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It was desirable to disseminate the earlier Blast e-mail to provide the key-info regarding the piece on

Kurdistan published in The Hill two days ago; it is noted that considerable comment was triggered last
week in the NRO, and another op-ed was authored overnight [cleared with Sherkoh] that focuses on the
smoking-gun [anti-Kurd/anti-Israel] Facebook notation of the head of the FSA [that no one knows
exists]. The other info was packaged [as is customary], although repetitive items were excluded [per the
New Years Resolution to attempt to delimit these efforts]; nevertheless, the info-flow continues,
particularly focused on foreign policy and the midterms. [Consistent with our empirical decision to
suggest invoking NATO is information that The outgoing commander of NATOs Land Command in
Izmir, Turkey, said on Wednesday that every member of the alliance is worried about thousands of
radicalized young men travelling to Syria to join the Islamic State.] Therefore, with minimal
commentary, another meta-analysis is provided [juxtaposing info from myriad sources to send a
message that otherwise might not be readily apparent. {Attachments relate to the limits of voter-fraud
[c/o Jim Geraghty] and a summary of Rush [who is, as usual, all-over-the-place].}

Ive been an anti-tobacco activist for 1/3-century, but two items are problematic:
Lubbock Smoking Ban Could Expand to Regulation inside Cars and Homes and Electronic
Cigarettes Banned on London Transport Network. {Also, I shmoidered a problematic
blogger, an exchange that will be cited to silence his bombast if/when he ever writes on

Wolf tours Bethlehem's Main Street
Pressed for tax plan specifics: 'It would be like me telling you how cold this winter will be. I just don't
know' [perhaps Corbett should share the database, prodding him to answer the question?]
Sen. Mike Stack: If elected lt. gov., might just keep Senate seat [greedy, unconstitutional]

An article about the fact that the NY TIMES RAN INTERFERENCE FOR ANTI-GUN
DEMOCRAT recalls why Im wary of Rep. Mike Fitzpatricks having lionized No Labels.

Documented previously is the fact that No Labels has [per the Inqy] no
accomplishments and, thus, appears to be a lib-front-group intended
to entice RINOs. That opinion [about David Walker and Jon Huntsman,
etc.] are also corroborated by having listened to the vacuousness of the
weekend radio-show they sponsor on Sirius-XM.

Contradicting the NY-Times is the NRA claim that Braley and Bloomberg attended the
same event per a link on Braley's website [which says he spoke at a "No Labels" function
on 12/13/2010 and was "joined" by Bloomberg and other left-leaning politicians].

Midterms R vs. D
Republicans are favored to control the Senate; chance as of today is WaPo [91%] and NY Times [64%].
Poll: Plurality of Midterm Voters Want GOP to Control Congress
A vote for Democrats is A Vote for President Obama. [ads]
Dem doves weather THE ISLAMIC STATE attacks [perhaps]
Narratives Are More Powerful Than Ideas
Dick Morris: Canada Shooting Will Impact Midterms
WEATHER CHANNEL Co-Founder: 'Climate change' proved to be 'nothing but lie'
Cruz: Obama Intentionally Did Not Pass Immigration to Use it as a 'Partisan Cudgel'
NYT Blasts Democrats for Running from Obama
Obama: 'This Sh*t Would Be Really Interesting if We Weren't Right in the Middle of It'

Dems Trot Out Gloria Steinem as Election Nears
Cyberbullying Org: Monica Lewinsky 'Setting Us Back Years'
The War on Women: Juanita Broaddrick and Bill Clinton - To set the stage for why the
country needs Hillary Clinton to be the next president, Dems are trying to force-feed
Americans a war on women pablum, when such a waras they present itdoes not
exist. For the real war on women, however, Democrats might turn to Hillary Clinton
herself and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
An Affair to Remember - As Hillary gears up to run, look for attempts to rewrite 1990s
A surprise boost to Lewinskys side of the story in the 1998 Clinton inquiry - Prosecutors
threatened her with criminal charges if she didnt wear a wire against Clinton, according
to a report believed to be under a court-ordered seal and recently obtained by The Post.

