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Monastery of the Seven Rays

Monastery of the Seven Rays,
IInd Year Course in Sexual Magic,
Lesson 3, The Cosmic Origins of Sexual Magic
!"#R# IS T"# #SS#$C# O% T"# SO&L TO '# %O&$()
%or many hundreds of years, the *hiloso*hers and theologians have sought +y
various methods to situate the essence of the soul Some, having failed, have denied
that there is such an essence, and others have denied the existence of the soul Yet,
others having argued ,ell, lifted the *attern of their reasoning very high, ,hen they
claimed that the very essence of the soul ,as to +e found in reasoning, es*ecially
*hiloso*hical reasoning, ,hich gives us the very life of the soul Our o,n vie, is very
sim*le, for +elieving as ,e do that all men have souls, ,e have noted that reasoning --
es*ecially *hiloso*hical reasoning, ,ith its com*licated inductive and deductive
*rocesses is limited to only certain *ersons ,ithin a s*ecific culture
"Surely., exclaimed M le (uc des 'ertiaux, .surely my slaves all have souls, for
having them 'a*tised into Christ/s Church, I have freed them from sin and +ondage to
matter/ /'ut, my dear (uc, have you freed them in such a ,ay as to give them
something to re*lace their anti0ue faiths) %or most certainly, it is in reasoning
that the soul comes to itself, finds itself, creates its essence/ /My dear sir/,
re*lied the (uc, /,hy do such as you *ersist in cultural errors My slaves +eing
neither thomist, ramist, or cartesian, do not exercise themselves in *hiloso*hical
arguments %or not +eing %renchmen, their culture is not +ased on ratiocination and
illata They have feelings, *assions, emotions, and ex*erience all things dee*ly and
sensitively It ,as in these ,ays that they exhi+ited their souls, for only feeling
is the universal evidence of soul, ,hereas reasoning refers to a culture, *ermeated
,ith intellectualism and ,it, ,hich ,e find to +e merely functions of the soul 'ut
feeling, ,ithout dou+t, is the universally +ased essence of the soul in man1ind---it
is not reasoning, ,hose crimes have nearly destroyed confidence in the soul, +ac1 in
3"istoires "aitiennes4
6cce*ting feeling as ,e do as the essence of the soul, and not +eing *re7udiced in
favour of an over,helming intellectualism, ,e must understand that feeling rises in man
due to his sexual +i*olarity, as he exists +et,een the sexual *rocesses of nature and
the 1ingdom of the animals, as ,ell as the higher sexual *rocesses of the iconos*here,
in ,hose activities the gods and angels are seen to *artici*ate They 1ey to human
nature then is seen to consist in understanding the nature of feeling, ,hich is the
+asis of the soul In a *revious *a*er, ,e discussed the 0uestion of the
mandalase11lesia and ho, man ,as related +y a certain cosmic analogy to the higher
forces of the universe The *resent lesson and the one immediately follo,ing ,ill
ena+le us to dra, out the essence of the mandalase11lesia The +asis of this reality,
,hich is ,hat ,e term .the soul. is in the various manifestations of the iconos*here
,ithin man %eeling alone is a+le to ca*ture this energy and direct it in such ,ays
,hich are images of the cosmic *rocess
M6TT#R, M6T#R$ITY, 6$( L&$6
The source of feeling is to +e found in the astrological influence of those signs
of the 8odiac ,hich are assigned to the !ater #lement9 Scor*io, 2isces, and Cancer
%rom these signs come the most soulful and emotional of all human +eings, for the
element of !ater, called .6*astatt,a. in Yoga, and assigned +y our school to the triad
of matter, maternity , and Luna, is the alchemical *rinci*le most closely associated
,ith the emotional life Matter, as in Scor*io, im*lies sexual life and *o,er, ,hich is
dee* feeling and emotionally that of fierce and continuous attachment 2isces
re*resents maternity, or the 0uiet sense of motherly *rotection and love Luna is
sexual *o,er in the alchemical field of magic The *o,er of Cancer +eing *erfectly
*hallic is directed out from itself to,ards the cosmic s*aces and then +y an
