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Instructions: Read the conversations below and choose the best
meaning for the phrases underlined.

Practice 1

Mrs Tan: Why are you late to school today, Tasha?
Tasha: I was held up (1) in a traffic jam.
Mrs Tan: But you have been ticked off (2) for coming late
more than ten times this month.
Tasha: I know. Can I make it up (3) by attending the
community service activity this Saturday?
Mrs Tan: All right. But dont do it anymore.

1. held up
A delayed B detained
C damaged D overturned

2. ticked off
A suspended B sacked
C advised D reprimanded

3. make it up
A give up B do it
C say sorry D make amends

Practice 2

Alex: Can I join the training for the sports competition?
Coach: No. Unless youre given a clean bill of health (4) by your doctor.
Alex: Dont worry. Im as fit as a fiddle (5).
Coach: I cant take your word for it (6). The doctor has told me youll need another
two weeks before you can do any light training.

4. a clean bill of health
A a total body cleaning B a proper medical examination
C medical approval for fitness D a drug examination

5. as fit as a fiddle
A fast and thin B healthy and strong
C slim and melodious D big and fat

6. cant take your word for it
A believe you B allow you to play
C listen to you D follow your orders

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Practice 3

Imran: Im going fishing. Would you like to come along (7)?
James: Sorry. Ive got to turn down your offer (8).
Imran: Why?
James: Ive got to keep an eye on (9) my younger brother.
Imran: All right then.

7. come along
A walk along B go there
C join me D go on

8. turn down
A take B decline
C allow D forbid

9. keep an eye on
A give a bath to B teach lessons to
C take care of D watch out for

Practice 4

Zaitun: I wonder where all the waiters are. Im so hungry I could eat a horse (10) !
Siti: Do be patient. Here he comes.
Zaitun: Waiter! Over here.
Siti: Hey, where are you manners? Mind your ps and qs (11).
Zaitun: Sorry. I was so hungry that I lost grip of myself (12).
Siti: Dont do that again.

10. so hungry I could eat a horse
A so full B so tired
C absolutely hungry D terribly angry

11. Mind your ps and qs
A Watch your actions. B Control your tongue.
C Be less courteous D Be careful of your language

12. lost grip of myself
A lost consciousness B lost control
C lost everything D lost money

Modul 1
1. A
2. D
3. D
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. C
10. C
11. D
12. B