Midterms Gubernatorial Races
Poll: After Wheelchair Ad Backlash, Davis Down 8 More Points [Texas]
Brown's Lead Is All from Latinos, Kashkari Leads among Whites [California]
Shocking Poll: Republican Charlie Baker up 9 Points...in MA? [Massachusetts]

Midterms Senatorial Races
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Democrats are 'Expanding the Map'
Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is certain that Barack Obama is
campaigning to help Democrats retain control of the Senate ... she's just not clear on where that may be
Kansas and Georgia Change the Equation on Senate-Majority Math
Alaska [White House: Sen. Begich 'Entitled to His Opinion' on Obama Relevance]
Arizona-Born Mark Udall 'Fifth-Generation Coloradoan'; Gardner ahead in Colorado]
Georgia [Nunn under Fire for Questionable Expenditures at Non-Profit; Michelle Nunn Fails to Denounce
Race-Baiting Ferguson Mailers in Georgia Senate Race]
Iowa [Iowa Columnist Attacks Joni Ernst without Disclosing Son Paid by Bruce Braley Campaign;
Republicans lead Dems in early votes cast in Iowa for first time, GOP says; ERNST TARGETS DC 'HOGS' IN
New Hampshire [Shaheen: I'm 'Proud' of Voting With Obama 99% Of The Time; SHAHEEN CAMPAIGN
Race Ordered to Leave Democrats Press Conference; RNC Hammers Jeanne Shaheen for Booting
Breitbart News from Open Press Event; Jeanne Shaheen: Obama Can't Campaign with Me Because 'He's
Busy in Washington'; Howie Carr, Ann Coulter: Jeanne Shaheen Killing New Hampshire Jobs with
Amnesty Support; Scarborough: Democratic Party 'Very Worried' for Jeanne Shaheen, She Looked 'a
Little Angry' During Debate; Jeanne Shaheen Flip-Flops Again: Now Opposes Ebola Travel Ban but
Supports 'Self-Quarantine' Efforts]
North Carolina [Tillis: Lack of Leadership from Obama on Ebola has 'Created a Crisis of Confidence'; Is
Obama A Strong Leader? Kay Hagan Doesn't Want To Answer ... But No; Two weeks out: Ads, Cash, and
Clinton Descend upon North Carolina]
South Dakota [Internal Poll: Mike Rounds Up By 24 in South Dakota]

Voter-Fraud [See also the attachment-essay]
The poll tax that wasn't - The number of voters getting locked out by ID laws is diminishingly small.
Dem GOTV Group Caught on Camera Endorsing Voter Fraud

White House: Ask DOJ about What's in the Fast and Furious Documents Covered By Obama's Executive
VA promotion for administrator stuns legislator
GOP pushes on lost IRS emails, trying to link the White House to the IRS melee.
Cause of Action said the Senate Ethics Committee ignored a 2013 ethics complaint about Reid
Chuck Hagel: the Army could maybe focus on coastal defense [idiocy]

GOPs Civil-War
this to Dick Morris a few days ago [relating my chat with Dan Senor in04 @ the old-EOB]; he said it was
absurdbut the most likely to be accurate. I feel Bush-43 sided with Colin/Condoleezza against Cheney
and, as a result, Cheney/Rove agreed not to spill beans [loyalists].
Brain Dead GOP Must Take Political, Cultural Fight to Democrats [by ROBERT DAVI] - The GOP lacks
vision, imagination, passion and balls. What's worse, the party's willingness to play it safe could impact
more than the 2014 midterm elections.
1964 Republican National Convention and the fall of the partys moderates [Libs forgot RINOs]
Georgia Chamber of Commerce Wants Republican Leaders to Oppose Religious Liberty [divisive]
A Denuded Victory If the polls are to be believed, the Republicans are more likely than not going to
regain control of the Senate next year. Probably, they will increase their margin of control in the House.
These are good things, I guess, in the sense that all elected Democrats are pro-abortion and removing
one from power is always a net positive. So a week from Tuesday I will go out and cast my vote for Sen.
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and will do so without much complaint. But
thats an idiomatic reason that appeals only to me and the relatively small slice of America who thinks
like I do on that issue. With respect to the vast majority of the rest of America, Im at a loss as to what
benefit they are supposed to receive from a Republican victory on election-day.

