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Things I did in QuTech Daily basis I would receive ticket, various

tickets for example software installation, network trouble shoot, hard wire
issue, most of the users didnt had administrators right so I would be the one
installing software for them. Our company we had 2!! plus users, who I
provided technical support. Our technical team was divided in 2 groups " in
each group. I was working in O#$ o%ce of research services.
Description of my job duties
$ynchroni&ed corporate email in smart phone, such as i'hone. $et up
colander, meetings, do trouble shoot, help user set up cloud so they can back
up all of their information and data.
#eset password in active directory, company policy was resetting password
every (! days for security purpose. I would also unlock user account.
)reating new user account on active directory expending users email box,
move usurers computer to speci*c location after build, during build or
promotion. )reate share folders where only speci*c users could view them.
+hese are some of the things I did in active directory.
On outlook I create pst *le , remapping pst *le , creating archive and create
sub folders for users. I added multiple email account in outlook for the users.
I also taught corporate users how to use outlook to become more organi&ed
and set up meetings in colander.
$et up Virtual box and trouble shoot VPN connection, assign RS To!en
and reset token passcode
$etting up printer, remap printer, printer and scanner trouble shooting
$etting up docking system for users in meeting, troubleshooting docking
$ome hardwire i did are repair or expand hard drive, change the ram, replace
internal hard drive, i have also replaced nick cards, replaced cd,dvd rom, the
disk drive also bios and battery.
-.migration windows xp to windows / .*rst i would upgraded the #01
-memory2 of the computers so they can handle windows /. because they are
old computers on 3' so i had to do that *rst go around and upgrade #01 on
the machines then i would use windows easy transfer to transfer all the data
or i would save it on a external drive. +hen i reimaged them o4 of the $erver
hook up the computer to network and 5ust imaged it o4 the server when you
start the computer hit 672 and go to integrated 8I) and it automatically takes
you to the ghost server and you choose what you want like for example you
can make it windows / or xp you pick windows / and it images2
"hat is ip address# 0n Internet 'rotocol number assigned to a
network by which other device identify it.
"hat is acti$e directory# 0ctive Directory is a technology created by
1icrosoft that provides a variety of network services, for example you
can create, manage and administrator users, computers and printers in
the network.
"hat is the processor of your computer and computer name#
+o *nd that u click start then right click on computer then properties
and you will see the information.
"hat is T%P&IP# +)',I' is the communication protocol for
communication between computers on the Internet.
"hat is D'%P# -Dynamic 9ost )on*guration 'rotocol2 provides
dynamic I' address from a pool of available I' addresses
"hat is (S)D*S# is an operating system with a command.line
'o+ to add net+or! printer# )lick start then right click on device
and printer then add a printer by double clicking and it will save it to
:ueue status
'o+ to set up a printer or add a ne+ printer# )lick start click
device and printer then on the top click add printer then click network
wireless or blue tooth printer then select the printer click next then
select the driver currently install then give a printer name then click
next then share and you are *nish
"hat is the di,erent bet+een Dynamic and astatic IP address#
0 static I' is one that will never change. Dynamic it could change fre:uently, or
not change for more than 7 year. It really depends on how the D9)' server
thats assigns the I's is set up.
'o+ +ould you rest a pass+ord in D# +o rest password in active
directory you will have to locate the user by searching user name then
right click and change the password also check the unlock user
account box
'o+ +ould you add ne+ user account in D# I would log in my
administrator active directory and right click on user then add new
user and *ll out the information re:uired.
'o+ to remap PST -le# Open outlook go to *le and click open and
export then click import then select import from another program or
*le, then click next click outlook data *le.pst click next click brows then
select the pst *le u want to import click open click next select the
folder you want to import then click *nish.
'o+ +ould u create PST -le# Open outlook go on *le click and go
to data *le then click add and give it a name.
"hat is directory a book listing for individuals or organizations with details
such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
"hat dose Icloud do. +hat is it# Its to back up information, its a
storage application for apple products. It allow you to save all your
contact, mail, calendar, reminder, notes, passbook, documents and
"hat is DNS# -Domain name system2 D8$ converts the names we type in
our Web browser address bar to the IP addresses. We read as letters and
computer its all numbers.
"hat is R( and ho+ does it +or!# #am stands for random access
memory. Its used to load the operating system from the hard drive.
8othing get save in #01, it consider as temporary memory.
"hat is R*(# -#ead only memory2 instructions on #O1 are
permanent it remains when you shut o4 the computer, so when you
turn it back on it knows how to boot the system.
"hat is NI% card# -8etwork interface card2 you need 8I) card to
connect to internet.
"hat is processor# 'rocessor is the brain of the computer, it
determine the speed and how many application it can run.
