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MBA 1: Marketing Management
Ben Sherman case study
Md. Robiul Hassan (C0198KSKS0214)

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I am conveying my great thanks to my University and my lecturer Mr Terry Johnson for
his great support and effort to make me understand the marketing broadly and chance to
gain my knowledge in Marketing Management.

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Executive summary: .................................................................................................................... 4
Introduction: ................................................................................................................................. 5
1. Young people are a central market segment of Ben Shermans target market. Do you
feel that this restricts the market for their products or do you feel that they are doing the
correct thing?
2: Critically evaluate and discuss the issues within the company in relation to product
orientation and market orientation. Are the two linked or do you feel that they are
incompatible in the Ben Sherman context
3. Product life cycle extension strategies are suggested. Suggest and justify an
appropriate extension strategy for Ben Sherman.
4. Suggest and justify marketing research approaches that do you feel would be most
appropriate for Ben Sherman to pursue in relation to a new communications campaign.
Conclusion. ..22
Key theoretical issues have been covere.22
Personal observation.22
Learning from this assignment.23
Success/ failure...23
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Executive summary:

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The marketing officer
Subject: Analyse the Adidas marketing practice

This report is to investigate the marketing strategy adopted by Adidas. At first the current
advertising strategy like promotion and sponsorship will be discussed. Followed by
effectiveness its sponsorship, evaluation of take the stage campaign and target market
will be discussed.
Ben Sherman is a lifestyle brand recognis ed globally for their fashion product. Ben
Sherman starts its business by producing quality shirt in Brighton in 1963, and now it has
its business in 35 countries around the glove. Now a days Ben Sherman provides a
range of youth male fashion product, includes male casual clothes, formal wear for the
young male, denim, footwear and lifestyle accessories, like as watches, bags,
underwear, belts and fragrances. Ben Sherman provides retail services to its customers
on high street sale. (Oxford Industries, 10K Annual Report)
As it is impossible for a business to serve all the people, there for they need to identify
their segment and target market, which they want to a serve and which they might be
good at. There for on the basis of Ben Sherman, in this report I will try to discuss what is
segmentation and targeting or target marketing. What kind of business orientation they
are following and what should they do? What are they doing for product life extension?
Why and how all of those affect on the Ben Sherman business.
Market segmentation is the process by which market are divided into identifiable part, to
set up an overall marketing strategy, methods of analyzing market , finding a niche,
central to market and customer orientation in which products and services are match to
customer needs and wants, and to develop superior position within that niche, ( Elmore-
yalch,R 1998)
Identifying the appropriate target market and developing an appropriate marketing mix is
the keys to strategic success. Their for

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Target market strategy depends on market homogeneousness, the size, growth of the
market, national and regional trends, size of each market large enough for unique
marketing mix, distribution and communication are measurable and accessible, the
growing needs and satisfactions being required by target market, benefit does company
offer and compare with the competitors what do they offer, is the product is unique?
Business is repeat versus new, current target markets position compare to competitors
with reputation, quality and price, image with the specific market segments, is the product
is only for specific group of people? Buyers of the product, communication process with
the customers, objections from the potential customers, distribution process, company
ability to expand the business,
As of Ben Sherman annual report 2012, they only serving one specific age group
people 25 to 40. That means they are following concentrated marketing or Nish
Advantages of targeting Nish for Ben Sherman.
Prospective savings on cost, as an example production or marketing.
Company can do more healthy competition in the market.
incorporation of resources
Can better meet the needs of a narrowly define segment
Strong positing and branding.
Greater financial success
( need rep)
There for the question is?

