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5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation
1 Underline the correct word(s).
Example: You wont be able / allowed to go into the laboratory with me. Its for
employees only.
1 You mustnt / must remember use your mobile phone while youre putting petrol into
your car.
2 We ought / should to hae set off earlier.
! You "ont got / have to tip taxi "riers# but they always appreciate it.
$ Eeryone will have to / better show their passport when we cross the bor"er.
% We need / neednt phone &aria ' shes expecting us.
( You didnt need / neednt have to pay for "inner# but it was loely that you "i".
) It is not able / not permitted to bring your own foo" into this "ining area.
* We arent supposed to / allowed ta+e these laptops out of this office.
2 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s).
Example: It seeme" like a goo" i"ea to borrow the car# but it "i"nt en" well.
as though li+e being
1 When I was at the ,ummer &usic -estial I saw your brothers ban" .........
to play playing playe"
2 I ........ someone say /hello but I coul"nt see who it was.
hear" hear was hear"
! You ........ my frien" &arco.
loo+ loo+ li+e are the loo+ of
$ 0his soup tastes ........ garlic. Its "elicious1
of for as if
% 2e ........ unhappy. Is eerything 345
seems to hae s as though seems
( &alcolm seems ........ a mista+e. 2e was suppose" to or"er four boxes of paper# but
he or"ere" $61
to hae to hae ma"e li+e ma+ing
3 Complete the sentences with the gerund or the infinitive form of the verb in
Example: Its no use worrying 7worry8. Youll 9ust hae to wait an" see what happens.
1 3ur piano nee"s ........ 7be8 repaire" because the moers "roppe" it.
2 We woul" rather ........ 7hae8 gone to :ermany for ;hristmas.
! I than+e" your parents for ........ 7hae8 helpe" me when I was in trouble.
$ I" li+e ........ 7be8 sitting in a caf< in 0hailan" right now.
% =y the time Im $6# I hope ........ 7hae8 starte" my own company.
( Im tire" of ........ 7be8 tol" to wait. Ie been stan"ing here for three hours alrea"y1
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5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation
Grammar total 20
Complete the sentences with one word.
Example: I hear" theyre going to bring in a new law that ma+es it illegal to use your
mobile in public.
1 0urn right ........ the corner an" youll see the post office on your left.
2 >nia went ........ wor+ early this morning.
! If you loo+ "own now# you can see that were flying ....... the ,ahara ?esert.
$ I lie on the fifth floor an" my brother lies on the sixth. In fact# his flat is "irectly
........ mine.
% I too+ @26 ........ of my wallet an" gae it to =en.
( Aacob fell ........ his bi+e on the way to wor+ an" cut his hea" pretty ba"ly.
) I left some change for the waiter ........ the table# next to my cup.
* Bets go ......... Its getting too col" an" "ar+ outsi"e.
! Underline the odd word(s) out.
Example: hailstorm floo" "rought mil"
1 a bruise a surgeon a blister a rash
2 a col" flu asthma a plaster
! ineffectie mainstream unproen useless
$ a ripCoff an DCray antibiotics stitches
% mil" seere real prematurely
( across through on top of put
" Complete the words in the sentences.
Example: > car pulled up next to me an" the "rier wae".
1 ;oul" you w........ "own your win"ow an" as+ that man for "irections# please5
2 &arty s........ out his last cigarette an" sai" he woul" neer smo+e again.
! In my science class# girls o........ boys by two to one.
$ Im afrai" I u........ the cost of the holi"ay an" "i"nt bring enough money.
% Eierre an" >ngela ha"nt seen each other for ten years# but their romance was
r........ when they met unexpecte"ly on a train.
( Im afrai" Im as b........ as a bat without my glasses.
Vocabulary total 20
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5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation
# $atch the words with the same sound.
pull stub upon acupuncture reflexology
Example: put pull
1 up ........# ........
2 along ........# ........
! "ealue" ........
