out of which, ),.)1
seats have been filled up. "ducation wing of
4"C% is in the process of facilitating
convergence between the departments of
4ocial 7elfare, (ribal 7elfare, B' 7elfare
and 6inorities 7elfare for release of funds
pertaining to this scheme to the college
managements. (he list of students admitted is
placed in the M4"C%? website.
7ith the focus on total abolition of child
labour and to ensure their right to education,
'hild Cights %rotection and 'ommunity
involvement in Improving of Nuality in
schools is introduced. (his project also deals
with improvement in !uality of education at
schools through women groups, gram
panchayats, teachers and youth. (his is being
implemented in three tribal mandals in the
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'8
I(=& Bhadrachalam area of Bhammam
district and ,+) children have been enrolled
in Cesidential Bridge 4chools during this
year. 18+ children were mainstreamed
between &pril and Kune *++-.
Dr.3.S.R.A-aya &ast-a* + Insuran"e
=r.$.4.C &bhaya Aastham is a co2
contributory pension and insurance scheme
visuali9ed by the overnment for the 4A
women over and above 18 years age group
in rural and urban areas to provide social
security in their old age. (his scheme
envisages contribution of Ce. 1 per day by
the 4A and government co2contribution of
Ce. 1 per day into her pension account. (he
contribution of the member and the co2
contribution of the overnment are
periodically transferred to 3I' of India for
investing diligently for securing better
returns on the investment. (he corpus thus
generated till the age of .+ years will be used
for giving monthly pension of Cs. 0++ and
ma<imum of Cs. *,+++ per month. It also
covers insurance to the women in addition to
the monthly pension on attaining the age of
.+ years. It is proposed to cover all 4A
women under this scheme. "nrolment of
members, third party verification, serving of
the demand notices to the interested and
eligible members has been completed.
'ontribution collection from #orty /ne :11;
lakh members and subse!uent transfer of
funds to 4"C% has been completed.
(he consolidation and reconciliation of
amounts at 4"C% and subse!uent transfer to
3I' of India is under process. &ll the
members enrolled into &bhaya Aastham are
also eligible for Kanashree Bima $ojana
scheme. (he scheme has come into effect
from 1
>ovember *++- and commencement
has been marked by distribution of policy
certificates by Aon?ble 'hief 6inister to the
enrolled members and pension che!ues to the
eligible pensioners on that day.
Cs.10.++ crores is distributed to , lakh
pensioners for the month of >ovember, *++-
under =r. $4C &bhaya Aastham %rogramme.
Besides above, 5nder Indira Keevitha Bima
%athakam :&am &admi Bima $ojana;, the
Insurance cover has been renewed for ,8
lakh rural landless agricultural labourers
effective from 1
&pril *++-. &part from the
above 3ife and disability insurance schemes,
the 8i9ianagaram Hilla 4amakhya is
implementing loan protection scheme by
providing insurance to the livestock.
Pro7e"t Expen5iture
(he cumulative total e<penditure of IB% up
to >ovember *++- is Cs.*10+.10 crores. (he
details are given in &nne<ure 8.1..
O<erall Per4or*an"e o4 I@P
(he overall performance of IB% is shown in
(able 8.*8.
Tale 8..8
O<erall per4or*an"e o4 I@P
As on
>o. of 4As under the project -,,,,080
>o. of members in women 4As 1,+.,.+,-.8
>o. of 4As of %ersons with
>o. of %ersons with =isabilities
in 4As
>o. of 8illage /rgani9ations
>o. of >ormal 6andal
4amakhyas formed
(otal >o. of beneficiaries of
Income enerating &ctivities
>o. of Aouseholds benefiting
from #ood 4ecurity
>o. of acres of land purchased 1,0,-.*1
>o. of beneficiary families of
land purchase
&mount of Bank 3inkage up to
>ovember +- in *++-21+:Cs.