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Young people are a central market segment of Ben Sherman target market. Is this
restricts the market for their products or they are doing the correct thing?
As Ben Sherman is serving mens branded products to a specific age group from 25 to
40 in multiple markets throughout the world, (Oxford Industries, 10K Annual Report)
there for we can say they are following concentrated marketing strategy with in this
strategy company focuses its efforts on a profitably satisfying a single market. Company
offering highly spliced goods and services.
Concentrated marketing has its drawback, because the strategy may ties a firms growth
to specific segment, sales can suffer if new competitors apple successfully to the same
target. Customer buying habits can also lead to serve problems.(
According to the Ben Sherman annual report 2012, Ben Sherman targeted young age
male (25 to 40) for their product. To do the Segmentation according to specific age group
is crucial factors for Ben Sherman, as they need to produce and sell the right product to
the people of right age. Ben Sherman mostly produce young age means related
products, there for they have target fashion and music lover young generation. So Ben
Sherman has shown success to segment its target audience through demographic
variables as age and location, they have shown continuous growth and able to increase
their market share.
Ben Sherman has targeted audiences from simply music lover to highest level of
musician. Ben Sherman has a strong target audience of young age man, to bring more
young age people under their umbrella. they introduce different other sub-brands such as
watch, shoes and many more items, which has shown the further potential for the
company in the lifestyle and fashion market.
Targeting the Young age people is very important segment to a various industry, and
Young people who are inspired by passion and stories of lifestyle. Ben Sherman has
chosen them as their target audience. Different product line of Ben Sherman has been
given them a wide range of product choice. Young age people are always more
fashionable, they do work and does not have big spending bound like others. So they

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spend more money on fashion product. They are well informed about the current trend,
fashion and like to spend money on branded product, and where the company or product
is valuable and well recognised. According to advertising Age report, from 2017 young
people (17-34) are going to spent out $200bn annually and $10trn in their lifetimes.
Moreover this age group choose the branded product and can be loyal in their lifetimes
on which they can rely on. They always like to try new products and style. (New
economy, 2014).
Moreover, young age people are innovative and well communicated or connected with
new technology and communication, they like to be connected with other young
trendsetters. There for According to Ben Sherman, they want to provide the young age
male always a new feeling with their product, which is part of new trend.
Furthermore, young people always follow their idol; there for idols lifestyle make a great
impact on their behaviour and style. Ben Sherman has used famous celebrities as
representative their products to young generations specially those who are related with
music and fashion industry. . For example, Ben Sherman high profile customers include
musicians, actors, bands and models, such as Blur, Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs. They
used to show their success to young age group and make a link with Ben Sherman.

On the other hand:
Though, Ben Sherman has shown adequate income from the business or investment
they did. But when Compare to competitors those who serve the same segment the
performance is not that good enough for Ben Sherman. Moreover, according to the Ben
Sherman product life cycle, Ben Sherman products are in mature level. Therefore it could
fall in to decline. Ben Sherman only relay on young male products to save them from
dropping. This might be risky for them. There for they can think of expand the product
range for young age female. Because
As Ben Sherman producing and selling only means wear there for they are missing a
huge potential market which is young female. According to the market trend, now a days
women are more potential customer for any business especially for fashion product.
Professional women age 24-54 are growing faster, business take them seriously as

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absolute target market as their spending power is increasing. Specially In Europe and
America, women are more advanced and well ahead of fashion sense and brand; they
are more census about their fashion and product. So when they like the product they
consume the products. There is a well product research involved of their buying decision.
Ben Sherman can take women into serious consideration and extend their product line.
Though it makes them extra cost but in long run that might help them to stay in the
Finally I can say that as it is known young people is one of the biggest segment, on that
segment to target a young male is also a big market to do the business for any company,
if they can do a good marketing mix. Their for Ben Sherman target audience fore there
product is not a bad idea. But they must need to increase their business globally or at
least need to find new customer within the segment.

Critically evaluate and discuss the issues within the company in relation to
product orientation and market orientation. Are the two linked or do you feel that
they are incompatible in the Ben Sherman context?
Business or company may think of to become product-oriented because a product-
oriented business focuses its efforts on products as its strength and put more effort to
produce differentiate best quality product because their thinking is quality product sell
itself. Or company may think of to become market-oriented because a market-oriented
business uses market statistics to determine what customers want to buy and then
focuses on that data when they produce the product, their thinking is when company
produce product with customer expectations it has less chance to fail in the market . If a
company want they can mix both. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

