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Internet trolling research

This story refers to the new phenomenon affecting a generation that rely on the internet, there
has always been an issue of bullying but it has now taking a new form, it has moved on to the
internet and anonymity has helped those trolls to offend other internet users.

This has become an issue of safety for internet users, as it can be said that they are put in a
danger of being cyber-bullied but now also threatened by those that may have never even met

The government are now stepping in to update the law in reflection of the world and the times. It
can be said that the abuse spreads across the internet if in person was expressed then it would
count as verbal assault, this has raised the question for years that trolls should be punished in
the same way that an verbal assault will be.

Current law

Currently, offenders who subject their victims to sexually offensive, verbally abusive or threatening material on the internet can only
be prosecuted in magistrates courts under the Malicious Communications Act, which carries a maximum prison sentence of six
But the planned changes will allow magistrates to pass on serious cases to the crown courts, where offenders would face a
maximum sentence of 24 months.

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New Law Update
The government is changing the law to increase the maximum sentence for the offence of sending certain
items with the intent to cause distress or anxiety. This will mean more serious offences can be dealt with
in the Crown Court and there will not be a time limit for police and Crown Prosecution Service to bring a
Alongside this, the government is also changing the law to allow up to 3 years, as opposed to 6 months
as previously, to bring prosecutions against people for using the internet, social media or mobile phones
to send menacing messages.

What we want our package to have

Define troll in comparison with cyber bullying (start)
What is a Troll?
How does it affect peoples lives?
Show variation of trolling i.e fight trolling, online game trolling, social media
Case study-
interview with possible victim (skype or in person)
Show examples of punishment
People whom have been jailed / prosecuted

Government action (end)
new update on law
The new amendment of the law more important than the actual crimes themselves?

What is a Troll?

Some one who sows discord on the internet, they post controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or
off-topic messages online.
Internet term for trouble maker
At its worst, internet trolling means purposely spreading hatred, racism, misogyny, bigotry, conflict and
any other kind of unpleasantness. In milder cases its about causing interpersonal conflict just for the sake
of it. Its often political, social or cultural. But when a troll posts abusive and hurtful comments about a
specific person, its called flaming. Either way, its anonymous. (http://www.knowthenet.org.uk/jargon-

Trolling Facts:

Internet trolls usually aim to disrupt normal online activities by a persistent series of insulting or
aggressive posts and messages. These inflammatory comments usually have no substance but
often include cruel and destructive attacks on someone's physical appearance or personality, with
the aim of making the target believe them.
Cyber bullying
Cyber bullying is any form of bullying which takes place online or through your
mobile phone. Websites like Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, MySpace, instant
messaging on MSN and gaming forums can be great fun. But what do you do
when things go wrong? Cyber bullying is rife on the internet and most young
people will experience it at some time.
People have committed suicide because of it
Trolling attacks include:
Put-downs and insults
Spreading lies
Emotional rants

Social media platforms:

Online gaming
World of warcraft
Call of Duty

Troll stories Punishment examples

Internet 'troll' may have targeted two more
dead teenagers with vile online abuse
Sean Duffy charged with posting more online abuse about Sophie Taylor, who was accidentally shot dead by her

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2037706/Internet-troll-Sean-Duffy-targeted-2-dead-teenagers-online-
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Internet 'troll' may have targeted two more dead teenagers with vile online abuse
Sean Duffy charged with posting more online abuse about Sophie Taylor, who was accidentally shot dead
by her boyfriend.

The online bully who targeted dead teenagers and cruelly mocked their deaths may have posted sick
abuse on the internet about two more girls. Sean Duffy, 25, who taunted the untimely deaths of
schoolchildren including a 15-year-old who threw herself under a train, has been charged with posting
more offensive Facebook images.
The unemployed troll has been charged by Grampian Police for posting vile images about Sophie Taylor,
16, who was accidentally shot dead by her boyfriend Calum Murray, 18.

Duffy, who has been imprisoned for 18 weeks after admitting sending malicious communications, has
been charged over 'offensive images' on a Facebook tribute page set up for Sophie in April, the Daily
Mirror reported.


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I know this may not be relevant, but upon watching the paedophile hunters they essentially troll
pervs into coming to locations and having them arrested, its a great doc, I know its a completely
different angle but its worth looking into