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Youth is the name of promise, enthusiasm, strength and independence. It the age in
which they have zeal of achieving their goal at any cost. Now about 1/5 of the total
population are youth together with 243 million youth are from India in the age group
of 15 19. Its also time when our youth generation are facing a lot of challenges and
obstacles in achieving their goal. So its the right time to show the right path to our
younger generation, so that they can contribute positively in betterment of our
beautiful world. This Assignment will try to analyses those challenges which they are
facing and observing those as hindrance between their goal and them.

The Longman Modern English Dictionary defines youth as the state or quality of
being young, the period from childhood to maturity; young people of both sexes. A
youth is characterized by features such as youngness, restlessness, strength,
independence, curiosity; search for greatness, vigor good, health etc. Youth is the
age of hope, of promise, of enthusiasm, of plans and of ideas. Youth does not want
to give up in the face of difficulties. Youth believes in a better world and is
determined to do something to help bring it about.
As the IOSs Concept Note says, about 1/5th of the total world population are youth
and our country India has about 243 million youth in the age group of 15-19 and it
will cross over 300 million if the upper age limit is extended to 24 years

Challenges for modern Youth

We may classify some of the major challenges faced by the youth generation under
the following categories:

The Film Industry
Many youths spend long hours watching the television denying themselves of
meaningful activities that will promote healthy living and advancement in life. With
the influence of Film industry youth of modern age try to adopt the glamour of film
industry without knowing that its only an act on silver screen. Which in turn gives
stress and anxiety to youth of modern age.

Influence of Modern Technology
Modern technology like internet, computer, and high tech mobile phones, etc. have
greatly influenced our day to day life. So its an urgent need that the youth of this
modern age must be very competent in using these all technology and gadgets for
their enhancement of skill to face the challenges of 21
century. But they must be
very conscious about the proper and effect use of these modern technologies.

A fast-growing populations has increased to complexities of life in our times. Our
resources are limited and crowed of employable youth population is increasing day
by day. Even a person having good qualification and enough competencies are not
able to get job of their choice and in turn these all consequences increasing stress
and anxiety among and they are getting depression. So its time for them improve
their competencies so face the challenges.

Identity Crisis
Youth wants to achieve each and every thing in very short span of time. They want to
make their own identity in the society and in world, they want to be known by their
own name and their own identity. In way of making their identity and growing too
fast some time they choose unappropriated path or sometime wrong path which in
future creates a lot of problem to them. So it the need and demand of time that they
must be very care full of those things. So together with teachers, parents and
community members to help them to choose their right path for the future.

Psychological crisis
The age of youth is so critical for them. It is the time when lot of physiological and
psychological changes occurs in them. So it also very necessary for them to cope of
all those physiological and psychological changes and choose right direction for the
betterment of their future.

In this age most of youth takes their decision of their vocation which they have to do
in future and through their life. So appropriate decision must be taken with the help
of guidance worker. Its also very important that vocation education must be
incorporated as the part of their curriculum so that they will be able to choose
appropriate vocation for their future and they will not face the situation of

Drug Abuse
Addiction towards drug and alcoholism in youth is very common these days as these
are very easily available to them and they dont have knowledge of their bad effects
on their self. They are being attracted to alcohol by cinema and modern lifestyle.
Because their addiction of drug and alcohol our youth is spoiling their career as well
as their bright future.

Generation Gap
Generation gap is becoming a big problem now a days for not only youth but also for
our elder generation. There are lot of incidence comes in our life when our youth
fails to understand the feeling of our old generation and vice versa. So it is also very
necessary that we must understand the need of our youth generation and
simultaneously it is also necessary that we must train our youth to understand the
felling and need of our old generation.

So from our above discussion we may conclude that youth have enough potential
and capacities to achieve what they want to achieve together with they can
contribute an important role in betterment of our society as well as our nation. But
at same time they are facing so many problem ranging from psychological problem,
physiological problem to problem in choosing appropriate and correct path. So there
is an urgent need of to identify their need and problem and provide suitable
guidance, so that they will be able explore themselves and bloom like a beautiful

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