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Differences Between

Critical and Creative Thinking

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Differences between critical and creative thinking
What is critical thinking?
Critical thinking is the way of thinking clearly and reasonable (Paul and Scriven,
n.d.). Critical thinking is a skill that good for most people because critical thinking
helps people to live in the real world. People may think that people with a lot of
knowledge and high experience can be better critical thinker than the other but it is
not. It depends on people who know how to use the information to solve the problem.
Critical thinking skill can also help people to think of the possible thing that people
can do. People with critical thinking skill can do many things. For example, they can
know the reasonable relationship between the ideas. Also they can describe, build
and access the opinion. Furthermore, critical thinking skill can help people know the
right or wrong. Also it helps people to see the simple mistake that they make. It leads
to solve problem automatically. The important purpose is critical thinking help to
defend people from their own belief and values (Critical, n.d.).

What is creative thinking?
Creative thinking is imaginary of building new idea that different from the existence
ideas. The idea that has been design must be useful and suit for the purpose. Creative
thinking consists of three things, which are new idea, useful and suitable. For new
idea, creative thinking it mean that people need good imaginary to develop idea, and
if those idea are similar to idea which already been use, the idea will not be popular.
In addition, the idea needs to be useful. In other word, the idea must be possible to be
build. For example, if I am a architecture and I design a building which having no
basement and no floor which connect to the ground or you can say flying building. As
I have finished design it, no one will be interest at my building at all. This is because
of the building cannot be build in real life. Furthermore, the idea must be suitable for
the purpose. If the buyer want me to design wheel for sport car but I give them the
design of tucks wheel. It will not be fit with the car. Therefore people which creative
thinking might need to follow those factors. Also creative thinking can happen in two
ways. The first way is start from imaginary then back to reality. It happens from our
dream and imaginary, which is just an idea, and the dream that is not yet become true.
So there are motivation for people to make those dream come true. For the second
way, it starts from knowledge and then continues developing to the new stuff. It
happens from people collect new information and mixes them with the information.
After that they will can create the new idea or develop the old idea into the new idea,
which we never have been there before, to find the better solution. The creative
thinking normally have the pattern of itself. The processes consist of three important
stages, which are target, idea, and evaluation. Not every people can have the same
creative idea. It depends on each peoples attitude and personality. Also the
motivation, reasonable and environment of different people can also affect the
creative skill. For example, for the love story author to start write the book, he or she
need to the motive, fantasy dream, and knowledge. So the book can be interesting,
strange and people will pay attention on. Creative thinking is similar to the switch of
light bulb. It can be switch on and off. For some situation, it is better to switch on to
see the brighter way in front of us but sometime it should be switch off because it
getting too hot. However, hope all people have the bright way to think of an idea and
be ready to turn it on and off for all the time. It is better than no more light for us. The
creative thinking is the start of the development for the improvement to make thing
different from now. Also it help us to thinking differently because if we think the
same as other, we will never become outstanding same as the projects topic that
always present in front of the class. However, if you show something different, you
will become outstanding and interesting.

The Differences Between Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking
Creative thinking and Critical thinking are about thinking to make decision,
analyze and solve problem. However, the way of thinking of creative and critical is
different. There are three main differences, which are instruction, purposes and result.
First of all, instruction is mainly separate critical thinking and creative
thinking. For the word instruction, we mean the way to think. For creative thinking,
people will not relate to decision-making and there is no limit. People can imagine of
new think all the time without ending. On the other hand, critical thinking is not the
same as creative thinking. Critical thinking involve in decision-making. Critical
thinking has to thinking in the box, which mean have to be sensible and realistic.
People also can think that critical thinking is like living in the world but creative
thinking is like living on the moon. In addition, critical thinking is the way of thinking
with the information that already exists. Also it uses information to make them better.
In contrast, creative thinking is not like critical thinking, it does not use information
that already exists. It likes creates new theory of your self. For example, you can think
of critical thinking as finance department. They use financial status to develop the
company to make more profit. They can reduce the wages if the wages in the account
is too high. However, for the creative thinking, you can imagine of marketing
department. In marketing department, there are several jobs but you can just think of
advertising. In this role, people need to have high imagination because the need to
develop new advertisement which have to catch attention. To catch attention, it has to
be something that people never see them before. So those people who design the
advertisement need creative skill to complete the job.
Purpose is another differences that we can separate them. The purposes of
both thinking are different. Both of them can be good thinking but they have to use in
a suitable purpose. For creative thinking, as I have mention before, it the way of
thinking without limit therefore it is good for catch attention. It also is good for
people to see the world differently. For example, J.K. Rowling, a woman who wrote
Harry Potters, has a wonderful creative thinking skill. She can imagine of the world
difference from real world. She can write a book and think of the magic world. Her
book is easy for people to imagine and see what she up to. That is why it is fun. On
the other hand, critical thinking can help people to see the real world and accept it.
Critical thinking is the way of thinking truly and clearly. Therefore, most of the time
is the fact because that information they have analyzed is from the database.
Lastly, the result is also different. For the critical thinking, the result can make
people to make judgment for the next move. It like playing chess, you can use see
how your opponent play buy looking at opponents history games. You can know the
other player style and how he going to move the next move. It same as use other
information to see how will other companies do. So your company can do something
before other did. Also it is the way that you can respond the market first. Therefore
the result, it will be fix on the information because there are not many possibility
choices to choose. However, for the creative thinking, the result will be something
differences. There will be no fix result. For example, painter paint one picture out,
there can be many meaning for it. So it is different from critical thinking the result
will be in range of the logic.
In conclusion, the mainly difference between critical and creative thinking is
the way of thinking. Furthermore, the smaller points of difference that add up are the
purposes and the result. Critical is mainly about logic and the true but creative
thinking is about the imagination.

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