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World Literature I Summer Reading Assignment / pg.

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World Literature I
#Here I am mysel$%you all &no' me( t)e 'orld &no's my $ame*
I am +edi,us-#
World Literature I Summer Reading Assignment / pg. 1
W+RLD LI.ERA.URE I 0 IB Englis) A1
TEXT: Sophocles, The Theban Plays. You need to have the translation by Robert Fagles
(Penguin Classics, suggested edition ISBN: 0140444254). To make sue you !ollo" the
pogession o! e#ents though the plays, you should ead them in the !ollo"ing ode: $edipus
the %ing, $edipus at Colonus and then &ntigone.
I! you ae in the IB 'nglish &( couse, you "ill only be eading $edipus the %ing.

)omat * +e,uiements:
+ead &istotle-s de!inition o! tagedy !om Pats .I / 0I o! Poetics
(http:11classics.mit.edu1&istotle1poetics.(.(.html2344) (& P5) !ile o! the same e6cept is
a#ailable at http:11uses.begen.og1ic"ee1poetics.pd!). 7ou may also e!e to this "ebsite
(http:11""".cn.edu1home1bmcmanus1poetics.html) to help clai!y some o! &istotle-s tems.
+ead all thee plays (again, you should ead them in the !ollo"ing ode: $edipus the
%ing, $edipus at Colonus and then &ntigone). If you are in the IB English course, read
only Oedipus the King
The "iting assignment "ill be ( page1384 "ods (ma6imum 984 "ods) typed, double:
spaced;no hand!ritten papers<
=se >?& !omat (!ound in you >?& @andbook) !o pope !inal da!t !omat and to
document ,uotes and te6t summay.
=se (3:pt !ont, one:inch magins, no co#e page.
>ake sue that the !inal da!t o! you "iting !lo"s smoothly and is !ee o! eosAmoe
than thee spelling eos on the !inal da!t "ill ean you a !ailing gade
YO"R #RITI$% &''I%$(E$T)
&istotle intoduces the !ollo"ing concepts: e#esal, ecognition (othe"ise kno"n as
epiphany), unity o! plot (o unity o! action) and the inspiing o! pity and !ea. Take one o! these
!ou concepts, de!ine it !ully accoding to &istotle (make sue you e!eence &istotle-s o"n te6t
and not Bust the outline "ebsite), and sho" ho" that tagic element pesents itsel! in any one o!
Sophocles- thee plays (you may N$T use any e6ample &istotle himsel! cites). Be clea and
speci!ic "hen e!eing to e#ents o! the play in ,uestion (it may help to assume that you eade
has not pe#iously ead the play).
I(*ORT&$T: 7ou analysis must be based on you eading o! the actual te6t. 5on-t bothe
"ith SP&+%N$T'S o any othe online souce, no should you copy the ideas on the outline
site. It is not "oth ou time as a class, no you !ailing gade.
7ou assignment is due the !ist day you class section meets. No late assignments "ill be
accepted. No e6ceptions. >ake sue you ha#e you Sophocles te6t "ith you as "ell.
World Literature I Summer Reading Assignment / pg. 2
7ou "ill also be submitting you !inal da!t to TunItIn.comAdetails "ill be po#ided #ia email o
on you !ist day o! class.
These instuctions ae also a#ailable at the !ollo"ing addess:
World Literature I Summer Reading Assignment / pg. 3
Guided Reading Questions
Please refer to these questions as you do the summer reading assignmentthese questions would
be helpful in preparing you for any assessments at the beginning of the year.
1. In the scene with Tireisias rom !edipus the "ing# wh$ does !edipus get so
angr$ with the prophet%
2. &ow is Antigone li'e her ather% &ow is she dierent%
3. In !edipus at (olonus# wh$ are so man$ people eager to ha)e !edipus come *ac'
to their 'ingdom to li)e%
+. &ow man$ t$pes o *lindness are there in !edipus the "ing% What characters are
representati)e o each t$pe o *lindness%
,. What is the edict (reon ma'es in Antigone that Antigone is determined to
diso*e$% Wh$ does (reon create this edict%
-. (ould !edipus ha)e done an$thing to a)oid his ate%
.. In !edipus at (olonus# !edipus calls himsel innocent o his crimes in !edipus
the "ing. /o $ou agree with him% Wh$ or wh$ not%
0. In Antigone# Antigone seems determined to diso*e$ (reon1s edict# e)en though
she 'nows it ma$ ultimatel$ lead to her death. /o $ou agree with her le)el o
determination to this course o action%
2. The (lassical 3ree' mind tended to thin' in terms o (haos )s. !rder rather than
3ood )s. 4)il. &ow are the themes o (haos and !rder pla$ed out in the
The*an 5la$s%
10.(ompare !edipus in !edipus The "ing to !edipus in !edipus at (olonus. What
changes ha)e occurred in !edipus *etween the two pla$s% What has remained
the same a*out him%
11. 6ate is the dri)ing theme in !edipus the "ing. As represented in the pla$# is 6ate
an outside cosmic orce or a personal characteristic%
12."ings among all three pla$s are 7uic' to ma'e 8udgments and enact laws. Are
these 7uic' actions reasona*le on their part# or are the$ oten rash actions%