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Some 8,000 SS men
managed to escape to
Britain and Canada alone.
The U.S. has
accelerated direct
talks with the Taliban.
For Israel, the creation of
a contiguous Palestinian
state based on 1967
lines would be an act of
national self-destruction!
This suggests that
not many in the U.S.
are determined to
ght for Taiwan.
Perhaps a third of this city
of 50,000 residents, a city
that took decades to build,
was unbuilt in a matter
of moments.
ts tuesday afternoon, May 24. I was
just outside during the lunch hour,
and it was warm, peaceful, a little
But as I write from my offce in
Edmond, Oklahoma, meteorologists are
warning that were just a couple hours
away from possibly getting hammered
by another cluster of killer tornadoes on
the scale of what happened in Alabama
last month.
By the time you read this, youll know whether they were
Looking out my window right now, it looks benign. A
little overcast. But the weathermen have detected a text-
book combination of tornado-producing ingredients: rich
low-level moisture; atmospheric instability produced by
cold, dry air colliding with warm, muggy air; strong wind
shear and a few others. Looking at projection maps, it looks
like all these factors line up pretty much right on top of our
offces in Edmond.
The frst warnings came yesterday evening. Ive lived in
Oklahoma for 14 years, and I dont recall ever receiving this
much advance notice regarding tornadoes. Apparently they
have upgraded their detection methods in recent months.
Their warnings are particularly ominous for two reasons.
First is the shocking devastation that tornadoes have
unleashed this year already. Last month, over 600 twisters
touched down in Americanearly quadruple what is typical
for April, and two and a half times more than the previous
It had already been the deadliest tornado season in the
U.S. since the mid-1970s, with 365 deaths. Then, this past
Sunday, came Joplin.
Ive been there many times; its only three hours drive
from here. Sunday, a monster twister ripped through, level-
ing swaths of suburbia a half-mile wide along a six-mile
stretch, leaving the town unrecognizable.
A YouTube clip recorded by someone taking refuge in a
Fastrip gas station is utterly gut wrenching. It records what
true terror sounds like: people absolutely helpless in the
face of incomprehensibly violent forces annihilating their
town and threatening their lives.
Turns out that twister killed 117 people and injured over
1,150numbers that will probably go higher. Thats more
victims than any tornado has claimed since records started
being kept six decades ago.
The principal of Joplin High School compared it to
World War ii devastation. cnn iReporter Zach Tusinger, who
lost his uncle and aunt in the tornado, said, You could have
probably dropped a nuclear bomb on the town and I dont
think it would have done near as much damage as it did.
That same day, another 67 twisters touched down across
the Midwest.
Outside my window, forces are gathering that threaten
to leave more Joplins, more Tuscaloosas, in their wake this
This morning, as my family had breakfast and we looked
out the window, we talked about how the people in Joplin
did the same thing two days before, completely unaware
that by that night their town, their lives, would be forever
changed. Apparently they werent given a days notice. Only
20 minutes or so.
The other reason the warnings about this evening have
hit me so strongly is that we at the Trumpet have spent the
last week assembling a booklet called Why Natural Disas-
ters? This is what our minds have been on: recalling some
of the more devastating events in recent years, refecting on
the lessons from these tragediesand then comparing them
to the Bibles explanation as to their causes, and its prophe-
cies of such things increasing in frequency in our day.
This past weekend, our editor in chiefs Key of David
program was on this very subject. There may well have
been people in Joplin who saw that program Sunday morn-
ing as they had breakfast with their families.
I sincerely appreciate the advance notice of whats
coming this evening. Weve been praying for safety and
protection for everyone. If a tornado touches down close
by, I know exactly where to evacuate to; my family and my
co-workers will all be there, safe from any danger. The
warning has given us an opportunity to brace ourselves.
On a larger scale, thats exactly what biblical prophecy
does for us. And when Scripture warns that something is
going to happen, its 100 percent certain.