Source:- SE*!-*ural De$elopment Department
Po<erty Alle<iation an5 So"ial Assistan"e
(he 4tate has taken M4elf Aelp roup? as a
theme to eradicate poverty. It is
contemplated to bring every woman
belonging to poorer section of the society
into the fold of 4elf Aelp groups. 4pecial
budgetary provision is being made in the
state budget for 4elf Aelp roups apart from
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #'0
the support from ongoing centrally sponsored
scheme of 4warnajayanti ram 4waro9gar
$o9ana :44$; programme of self
employment scheme. 4imilarly, banks are
also e<tending credit to 4As in a big way
with Interest subsidy support to 4As.
=eprived poor families are being assisted
under pension programme and family benefit
S,arna7ayant-i >ra* S,aro!)ar 3o7ana
(his is a centrally sponsored scheme funded
by the government of India and the state
government in the ratio of )0J*0. &ll the
e<isting schemes upto 1--8 G -- vi9., IC=%,
(C$4"6, (//3BI(4, =7'C&, B$ and
674 have been merged in the new scheme
called 47&C>&K&$&>(AI C&6
47&C/H&C $/K&>& :44$;. (his
programme has come into e<istence w.e.f.
(he objective of 44$ is to uplift the poor
families above the poverty line by providing
them income generating assets through a mi<
of bank credit and government subsidy. (he
key elements in this programme are, the
choice of activity based on local resources
and aptitude as well as the skills of
4waro9garies. #unds under the scheme will
be utili9ed for providing assistance to 4As
and individual swaro9garis and for creating
infrastructure and for training of swaro9garis.
(he performance of 44$ is given in
&nne<ure 8.1).
1o*en Sel4 &elp >roups :S&>s;
4elf help movement through savings has
been taken up on massive scale for rural poor
women. (he success of the 4elf Aelp roups
in &ndhra %radesh has been a national model
with -.,, lakh groups covering 1+...1 lakh
of rural poor women.
State Re<ol<in) Fun5
#or ensuring financial viability of 4As, the
state government is providing budgetary
support L Cs.1+,+++ as revolving fund to
each group. =uring the year *++-21+, an
amount of Cs. *0.)) crores has been
provided in the budget. &n amount of Cs.
..11 crores has been released. .,8+1 groups
have been assisted with a subsidy of Cs. ..8+
crores :upto >ov?*++-;. (he achievements
are shown in (able 8.*-.
Tale 8..0
A"-ie<e*ent un5er State Re<ol<in) Fun5
Ite* .$$8+$0 .$$0+#$ :upto
roups &ssisted *-,1+, .,8+1
4ubsidy disbursed
:Cs. In lakhs; *,-1+.,+ .8+.,,
Source:- SE*!-*ural De$elopment Department
So"ial Assistan"e Pro)ra**es
&ll the pensions which were looked after by
the departments concerned have been
transferred to the Cural =evelopment
department for implementation from the year
*++.2+). (he rate of pension is Cs. *++@2
p.m. for all pensioners e<cept disabled
persons from *++.2+). overnment is
distributing Cs. *++@2 on first of every month
to /ld age persons, 7eavers, 7idows and
Cs.0++@2 to =isabled %ersons. & total of
)1,)-,-*. pensions are targeted to be
distributed every month. =uring the year
*++-21+, an amount of Cs. *,++,.+* crores
has been provided in the budget. overnment
released an amount of Cs. 1,0+*.*. crores of
which, Cs. 1,1**.8* crores has been
distributed to ..,,.,1.0 pensioners upto
>ovember *++-. (he details of pensions areJ
#. Ol5 A)e Pensions :OAPS;
=uring the year *++-21+, an amount of Cs.
1*+.-1 crores has been provided in the
budget to cover 1),1-,,-8 pensioners. &n
amount of Cs. ,10..8 crores has been
released and Cs. *1-.8) crores is distributed
to 10,1+,01* pensioners :upto >ovember
.. In5ira**a Pensions to Ol5 A)e Persons
an5 1i5o,s
=uring the year *++-21+, an amount of Cs.
11+0..1 crores has been provided in the
budget to cover 1.,*),,80 pensioners under
these categories. &n amount of Cs. 8*-.*+
crores has been released and Cs. )+1..)
crores is distributed to 1*,--,+), pensioners
:upto >ovember, *++-;.