GOP-POTUS-16 [two rejects]
Amnesty, Common Core, More Taxes? Jeb Bush Under Fire [perhaps as a result, Jeb Bush Thinks Fox
News Annoying
Trump to Romney: Dont Even Think of Running

USCIS Official: Obama 'Absolutely' Headed Towards Executive Amnesty
Obama Administration Lied about Crimes Committed by Released Illegal Immigrants
Labor Secretary: Obama Will Take 'Aggressive Exec Action' on Immigration for 'Shared Prosperity'
Labor Sec: Adding Foreign Workers Would Increase Wages

Kristol: Obama Appointed Ebola Czar to Protect Self, Not Americans
Gallup: Confidence in Government to Handle Ebola Falls from 61 to 52 Percent
Poll: Drop in faith in gov. on Ebola by 9% since Oct. 5.
Poll: Ebola Poses Risks for Democrats' Political Ambitions
Poll: More than 3 in 4 Americans Want Ebola Travel Ban
Tennessee Democrat: GOP Opposition to Obamacare Will Cause Ebola Epidemic [?]
Betsy McCaughey: CDCs Big Mistake on Ebola
Official WHO Ebola Toll near 5,000 with True Number Nearer 15,000
DC to Monitor Travelers from West Africabut Only in 6 U.S. States

Congress must move slowly on increasing NIH funding - As the administration continues
to flop about like a landed fish in its response to Ebola, the agencies that mismanaged
the US response are looking at the panic caused by their ineptitude as a fund raising
gimmick. The core of the problem is not that NIH or CDC has too little money but rather
they have too much. The Washington Free Beacon hits in an article headlined Ebola v.
Obesity: The Politicized NIH hits on the problem

MO police stock up on riot gear ahead of grand jury decision & Ferguson on edge
Holder 'Exasperated' Over 'Selective Leaks' & DOJ FURIOUS AT MIKE BROWN AUTOPSY LEAK
Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did Not Have Hands Up When Shot...
WASH POST: New evidence supports officer's account...Black eyewitnesses corroborate...Brown high
enough to trigger hallucinations
Protesters march inside Police Dept
Amnesty International: Ferguson Police Committed Human Rights Abuses

The Epic Chess Match of Our Time

ABC ignores midterms; the network's nightly news program hasn't given the elections a mention since
Sept. 1.
State Department Won't "Label" The Islamic State, so theyre Attacking Fox News Instead
Anti-Science Mediaite: Chuck Todd Talked to Breitbart and His Ratings Tanked - The left-wing Mediaite is
pretty good at aggregating videos but a recent column attacking NBC's Chuck Todd for sitting down for
an interview with Breitbart News is yet another example of why Mediate's media analysis remains an
industry laughingstock for its shallow self-importance.
Latest 'Meet the Press' Ratings Prove Mediaite Is Staffed with Morons - Just hours after Mediaite said
Chuck Todd was "making a bigger mess of 'Meet the Press' " than David Gregory and had hurt his
standing in the ratings (primarily by his decision to sit down with Breitbart News), we learn that just this
last Sunday, Todd posted a rare second place "Meet" win over his Sunday competition in the all-
important 25-54 demo.

CNN Tells Viewers to 'Enjoy' Audio of Woman Reporting Assault to Police
Sarah Palin Blasts Shameless CNN & Carol Costello for Laughing at Female Assault
Victim, Not Calling to Apologize - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted CNN and
anchor Carol Costello for apologizing to Politico instead of directly to her family after
Costello told her audience to enjoy a frantic audio tape of a young woman (Bristol Palin)
telling police that an adult man assaulted her.
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted CNN and anchor Carol Costello for
apologizing to Politico instead of directly to her family after Costello told her audience
to enjoy a frantic audio tape of a young woman (Bristol Palin) telling police that an adult
man assaulted her. A statement from CNNs Carol Costello was sent to Breitbart News
from CNN in which the morning anchor apologizes for telling viewers to "enjoy" audio of
Bristol Palin reporting a physical assault to the police. "Over the past few days I have
been roundly criticized for joking about a brawl involving the Palin family," Costello
writes. "In retrospect, I deserve such criticism and would like to apologize."
The Truth about the Palin Brawl The Media Reveals Its Bias against Conservative
Women Once Again
Nicolle Wallace: 'Fair' for Palin to Be Mad at Me after Couric Interview