% Underline the stressed s&llable.
Example: conentional
1 below
2 aroun"
! ban"age
$ irus
% system
Pronunciation total 10
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50
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5 Radin! and "ritin!
'ead the article and tick (

) () *) or C.
The main oint made by eole !ho dismiss Comlementary and "lternati#e
$edicine %C"$& as a ointless !aste o' time and money is that there is no scienti'ic
e#idence !hatsoe#er that it !or(s) *or con#entional medicine there is o' course an
enormous amount o' scienti'ic research to bac( u the e''ecti#eness o' medical
treatments) This is because o' the 'undamental di''erence bet!een con#entional
medicine and C"$) Con#entional medicine re+ards the body as a comle, and
sohisticated machine and illness as a brea(do!n o' one or more arts o' the
machine) -ts aim is to +et the machine !or(in+ roerly a+ain by remo#in+ the
roblem arts or treatin+ them so that they return to !or(in+ order) C"$, in the 'orm
o' such thin+s as homeoathy, acuuncture, and medical herbalism, re+ards illness
as a brea(do!n o' the body.s natural healin+ systems) -t belie#es that there is a
natural, non/hysical 'orce in all o' us that enables the body to heal itsel' and its aim
is to ma(e that 'orce o!er'ul enou+h to o#ercome illness and restore health)
This natural, non/hysical 'orce, ho!e#er, cannot be detected usin+ the usual
scienti'ic techni0ues) 1o it is imossible to ro#e its e,istence scienti'ically, and this
has led some eole to re2ect the !hole idea o' C"$) 3ith con#entional medicine,
!e can test scienti'ically !hether treatments ha#e an e''ect on the body by loo(in+
'or chan+es in the body.s cells, ner#es, or+ans and systems as a result o' treatment)
3ith C"$, !e cannot ro#e !hether or not the natural 'orce 'or restorin+ health
e,ists) 4o!e#er, it is ossible to see !hat e''ects C"$ treatments ha#e had on the
cells and structures o' the body in order to assess their e''ecti#eness)
5ne e,amle o' scienti'ic e#idence 'or the e''ecti#eness o' C"$ treatments is a
study !hich sho!ed that homeoathic medicine had an e''ect on the brain acti#ity o'
su''erers 'rom 'ibromyal+ia, a ain'ul muscle disorder) 6esearch also indicated that
acuuncture !as e''ecti#e in the treatment o' atients su''erin+ 'rom Crohn.s
disease, a ain'ul disorder o' the di+esti#e system) Tests on their di+esti#e systems
sho!ed that they had less in'lammation a'ter acuuncture treatment) "nother study
concerned the hi+hly diluted solutions used in homeoathic medicines) 1cetics
claim that these cannot ossibly ha#e any e''ect because they are so diluted and
little or nothin+ o' the ori+inal substance remains) 7ut a study sho!ed that ultra/hi+h
dilutions o' histamine %a rotein in#ol#ed in aller+ies& ha#e an in'luence on cell
acti#ity in the body)
5ne o' the most common tools o' con#entional medical research is a test called an
6CT) This is a comarati#e test to disco#er the e''ecti#eness o', 'or e,amle, a ne!
dru+) 1ome sub2ects are +i#en the dru+ and others are +i#en a dummy ill) The
sub2ects do not (no! !hether they ha#e ta(en a real ill or a dummy one, (no!n as
a lacebo) 6esearchers then loo( at !hether the eole !ho too( the real ill
sho!ed more imro#ement than the eole !ho too( the dummy ill, or lacebo)
The same (ind o' test is also carried out 'or C"$ treatments, and it seems an
ob#ious thin+ to do in order to +et e#idence o' their e''ecti#eness) 4o!e#er, a
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5 Radin! and "ritin!
