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Microsoft Learning Competency Business Application Template

A completed Learning competency business application is required for the program if (1) this is Partners first time
in the competency or (2)to re-enroll, if your organization has been removed from the Learning competency and
wishes to reapply after the required 90-day waiting period.
Companies applying for the Microsoft Learning competency must have demonstrated investment in the training
industry, the ability to deliver flexible, solutions-based, customized training on Microsoft technologies, and
expertise in offering skills assessment, individual and organizational training plan development, instructor-led and
online technical training, exam preparation services, and post-training services that establish ongoing, long-term
customer relationships.
Submitting a business application does not assure approval to join the Microsoft Learning competency. Microsoft
evaluates every business application for quality and business experience to help ensure all companies meet the
program year requirements. If your company is not accepted for the Microsoft Learning competency, your
application can be resubmitted for review after the 90-day waiting period. Please note that your Company must be
currently enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to participate in the Learning competency. Acceptance
into the Microsoft Learning competency is based upon a Companys demonstration that it has met all Learning
competency qualifications and requirements. Please do not include confidential or proprietary information in your
Review of your business application may take between 4 and 6 weeks from the time of submission. Microsoft will
notify you via email if your application has been approved or denied.
After Company has reviewed and understands the requirements, benefits, terms, and conditions of the Microsoft
Learning competency located on the MPN portal website (including Microsoft Official Course usage
requirements),and if Company meets the qualification criteria to participate in the Learning competency, Company
may submit its business application to Microsoft for review as outlined below.
To submit your Learning competency business application:
A. You must use the template below to submit your business application.
B. Visit the Microsoft Partner Support Community online forum.
At the top of this page, click on the Participate tab and select: Ask a Question. Title your post
Learning Competency Business Application
In the details section post the following I would like to submit my business application
Submit your question in the following forum by selecting the items in the drop down
i. Category Partner Membership
ii. Area - Program Questions
iii. Topic Learning Competency Partner
C. Once the question is submitted, an Regional Service Center agent will respond within 24 hours with a private
For questions regarding application approval or the status of your overall application to the Microsoft Learning
Competency, contact Microsoft Partner Network support.
Please thoroughly answer all applicable questions in the business applicationdocument.If a question is not
applicable, please indicate this instead of leaving the question blank.
The text in red provides suggestions and/or instructions. Please remove after completing the question.
Globally, please find and replace Company Name with your organizations name.
Within the standard text you will find {xxxx} as placeholder text. Please delete and fill in the appropriate text.

PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
Adriaan S. Nafarin, B. Eng, M.B.A, +62 81 6509689
Jl. Pucang Anom Timur No.23 Surabaya
14 August 2014

By submitting this business application, PT.Ebiz Infotma Interindo confirms(a) it meets the criteria to participate in the Learning
competency, and (b) it has read and understands the following Learning competency requirements:
Core business requirements
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) enrollment requirements
Hardware, software and content requirements
Metrics that Matter and quality requirements
Compliance and piracy requirements
Terms and conditions of the Learning Competency

PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
Name: Adriaan S. Nafarin
Title: B. Eng, M.B.A
Date: 14 August 2014

Section I: Organization
Administrative Details

Companys Microsoft PartnerNetwork (MPN) Program ID: 1051176___________________________________________
MPN Location IDs: 578704
List all countries where you have training Locations that would be associated with you under the Learning Competency
Location Name Locations Country/City Location MPN ID(s)
PT. Ebiz Infotama Interindo Indonesia/Surabaya 578704