Russian Prisoner in Afghanistan to be Tried in US for Terrorism - The Obama administration is preparing
to transfer a military detainee in Afghanistan for criminal trial in Virginia, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Spain Criticized for 'Brutal' Treatment of Illegal Immigrants
French Government to Amend Legislation to Ban Undesirables from France

The White House Gaslights America on Immigration - The evidence by this point has
become pretty overwhelming that the White House plans some sort of mass amnesty
via executive fiat immediately after the elections have concluded. Disgruntled Democrat
Hispanics have openly declared that Obama has promised them as much, and earlier
this week, Breitbart News revealed that the Administration was placing a supply order
that would enable them to issue 34 million green cards, which would represent either a
drastic and unprecedented increase in work visa issuance or (more likely) a one-time
massive order for them pursuant to an Obama executive order. In the face of this
mounting and very public evidence, the press yesterday tried to get Obama to admit to
the obvious which is that he is planning something having to do with immigration in
very short order. Rather than admit that some manner of plans in the works but denying
that the election has anything to do with the timing, the White House instead decided
to take the approach of gaslighting all of America with respect to their immigration

Three Quarters of Danes Back 'Anti-Semitic' Ban on Male Circumcision
Argentina Turned Against its Jews

Fact Check On Fact Check of Dana Loeschs New Book Hands off My Gun
Bill Whittle: Youre Second Amendment
Matthew McConaughey on the Second Amendment: 'Let's Forget That Right'
accusing "guilt by association" with an ad suggesting Senate candidate Bruce Braley (D-IA) is a gun
control supporter in line with Michael Bloomberg.
Sen. David Vitter Urges Halt to Common Core Math Curriculum but Still Supports Common Core
Student photos of paltry school lunches raise alarm

Islamism in America
Progressives Lament Terror Attack's Connection to Islam
Charlie Rangel: ISIS No Threat to US
Man Attacks Cops with Hatchet... Facebook Profile Pic 'Muslim Warrior'
Man Attacks NYPD with Ax, UPDATE: 'Recent Convert to Islam'

Kurdistan vs. Islamic State
The Syrian opposition force to be recruited by the U.S. military and its coalition partners will be trained
to defend territory, rather than to seize it back from the Islamic State, according to senior U.S. and allied
officials, some of whom are concerned that the approach is flawed.

U.S. Cooperated Secretly with Syrian Kurds in Battle Against Islamic State at Koban
After Islamic State made the Syrian city of Koban a test of its ability to defy U.S. air
power, Washington intervened more forcefully than it had initially intended to try to
stem the group's momentum. Top U.S. officials concluded that Koban had become too
symbolically important to lose and they raced to save it.

As the U.S. role rapidly evolved, U.S. and Syrian Kurdish commanders began to
coordinate air and ground operations far more closely. A Syrian Kurdish general in a
joint operations center in northern Iraq delivered daily battlefield intelligence reports to
U.S. military planners, and helped spot targets for airstrikes on Islamic State positions.

The Syrian Kurds are avowedly secular and pro-Western. They field female fighters and
are committed to combating Islamic State. Kurdish officials say several Americans,
including two ex-marines and dozens of European volunteers, have enlisted to fight
alongside the Kurds in Koban.

The Imploding U.S Strategy in the Islamic State War
Yazidi Commander Killed by the Islamic State; Massacres Feared on Mt. Sinjar
White House deeply concerned over reports of renewed THE ISLAMIC STATE advance against Yazidis
Iraqi Officials Say THE ISLAMIC STATE Jihadists Used Chlorine Gas [BHO supposedly is humanitarian]
US: THE ISLAMIC STATE Earns $1M per Day in Black Market Oil Sales
Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives in Tehran
The Islamic Republic and Islamic State [of Iran] are the same; America must cooperate with neither
Iraqi Kurds to Vote on Sending Forces to Syria

THE ISLAMIC STATE captured a military shipment dropped into the Syrian/Iraq area that
was meant for Kurds. The shipment of weapons and supplies for the Kurds was intended
for use combating THE ISLAMIC STATE. What is so horrifying about all this is why the
Department of Defense says THE ISLAMIC STATE capturing the pallet of supplies is not
significant. Here is Jim Sciutto of CNN:

Im told by pentagon officials if THE ISLAMIC STATE indeed did get it
and these things look authentic that it is not militarily significant in the
whole scheme of things there. Partly in light of the fact that THE
ISLAMIC STATE has already captured a tremendous amount of
American-supplied weapons in Iraq

It is not significant because THE ISLAMIC STATE already has so many of our military
supplies and hardware on hand. This includes HMMWVs among other things.