number o' C"$ ractitioners 'eel that these 6CT tests are not aroriate 'or C"$
treatments) This is 'or t!o reasons)
*irstly, they say, this is because C"$ theraies are entirely 'ocused on each
indi#idual as a searate case) Treatment isn.t dictated by the seci'ic medical
roblem the atient is su''erin+ 'rom but by the need to restore to 'ull o!er that
indi#idual.s natural 'orce 'or maintainin+ health) 1o the result o' an 6CT test 'or one
erson may be !holly di''erent 'or another, meanin+ that no +eneral conclusion
could be dra!n about a articular treatment) 1econdly, the ractitioners say, a (ey
'actor in C"$ treatments is the relationshi bet!een the atient and the ractitioner)
$any eole, esecially those !ith se#ere or lon+/standin+ medical roblems, ot
'or C"$ treatments because they do not !ant to ta(e dru+s 'or a lon+ time or
because they do not ha#e 'aith in con#entional medicine to imro#e their condition)
1ome o' these eole may 'eel that they +et bene'its 'rom C"$ treatments and 'rom
their consultations !ith C"$ ractitioners, e#en i' the treatments do not !or( 'or
their ori+inal roblem) 1o C"$ treatments may be bene'icial in !ays that 6CT tests
!ould not re#eal) 1ome atients, 'or e,amle, say that they re'er the holistic
aroach o' C"$ and 'eel that the decisions about treatment +i#e them +reater
control o#er their o!n li#es than con#entional medicine) They li(e the 'eelin+ that
they are ta(in+ ersonal resonsibility 'or their o!n health)
1 0he writer says in the first paragraph that criticism of ;>& is .........
> base" on ignorance = un"erstan"able ; increasing
2 0he writer says that the "ifference between ;>& an" conentional me"icine
> is a ery great one = is not as great as people may thin+
; is greater in some forms of ;>& than others
! 0he writers point in the secon" paragraph is that .........
> you cant proe that ;>& treatments hae ha" any effect
= you cant proe that the main principle of ;>& is true
; you cant use the same tests for ;>& an" conentional me"icine
$ 0he writer uses fibromyalgia an" ;rohns "isease as examples of .........
> con"itions that "ont respon" to conentional me"icine
= con"itions that ;>& has been shown to improe
; how "ifferent +in"s of ;>& treatment can be compare"
% 0he stu"y of highly "ilute" solutions .........
> "isproe" a common criticism of homeopathy
= proi"e" "ifferent results from preious stu"ies of them
; showe" that some solutions are more effectie than others
( When "escribing what F;0 tests inole# the writer says that .........
> some people "isapproe of their use in conentional me"icine
= they hae proe" the effectieness of some ;>& treatments
; they appear suitable for testing ;>& treatments
) 0he first ob9ection to the use of F;0 tests for ;>& treatments is that .........
> the tests "o not wor+ for certain me"ical problems
= tests on a single in"ii"ual may pro"uce ery "ifferent results
; the tests "o not pro"uce a consistent pattern of results
* 0he writer says in the last paragraph that the attitu"e of patients to ;>& treatments
> "epen"s entirely on whether the treatments are effectie or not
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5 Radin! and "ritin!
= is not necessarily connecte" with whether the treatments are effectie or not
; may ma+e them thin+ that a treatment has been effectie when it has not
G 0he secon" ob9ection to the use of F;0 tests for ;>& treatments is that .........
> they cannot measure the effect of ;>& treatments on some patients
= they "o not wor+ for the most common ;>& treatments
; they may suggest that some ineffectie ;>& treatments actually wor+
16 0he writers purpose in the article is to .........
> "emonstrate why critics of ;>& treatments may be right
= recommen" ;>& treatments rather than conentional me"icine
; "iscuss whether or not the effectieness of ;>& treatments can be proe"
6eadin+ total 10
Use the information below to write a report of appro+imatel& 2!, words.