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Conventional marketing perception hold that before producing the product, firm need to
know that, what the customer wants, for a better understanding of its market and
customers. Which does eventually leads to increase the customer satisfaction and help
the firm to perform better. On the other hand there are concern that, being too much
customer focus or market oriented can led to sluggishness and cost oriented, especially
in fashion industry to become fully market oriented is almost impossible, because the
product life in this industry is too short. (Glenn B. Voss & Zannie Giraud Voss). on the
other hand substantiation suggests that it may be better for the business when
developing new product ignore your customer. (Martin1995; Moore 1995).
(Umberto Eco 1994, p. 527) said If a novel gives the reader what he was expecting, it
becomes popular," is different from saying, "If a novel is popular, this is because it gives
the reader what he was expecting of it." There for if we analyzed this statement; it meant
to say if the product is good it will applies in to the customer.
Product Orientation

When a business founded it's marketing mix on what the business perceive as its
internal strengths, the business's marketing is said to be 'product orientated'.( David
Jobber, 2012)
Galbraith (2002, 2005) has given the explanation of a product oriented company from
many different angles. from strategy point of view the most important one is considered
to be the goal of the company, what do the company mainly offering, how do they do
value creation, who is the customer , organizational ability, what are the priorities, what
are the priority setting basis and the pricing strategy.
There for if we analyzed those points the objective of product oriented company is to
produce the best product for consumer. That means something unique which is
straightening out the product from the competitors. And this uniqueness itself sold-in for
the customer using these rationales.

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The value creations direct is to the product development, different types and new mixture
in the products. The logic behind different creation is for more variety, more aptitude of
the products, creates more value to product which is seen as driving forces for sales.
Setting the priority of strategy from product oriented point of view. Within the ultimate
product capabilities Maximum level of consumer priority need to be given to most
advanced consumers. This is important because the fact that product oriented strategy
primarily focuses on creation of competitive advantage by adaption of new features.
Consumers want maximum number of variety and feature richness thus prevents them
insecurity of uniqueness of the product. Less variety or lack of differentiation put more
competitive presser in to the business.
The characteristics of product oriented company focused on the core competences, with
certain inward-focus can be identified as part of the companys strategy Product oriented
company measures its success by the market share position, number of new products
created, and the capability to lead by latest product features and top end applications.
Market orientation
According to Brem and Voigt (2009) describe Market orientation characterized by
unsatisfied customer that creates new demand, which requires problem solving. From
this statement we can say when individuals or group of people express their desire for
new demand. Therefore these desires then comprise with companys targets, their ability,
and activities and resources so that company can full fill those demand and satisfy their
customers. Day (1994) market-driven company puts the consumers interest first
therefore collecting information about consumers demand and competitors. There for
Ability to use information and coordinate resources for customer satisfaction. Day also
added that for market orientation, analytical ability to understand customer demand and
satisfying the customers is very important. Moreover he want to say market oriented
companies knows their customer and markets very well so that they are able to find
potential customers. So to implement the strategy is more easy for them, by
implementing strategy they can give more priority to the valuable customers. According
to Day, characteristics of market oriented business strategy can be written down as
follows: better understanding of customer needs and find solutions, giving maximum
value to the customer, have the ability to satisfies customer and can converted those

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into loyal for the company, compel to motivate employees, understand the competitor
moves and analyse the market, costs for marketing need to see as investment. Slater
and Narver (1995) describe the market-oriented approach to be long-term, proactive,
commitment to understand customer needs, both expressed and latent, and develop
innovate solutions for ensuring high customer value. Slater and Narver (1998) sum up
market orientation is an ongoing process of collection data of target customers needs
and competitors ability. This means market orientation strategy force to collect and
analyze customers needs. This is consistent with the statement market orientation to be
organizational culture that creates effectively and efficiently superior value to buyers and
thus excellent business performance. Competitive advantage achieved by the market-
oriented strategy can be concise to be based on the in-depth knowledge of customers,
ability to identify the segments which to serve, and finally offering them superior quality
product , depending on customer knowledge, and providing it effectively and efficiently
based on strategic focus.