How many Americans are going to have to die before President Obama gets serious
about this situation?

New polling shows Americans support fighting THE ISLAMIC STATE, but less than one-
third believe we have a clear mission. The Commander-in-Chief seems intent on
obfuscating clarity for the sake of his own pride.

This situation is not going to get any better any time soon. God help us.

Islamism - Global
We Must Defeat the Poisonous Ideology of Islamism
Mark Steyn: Islamic Radicalism Fills the Void Left by Multiculturalism
Krauthammer: 'Tremendous ideological appeal of THE ISLAMIC STATE' could be inspiring lone-wolf
Confiscating Jihadis' Passports 'Could Encourage Terrorism At Home' [necessary start, pre-monitoring]
Ottawa Shooter's Dad Appears to Have Been Rebel Fighter in Libya [hereditary factors also in Hamas]
Iran and Russia Join Forces against THE ISLAMIC STATE in Iraq [n.b., Chechnya as motivator]
Al-Shabaab Stones to Death a Teenager Convicted of Rape in Somalia [unnerving, even if guilty]
TORY BY-ELECTION CANDIDATE IS AN ANTI-ISRAELI ACTIVIST [thus, conservatives arent always ok]
Song Withdrawn Raises Questions Over BBC Intervention - Former DJ Mike Read has asked that the song
he wrote in support of UKIP be withdrawn after being inundated with complaints that it was racist.
Turkey Is Complicit with THE ISLAMIC STATE and Unfit to Join the EU - Turkey finally caved in to
American pressure and announced it will allow Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to cross over its territory
from Iraq to Syria to join the battle against THE ISLAMIC STATE. But anyone who imagines this grudging
concession represents a cooperative move by a NATO ally to help crush the so-called Islamic State would
be sadly deluded.
A Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State - According to a poll published last
month by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, only 62% of Jordanians consider
Islamic State - and a mere 31% the Syria-based al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra - to be terrorist
organizations. Just 44% of Jordanians surveyed say that al-Qaeda is a terrorist group.
Tribal Leaders and the Future of Afghanistan

Arab Spring: the gift that keeps on giving - When the Obama regime engineered the
overthrow of the governments of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt during the much ballyhooed
Arab Spring the administration did not have a strategic or geopolitical goal in mind,
rather it was carried out strictly in the service of domestic politics. Obama wanted to
prove that he was the anti-Bush. He wanted to demonstrate the efficacy of smart
power. And he wanted to be able to wage war on the cheap war via drones and air
strikes and proxy armies that could overthrow regimes he didnt like and replace
them with friendly (or non-malign) regimes without the monetary or political cost of the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yemen's Houthis: "Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam" - In September, the Houthis, a Zaidi Shia revivalist
group, took over Sana'a, Yemen's capital. Nearly all of the dozens of Houthi military checkpoints in the
city display their slogan printed in green and red: "Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews,
Victory to Islam." Yet the Houthis have never attacked Western interests. In fact, in all the areas of
Yemen the Houthis control, al-Qaeda is nowhere to be found. When al-Qaeda supporters and Houthi
militias have gone head to head in provinces like Jawf and Mareb, the Houthis have come out on top.

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to THE ISLAMIC STATE, Aid NGOs Employ THE ISLAMIC
STATE People - Truckloads of U.S. and Western aid have been flowing into territory
controlled by Islamic State jihadists. The aid, meant for displaced Syrian civilians, is
funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the
UN. The aid convoys have to pay off THE ISLAMIC STATE leaders in order to enter
eastern Syrian extremist strongholds.

