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Dear Sir,
SUBJECT: Sponsorship Proposal for Kshitij 2012

Kshitij is the annual techno-management symposium of Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur. A showcase for innovation, the symposium aims to bring competition alive and
celebrate technology. The festival constitutes competitions, workshops, exhibitions and
guest lecturers focusing on technological and managerial fronts.

The forthcoming edition of Kshitij will be held from January 27
, 2012. We would
like to offer FUTURES FIRST the role of our Event Sponsor.

Our sponsors have been an integral part of our fest culture and we look forward to them as
our partners in innovative education. We believe our symbiotic relationship will help the
festival become bigger as well as generate a lot of goodwill among the student fraternity. At
the same time, it will give FUTURES FIRST a huge recall value among the students and
faculty of IIT Kharagpur as well as other places.

Highlights of the previous editions of Kshitij
With its inception in 2004, Kshitij has gone on to become Asias largest techno-
management fest in less than 6 years. The 2011 edition witnessed a participation of over
60,000 students from across the world.

Prizes worth over INR 60,00,000 for various online and on-the-spot events in Kshitij 11.

Participation from IITs, IIMs, Stanford, N.U.S Singapore, Kyoto University and other
leading engineering & management institutes in India and abroad.

Guest Lectures by Shekhar Kapur (Director of Oscar winning movies), Jimmy Wales
(Founder of Wikipedia), Sir Anthony Leggett (Nobel Prize in Physics 2003), Mr. Prahlad
Kakkar (Renowned Ad guru), George Kourounis (active storm chaser and host of Angry
Planet), Wg. Cmdr. Mr. Rakesh Sharma (First Indian cosmonaut), and Dilip Chhabria
(Founder of DC Design), among others.

Workshops on next generation technologies by experts on Adobe Streaming Technology,
Jaguar workshop, CUDA workshop by Nvidia, 32 bit microcontroller by Texas Instruments
apart from interactive workshops on UAV, Graphology, Software Reverse Engineering,
Commodity Exchange and Equity Research.

Expositions on Missiles, UAV by DRDO, PR 2 Robot, Augmented AR Pool, MIT Lab Exhibit
of Sense Table, Exhibition by Bosch, and Innovations of IIT Kharagpur.

Mega shows like the Stunning Acro-Dunk by the Dunk Kings in which their high leaps and
breadth takings stunts left all spell bounded, Laser show by Laserman-3D, Pyro-technique
show (Automated crackers), Pyromania (fire jugglery show by Anta-Agni).

Organized over 15 pre-Kshitij workshops, organized in various major cities like Delhi,
Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, etc., to mobilize the student
community about Kshitij, which ensures year round publicity of sponsors among the

Association with noted Fortune 500 companies like Barclays Capital, Nokia, Intel, Cisco,
Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, Texas
Instruments, General Electric, Suzlon, Microsoft etc apart from some of the biggest
names of India Inc. like ITC, Wipro, SBI, HAL, ONGC etc.


Our participation base totals over 60,000 students including 5,500 outstation participants
during the fest.

Our website www.ktj.in is one of the most visited college websites with over 8 million
hits for Kshitij 2011.

Presentations and publicity material (CDs, T-shirts, posters, souvenirs, notices,
pamphlets etc) are taken twice (in October and December) to over 1200 educational
institutes across the country in the publicity campaign by the organizing team members.

The online events of the fest begin in October hence giving our sponsors a period of 4
months to interact with the participants and not limited to the four days of the fest alone.

External workshops are conducted to mobilize the student community about Kshitij, which
ensures year round publicity of sponsors among the students.

Association with media and leading Magazines to promote our Sponsors.

Supporting our educational initiative will help you in meeting your Corporate Social
Responsibilities and at the same time, give you a good recall value among the student
fraternity and faculty in institutes across the country.

We sincerely believe that our sponsors form an integral part and contribute significantly to
the betterment of Kshitij and hence we invite you to share our enthusiasm and interest to
take Kshitij to a new horizon and make it a wholesome experience for our participants.

We would like to propose FUTURES FIRST the role of our Event Sponsor by sponsoring
any of the following events.

1. Forex
Foreign exchange (FX) is one of the most exciting and fast paced markets around.
The domain of major corporations, central banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and
select wealthy individuals a few years back, the foreign exchange market has now spread to
the common investors as well. It is only but natural that the youths of today should have a
thorough knowledge of trading in the FX market, thus the game FX. Incorporating the
minute-by-minute variations in the exchange market the participants learn real life
currency trading. The stupendous success of Woodstock, our stock trading game last year,
only emphasizes the strong influence the trading arena seems to be for the students today.
An online game, FX starts 4 months prior to the fest and continues till the very last day,
giving our sponsors 4 full months in which to communicate to students with strong
intellectual background and trading skills.

