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Based on the Fly the Maddog 2006

This Chapter will deal with the McDonnell Douglas Flight Management Computer. It will briely discribe the basic unctions o it and
how to program and modiy a route. This Computer is ound on MD!"ircrats such as the MD!#0 $eries% the MD&& or the Boeing
(ow let)s start with some basics about the FMC. It consists o
a display and a *eyboard. $ome *ey)s are located ne+t to the
display% those are the ,ine $elect -eys or $hort ,$-. "s the
name says% with them you .select. lines on the display. /ith
the ,ine $elect -ey 2 ,et you select the second line 0rom
the top1 let o the screen. $electing in some case means
copying the written into the Memory o the Computer. (ow
here a basic 2icture o the FMC with the .$tart2age.

3ere you see some basic inormations about the "ircrat
Type% the 4ngines% the (a5igation Database etc. (ow irst we
ha5e to tell the "ircrat our 2osition% thereore we ha5e to
.clic*. on POS INIT by pressing the -ey ne+t to it% which
would be the LSK6R.
/ith that we come to the POS INIT 2age were we
ha5e to enter the 2osition. The Field SET POSITION is
empty% empty bo+es indicate that you enter something here.
6ou can now either loo* up your position rom the
charts or 7ust .copy. the *now 2osition rom the ,ine
abo5e into the SET POSITION line. This is done by8
2ressing LSK4R we copy the 2osition into the
Memory. (ow the Coordinates should be displayed in
the lowest line o the Display 0li*e you can see in the
picture1. 6ou can compare this with a normal
2C ! you ha5e now copied some data into the
clipboard. (ow you simply paste it into the empy line
by pressing LSK5R.
3a5ing done this% we can procede to the ne+t page% the
ROUTE page where we can enter basic data about our
route. Thereore clic* on ROUTE% or better to say% the
*ey ne+t to 9:;T4% the LSK6R! Then you)ll get to the
page shown on the ne+t picture.
:n this 2age you ha5e to 4nter your Depature and your
"rri5al "irport. "s I pic*ed a short route within Canada%
rom 4dmonton Intl. 0C64<1 to Calgary Intl. 0C66C1 we
enter both airports by irst typing the IC":!Code o our
Depature "erodrome into the $cratchpad. $o type C64<
on the -eyboard o the FMC and then copy it with LSK1L
to the line ORIGIN. /e do the same thing with our "rri5al
"irport. Type in C66C and copy it 5ia LSK1R to DEST. (ow
we can 0we don)t ha5e to1 enter our Depature 9unway. In
our case% we are departing 5ia 9unway 02% so we enter
02 in the $cratchpad and copy it 5ia LSK3L to RUNWAY
(ow we can enter our route% which loo*s li*e ollowing
0Blue letters are "irways18
To enter it% we ta*e our irst waypoint and enter it into the
$cratchpad. $o we enter NUPPS and then copy it onto
the irst ree line 0indicated by a dashed line1 on the right
side o the screen ! where the word .To. stands% which
means something li*e ./e are going to..... 02ress LSK4R
to do it1

(ow our screen should loo* li*e that. :n the let the
beneath the word VIA there should now be the word
DIRECT meaning we are going directly to (upps
:*% now our lightplan indicates that we are going rom
(;22$ 5ia the "' "irway to D4,B9 ...mmh how to do
that...:*% we ha5e to enter the "irway we want to ride.
"s we are going .5ia. the airway% we enter the name o
the "irway on the ,et $ide 0Benath the .5ia.1 o the
$creen. $o type in A7 and copy it with LSK5Lonto the
empty line.
(ow we repeat that with the rest o the lightplan. I we
reach the end o the page we can .scroll down. or better
.go to the ne+t page. by pressing the NEXT PAGE Button
on the FMC. (ow we can continue our entries there. (ote
that the 2age you)re on is displayed on the right upper
corner o the $creen.
/hen we entered all the waypoints we can ."cti5ate.
our route ! thereore press ACTIVATE on the lower
right corner 0by using ,$-691
By doing so the Button 4?4C beneath the Display will
illuminate. This is the computer% re@uesting us to
conirm that we want to e+ecute what we)5e 7ust
done. $o we press 4?4C and with that the lightplan
becomes acti5e 0and should now be displayed on the
(a5igational Display o the "ircrat1
(ow we can eed the computer with some data about
the airplane. Thereore we clic* on PERF INIT (LSK6R
which brings us to the perormance initiliAation page
There we can enter the weight o the "ircrat% the
Fuel aboard% the desired light le5el etc. :n my
"ircrat it loo*s li*e this8
(ote8 The 4ntry C:$T I(D4? is a inde+ which% in real lie%
is gi5en by the airline. "ccording to this 5alue the
aircrat will ly with less or higher speed etc. It)s a
5alue or the o5erall perormance o the aircrat to
*eep it economical... you can either lea5e it blan* or
enter B0 as an good a5erage 5alue
I you then clic* with LSK6R on TAKEOFF it will get you to the Ta*eo 2age where you can enter your C!$peeds
C&8 Beore reaching this $peed you can abort the Ta*eo
C98 "t this $peed you rotate your aircrat
C28 Minimum $ae $peed re@uired to *eep the "ircrat "irborne ater Ta*eo1
(ow there are three more pages I want to e+plain to
First the DEP ARR page which you can access 5ia the
D42 "99 *ey on the *eyboard. :n that page you can
select your depature runway 0on the right side1 and
your $ID 0on the let side1. By clic*ing on INDEX
(LSK6L you get to the D42D"99 Inde+ where you
then can select your "rri5al 2rocedure or your
Destination at any time.
(ow i you want to see a listing o all your route
waypoints% the LEGS 2age will gi5e you the ino you)re
loo*ing or.
2ress the LEGS *ey on the *eyboard to get
there. 3ere you can see all your waypoints 0use the
NEXT PAGE and PREV PAGE to cycle through the
pages1 and you can edit your route. I you% or
e+ample% want to go to 64< ater passing NUPPS!
then you enter it into the scratchpad 64< and
copy it onto D4,B9. D4,B9 will now mo5e a position
down and 64< will be displayed in the route. 2ress
EXEC to conirm what you did. There will now also be
a route discontinuity ! which you can delete by
copying the ne+t waypoint onto it.
The last unction o intrest is the DIR INTC 0Direct
Intersection1. I "TC or 4+ample tells you to go direct
somewhere% you simply press the DIR INTC *ey on the
*eyboard and copy the waypoint you want to go
direct to onto the DIRECT TO line which is now
displayed on the lower let corner o the Display
0LSK6L !E see the picture1
"ter doing so% you will again be prompted to Conirm
your entries by pressin EXEC.