2. In5ira**a Pensions to Disale5 Persons
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #8$
=isabled persons having a minimum of 1+D
disability is the criteria for eligibility. (he
rate of pension has been enhanced to Cs.
0++@2 p.m. from >ovember *++8 onwards for
all the =isabled %ensioners. =uring the year
*++-21+, an amount of Cs. 1)..0+ crores has
been provided in the budget to cover
8,,,,11, pensioners. &n amount of Cs
,0).,8 crores has been released and Cs.
,,+.)1 crores has been distributed to
8,*.,80+ pensioners :upto >ovember, *++-;.
Fa*ily =ene4it S"-e*e
5nder the #amily Benefit 4cheme, during the
year *++-21+, an amount of Cs. 1+.++ crores
has been provided in the budget and Cs. 0.++
crores has been released and Cs.1.). crores
has been distributed to -,011 families :upto
>ovember *++-;.=etails are shown in (able
Tale 8.2$
Pensions un5er So"ial Assistan"e Pro)ra*
.$$0+#$ :upto No<.$0;
(mount *s%Crores)
S"-e*e Allo"
>/&% 1*+.-1 ,10..8 *1-.8. 101+01*
%ensions to
1)..0+ ,0).,) ,,+.)1 8*.80+
%ensions to
/ld &ge
%ersons and
11+0..+ 8*-.*+ )+1..) 1*,--,+),
>#B4 1+.++ 0.++ 1.)0 -011
Source:- SE*!-*ural De$elopment Department
Re*ote an5 Interior Areas
De<elop*ent Pro)ra**e :RIAD;
8.*0 (he overnment of &ndhra %radesh is the
only state in the country to have created a
separate wing in the eneral &dministration
=epartment for implementation of the
Cemote and Interior &reas =evelopment
program to co2ordinate the implementation of
core socio2economic activities by various
departments. (he objective of the programme
is to wean away the youth living in the
Cemote and Interior areas from the influence
of the left wing e<tremist ideologies by
improving the socio2economic conditions of
the people.
0,.** habitations were identified as Cemote
and Interior &reas for this project in ,,*
mandals covering a population of 01.,8 lakhs
in 18 districts i.e., 4rikakulam, 8i9ianagaram,
8isakhapatnam, "ast odavari, untur,
%rakasam, >ellore, &nantapur, Badapa,
Burnool, &dilabad, Barimnagar, 7arangal,
Bhammam, 6ahabubnagar, >i9amabad,
6edak and >algonda districts which are the
most backward areas in the 4tate. (o achieve
this objective, /&% has identified the
following development activities vi9., jobs,
resolving forest revenue issues, 6inor
Irrigation program, Aealth, strengthening the
infrastructure under education, all weather
roads to all the habitations, Cural water
supply and Cashtriya 4am 8ikas $ojana as
E*ploy*ent an5 Fo lin9e5 Trainin):
It is estimated that there are about two lakh
unemployed@underemployed youth in the
CI&= areas. & computeri9ed data base of
bio2 data of all the youth identified is being
built up in Cural =evelopment =epartment to
ensure follow up. =uring *++.2+), 1.,)**
were trained by reputed organi9ations like
Ceddy 3aboratories #oundation, >ational
&cademy of 'onstruction etc., with funds
available in =.C.=.&s and 1+,01, were given
Cs.)+ 'rores was sanctioned separately for
CI&= areas for the first time during *++)2+8
under Cajiv $uva 4hakti to train 1,,+,0
youth to make them employable mostly in
the private sector. 8,8)0 candidates were
provided jobs after training and 0,,00 are
undergoing training.