According to Ben Sherman annual report 2012, Ben Sherman design teams focus on
the target consumer, and the design process combines feedback from buyers,
consumers and our sales force, along with market trend research. There for they relate
with the concept of ( leonard and rayport, 1997) companies centre of attention on
understanding the express desire of the consumers in their target markets, and try to
develop products and services to satisfy those needs. to understand the customer
requirements and wants and observation of current products and services Business use
focus groups and customer survey and using different technique such as concept
testing and conjoint analysis to guide the development of new product. to enhance their
underrating about new product. If we analyze the Ben Sherman strategies we can see
they are using both market-orientation and product-orientation. Their marketing operation
is wide-spread, from its own high street retail stores to its online shopping and websites.
There for Ben Sherman get the fit back from the customer through observations or
personal interview in the retail store or from online business and website, more over they
use personal e-mail to get information and fit back. Ben Sherman makes the buying
experience feel nice and comfortable by blended product and market orientation. As the

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fashion trends are changing in the blink of an eye, Ben Sherman new products develop
with the combination of expertise and customer fit back and constantly improving online
to meet customers needs and wants. Therefore Ben Sherman keeps products price is
moderately reasonable which makes customers satisfaction and loyalty to the brand
Product life cycle extension strategies are suggested. Suggest and justify an
appropriate extension strategy for Ben Sherman.
One of the difficult challenges in todays open market economy is uphold a sales growth
or even keep up the position is very hard. To reduce the effects or minimise the risk of
competition, companies may improve products life. According to Guiltinan (2009),
product life extension will allow business to increase more sales and income , less
competition and increase prices of the new, upgraded products.
A product life cycle can be extended through improving intrinsic durability influencing
user behaviour or promoting wider socio-cultural change. that means produt longevity
can be enhanced (Heiskanen 1996).
According to Cambridge dictionary extension strategy means the attempt by a company
to increase sales of a product.
When the business realize that its product is not performing well enough as it should or
has gone into decline, company need to decide what to do. The decision needs to be
made within the framework of the overall aims of the business. Though Ben Sherman is
still in mature position, its aims included the expansion of great brands globally, and the
promotion of life style. Ben Sherman is a well recognise name in the life style market for
the young age mail product. Fashion product is well fitted with its main aims and
objectives therefore product and brand has significance value of continuing. Their for
an extension strategy for the product and brand is important. ( REP)
Business can develop new technological add-ons to reach to its customer for their
products and brand it is said to gain a new customers are usually more expensive than
the ones that are already familiar with the firms products. (Guiltinan 2009).

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With help of Ansoffs matrix tool I will try to analyse which strategy is appropriate for
product life extension for Ben Sherman? Ansoffs matrix explains both market-orientated
and product-orientated possibilities.

The four resulting areas in Ansoffs matrix representing the unlike growth policy for the
Market penetration: in market penetration strategy company need to growth
through its existing products and services, with in the current market segment.
There for in this strategy company is taking minimum risk. Since it is based on
existing resources and capabilities. When market is growing if a company
maintain its market share the result will be business growth. On the other hand if
a company follow this strategy for their business growth it will happen when
company is gaining the market share from competitors. For that company need to
promote product by advertising, promotions. Acquisitions and development of the
sales force.
Market development: entering new market segments is the core strategy in this
strategy to seek growth for the business. This strategy is carries more risk than

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penetration strategy. In this area company need to search new geographical
New distribution channels, or new target group of people but this might require
different marketing strategies.
Product development: in this strategy company bringing new product in to
the existing market, new developed product mostly refers to new flankers
and the amalgamation of new type already existing product range.
Development a new Product is more risky than simply aiming at increasing
market share with existing product.
Diversification: in this growth strategy company is trying to extend it
business by entering a new market segment with a new product. In this
strategy company is taking the maximum risk. In case of success this gives
the maximum benefit to a company.
Ben Sherman annual report 2012 and research shows that, they are operating
in to a highly competitive Nish mark. And their product life cycle is too short.
There for Ben Sherman take some steps to extend its product life.