2. C-Monopoly
An online event dealing with all the aspects of being a budding industrialist of the
21st century. Dealing with the aspects of setting up an industry in various parts of India in
various fields along with dealing with carbon credits and carbon farming, this event puts to
test all the enigmas of an industry right from planning, investment, diversification, strategy,
more importantly ethical ideas. The three month duration of the event, will provide full
coverage to the sponsor, in both association and the cause associated with.

3. Synergy
Our newest event on the block is based on Mergers & Acquisitions of corporate
brands. The participants will study all the pros and cons and develop all the equations
required for big corporate decisions. This even is certain to unearth all those minds across
the national who are passionate for a career in investment banking. This event gives
Deutsche Bank the chance to meet the very target students of its profile directly.


1. The name of FUTURES FIRST will occur in tandem with that of the events sponsored; it
will be referred to as FUTURES FIRST presents EVENT NAME.

2. Benefits from in-house publicity:

i) All notices and posters regarding Kshitij 12 prior to the fest will carry name
and logo of FUTURES FIRST as the Event Sponsor of Kshitij.

ii) The in-house workshops and event held 3-4 months prior to the fest will
have banners prominently displaying FUTURES FIRSTs logo.

iii) Large hoardings located at prominent places in the campus will carry name
and logo of FUTURES FIRST for 2 months prior to the fest.

iv) Web mailers regarding the event to our whole database will carry name of
FUTURES FIRST and the hyperlink to FUTURES FIRSTs website.

3. Benefits from External workshops/presentations:
i) FUTURES FIRSTs name will be highlighted in the presentations given by our
team in the 6 month long promotion campaign across 1200 colleges in India.

4. Benefits from the publicity material distributed:

i) All publicity material dispatched to over 1200 engineering and business
colleges in India and abroad will have FUTURES FIRSTs logo.

ii) Publications by the Kshitij Team will carry FUTURES FIRSTs logo. These
include K-speak (an official newspaper of Kshitij), schedules, maps,
pamphlets which are distributed to over 15,000 students of IIT Kharagpur
and other colleges.

5. Benefits during the fest (four days):

i) Giant back-drops put up in the arena, during the fest will prominently
display FUTURES FIRSTs logo.

ii) Banners at the respective event venue will prominently display name and
the logo of FUTURES FIRST stating: FUTURES FIRST presents Event name.

iii) Large hoardings located at prominent places in the campus will carry logo of
FUTURES FIRST as event sponsor.

iv) FUTURES FIRST is entitled to distribute promotion material during the fest.

v) Local transport and hospitality of two representatives will be provided
during Kshitij 12.

6. Benefits after the fest:

i) FUTURES FIRSTs logo will be given in the Souvenir of Kshitij 2012, which is
sent to all our past sponsors, potential sponsors, our alumni and educational
institutes across the world.

ii) The sponsorship brochure for Kshitij 2013 distributed to all our existing and
potential sponsors will carry logo of FUTURES FIRST.

iii) The official documentary of Kshitij will carry the name, logo of FUTURES

iv) The teaser of the Kshitij 12 will carry the name, logo and special mention of

v) The Technology Output magazine of Kshitij will carry the logo of FUTURES

7. Benefits derived from our website (www.ktj.in):

i) The logo of the company along with the hyperlink to

FUTURES FIRSTs website is given for 5 years.

ii) FUTURES FIRST will have its logo at the home page ticker of our website.

8. Benefits through media coverage:

i) All advertisements for Kshitij 2012 in various media -Newspaper, magazine,
television, radio and web - will display FUTURES FIRSTs logo.

ii) FUTURES FIRSTs name is highlighted in the year-round publicity campaign
via our various media partners like Times of India, The Telegraph, Red FM,
Digit, CIOL, Radio Mirchi, Indian Management etc.

iii) All publicity of Kshitij 2012 through digital media across various cities will
display FUTURES FIRSTs logo.

Kshitij 2012 promises to be a huge success, continuing the legacy of its
predecessors. We look forward to our association with you as we embark
upon our next step towards horizon.

Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation,

Yours sincerely,

Saurav Sahu
Organizing Team Member,
Kshitij 2012
Technology Students Gymkhana
IIT Kharagpur