Cs. 8-.10 'rores was provided for (raining
and %lacements during *++82+- under Cajiv
5dyog 4ri, of which, 1+D spent in CI&=
areas. In the *++82+- annual programme, an
amount of Cs ,..++ 'rores has been
provided to train and provide placements to
1+,+++ youth. "66 :"mployment
eneration and 6arketing 6ission; of Cural
=evelopment entered agreement with reputed
trainers and employers to train rural youth
and provide placement.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #8#
Stren)t-enin) t-e in4rastru"ture un5er
A55itional a""o**o5ation 4or &i)- S"-ools G
-ostels: & 6aster %lan for providing
additional accommodation for the )0* Hilla
%arishad Aigh 4chools in the CI&= areas
with an estimated cost of Cs. 10).*+ 'rores
has been prepared. &n amount of Cs *0.++
crores is provided under CI=# II8 for
additional accommodation in 10. schools
during *++82+-. Cs *0..+ 'rores was
sanctioned under CI=# IIII during *++)2+8
for providing additional accommodation in
,. (ribal welfare &shram Aigh 4chools for
&n amount of Cs **.8+ 'rores is provided
under CI=# II8 for additional
accommodation in &shram@ Cesidential
4chools during *++82+-. Cs 1.*0 'rores was
sanctioned during *++)2+8 for providing
additional accommodation@ repairs to ,.
4ocial 7elfare hostels. &n amount of Cs
1+.++ 'rores was provided during *++82+-
for additional accommodation in Aostels@
other 4ocial 7elfare "ducational Institutions.
Cs *.0+ 'rores provided during *++82+-
under CI=# II82CI&= for providing 47
'ollege hostel buildings.
(o fill critical gaps in =egree 'ollege
education in (ribal &reas, five degree
colleges with attached hostels for boys and
girls to these colleges were sanctioned during
*++)2+8 at 4eetampeta in 4rikakulam district,
umma 3a<mipuram in 8i9ianagaram
district, 'hintapalli in 8isakhapatnam
district, "turnagaram in 7arangal district and
5tnoor in &dilabad district with a budget of
Cs 10.0* 'rores for recurring and non
recurring e<penditure. Cs -.0* 'rores was
provided in *++82+-, for completion of
buildings and recurring e<penditure.
&n amount of Cs **.*8 'rores was
sanctioned during *++82+- under CI=#II8G
CI&= for taking up construction of hostel
buildings in 1, overnment Kunior 'olleges.
4imilarly, Cs. 1+ 'rores was sanctioned for
additional accommodation to 1) e<isting
Kunior 'olleges from state plan of Aigher
"ducation =ept. and Cs *+.++ 'rores from
CI=#II82CI&= in *++82+- for construction
of hostel buildings attached was provided to
1) out of ,. Kunior 'olleges in CI&= areas.
(o fill critical gaps in Kunior 'ollege
education for tribal girls, si< (7 Cesidential
Kunior 'olleges have been sanctioned during
*++)2+8 at %. Bonavalasa in 8i9ianagaram
=istrict, 'hintapalli in 8isakhapatnam
district, Campachodavaram in "ast odavari
district, "turunagaram in 7arangal district,
5tnoor in &dilabad district and 6ahanandi in
Burnool district with a budget of Cs 8.)0
'rores as recurring cost and for buildings.
=uring *++82+-, Cs 10.++ 'rores was
provided under this scheme.
3arge number of teacher posts reserved for
4cheduled (ribes in 4cheduled areas and
outside have been lying vacant. Aence, B."d
colleges at &raku :8isakhapatnam =istrict;
and 5tnoor :&dilabad =istrict; and =."d
colleges at Campachodavaram :"ast
odavari =istrict; and Bhadrachalam
:Bhammam =istrict; were sanctioned. 1++
additional seats in e<isting B."d college at
Bhadrachalam :Bhammam =istrict; were
also sanctioned. Cs 1.++ 'rores is also
provided for construction of buildings to two
B."d., and two =."d., 'olleges and
additional accommodation to e<isting B."d
'ollege at Bhadrachalam under CI=# II8 G
Resol<in) Forest+Re<enue issues: (he most
important land problem in these CI&= areas
is lack of survey and settlement of reserve
forest boundaries and non2settlement of
rights of people as per provision of #orest
&cts. &bout 1*.,1 lakh hectares of C# in
-8. reserve forest blocks are yet to be finally
notified and rights of people to be settled as
per the procedure laid down under 4ections 1
to 10 of &ndhra %radesh #orest &ct of 1-.).
18 posts of #orest 4ettlement /fficers with
supporting staff were sanctioned by the
/&%. (he work is started.