To increase the product life, Ben Sherman open showrooms in several locations,
wholesale operations and independent commissioned sales representatives. Ben
Sherman full-price retail stores in different locations and malls helps to build brand
awareness thus enhances business with our wholesale customers. Ben Sherman outlet
stores provide a significant role in the overall stock management by selling discontinued
and out-of-season products at better prices, while helping them protect the Ben
Sherman brand although at times also utilize off-price retailers to sell these products. To
extend the product life Ben Shermans direct to consumer strategy include e-commerce
business represented 38% of Ben Shermans net sales in fiscal 2012, Continue to
evaluate potential locations and may open retail stores in the future if identify locations
which meet investment criteria. In recent time new store openings for extending the
business , they have spent approximately $0.6 million Ben Sherman full-price retail store
and outlet store. Another component is direct to consumer strategy is operating certain

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concession arrangements, where by operate Ben Sherman shops within department or
other stores.
2011, Ben Sherman re-launched the Bensherman.com website in the United Kingdom
and Europe, and during fiscal 2012 re-launched the Bensherman.com website in the
United States. These websites provide consumers the opportunity to purchase Ben
Sherman products directly on-line.
Ben Sherman licence trademark to variety categories, beyond core product categories,
they have including footwear and kids apparel is another strategy for product life cycle
extension. Ben Sherman believes that advertising and marketing are an integral part of
the long-term strategy of brands, and therefore devote significant resources to
advertising and marketing the brands. During fiscal 2012,spent $27.6 million on
advertising, marketing and promoting our products.
The marketing of our lifestyle brands continues to include traditional media such as print,
catalogs and other correspondence with customers, as well as moving media and trade
show initiatives. However, marketing focus involves email, Internet and social media
advertising strengthen brands connections with consumers. Ben shaman also think that
highly visible retail store with innovative design intend that retail stores enhance the retail
experience of our customers, which will increase consumer brand loyalty. Retail stores
may include special event promotions and a variety of public relations activities designed
to create awareness of the products. Retail store operations, traditional media and
electronic media communications increase the sales. Sophisticated information systems
are an important component of maintaining competitive position and supporting
continued growth of businesses. Management information systems were designed to
provide effective retail store, e-commerce and wholesale operations while emphasizing
efficient point-of-sale, distribution centre, design, sourcing, order processing, marketing,
accounting and other functions.
From the above analysis we can come to a conclusion that if Ben Sherman follow the
market penetration strategy. It will be more appropriate for them to stay in the market for
a longer time.

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Suggest and justify marketing research approaches that do you feel would be
most appropriate for Ben Sherman to pursue in relation to a new communications
According to Philip kotler Marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model
building and fact finding for the purpose of improved decision-king and control in the
marketing of goods and services
American Marketing Association describe Marketing Research is "the process or set of
processes that links the consumers, customers, and end users to the marketer through
information information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and
problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing
performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. There for
Marketing research designs the approach for collecting information, identify the required
information to deal with the issues, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings
and their implications. (Bonita ,K 2008)
Marketing research is an essential part of any business, Ben Sherman believes to
minimise the risk in the business, good market research is very important and its helps
to improve sales. By making marketing research part and parcel of the business process
can bring the following benefits. (Ben Sherman annual report2012)
Marketing research helps to better communicate with customer.
Marketing research helps identify opportunities.
Marketing research minimise risk of the business.
Marketing research creates benchmarks and helps measure progress.

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One of main job marketing research do, is to help the company or business to find out
how to communicate with target customer, consumer. Which help the business to do the
communication mix? a successful marketing communication mixture of promotional
tools, marketing research can help the business to identify which marketing
communication tools is more important and effective for the growth of the Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman uses a range of marketing communication tools to promote their product
and brand. Such as
Mail shots
Sales promotions
personal selling
press publicity campaigns
So to find out the proper communication mix, Ben Sherman need to do a research.
Before conducting the research Ben Sherman need to decide which research approach
will be the most appropriate for them, choosing an approach might be depends on, the
type of Information Company is seeking.
There for three general research approaches that company can use.
(Bonita,K 2008)
Company do descriptive research when businesses need to get specific details on its
consumers, target audiences and to know their purchasing behaviour. This research is
used when needed statistical data on a fact. Descriptive researches mostly use survey.
And the advantages of survey are, if the survey is large enough on a number of people. It

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can be give an statement that fact has been proven and is true of entire segment.
Deceptive research is very common in business. There for Most of the marketing
research can be considered as descriptive research. wide variety of research objectives
can achieve by using descriptive approach.