inseminating action, +rings forth all of the varieties of sexual feeling, ,hich as the
soul, +ecause it is feeling, is considered a ,oman, although the *rocess is masculine
and active, rather than *assive
6s the three signs of the 8odiac are related +y the element of !ater, so the three
modes of feeling are related, identified in themselves as each other, and +ecoming one
in the *rocess of human evolution 2assion and emotional ex*erience, sexual attachment,
if not *ossession, and dee*ly found sentiments, these are the cosmic grounds for
existence and the *rocesses of sexual magic If there is a lin1 +et,een human +eings,
let it +e through the Moon in the ,ater signs, for this is the most *erfect +asis for
sexual relationshi*s Let all lovers first see1 their Moon com*anions, and then love
,ill come forth from this reality 'ut in com*arison to the element of feeling, there
is a counter element, ,hich is the element of will; and, if feeling is the essence of the
soul, then the essence of the s*irit is in ,ill
To +alance the rule of emotion, there must +e the rule of ,ill !ill is manifested
through the three .%ire signs. of the 8odiac9 Sagittarius, 6ries, and Leo %orma, or
form, logical, legal, magical and *hiloso*hical exists in Sagittarius the high-*riest
and tem*le la,yer of the 8odiac In form, emotion is given +oth structure and
direction Matter is sha*ed in Sagittarius Saturn in Sagittarius and :enus in
Sagittarius im*ly artistic and logical forms in *erfect magical use 6ries is the sign
of masculinity, the a+ility to ma1e decisions ,hich command and give strong direction
to one/s life and to the destiny of others In astrology, the *osition of &ranus in
6ries is *articularly favoura+le due to the fire of the magical *lanet +eing directed
along the commanding and active lines of *hallic-,ill Leo, ho,ever, may +e considered,
the most magical of all of the fire signs, for the sim*le reason that ,ithin Leo there
is *resent the *o,er of the three other magical signs of the 8odiac, +ut only +y reason
of there +eing the Sun in Leo, for ,hen this occurs, then ,e see the Sun not only in
Leo, creating and ,illing ,orlds into existence, +ut ,e see also Ca*ricorn, ,ith the
magical tem*le of *hiloso*hical and cosmic treasures, Scor*io, the Lord of Sexual
6ction,and 60uarius, the Lord of !isdom and Magic 6ll of these signs of the 8odiac,
and these four su*reme elements of cosmic magic, are *resent in Sol Thus, ,e might say
that magical com*rehensiveness in Leo is *ossi+le ,hen the constellations come
together, ,hich is li1e,ise true ,ith Sol in Scor*io, Ca*ricorn, and 60uarius This
inner *rinci*le is very im*ortant for sexual magic as the four highest initiates of
this #arth are re*resentatives of the archety*al consciousness *resent in these four
signs Thus, for exam*le there is, the Lord of Sexual 6ction, Rene of Scor*io having,
; Sol in Scor*io 3co*resent ,ith Leo, 60uarius, and Ca*ricorn4
< Luna in Cancer -- the ,orld of magical feeling and emotion
3 Mercury in Li+ra -- mind in search of harmonious truth
= :enus in Sagittarius -- the s*irit of artistic form in music and measure
> Mars in Cancer -- the s*irit of sexual creation
? @u*iter in Taurus -- the lord of the secret vault
A Saturn in Sagittarius -- the s*irit of the tem*le of ,isdom
B &ranus in 6ries magical mastery of the cosmic arts
C $e*tune in :irgo the analytical method of occult research
;D 2luto in Cancer the initiations of sexual magic
T"# S#:#$ COSMIC SY8YEI#S 6$( T"# IMM6$#$T C#LL O% T"# M6$(6L6S#FFL#SI6
There are seven cosmic syGygies, or sexual unions of initiates, ,hich serve to
form he+domadical com+inations ,ithin the field of sexual magic These +eings are human
ade*ts in the arts of sexual magic, ,hose role is *rimarily to lin1 the iconos*here
,ith the ,orld of human +eings "o, they are selected is due to the favoura+le
character of the mandalase11lesia ,ithin themselves, for as ,e ,ill no, sho,, it is the
natal chart, or rather the *osition of the *lanets on the day of one/s +irth, ,hich
gives a clue to the immanent side of the mandalase11lesia %or the soul emerges into