All ,eat-er roa5s to all t-e -aitations in
t-e pro7e"t area: %rovision of all weather
roads to these remote and interior habitations
will greatly strengthen the government?s
efforts to improve the socio2economic
conditions of people living in the areas and
wean them away from the influence of left
wing e<tremism and also strengthen the
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #8.
administration in combating >a<alism in the
state. & comprehensive master plan to
provide all weather connectivity to each of
the CI&= habitations was prepared by the
CPB department and the %anchayat Caj
department in the state with a total estimated
cost of Cs.*,.*8.)+ 'rores. (he plan details
the e<isting roads, roads under construction
and remaining roads to be taken up to ensure
all weather connectivity to all the 0,.**
CI&= habitations in all the 18 districts. (he
programme is phased over three years
starting from *++.2+).
=uring *++.2+), 1, CPB works with an
estimated cost of Cs .1.+, 'rores were
sanctioned. /f which, 11 works were
completed and others are in progress. =uring
*++)2+8, 08 works with an estimated cost of
Cs 1,-.++ 'rores was sanctioned and all of
them are in entrustment stage.
&n amount of Cs 1++.++ 'rores is provided
during *++82+- under CI=#.
5nder CI=# II :>&B&C=;, 1** works with
an estimated cost of Cs 1+*.,. 'rores were
sanctioned during *++.2+). )) works were
completed with an e<penditure of Cs .,.++
'rores. =uring *++)2+8, 00 works were
sanctioned with an estimated cost of Cs 81.)*
'rores and 11 were cleared by >&B&C=.
=uring *++82+- and *++-21+, *. CPB works
with an estimated cost of Cs. )+.++ 'rores
were sanctioned.
&n amount of Cs 1++.++ 'rores was
provided for this programme during *++82+-
under CI=# II82CI&=. & revised proposal
for sanction of Cs 11+.80 'rores to take up
,.0 roads under %64$ was submitted to
overnment of India.
overnment of India indicated an amount of
Cs 1)0 'rores under 1*
'ommission &ward for taking up B.(. roads
in CI&= areas from *++.2+) to *++-21+. In
the first two years :*++.2+) and *++)2+8;,
11* works with an estimated cost of Cs
110..- 'rores were sanctioned. /f which, .8
works are already grounded. =uring *++82+-
and *++-21+, *) %C works with an estimated
cost of Cs.*,.11 'rores were sanctioned.
=uring *++-21+, Cs.8).1+ crores were
released to carryout the ongoing programmes
under 1*
#inance 'ommission rants which
are being e<ecuted by %C:CI&=; department
and CPB >&B&C= also.
(inor Irri)ation Pro)ra**e: (here is
substantial potential for constructing small
irrigation structures and 3ift Irrigation that
can provide irrigation facility to the lands in
the remote areas to increase productivity.
6aster plan consisting of 11* 6I works with
an estimated cost of Cs *1+.++ 'rores is
under implementation. Cs 1-.)- 'rores were
sanctioned from CI=# II82CI&= to take up
two 3ift Irrigation schemes during *++.2+).
(en more schemes under state plan were
also taken up during *++)2+8and *++82+- in
CI&= areas with an estimated cost of Cs
,+8.00 'rores.
Rural 1ater Supply: =istrict wise master
plans were prepared for Cural 7ater 4upply.
(he estimated cost is Cs 111.*- 'rores to
cover *,1.0 CI&= habitations. Cs 1+.1.
'rores was already provided during *++)2+8
to cover 8*. habitations. Cs 01 'rores was
provided during *++82+- for 11 %74
schemes in CI&= areas.
&ealt-: (wo &>6 training 'enters have
been sanctioned at 3 %uram and 5tnoor in
I(=& areas. In order to improve health
infrastructure facilities in CI&= areas, Cs. .+
'rores was provided during *++82+- for
construction of )+0 4ub 'enters, two &>6
(raining 'enters, one >utritional
Cehabilitation 'enter and *- %A's.
Ras-triya Sa* 8i9as 3o7ana :RS83;: (o
remove regional imbalances between some
districts, overnment of India has introduced
C48$ in 1+ districts of &ndhra %radesh.