Describe your company, its portfolio and its market position in detail

1. Company Mission Statement and high level strategy for your business:
Mission statement :
To become a leading company in helping people and organizations work together more effectively by providing solutions
to use Information And Communication Technologies which are up-to- date, efficient, legal and secure; IT training,
certification and education center with International standards; and one stop shopping IT technology and security.
High Level Strategy :
With Resources that support our Company including Capital and adequate budget, Insightful leadership and global
vision, Reliable Management, 6 storey building with lift and located in a strategic location , Facilities that equivalent to
level 5 and 6 Microsoft hardware level that can supports a variety of activities in IT Training, Competent and certified
trainers from various vendors, our partnership with International vendors we believe that we can be a leading Company
in delivering High quality Training to IT professionals. And to ensure maximum benefit for education delivery and
solution development. Being one of the largest non-academic training centers we also worked together with many
Universities to provide organizations alternatives for human resource development.
As appointed institution by Indonesian Certification Authority, one of our duties is to create public awareness about the
importance of professional certification in Indonesia. We will work with some industries to adopt ICT standardized
system as a reference in industrial recruitment process. Other than that, we have commitment to organize and hold ICT
competency test events.
We also creating a non-profit educational provider which is called Professional Certification Program (PCP), that we
develop together with One of The government university, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. This Program
focuses on educating high school graduates (who do not sufficient funds to continue their education at
colleges/universities) to learn ICT.
We build cooperation with leading certification provider to develop certification awareness into The Indonesian IT
Professional society.
2. Product&service offerings
Business Solution Division: Custom Application Development, eBusiness and eCommerce, Business Intelligent Solutions,
Enterprise Portal Development, Unified Communication Solutions
Infrastructure Division: IT Master Plan Consulting, Network Architecture Design, System & Network Integration, Security
Design, Mobile & Convergent Technology
Academic Division: Microsoft Open Value Subscription For Education Solutions (OVS-ES), Academic Licensing, Desktop
Application Training Program, Professional Certification Program, Updated and High Technology Training Program
Training & Certification: Microsoft Training & Certification, Indonesian-Government Professional Certification Program
for Developer, Networking, and Design, Office Training & Certification, other IT Technology Trainings from various
vendors like Cisco, IBM, Adobe, IT Audit, Open source, Mikrotik.
3. Customer satisfaction policy/ensuring quality
Customer fill out the feedback form after training and we do a customer survey about the services our company.
It is our goal to ensure that you, our customer, are completely satisfied with your
purchase of any product or service. Our knowlegeable and well trained staff work
with integrity to create clear expectations on what you will be getting from us.
It is our goal to warranty, repair, or answer any questions you have in a timely and
efficient manner. We stand behind our work, and every job will be completed to
complete satisfaction.
It is our goal to respond to all emails and phone inquiries within 1 business hour of
receiving that inquiry.
It is our goal to clearly outline all purchasing/service procedures to you so that both
of our expectations are in complete alignment.

4. Value Proposition (market share, unique selling points in the market)
Our market opportunities:
1. We have been trusted by our local government, East Java Province to introduced East Java Competence and
Certification to back up national program toward professional workers that open big opportunity to join Microsoft
Training and certification with National IT Certification.
2. Our company, Ebiz Education is located on the market area which surrounded by Industries and Academic Institutions
that have highly concern to the development of Information technologies.
Market Target: Private industry sector, government and education sector.
Unique Selling points: Updated Fundamental and Professional IT Training, Simple and Easy Enrollment Process , Fast and
Reliable Assistance & Technical Support, Updated and International Standardized Modul & Curriculum, WellCertification,
updated and certified trainer, Competitive Prince and promotion.

5. Describe your target audience and go-to-market approach
market territory Indonesia country for SMB industry and target groups, i.e. Student,IT Professionals, Developers,
Information worker, SME market, Enterprise market and verticals Manufacture,Hospital,Automotive, Finance, Retail etc.
Local market strategy : Bandling IT consultant with IT training Service, Bandling Software legalization with IT Training,
Bandling National Verification program with Microsoft Training and certification, Regularly conduct new Technology
update Training and hand-on such as IT Camp.
6.List 3-5corporate customersfor whom you currently providing training.Please note that by providing this information
you grant Microsoft permission to contact your customers for references.
Corporate Customer Contact name, phone and email How long has this # of employees
Name customer worked with
your organization
trained per year
Mr.Andhika, (0341) 468-500 4 years 10-15
Universitas Narotama Mrs. Rinci, 031-71045366 / 081-851 2261 2 years 3-4
Politeknik Negeri Bali Mr.Ngurah, 0817356242 10 years 5-10
Jaykay Files Indonesia Mr.Dian,031- 8912181,
15 years 10-20
Commonwealth Zaenal, 08121747477,
5 years 7-12
BCA Surabaya Mrs.Susanti, 031-5671008/
3 years 5-10
Petrokimia Gresik Mr.Gunadi, (031) 398-1811,
20 years 2-15

Section II: Training Facilities
Training Classroom& Hardware Requirements
PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo currentlyhas {3 of classrooms} classroom(s) available for training that meet the hardware
requirements outlined in the most current version of the Learning competency Guidelines across all locations within
the organization.
Classroom Hardware Level Max # of students in classroom
Example: Classroom 1 Level 6 12
Classroom 1 Level 6 14
Classroom 2 Level 5 8
Classroom 3 Level 4 8
Classroom 4 Level 4 20
Seminar Room (description) - 50
Computer workshop Level 3 20
Total Capacity of Training Centers 100

Describe your online and/or virtual instructor-led training platform(s)(as applicable)
{For companies offering online and/or virtual classroom trainings, provide a description of your online and/or virtual
classroom environment.}
1. Provide the name of all of the software technologies utilized for your commercial online training platform or
virtual classroom environment.
HyperV, VMWare, Office365,

2. Provide the URL to a sample of your content and the login information needed to access this page so we may
evaluate the training experience offered by Company.

