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October 6

, 2014
Dear Parents & Students:
Today we begin another year of istory !air, a research "ro#ect s"onsored by the
$hicago %etro istory &ducation $enter 'which is su""orted by the $hicago istory
%useu()* istory !air has beco(e a sta"+e in the curricu+u( and the co((unity*
,hi+e ! can be co("etiti-e, it is, at its core, a fundamental learning process
for students* Our 4
.nnua+ istory !air wi++ be on ,ednesday, %arch 11
Throughout the year, we wi++ +earn to research, ana+y/e, and write* ,hi+e a++
students wi++ de-e+o" a to"ic on $hicago or 0++inois istory, not e-ery student wi++ do
the sa(e thing* .side fro( choosing their own to"ic 'and "otentia+ "artners),
students (ay decide between writing a research "a"er, bui+ding an e1hibit, (a2ing
a docu(entary, creating a website, or "erfor(ing a +i-e inter"retation of history*
The genera+ ti(e+ine for students to wor2 on this "ro#ect is as fo++ows:
De-e+o" To"ic 3 October
De-e+o" Thesis & 4esearch 5 November
Product $hoice 'e1hibit, website, "a"er, "erfor(ance, docu(entary) 5
Potential partners and/or groups will be chosen at this time.
Synthesi/e, .na+y/e, and 6ui+d 3 January & February
%ore detai+ed direction and ti(e+ines wi++ be "ro-ided as this year5+ong "rocess
,hi+e the !air is in %arch, "ro#ects wi++ be due short+y "rior to the !air to a++ow for
any re-isions* &-ery !riday in c+ass is 7istory !air !riday,8 a++owing students to
(a2e "rogress with (y assistance* The rubric, used for grading and co("etition,
has been co"ied on the bac2 side of this +etter* 0 encourage a++ "arents to "ut this
date on their ca+endars9 :ot on+y is it a we++5attended e-ent, encouraging your chi+d
to do their best for this fair is -ery rewarding* The best "ro#ects re;uire the best
resources, and students wi++ need your he+" getting to (useu(s and historic sites*
!o++owing our !air, se-era+ students wi++ be ab+e to ad-ance to the $hicago %etro
istory !air in ."ri+* Students interested in ad-ancing to the $hicago %etro istory
!air are re;uired to 2now the ru+es and +i(itations and understand their indi-idua+
re;uire(ents* 0 ha-e shared with students these ru+es< they need to adhere to the(*
4u+es can a+so be found at www*chicagohistoryfair*org* Our a++otted a(ount of
"ro#ects is:
4 &1hibits
4 ,ebsites
2 Docu(entaries
4 4esearch Pa"ers
!or (ore infor(ation, continue to -isit www*+itt+e+a2e-iew*word"ress*co(, as we++ as
e(ai+ (e*
4e(e(ber 3 4esearch is a -erb9
%r* =itt+e