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Applications are invited for the position of Attorney-General of Pitcairn. The
Attorney-General is appointed under s 35 of the Pitcairn Islands Constitution and
serves as the principal legal adviser to the Government of Pitcairn.
The Government of Pitcairn comprises the New Zealand-resident Governor, who
exercises Her Majestys executive authority in Pitcairn both directly and through
subordinate officers, as well as an Island Council whose functions are prescribed by
Pitcairn law. The law of Pitcairn comprises the common law and statutes of England,
insofar as such law is of general application and local circumstances permit, together
with Pitcairn legislation (styled ordinances and made by the Governor after
consultation with the Island Council).
The Attorney-General is responsible for drafting Pitcairn ordinances and for the
annual revision and publication of Pitcairn law. The Attorney-General also has
powers and responsibilities in relation to criminal matters. There is a separate office
of Pitcairn Public Prosecutor, and an office of Public Defender.
The Attorney-General holds office for a fixed, renewable, term, in accordance with s
35 of the Constitution. The Constitution is available at
The position requires knowledge of constitutional law and administrative law. The
affairs of Pitcairn are administered from offices in Auckland, and the Governor
resides in Wellington. (The practice is that the United Kingdoms High Commissioner
to New Zealand also holds office as Governor of Pitcairn.)
The position of Attorney-General would not occupy the appointee full-time. It is
envisaged the successful appointee will be a barrister or a solicitor in private practice
who is available to perform services and provide advice as required, and generally to
attend to the responsibilities of the office.
Periodic (but not frequent) travel to the Island may be required, involving flights to
French Polynesia followed by a sea voyage of around 36 hours.
Pitcairn is a non-self governing United Kingdom Overseas Territory, situated around
500 kms south east of the Gambier Islands (the eastern-most islands of French
Polynesia). As well as Pitcairn itself, three other islands make up the Territory:
Henderson, Ducie and Oeno (each being uninhabited). The population of Pitcairn is
around 60, most being descendants of the original settlers who were Bounty mutineers.

The population includes persons contracted from overseas and serving as doctor,
school teacher, community worker and police officer. Pitcairn is visited by a number
of cruise ships each year, and is also a destination for adventurous tourists and
seafarers. For more information about Pitcairn, visit
The term of the new Attorney-General will commence on 4 March 2015, upon the
conclusion of the term of the retiring Attorney-General. Applications may be sent by
email to the Deputy Governor, Kevin Lynch, by email to,
by post to Deputy Governor of Pitcairn, P.O. Box 92-014, Auckland 1142, or by
courier to Deputy Governor of Pitcairn, c/- British Consulate-General Auckland ,
Level 17 , 151 Queen Street, Auckland.

Applications close Friday 7 November, 2014.