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Classroom Policies & Expectations

1. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

2. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.

3. Keep your hands, feet, and negative comments to

4. Raise your hand when you want to ask a question or
share something with the class.

5. Follow all instructions the FIRST time they are given to

Disruptive behavior will be handled in a progressive manner. Daily
participation points will be lost. Severe disruptions will automatically
result in a referral to the Deans office.

- Verbal warning
- Written assignment with parental notification
Detention with parental notification
- Referral to dean


Students Name:
Period: Date:
Parents, Guardians, Students:

Please read the course expectations sheet and RETURN THIS PAGE AT THE
NEXT CLASS MEETING. Your signature indicates the acceptance of the class policies
outlined in the syllabus. The student will receive 5 points for returning this form on
I am looking forward to a great year working with you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Students Signature:

Parents or Guardians Name (please print): ____

Parents or Guardians Signature: ____
Relationship to student:

Parents E-mail Address: _____________________________
Daytime Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Best time to reach you:
Primary language spoken at home:

Mailing Address:

Please give any important information about this student that would help them be
successful in school.

Classroom Management for Ms. Taylors Biology classroom.

My classroom will be an interactive classroom, where students are able to give input and ask

As the year progresses, I expect to do many more labs and hands on activities, so I expect every
student to follow all procedures.

Learning should be enjoyable and incorporative for all learning styles in one lesson. Before this
can happen, students will have to master classroom procedures and expectations.

Most of my classroom management will be on a daily bases; consistent expectations where
students will be on a reward and positive, constructive way of discipline.

Those who do not complete assignments, prelabs or tests will have to come in to make up work,
or give up lab time to complete these before joining.

Some large classrooms tend to be challenging, and I expect all students in a room to hold each
other accountable for positive behavior, aside from my progressive consequences.
Accountability will determine if the class is able to do more labs and interactive activities, versus
a basic lecture and note taking worksheet.

Critical Thinking/Reflection

As I progress further into the semester, my thought process on classroom management changes and
grows. Positive yet firm and consistent procedures need to be upheld in the classroom at all times. The
students that are vocal, upbeat and willing to please you as a teacher right away, often will be the
students that will push and test what is acceptable for class room behavior. These students will often set
an example for the rest on the classroom. Whats alright for one student, might not always be ok for
another, when it comes to learning in the classroom, but as far as following policy and procedures it is.
As teachers we have to be firm and consistent with the rules we set in place, right from the beginning.
Students are always watching each other, to see how far they can go to getting away with something.
Learning this through mistakes I have made with my student teaching class, has helped me understand
that at times we do make exceptions, but consistently in everything we do, works! Especially when it
comes to lessons, homework assignments, and classroom procedure.
Through these spirited vocal students, I would like to help them grow their leadership skills. Their
motivation for learning should be, with control of their enthusiasm in class, they are allowed to lead and
be able to speak; including special presentations. This also coincides with diverse learning, and
assessment for students in class. Vocal rewards also work very well, from a good job, to telling the
class how awesome they are for.today. Many students just want to be acknowledged, that
the teacher knows they are there and want just as much attention as the vocal students, just not in the
same way. I found that if you learn all your students names, it will make life as a teacher so much
easier. Its a funny thing, using a students name or calling on students will automatically stop the class
from talking. This works very well when Im giving instructions or teaching a lesson.

Keeping the classroom as quiet as possible, if not silent is detrimental to teaching, especially in a
classroom that is quicker paced. I would still like to bring in a little more diversity in my lessons, for the
different learning styles of the students. Depending on where the individual classroom is on behavior,
groups, hands on projects and labs should be an incentive for them. Using visual aids and asking
questions on how they think the subject pertains to their everyday life, will be a tool I use to engage
students. As the question a student had about why ice floats if its the same mass as the water its with?
After explaining I tried to throw a flat piece of paper which didnt go very far, I crumpled it up into a
ball and through it to that student in the classroom. So why did the paper ball go farther? I opened the
paper back up and tried to throw it again, without success. So is this paper still the same weight and
mass? This leads into other questions from other students, or I could call on other students to involve
them in the conversation. I also worked on a note book quiz, this helped the class keep on track with
their interactive notebook. On the quiz, only page and question numbers were given. With the page
numbers, students looked up answers in their notebook and wrote them down on the quiz. If students
were missing pages, they were not able to write down the questions and/or answers, and no points were
given. Example given below.

Notebook Quiz Pages 34-75
Name_____________________ date___________

PAGE Qestion
34 2.4
Write goal
37 #7 QOD

43 #7 write sent

50 #11

59 #4

62 #8