"The convoys have to be approved by THE ISLAMIC STATE and you have to pay them:
The bribes are disguised and itemized as transportation costs," says an aid coordinator.
The kickbacks are paid by NGOs tasked with distributing the aid, or by Turkish or Syrian
transportation companies contracted to deliver it. Moreover, aid coordinators say THE
ISLAMIC STATE insists that the NGOs employ people THE ISLAMIC STATE approves on
their staffs inside Syria. "There is always at least one THE ISLAMIC STATE person on the
payroll; they force people on us," says an aid coordinator.

"A few months ago we delivered a mobile clinic for a USAID-funded NGO," says one aid
worker. "The clinic was earmarked for the treatment of civilians, but we all know that
wounded THE ISLAMIC STATE fighters could easily be treated as well. So what are we
doing here helping their fighters, who we are bombing, to be treated so they can fight

The Risks of Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank
UN May Replace Golan Peacekeepers with Drones
Irish Senate Calls for Recognition of Palestinian State
Two IDF Soldiers Wounded by Drug Smugglers at Egyptian Border
Ya'alon: Israel Worried about Iran Deal

Defense Minister Ya'alon Blasts Turkey, Erdoan as "Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood
Axis" - Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday described Turkey as the
leader, along with Qatar, of the Middle East's "Muslim Brotherhood Axis" and its
president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, as a "known follower" of the Islamist group. Ya'alon
also told journalist Charlie Rose on PBS that Hamas had moved its operations from Syria
to Turkey and had set up a "terror headquarters" in Istanbul alongside the one
operating in Gaza.

During a visit to Washington, Ya'alon made a point of thanking the U.S.
for its support, especially for the Iron Dome anti-missile system. "Even if
there are disagreements between the U.S. and Israel, they should not
be allowed to cloud the deep friendship and warm, intimate ties
between the two countries," he said.

Ya'alon said that he once endorsed an agreement based on an Israeli withdrawal to the
1967 borders, until he realized that the Palestinians would never make do with such an

EU Seeks Talks with Israel over "Red Lines" in West Bank - Discussions have been taking place at EU
headquarters in Brussels between the ambassadors of the 28 members states over the European
response to Israeli moves which an internal EU document describes as creating a "threat to the
possibility of the two-state solution." The document defines several of the EU's "red lines" regarding
Israeli actions in the West Bank: construction in the Givat Hamatos neighborhood in Jerusalem,
construction in the E1 area between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem, further construction in the Har
Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem, plans to relocate 12,000 Bedouin in a new town in the Jordan Valley,
and changing the status-quo at the Temple Mount.

Did Israel Avert a Hamas Massacre?
Israeli intelligence officials agreed to share the backstory of how earlier this year they
may have narrowly averted their nation's own 9/11. The plan of attack (as pieced
together by defense and security professionals through electronic intercepts,
informants, interrogations of Hamas operatives, as well as computers and satellite
imagery obtained from Hamas compounds during the war) was chilling: a surprise
assault in which scores of heavily armed Hamas insurgents were set to emerge from
more than a dozen cross-border tunnels and proceed to kill as many Israelis as possible.
Hamas created a secret commando unit, called Nukhba, and trained its men to fight and
maneuver through the tunnels on foot and on small motorcycles. According to an
official in the Israel Security Agency, which has been interrogating Hamas members who
were captured during the fighting, the Nukhba fighters "were an elite force...[trained] to
execute strategic terrorist attacks....[They would be] heavily armed: RPGs, Kalashnikovs,
M-16s, hand grenades, and night-vision equipment." To maximize the element of
surprise, they would wear IDF uniforms.
A year ago, workers at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, which sits on the border with Gaza,
heard digging underground and called in the IDF, which discovered a massive tunnel
located 50 feet below the surface. It ran a mile and a half from the village of Abbasan
Al-Saghira, in Gaza. IDF Captain Daniel explained, "They had a specific plan: 20 to 30
terrorists would emerge from the opening of the tunnel and attack the residents of Ein
Hashlosha." After the tunnel's discovery, Israel halted the transfer of construction
materials into Gaza. Last March, another tunnel was uncovered, penetrating three
times farther into Israel.
"Hamas had a plan," says Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner, summarizing on the record what six
senior intelligence officials would describe on background. "A simultaneous,
coordinated, surprise attack within Israel. They planned to send 200 terrorists armed to
the teeth toward civilian populations. This was going to be a coordinated attack. The
concept of operations involved 14 offensive tunnels into Israel. With at least 10 men in
each tunnel, they would infiltrate and inflict mass casualties."
As a senior military intelligence official explained, the anticipated attack was designed
with two purposes: "First, get in and massacre people in a village. Pull off something
they could show on television. Second, the ability to kidnap soldiers and civilians using
the tunnels would give them a great bargaining chip."
On July 7, Israeli jets bombed a tunnel that began in Rafah, in Gaza, and exited near
Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, killing seven members of Hamas. Highly placed government
sources say they feared these operatives were the first wave. "We expected the mass
attack in July," a senior military intelligence official explains. The next day, all hell broke
loose, with Hamas firing some 150 rockets. Over the next 10 days, Hamas would send
some 1,500 more.
All told, Israeli military and intelligence sources say that they found and destroyed 32
tunnels within Gaza, 14 of which crossed into Israel, and believe that they managed to
stave off a mass terror attack. Still, Hamas fighters used the underground network to
emerge inside Israel and pull off several attacks that claimed the lives of 11 IDF soldiers.

