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Questions to Ask your prosecutor for fines in

Australia (Vic)

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Question No 1
We could ask for evidence of Federal Authority or the results of
a referendum that has given the Victorian Parliament the right to
enact laws that are inconsistent with our Australian Commonwealth
“Dear Prosecuting Officer…
Can you please provide the results of a referendum that has allowed the State Victorian
Parliament the authority to enacts law (specifically the Infringement Act 2006),
which is in direct contradiction to Federal Law (Commonwealth Constitution 1901
Sections 71, 80 & 92), thus allowing the State of Victoria equalization of powers
with the Federal Government of Australia.”

Question No 2
We could ask the prosecuting officer for a Commonwealth Court order.
Since these corporations believe we are guilty of an alleged offense, and
since only Commonwealth Courts have any legal authority to act judicially in
Australian, then we should be able to ask for a legal court order that complies
with Commonwealth laws. Infringement notices have no legal authority in Australia.
“Dear Prosecuting Officer…
Since your corporation believes that I am guilty of an offense, and since only Commonwealth
Courts have judicial power to convict in Australia, then please provide me with a Commonwealth
Court Order for this offense, making sure it contains proper authorization from an officer of the
Supreme Court as laid out in the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), and a public seal in accordance
to the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth), section 150.”
Question No 3 (Parking Fines)
We could ask the prosecuting officer/local council for proof of any
Federal authority that allows them the right to collect a fee/tax/penalty
from the public for the use of our Commonwealth roads.
“Dear Prosecuting Officer
Keeping in mind that the “Corporate Council” has only the right of maintenance
of Commonwealth Roads (under the “Road Management Act 2004”) and not the
right to collect any form of taxation unless authorized by the Federal Parliament
or consent, please provide supporting documentation to substantiate your authority
to collect a fee or tax by the public.
Either provide:
* proof of the Federal Parliament’s authorization OR
* proof of my Consent via a contractual agreement
* Otherwise proof of the “Corporate Council’s” ownership of our public roads”
Always end your letters as follows:
“If you cannot provide this evidence, you are required
to immediately withdraw your illegal notice.
If you still insist I have committed an offense yet do not legally
fulfill my requests you shall stand in legal default.
Failure to register a dispute against the claims made herein within
21 DAYS will result in an automatic default judgment and permanent
and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence barring the bringing of
charges under any statute or Act.”

In the event they reply to you and totally ignore your requests,
which they most likely will, then you are required to correspond
back with a LETTER OF DEFAULT, signed by a J.P. outlining why they
stand in default. If it does reach a court then this is a powerful
paper trail tool to ensure your prosecutor has no leg to stand on.

Remember infringement courts are not Australian courts, they are a

business, and once more you can withdraw from having anything to
do with them.