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A strange Tuesday.

Use the homonymous below to complete the story.

This last Tuesday was very strange. I was taking my __________________ (way/weigh) to work when
___________ (I / eye) saw next to the ____________ (stairs/stares) a package of_______________ (flower/flour)
on the floor. I walked_____________ (forth/fourth) and I read the ________________ (flour/flower)s name.
________________ (night/knight). There was a picture of a ____________ (male/mail) on a horse, maybe
commemorating a ___________ (feet/feat) act with his sword point to the sky. Then I asked to myself what is
this package doing__________ (hear/here)? Maybe I should take it and put into the __________ (waist/waste)
basket. I could be the ____________ (right/write) thing to do, but I didnt. I stayed next to the lift waiting, but the
lift was broken, _____________ (sew/so) I needed to go up ______________ (ate/eight) floors to get to the
office. When I got there I was exhausted! And, to bright my day the ________________ (sun/son) of my boss, a
terrible boy seven years old with curly red___________ (hare/hair) wearing a printed T-shirt where a image of a
murdered ______________ (hare/hair) was sat on my desk. Good morning I said. He look at me without
saying nothing and showed my agenda almost destroyed with a ____________ (whole/hole) on the leather cover.
I couldnt believe on it! I__________(one/won) that agenda from my boyfriend! I just could say a
____________(grown/groan). But my desire was Give it back, you ____________(sun/son) of a gun, but I
didnt. I just showed a yellow smile feeling a wish to kill that terrible child when opened my drawer and put out a
____________ (flower/flour) and smiled. Happy birthday, Ms. Sandons. Said my boss. I could believe on that! I
forgot my own Birthday??? Then my boss look at me. Juniors mother is at the____________ (hair/hare)dresser
and you shall take a good care of him. My____________ (son/sun) is allergic to many things, so dont take him to
the ________________(son/sun), dont give him candies, dont let him _______________ (right/write) on the
chalk__________ (bored/board).
When he was about going back to his room he look back and asked me where were that report I asked to be
done? Did you ____________ (write/right) it?
yes. Mr. Blouson. I smiled taking my destroyed agenda. It was in _______________ (hear/here)

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