Israel: Hamas Lets Its People Have Medical Treatment in Israel, But Not Other Gazans - Israel's
Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai, on Monday accused
Hamas of a double standard for allowing the daughter of the group's leader Ismail Haniyeh to receive
medical treatment in Israel. "When there is a personal interest, Hamas has no problem in allowing
patients to come into Israel," Mordechai told the Palestinian news agency Ma'an. He recalled that
during the recent conflict Hamas leaders prevented injured Gazans from reaching the field hospital set
up by Israel on the Gaza border.

Israel Media
Media Label Palestinian Terror Attack on 3-Month-Old Car Accident - Yesterday, a Palestinian Muslim
terrorist drove a car over a 3-month-old baby in Jerusalem. The baby was an American citizen. Hamas
promptly praised the attack as a daring operation. So did the moderate Palestinian Authority wing
Fatah, which pledged loyalty to the terrorist.

AP Headline on Arab Terror Attack: "Israeli Police Shoot Man in East Jerusalem" - After a
Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a crowd of people waiting for a train on
Wednesday, killing a three-month-old baby, the Associated Press reported the story
with the following headline: Israeli Police Shoot Man in East Jerusalem. The headline
was changed thrice.

Palestinians Downbeat on Rebuilding of Gaza - The flow of building material will largely depend on
whether the Palestinian Authority extends its writ to Gaza, now run by Hamas. Local businessmen say a
mechanism agreed by the UN, Israel and the Palestinians for construction materials to move into Gaza
remains vague and plagued by red tape.
UN Chief Says Moving Ahead with Gaza War Inquiry - After his visit to Gaza in the wake of the recent
conflict, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council on Tuesday: "I look forward to a
thorough investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces of...incidents in which UN facilities sustained hits
and many innocent people were killed. I am planning to move forward with an independent Board of
Inquiry to look into the most serious of those cases, as well as instances in which weaponry was found
on UN premises."

Russia Still Has Troops in Ukraine, NATO Says
US scrambling jets almost daily to repel Russian threats

Refugee: North Korea is 'the Same Thing as the Holocaust... and we are ignoring it'
Pentagon Believes North Korea Made Nuclear-Weapons Advance - A top U.S. commander said Friday
that North Korea likely has the capability to produce a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a
rocket, putting its wherewithal to build a nuclear missile within closer reach.

EU Ordered Britain to Pay additional 1.7 billion because its economy is better than others in the EU;
Cameron said Britain Will Not Pay 'Completely Unacceptable' EU Bill
Taxpayers Should Pay People to Be Healthy Says NHS Boss [socialism is on both sides of the pond]
After 4 Years of Conservative Government, Borrowing Still Rising [explaining rise of UKIP, comparable to
the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Movement]
Eyeing 2015 Vote, UK's Opposition Labor Promises Immigration Curbs - Britain's opposition Labor leader
Ed Miliband promised to crack down on immigration if his party is elected next year, seeking to woo
voters tempted by the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP), which could threaten his chances of
winning power.