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This project will provide you hours
of excitement and fun not only
because it has outstanding flying
characteristics but also because is
simple to build.
Aluminum alloy tubes are utilized in
most of the craft; some steel tubing
and sheets are needed to give the
ultralight the necessary strength in
certain areas (like landing gear).
Most of the assemblies are realized
by bolting and riveting, there is a
minor steel welding required.
The double surface wings are fabric
covered in the same way as
conventional aircraft.
The wings can be detached for
transportation and storage.
The plans shows the parts
dimensions and with the help of
perspective and exploded views
drawings, the builder can quickly
understand, almost at a glance,
how the parts have to be
constructed and assembled.
The Furia is a real helicopter, designed and developed for amateur construction.
This award winner design incorporate clever mechanical solutions to obtain a vehicle with remarkable stable
flying characteristics.
The two bladed main rotor is semi articulated, its exclusive design gives the builder the chance to make a good
and sound construction with relative ease.
To ensure a precise and smooth operation, all mobile parts have been mounted on bearings.
Tail rotor is shaft driven which guarantee a positive power transmission without the problems seen in belt arrays.
Rigid Push-Pull control rods are used for cyclic and collective pitch controls.
The main rotor mast and the tail boom are made out of an aluminum alloy tube, speeding and simplifying the
construction process.
The helicopter main structure as well as the rugged skids are made with aircraft quality steel tubes, providing a
strong support for all components.
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Specifications and Performances
Main Rotor Diameter: 19 ft.
Tail Rotor Diameter: 3.6 ft.
Height: 6.9 ft.
Length: 12.5 ft.
Max Gross Weight: 700 lbs.
Empty Weight: 325 lbs.
Payload (with full fuel) : 350 lbs.
Fuel capacity: 8 gal.
Seats: 1
Range: 80 sm.
Take Off Distance: 0 ft.
Landing Distance: 0 ft.
Vmax.: 95 mph (max. allowable speed
level, flight sea level std. day)
Vcr: 70 mph
Climb Rate @ msl: 1100 fpm.
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f you have been dreaming about having your own fighter plane,
this may be your chance to make your dreams come true.
We are glad to offer you an accurate replica of the famous British
World War fighter: The Spitfire Mk X
This full scale replica made with composites have been conceived
in order to comply with the experimental aircraft category
But what we are offering you here is more than just a plane, as
the project is unfinished it's an excellent opportunity to use it for
other side business that will pay you back several times what we
are asking for the replica itself
Get our e-book with all details about how this replica was made
plus our business opportunities report that will explain how you
can turn this replica into a very atractive business.
Spitfire e-book $ 14,95
This homemade gazebo will, without a doubt add a charming touch to your lawn garden,
and not only it will be the attraction and commentary of your neighborhood but also will
provide you and your family an attractive spot where to enjoy backdoor fun activities, like
parties and celebrations.
38 full color pages step by step instructions and working drawings with measurements.
For your garden or backyard

(WaII CIock)
Show your friends and reIatives you are an aviation fan, buiId this beautifuI waII cIock,
which is reaIIy easy to make.
Our new "Step by Step" pIans series wiII guide you through the compIete construction
path to come up with a deIicate and fine cIock that wiII give a distinctive aeronauticaI
touch to your home or workshop.
The AItimeter cIock can be buiId with a jig saw and some other common hand tooIs.
The pIan set incorporate a photo-sequence
that wiII show you the process in detaiI.
This is an exceIIent weekend project
and a great gift for aviation Iovers.
Ynur arc a just a click away
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Ordcr an c-plans nnw
And start building