'o+ to grant or deny access to a user# )lick start, right click
manage, then double click locale user and group
To join a domain or +or! group# )lick start, right click computer
click properties then go to change settings.
"hen using +indo+s P% ho+ +ould u trouble shoot another
P%# I would use remote assistance program by clicking start then I
would type remote assistant then press enter and I would connect to
users computer with the users computer domain name.
What are the types of LAN cables used? What is a cross cable?
Types of LAN cables that are in use are "Cat 5" and "Cat 6". "Cat 5" can support 100 Mbps of
speed and "CAT 6" can support 1Gbps of speed. Cross cable !t"s used to connect sa#e type of
de$ices %ithout usin& a s%itch'hub so that they can co##unicate.
What is the difference between a normal LAN cable and cross cable? What could be the
maximum length of the LAN cable?
The %ay the paired %ires are connected to the connector ()*+5, is different in cross cable and
nor#al LAN cable. The theoretical len&th is 100 #eters but after -0 #eters you #ay see drop in
What would you use to connect two computers without using switches?
Cross cable.
What is IPCONI! command? Why it is used?
!.C/N0!G co##and is used to display the !. infor#ation assi&ned to a co#puter. 0ro# the
output %e can find out the !. address1 2N3 !. address1 &ate%ay !. address assi&ned to that
What is APIPA IP address? Or what IP address is assigned to the computer when the "#CP
ser$er is not a$ailable?
4hen 25C. ser$er is not a$ailable the 4indo%s client co#puter assi&ns an auto#atic !. address
to itself so that it can co##unicate %ith the net%or6 co#puters. This ip address is called A.!.A.
!t"s in the ran&e of 167.85+.9.9. A.!.A stands for auto#atic pri$ate !. addressin&.
What is a "O%AIN? What is the difference between a domain and a wor&group?
2o#ain is created %hen %e install Acti$e 2irectory. !t"s a security boundary %hich is used to
#ana&e co#puters inside the boundary.
2o#ain can be used to centrally ad#inister co#puters and %e can &o$ern the# usin& co##on
policies called &roup policies. 4e can:t do the sa#e %ith %or6&roup.
"o you &now how to configure outloo& '((( and outloo& '(() for a user?
.lease $isit the lin6 belo% to find out ho% to confi&ure outloo6 8000 and outloo6
what is a P*+ file and what is the difference between a P*+ file and O*+ file? What file is
used by outloo& express?
.3T file is used to store the #ails locally %hen usin& outloo6 8000 or 800;. /3T file is used
%hen %e use outloo6 in cached e>chan&ed #ode. /utloo6 e>press uses odb file.
What is ,*O"? What do you do when you get blue screen in a computer? #ow do you
troubleshoot it?
?3/2 stands for blue screen of 2eath. 4hen there is a hard%are or /3 fault due to %hich the
%indo%s /3 can run it &i$e a blue screen %ith a code. ?est %ay to resol$e it is to boot the
co#puter is "Last 6no%n &ood confi&uration". !f this doesn:t %or6 than boot the co#puter in safe
#ode. !f it boots up than the proble#s %ith one of the de$ices or dri$ers.
What is -I*? What is Imaging.ghosting?
)!3 stands for re#ote installation ser$ices. @ou sa$e the installed i#a&e on a %indo%s ser$er and
then %e use )!3 to install the confi&ured on in the ne% hard%are. 4e can use it to deploy both
ser$er and client /3.
!#a&in& or &hostin& also does the sa#e Aob of capturin& an installed i#a&e and then install it on a
ne% hard%are %hen there is a need. 4e &o for )!3 or i#a&in&'&hostin& because installin& /3
e$ery ti#e usin& a C2 can be a $ery ti#e consu#in& tas6. 3o to sa$e that ti#e %e can &o for
What is /PN and how to configure it?
B.N stands for Birtual pri$ate net%or6. B.N is used to connect to the corporate net%or6 to
access the resources li6e #ail and files in the LAN. B.N can be confi&ured usin& the steps
#entioned in the C? http'''6b';05550
your computer slowly drops out of networ&0 A reboot of the computer fixes the problem0
What to do to resol$e this issue?
Dpdate the net%or6 card dri$er.
1our system is infected with /irus? #ow to reco$er the data?
!nstall another syste#. !nstall the /3 %ith the latest patches1 Anti$irus %ith latest updates.
Connect the infected 522 as secondary dri$e in the syste#. /nce done scan and clean the
secondary 522. /nce done copy the files to the ne% syste#.
#ow to 2oin a system to the domain? What type of user can add a system to the
.lease $isit the article belo% and read "Addin& the 4or6station to the
what is the difference between a switch and a hub?
3%itch sends the traffic to the port to %hich it"s #eant for. 5ub sends the traffic to all the
What is a router? Why we use it?