The comany you !or( 'or has recently oened a +ym 'or its emloyees) 8ou ha#e been
as(ed by your boss to +et 'eedbac( 'rom all the +ym users and to !rite a reort detailin+
!hat they are ositi#e about, !hat roblems they ha#e, and to ma(e su++estions 'or
imro#in+ the 'acilities and +ettin+ more eole to 2oin)
8ou ha#e made notes co#erin+ the #ie!s o' the ma2ority o' eole9
People want gym open 24 hours, not just 7.00 to 19.00.
Gym facilities O !ut almost e"eryone complaine# a!out the changing rooms $not enough
showers, water not "ery hot%.
People not "ery &een on some lou# music. 'ome instructors play more "ariety than others.
(ll classes, e.g. aero!ics, "ery goo# !ut "ery crow#e#.
3ritin+ total 10
6eadin+ and 3ritin+ total 20
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5 Li(tnin! and %)a*in!
1 -isten to five people talking about various alternative medicine treatments.
$atch the speakers (1.!) to what the& mention in connection with the
treatments ((./).
,pea+er 1
,pea+er 2
,pea+er !
,pea+er $
,pea+er %
> uncertainty about whether a treatment woul" be worth trying
= conentional me"icine not haing any effect on a problem
; changing from one alternatie me"icine treatment to another
? becoming ill after giing up a treatment
E a treatment that seeme" to wor+ at first but was then ineffectie
- fearing that a treatment might not hae ha" the "esire" effect
: a treatment that cause" a "ifferent problem to "eelop
2 a treatment haing no effect een after being repeate" many times
2 -isten to two people discussing a surve& connected to the 0nann& state. 1ick

) () *) or C.
1 What "oes the man say about the womans opinion of the /nanny state5
> 2e use" to agree with it. = It may not be wi"ely share".
; It isnt logical.
2 0he man says that the surey in"icates that most people in =ritain .........
> hae change" their min"s about the /nanny state
= want the goernment to tell them what to "o on certain issues
; feel that there is no such thing as the /nanny state
! 0he woman beliees that goernment action on arious health issues .........
> is the right thing for the goernment to "o
= shows that the /nanny state can be a goo" thing
; annoys a great many people in =ritain
$ 0he woman thin+s that the surey results .........
> suggest that people hae the wrong attitu"e
= show that people hae become ery confuse"
; "o not in"icate approal of the /nanny state
% 0he woman says that the report in the paper .........
> has interprete" peoples opinions incorrectly
= wont be beliee" by most rea"ers
; may change peoples iew on the /nanny state
:istenin+ total 10
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5 Li(tnin! and %)a*in!
2tudent (
1 (sk &our partner these 3uestions.
1 Which law woul" you most li+e to abolish5
2 What woul" you most li+e to ban5
! What has been your most recent experience of art5
$ 2ow healthy is your lifestyle5
% What causes people to use alternatie me"icine5
2 4ow answer &our partners 3uestions.
3 4ow talk about one of these statements) sa&ing if &ou agree or disagree. 5ive
1 /Eeople "ont nee" lots of laws in or"er to behae well.
2 /Eeople who cant appreciate art are missing something ery important in life.
! /It is ery har" to hae a healthy lifestyle in the mo"ern worl".
4ow listen to &our partner. 6o &ou agree with him7 her8
1ea(in+ total 15
:istenin+ and 1ea(in+ total 25
2tudent *
1 (nswer &our partners 3uestions.
2 4ow ask &our partner these 3uestions.
1 What aspect of life reHuires more laws than there are5
2 Which laws "o people most commonly "isobey5
! Whats your opinion of mo"ern art5
$ What coul" you "o to lie in a healthier way5
% 2ow common is alternatie me"icine in your country5
3 -isten to &our partner. 6o &ou agree with him7 her8
4ow talk about one of these statements) sa&ing if &ou agree or disagree. 5ive
1 /0oo many things are banne" these "ays.
2 /:oernment money shoul" be use" to support artists.
! />lternatie me"icine is as useful as conentional me"icine.
1ea(in+ total 15
:istenin+ and 1ea(in+ total 25