3. How many students can your online and/or virtual platform(s) support concurrently? 10-50

4. What service provider are you currently using for your online and/or virtual training platform(s)?

Windows server2012,VMWare (on premise server)

Describe your current status as aPrometric testing center for Microsoft Technical (MTA/MCP) Certification
Choose one of the threestatements below that best represents your Companys involvement with Prometric testing.
o We are currently applying to become a Prometric testing center, which enables us to deliver Microsoft
Technical and MTA exams in the near future.

o We are already aPrometric testing center. We have {06} seats dedicated for Prometric stations.

o We have no plans to become a Prometric testing center.

Describe your current status as aCertiport testing center for Microsoft Office (MOS)Certification Exams
Choose one of the paragraphs below that best represents your companys involvement with Certiport testing.
o We are currently applying to become a Certiport testing center, which enables us to deliver MOSexams in
the near future.

o We are already a Certiport testing center.

o We have no plans to become a Certiport testing center.

Section III: Staff
How many Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) do you have associated with each of yourtraining locations?
Company Name has {5 of MCTs}employed and on staff with our training location(s).
List each MCTs name, current Microsoft Certification credentials and location.
MCT Name MCT Credentials Company Location
Lucky Setyawan PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
David K. Nafarin PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
Michael Nafarin PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
Andrew PT.Ebiz Infotama Interindo
Yuniawan Tri Cahyono
Note: MCT application process can be found here

How many staff members are dedicated to sales and marketing?
Describe your sales and marketing team structure
Name Position
Yati Marketing
Farida Marketing of Learning
Elsa Sales of Learning
Hera Marketing of commercial
Kristiana Sales of Learning
Oktaf Marketing for education
Dessy Gresika Sales for education

Company Name dedicates{4 of sales staff}for active acquisition and account management of prospects and
customers.We dedicate {3 of marketing staff} for supporting our training and testingbusiness.
Note: Sales and Marketing staff must register for access to theMicrosoft Learning Campaign Factoryupon approval to the
Learning competency.

Section IV: Key Metrics
This section is a critical part of the application process. Please carefully complete the tables below.
Describe your current product/service portfolio and your experience in the different groups?

Type of Training
# of years training % of total
% of Training
Delivery Mix
Training (ILT),
Online, Virtual ILT)
Microsoft Training
- Infrastructure/IT Professional Training 10 years 40 %
- Developer Training 10 years 30 %
- Training for Microsoft Dynamics Products 1 years 2 %
- Virtualization/Cloud 5 years 16 %
- Desktop Training (IW Training) 10 years 20 %
Non-Microsoft Training
- Infrastructure/IT Professional Training 6 years 75 %
- Developer Training 5 years 5 %
- Virtualization/Cloud 5 years 10 %
- Desktop Training 5 years 10 %
Non-technical Training
- Project Management 3 years 20 %
- Career Training 1 years 2 %
- Sales & Marketing Training 1 years 2 %
- Language Training X years 6 %
- Other Training 2 years 70 %

How many students do you expect to train on the following Microsoft Technologies for the next 4 quarters
(from time of application)?

Type of Microsoft Training
# of Students
Approximate #
of Students
Approximate # of
Approximate # of
- Infrastructure/IT Professional Training 15 students 15 students 15 students 15 students
- Developer Training 6 students 6 students 6 students 6 students
- Training for Microsoft Dynamics Products 2 students 2 students 2 students 2 students
- Virtualization/Cloud 10 students 10 students 10 students 10 students
- Desktop Training (Information Worker
12 students 12 students 12 students 12 students
Total 45 students 45 students 45 students 45 students

How many Microsoft Certification exams do you expect to deliver on the following Microsoft Technologies
for the next 4 quarters (from time of application)?

Type of MicrosoftExams
# of Exams
Approximate #
of Exams
Approximate # of
Approximate # of
- Infrastructure/IT Professional Exams 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams
- Developer Exams 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams
- Examsfor Microsoft Dynamics Products 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams 30 exams
- Desktop Exams (Information
15 exams 15 exams 15 exams 15 exams
Total 115 exams 115 exams 115 exams 115 exams

Section V: Marketing Approach
Describe your past marketing activities to promote training
Describe all marketing activities utilized to promote training. Include how you promote training on Microsoft
technologies and Microsoft certifications. Marketing activitiesmay include seminars/webinars, workshops, PR activities,
email, social media, etc. Include an estimate of your annual marketing investment.
Name Activity Budget (/year)
Workshop Rp.10.000.000,00
Seminars Rp 40.000.000,00
Certification marketing Rp 3.000.000,00
Ads Rp 1.500.000,00
Email Rp 2.000.000,00

Thank you for completing the Microsoft Learning Competency Business Application.

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