)outer is a s%itch %hich uses routin& protocols to process and send the traffic. !t also recei$es the
traffic and sends it across but it uses the routin& protocols to do so.
What are manageable and non manageable switches?
3%itches %hich can be ad#inistered are called #ana&eable s%itches. 0or e>a#ple %e can create
BLAN for on such s%itch. /n no #ana&eable s%itches %e can:t do so.
What is boot loader? ?oot loader facilitates loadin& of operatin& syste# on the syste#. !t
enables the bootin& process and &i$es /3 options to the user %hile startin& the syste#.
Which is better - Windows 7 or Windows XP? Support your answers
with examples? Windows 7 boasts of better features and is recommended over
Windows XP. The looks and graphics of windows 7 are impressive and features
better secured system. It is better equipped to defend virus and malware attacks.
peech recognitions! backup and restore functions! application compatibility!
quick installation! etc.! are some of the features that give advantage to Windows 7
than windows XP.
#ow to reco$er files if the system detects $irus? 0irstly1 install another operatin& syste# %ith
latest patches and up&raded anti$irus protection. No%1 connect the #ain infected hard dis6 to the
syste#. )un the anti$irus and scan the secondary 522. /nce the hard dis6 is cleaned1 copy the
files to another syste#.
"ifferentiate between firewall and proxy ser$er? 0ire%all is used to protect the internal !T
infrastructure fro# hac6ers. .ro>y ser$ers allo% sharin& internet connections and protectin& !.
addresses. 0ire%all is a net%or6in& based technolo&y and pro>y ser$er is an application based
What measures are ta&en to impro$e the security of the des&top system? 0irst step is to
install and up&rade the antiE$irus for the syste#. 3econdly1 as6 all users to not &i$e out or %rite
do%n pass%ords1 include special characters1 and it #ust be at least - characters lon&. Thirdly1 for
des6top security1 ensure the screen is loc6ed and pass%ord secured durin& the day1 and lo&&ed off
durin& the ni&ht.
+hings I did on daily bases
! a# an ad#inistrator for ; applications1 2aily basis ! recei$e tic6ets. Tic6ets ! recei$e %ould
$ary1 for e>a#ple ! %ould recei$e F!2M tic6ets to loc61 unloc6 and reset user"s pass%ord so they
can &et to CM3 portal and &i$e the# direction and lin6 $ia e#ail so they can reset there
pass%ord1 ! also reseted selfEidentification <uestions for users1 ans%er any additional <uestions
re&ardin& affordable care act. /n CALT account ! %ould use #y ad#in role to add user account
and add user to the &roup and &i$e the# access to the folders based on their credential1 ans%er
any <uestions they #i&ht ha$e re&ardin& access and send the# lin6 for application %hich they
#ay ha$e to fill out prior to &et access. /n FGF ! %ould assist A&ent ?ro6er and federal'state
e#ployees %ho are tryin& to enroll or doin& it behalf of clients for for #edicate and Medicare.
And escalate technical issues if any occur to the appropriate depart#ent.
/n Htech ! %as %or6in& as tier 8 help des6 technician1 pro$idin& technical support for o$er I00
users in ; locations1 ! perfor#ed soft%are installation1 net%or6 trouble shootin& and hard%ire
issues. ! installed $irtual bo> on user"s #achines and trouble shouted B.N connection1 assi&ned
0/? to6en and reset to6en pass%ord for users1 i#a&ed #achines usin& 3y#antec &host1 build
#achines fro# scratch1 replaced hard%ire1 add #ore ra# and #e#ory. ! also did data transfer for
users after i#a&in& their #achines. Add #achine to do#ain. ! also did encryption and decryption
for laptop users. /n acti$e directory ! added user account1 #odify1 and reset pass%ords1 ! also set
up outloo6 and office product for users and trouble shouted any issues users faced. ! set up
doc6in& for users %ho used laptop1 trouble shouted doc6in& issues1 installed 0i$e7 and
troubleshooted any issues users faced. ! also Trubbleshooted printer and scanned issues.
B.N J %e used cisco any connect to $pn1 often users %ould for&et to run cisco nac a&ent to &et
access to connect to net%or6 securely1 and see an error #essa&e. 3o ! %ould &o ha$e user
disconnect fro# $pn and ha$e user connect a&ain and run nac a&ent and then open up bro%ser to
open re#edy. After that if user still can"t lo& in or see any error then #ost li6ely its security
$ulnerability or re<uire %indo%s update so ! %ould run a 3y#antec $irus protection li$e update
and do a %indo%s update and that %ould resol$e the issue. ! %ould also reset users hard and soft
to6en and pin.
3er$erE is a do#ain co#puter on a net%or6 that pro$ide ser$ices to the other co#puter on the ne