Exploratory research do not come up with final answer or decisions, this is conducted
only to provide a better understanding of a situation. As an example, if the sales for a
particular product dropped during the latest quarter, there for expletory research to
provide insights about what caused the decrease in revenue? It can provide very rich,
meaningful informationor even definitive explanations But not definitive answer.

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casual research: sometime businesses need strong evidence that a particular action is
likely to produce a particular out come. Thus the main aim of casual research is
identification the reason between variables and the effect of those reason .In casual
studies it is typical to have an expectation of the relationship to explained, such as
predicting the influence of price, packing and advertising on sales, thus research must be
knowledgeable about the research subject.(zikmund, 2003). Casual research approach
are based on the assumption that the variable to be forecast is casually related to one or
more independent variable.
Ben Sherman design teams focus on the target consumer, and the design process
combines feedback from buyers, consumers and our sales force, along with market trend
research. ( Ben Sherman annual report 2012) If we analyze this statement and above
desciuse three research approaches, we can say that the most appropriate research
approach for Ben Sherman would be descriptive research approach. Under the
descriptive research they can analyzed data And can use this data for the new
communication campaign. Data they can collect as primary data or secondary data.

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Primary data: - Primary data are raw data that collected by a business or company by
using different medium which previously unknown and which is directly collected from
the audience for a particular research project. Ben Sharman can do this survey in three
different ways
Survey method, in this system they can ask their existing customers and potential
customer and their whole seller about their product, customer expectation, opinions
about new product development, through e-mail. Questioners and can use those data for
future product development.
Interview method, company can conduct interview with their customer whenever they
visit Ben Sherman retail shop. And can take this interview data into consideration for the
next production and design.
Observational method, in this method of data collection company can observe their own
customer, what are customer buying what kind of design is more popular, more over
company can observe their competitors, and broadly overall fashion trends.
Secondary data:- Secondary data is a data that has been done before either by any
expert organisation or a person for some other reason or for someone else . Business
does use this kind of data to get an idea about the fact. There for Ben Sharman can
collect this kind of data about the current market and fashion trends from various sources
which also can provide the idea about customer expectation. And this kind of research is
less expensive.

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Technological advancement and communication system bring the world community more
near. The changes in one part of the world, with in few seconds it is known by other part
of the world There for business and industry become more global, in one side of
globalization is, this open door for the business on the other side, it brings more
competition in the industry. so stay competitive the most important decisions a company
has to take in the planning process is, selecting the appropriate target market , because
depending on the target market, company make their strategy, how they going to operate
what kind of marketing mix they going to use to meet this markets needs and
preferences. Identifying the appropriate target market and developing an appropriate
marketing mix is the keys to strategic success. Now a days culture and fashion are very
diverse. To stay in competition bens Sherman needs to extend their target market. Keep
customers preference in mind need to design the product. They need continuous
marketing strategy according to market culture and trend. And need to keep up to date
research data.
Key theoretical issues have been covered:
Segmentation and marketing literature and theory, evaluation of product and market
orientation, analyse of product life cycle and extension strategy, and marketing research
approach is also discussed.

Personal observation:
While doing this assignment i had to go through many books, journals and article and
websites which was help me to enhance my knowledge not only about this subject abu
also some other area, though it was a bit challenging for me as I was not familiar with
this kind of questions . But my interests make me fill comparable to finish this
Learning from this assignment:
By doing this academic research, I gain more knowledge which will help for my future
carrier development I became more confident about my ability to progress.

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Success and failure
My success is I gain some use full knowledge while I was doing it. I did learn how to do
time keeping. In my best of knowledge i dont have any failure.