*hysical ex*erience under certain circumstances The magical strengths and ,ea1nesses
are noted, not from the hour of +irth, +ut from the *osition of Sol and Luna,
inter*reted esoterically according to our school %or exam*le, all of our Masters have
their Moons in either the !ater or %ire signs of the 8odiac, and this very sim*le
element sho,s that the *resence of the s*ecific inducement to magical and esoteric ,or1
occurs ,ith the +irth of the human +eing This sim*le and single element is the
ultimate 1ey to the ne, race of occult leadershi* in this 60uarian age The *rinci*le
is as follo,s9
6 !hen the Moon of the Master is in either a !ater or a %ire sign, then there
exists a natural lin1 +et,een that Master and the 'rotherhood of the Monastery of the
Seven Rays
' !hen the Moon of the Master is in a %ire sign, that Master ,ill function as the
exoterically 1no,n syGygical element of some esoteric *rocess
C !hen the Moon of the Masters is in a !ater sign, that Master ,ill function as
the esoterically 1no,n syGygical element of some exoteric *rocess
( The follo,ing six functions no, emerge9
; The Moon in Scor*io -- the esoteric *olarity of sexual research, a
*rimitive and almost formless magnetism
< The Moon in 2isces -- Tele*athic *olarity of sexual research, the use of
very formal and highly *rotective methods of initiation
3 The Moon in Cancer -- Sexual %ire and the !ill to create through the
magical *olarity of sexual research
= The Moon in Sagittarius -- the com*anion to the magical ,or1 of Cancer,
the mystical refinement of energy in a s*iritualised research
> The Moon in 6ries -- the fiery syGygy of ,ill found in the animal energy
of cosmic creation and extended research
? The Moon in Leo -- *hiloso*hical in0uiry into *rinci*les and methods of
form The use of rational methods to communicate esoteric magic This is the s*here of
*ure form and essence
There are seven cosmic syGygies, ,hich are formed li1e he+domads from the natal
elements of the Monastery/s cosmic associations These elements of sexual magic form a
+ridge +et,een the ,orld of exoteric action and the iconos*here, and are in truth the
living seven rays for the Monastery Their life *attern is to sho, forth the *o,er of
the rays, and the natal syGygical structure of their +irth consists in the *resence of
the Sun in one of the signs of the 8odiac ,ith the Moon in one of the six listed a+ove
!e may no, list these seven Masters sym+olically, ,ho are the counter*art of the seven
sacred *lanets 3actually eight, +ut arranged he+domadically4 1no,n in the next lesson
as the seven cosmological syGygies These Masters of the Rays of the Monastery are9
; The Master of the Lion -- Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo
< The Master R( Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scor*io
3 The Master SF Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo
= The Master Racine -- Sun in 2isces, Moon in Sagittarius
> The Master M' -- Sun in Ca*ricorn, Moon in Cancer
? The Master 60uarius -- Sun in 60uarius, Moon in Leo
A The Master Rene -- Sun in Scor*io, Moon in Cancer
B The Master 6nteus -- Sun in Ca*ricorn Moon is 2isces
These eight sym+olic +eings are divided then into t,o grou*s The first grou*
consists of four, the second grou* of four +ecome three +y he+domadic *rocess, as ,as
discussed in .The Logic of the Seven Rays. #ach is assigned to a s*ecial *lanetary
line of research, and together they form the earthly and human counter*art of the seven
cosmological syGygies 6s +isho*s ,ithin the S*iritual Enostic 6ssem+ly, they function
as s*iritual centres of force for the distri+ution of the magical forces ,hich are
coming u*on our ,orld from the higher ranges of consciousness, and ,hich +eing
*resented in lessons and teachings, sho, a distinct unity of thought, ,hile +rea1ing
com*letely ,ith much of *ast occult doctrine %or, they, having come forth from the
innermost core of magical +eing -,hich is the creation of man1ind in its highest state,
form the +ridge and are the +ridge-+uilders +et,een Mind and Matter
Michael 60uarius and Racine