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Introduction to Cosmetic surgery (encoded by Clent, bert, chacha)

Cosmetic= cosmos (greek) = order

Correction of minor defects secondary to aging, in order to improve, enhance or to optimize physical appearance

Aesthetic= aisthetikos= aisthanes- sensitive Thai- to perceive

Aesthetics- is the study & theory of beauty & the psychological responses to it; specifically the branch of philosophy dealing w/ art-its forms, creative sources, and effects.

Charles Conrad Miller (1881-1950)- Father of cosmetic surgery; published the first book in cosmetic surgery

Frederick Strange Koll (1871-1921) book: plastic & cosmetic surgery in 1907; 1908-paraffin injections

Eugene Hollander (1867-1932) practice cosmetics & performed facelifts in 1901; wrote medicine in classical paintings in 1903.

Erich Lexer (1867-1937) facelift in Hollywood (1906)

Raymond Passot (1886-1933)-presented pioneering article on facelift incisions at the annual meeting of the alumni society of the medical school at the Univ. of Oregon in Portland.

Julien Bourguet- published before & after photos of a pt. who underwent removal of eyebags. Publish photos of the removal of double chin.

Jacques Joseph (1865-1933) published textbook on rhinoplasty & facial pastic surgery in 1928

Suzanne Noel- 1 st female practicing cosmetic surgeon; 1926- La chirurgie Esthetique: Son Role Social; 1 st to categorize the ethnic & cultural psychology of cosmetic surgery pxs.

Beauty- the quality attributed to whatever pleases or satisfies the senses or the mind, as by line, color, form, texture, proportion, rhythmic motion, tone, etc, or by behavior, attitude, etc.

Standards of Beauty -relative according to:



Historical period

Geographical location

Fashion/ styles

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as well as in those of the beheld.


Augmentation Rhinoplasty -most common complication: improper mobilization of periosteum -Silicone rubber- is the most commonly used material in Asia

Oriental Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty for eyebags

Augmentation Mammoplasty

Body contouring




Post-silicone liquid injections -Silicone liquid is not indicated for any augmentation


Post- silicone oil injections forms foreign body granuloma -Foreign Body Siliconomas results in sagging of the dace due to the wight of the silicon as Elastin disappears.


Post-paraffin injections -becomes more concentrated with time

Collagen injection should be applied -it’s natural -I and III are the most common -absorbed w/in 6 months

-I and III are the most common -absorbed w/in 6 months The aging Face COSMETIC PROCEDURES

The aging Face



Rhytidectomy/ Rhytidoplasty Facelift


Blepharoplasty removal of eyebags

Blepharochalasia- removal of extra fat

Dermochalasia- remove extra skin

Baggy eyelids

o Others: Chin augmentation; neck lift; Mastopexy (Breast lift); Breast reduction; Abdominal dermolipectomy; Reduction mammoplasty


Suction- Assisted lipectomy (liposuction) Maximum fat allowed to be removed= 3000 cc 30% is blood. Contraindication: having been on Accutane for six months prior or following. Accutane may increase your chances of keloid-like scarring -- although the incisions are VERY small in liposuction.

collagen/scarring/connective tissue disorders

significant stretch marks

clotting disorders


diabetes may affect outcome or increase risks

heart or lung disease

vascular problems (including common circulation problems)

endocrine disorders



other active diseases may affect outcome or increase risks

morbid obesity

wound healing disorders



recreational drug use or excessive drinking

use of some prescription and over the counter medications, including some supplements -- please see our medication & supplement list and disclose any and all medications to your surgeon or anesthesiologist.

you are pregnant

Cylocaine/ Lidocaine poisoning- the most common cause of death in Liposuction:

Body dysmorphia disorder excessive cosmetic surgery

Simon Barraquer syndrome- acquired partial lipodystrophy, and "Cephalothoracic lipodystrophy," "Progressive lipodystrophy" is a rare form of lipodystrophy, which usually first affects the head, and then spreads to the thorax.

Infra mammary prosthesis the most common and safe type of mammoplasty

Garlic & Vit E- can cause bleeding