"ach district was allocated Cs.10 crores L
Cs.10 crores per annum for schemes that
would address problems of low agriculture
productivity, unemployment and fill critical
gaps in infrastructure. &n amount of
Cs.,0*.0+ crores has been released so far.
#rom *++82+-, the name of the programme is
changed as Backward Cegion =evelopment
#und :BC#; and e<tended to , more
districts. Cs.,81.-1 crores is provided during
*++82+- under BC#.
=a"9,ar5 Re)ion >rant Fun5
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #82
8.*. overnment of India have launched a new
programme called B.C..# commencing
from *++)2+8. (he main objective of the
programme is to redress regional imbalance
in development by providing funds for
bridging critical gaps in local infrastructure.
(he programme is being implemented in 1,
selected districts in the 4tate :1
phase of
>.C."..&; with an allocation of Cs.,,0.*8
crores under =evelopment rant and Cs.1,
crores under 'apacity Building.
=istrict plans for 1, BC# =istricts were
received from the =istrict %lanning
'ommittees and the &nnual %lan for the
year *++-21+ was approved by the Aigh
%ower 'ommittee with an estimated cost of
Cs. ,,).+- crores for taking up 11,+),
works. It includes -,-.- works with an
amount of Cs. 81.8- crores under 4' 4ub2
%lan and 0,8)1 works with an amount of
Cs.1).,+ crores under 4( 4ub2%lan. &n
amount of Cs.*1-.,1 crores have been
released to the districts.0.+8 works worth of
Cs.)..81 crores were completed and the
remaining works are in progress.
Ra7i< Palle =ata
8.*) Cajiv %alle Bata, essentially is a
programme involving dialogue between the
3eader and people. &s it is well known,
people and their elected representatives are
the twin motors powering our vibrant
=uring the process, people get an opportunity
to represent their problems directly to their
3eaders. (he leadership, in turn, is benefited
by the public feedback about governmental
policies. (he resultant symbiosis reinforces
the democratic process. =uring his visits to
districts, Aon?ble '.6. receives petitions and
gives assurances to people serving
community needs.
(he programme was started in *++1. In all,
01,01+ petitions have been received in the
entire state, of which about -....D have
been responded to. In all, 1,1-0 assurances
have also been made during public
interactions out of which, 1,+)- :-+.,+D;
have been redressed and 1+) :8.-0D;
assurances are under different stages of
implementation while -:+.)0D; are yet to be
(he assurance given during the programme
was generally fulfilled by meeting the
e<penditure from the budget of the
respective departments. Aowever, from
*++02+. onwards, overnment have started
earmarking some plan funds under Cajiv
%alle Bata 4cheme G which is meant to act as
a limited cushion for sanction of works
wherever necessary. 5pto ,1.,.*++-, an
amount of Cs.1,8.** crores has been
sanction under the programme.
=uring *++-21+, an amount of Cs.*0.++
'rores has been provided under the
programme. (hese funds are fully utili9ed
being provided to various districts for taking
developmental works, as approved by
Aon?ble 'hief 6inister and as a part of
fulfillment of assurances of Aon?ble 'hief
6inister. & 7eb2based %etition 6onitoring
4ystem :%64; has been developed to
monitor the redressed status on line from
anywhere at any point of time.
Puli<en5ula Area De<elop*ent A)en"y
8.*8 8illages in &ndhra %radesh are at different
stages of development. 7hile those in the
prosperous regions of the 4tate have
achieved significant development, a majority
of the villages in backward areas remain
under2developed. /n account of these, a
more workable strategy for the overnment
was to identify a few villages where
integrated development can be brought about
through planned interventions and use these
villages as model to inspire and motivate all
other villages to emulate the same path.
Initiating action in line with the above
innovative idea, overnment have released
an amount of Cs.1)*.*) crores during *++12
+0 to *++82+- to develop 1+, identified
villages covering ) mandals in Badapa
district under E6odel 8illage schemeF on
pilot basis.
#or continuing the infrastructure
development in the identified villages of the
area as per the action plan contemplated by
the %ulivendula &rea =evelopment &gency
an amount of Cs.0+.++ crores was released
during year *++-21+.
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #8B
8.4ocial Infrastructure>$4+)+* #8D