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Date: _________________________________
DSM ANH Safety
Scavenger Hunt
Fill out the list in Part A, B & C.
Bring your completed list to the S! "anager.
The Group which completes all three lists correctly will receive a prize.
#he employee $ith the %est chec&list 'rom each 'acility ()a%oratory, Stores, Plant*
$ill recei+e a special pri,e.

.. N/ A0A-DS are to %e C-!A#!D %y sta''.
1. a,ards that can %e corrected right a$ay (e.g. mopping a $et slippery 'loor,
un%loc&ing the sa'ety sho$ers* should %e corrected on the spot.
2. /ther ha,ards should %e reported to your super+isor.
Name: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________
Preliminary Exercise:
1. Location of Plant Fire Extinguishers (How many & where)
2. Location of First i! "its (How many & where)
#. $ame your %afety &ommittee 'em(ers
). Location of Eyewash %tations (How many & where)
*. Location of '%+% ,oo-(s) (How many & where)
.. Location of Fall Protection Harnesses (How many/ How many -in!s
& where)
0. Location of %afety 1lasses (How many -in!s & where)
2. Location of Ear Protection (How many -in!s & where)
,3$4% 54E%673$
89. How many !ifferent ty:es of PPE at +%' $H :lant can you name;
'ain Exercise:
P<6 :
1. +iscuss within your grou: the :ossi(le :ro(lem areas for each
location in the :remises
2. ssign one :erson to !raw a ma: of the selecte! area
#. 'ar- the ma: as (elow =
,lue: Low ris- e.g. sli::ery floor/ tri: ha>ar!s/ etc.
,lac-: 'e!ium ris- e.g. lea-age/ s:ill ha>ar!/ etc.
<e!: High ris- e.g. :it fall/ fire ha>ar!/ etc.
P<6 ,:
1. +iscuss within your grou: the %HE resources a?aila(le
2. ssign one :erson to note !etails of the selecte! area
#. List out the a?aila(le resources
P<6 &:
1. +iscuss within your grou: the action :lan for treasure hunt
2. %:lit the team accor!ingly
#. Locate the num(er of %ignages
). Locate hot s:ots
*. Perform i!entifie! acti?ity

Name: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________
DSM ANH Safety Scavenger Hunt: A!T A
Problem Location Fixed?
Slippery spots
Trip hazards
Extension cords

Doors that do not close
Doors that close too hard and hit you
Doors with loose hinges or door handles
Holes in the ceiling
Burned-out light bulbs
Unsecured or missing fire extinguishers
Bloced fire extinguishers! emergency showers! or emergency

Storage rooms and procedure rooms
Slippery spots
Trip hazard
"eaing sins or pipes
loose hoos or mounting hardware
sharp edges on hoods! shelf racs! etc
broen or missing window co#ers

Plant / Laboratory Rooms
Dripping or leaing pipes
Steam leas
Unshielded hot surfaces
Trash! debris! or dust on any hot surfaces $fire hazard%&
Slippery spots or trip hazards
"oose or broen parts on cage wash
' ' autocla#e
'( bottle washer
' ' water bottle filler


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Date: _________________________________
Space 'or "AP:
Name: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________
DSM ANH Safety Scavenger Hunt: A!T "
SH Resources !e"g" Fire xt"# PP# $S%S# etc"& Location 'ty"

DSM ANH Safety Scavenger Hunt: A!T #
Name: ________________________________
Date: _________________________________
Action Plan:
#otal No. /' Signages:
#otal No. o' ot Spots:
Acti+ity -eport:
#ype o' Acti+ity:
Con'ined Space 3or& At eight 4 !le+ation !mergency -escue /ther
5denti'ied a,ard:
Actual /peration: