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Eighth Region: Bo Bo

According to census data, two thousand and twelve. The region of Bio Bio has secenta One
million eight hundred and one thousand five hundred inhabitants, is the second region of
the country with the greatest number of people and has the third population density.
Furthermore, it is in second place in economic productivity after the Santiago Metropolitan
Capital: Conception is the largest urban center in the region. This consists of the provinces
of Arauco, Bio Bio, Concepcion and cloudy.
To the north of the Maule Region, south of the Araucana Region, on the east by the
Argentina Republic and west by the Pacific Ocean.
Regarding weather conditions, this area is defined as a transition between a temperate
Mediterranean climate and a humid or warm temperate rainforest.
In addition, the Eighth Region is characterized as the birthplace of great people, of great
importance in the history of Chile, Bernardo O'Higgins and as Arturo Prat.
native vegetation is concentrated on the coast and the foothills. In the rest of the region has
been removed to replace pines. This native vegetation forms pure or accompanied by forest
vegetation. These are cases of Araucaria, raul, mountain cypress.
It is concentrated in the province of uble, in the province of Arauco towards the coast and
in the Nahuelbuta Park.We can mention among mammals at sea dog, pud, cougar, culpeo
foxes, skunk, viscachas abound in the mountain area and the huemul is.
In the capital region the eighth international carrier airport south, people in the province are
mainly mobilized in intercity buses and concepcion together with the angels there is the
public transportation system that is used autobus

Natural attraction
Jump slab, Termas de Chillan, Caleta Tumbes. Dichato beach.
This landscape is composed of pure air, native and imposing mountains and volcanoes to
waterfalls in the Itata and Laja rivers forest. The spectacular waterfall has turned this place
into a center of attraction.
Tourist Attractions
In the area include the sights as Mina Chiflon devil, Monitor Huascar, Caleta Tumbes
located in Talcahuano.
In Talcahuano no beaches or places suitable for swimming, walking or relating only to
those who want to know the sea, besides the port coastlinecomposed of rocks.
The local food is seafood from our coast, the gentle aroma and flavor of hazelnuts and pine
nuts in our ethnic cuisine, are the traditional Creole dishes in our field.
native language
Language spoken is the Mapuche, Araucanian, Mapudungun (speaking of the earth)
The Bio Bio region is an area whose main economic activities are forestry and fisheries,
and secondarily agriculture, manufacturing and services industry.
Football teams that stand in the region are: ublence, Universidad de Concepcion,
Music and dance
It is a city full of life, every day cultural festival is held. Activity weekends, where music
and theater are some of the activities that take over the cities intensifies.
The typical dance is the cueca area.