A lot of people have been stunned by the dramatic in-
crease in weather disasters lately. But if youre familiar with
biblical prophecy, youre not. Its forecasts of nature-related
disasters intensifying in frequency and force are many.
In fact, as you will see if you study this subject, what
weve seen to this point is nothing. As Gerald Flurry
brought out in his television program, Jesus Christ called it
see TORNADO page 10
notes From in the path of a tornado
Middle east
gypt will permanently open its crossing into the Gaza Strip on
Saturday, Cairo military offcials announced on Wednesday. This
will be a major security agreement breach with Israel; as part of
the peace agreement following Israels Cast Lead operation four years
ago, Egypt agreed to close its border to help stop Hamas from smuggling
in weapons and bomb-making material from Egypt. Egypts Middle
East News Agency said Egypts new military rulers are opening the
Rafah crossing as a way to promote national reconciliation between
Palestinians in Samaria and Gaza and to end the status of the Palestin-
ian division. But the opening of Rafah also shows just how quickly the
Egyptian-Israeli security agreement may be breaking down, and reveals
how quickly Iranian-minded elements in Egypt are gaining power.
Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will stand trial for the
murder of protesters and other crimes, Egypts prosecutor general an-
nounced on Tuesday. If convicted, the former president could face the
death penalty. His sons, Gamal and Alaa, will also stand trial on the
same charges. Hopes that Mubarak would be spared the indignity of
such a trial were quashed by the reality of the new Egypt. Again, it ap-
pears the decision by Egypts rulers to indict the former president was
at least partly prompted by the strong anti-Mubarak sentiment among
the people. The charges were announced just days before tens of thou-
sands of protesters were expected to rally in Cairo on Friday to demand
tougher action against the Mubaraks.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Araby was chosen by Arab
League member states as the organizations new secretary general
on May 8. Egypt had switched its nomination at the last minute from
former parliamentarian Mostafa al-Fiqqi, who had connections with
the Mubarak regime, to Al-Araby, who is known for his nationalist and
pan-Arab views and who has taken Egypts foreign policy in a decidedly
anti-Israel direction in the short time he has been foreign minister. Sev-
eral states and many Egyptians had been against Al-Fiqqis nomination.
This is yet another example of Egypts new rulers appeasing anti-Israel
forces. Al-Araby will take up his new post July 1.
On May 18, the Muslim Brotherhood submitted legal documents to
the Political Parties Affairs Committee in order to register its new po-
litical wing, the Freedom and Justice Party. A Brotherhood leader said
he expected the party to offcially begin its activities on June 17. At the
same time, the Media Line reports, other Islamist parties are emerging,
with the Islamic end of the political spectrum ... growing crowded with
fringe movements that want to participate in Septembers parliamen-
tary elections. The Media Line reports that even though the Islamists
enjoy broad support among Egyptians, they are taking great pains to
present themselves as moderates to try to convince secularistsand
the Westthat they are not aiming for an Islamist takeover. The Safety
and Development Party is one such example. This party was created by
former members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist movement,
and its leader is Kamal Al-Said Habib, who spent 10 years in prison for
his involvement in the assassination of former President Anwar Sadat.
Despite this rsum, the party declared that it would allow Coptic
Christians and women to join. The Muslim Brotherhood is, of course,
also downplaying its Islamist credentials, playing a shrewd game to
dispel its image as an extremist Islamist group, as Stratfor says (May
19). Toward this end it has included Christians and women among its
founding members. It has also made the ridiculous claim that the new
party will have no actual ties to the Brotherhood.
Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned home
Wednesday from a six-day visit to the United States. Setting the stage
for tension between the two leaders, in a State Department speech
Thursday of last week President Barack Obama explicitly endorsedthe
frst time ever by an American presidenta Palestinian state along the
in his May 19 speech on the Middle East,
President Obama, in a matter of minutes,
abandoned Security Council Resolution 242,
which for more than four decades had been the
cornerstone of diplomacy in pursuit of Arab-
Israeli peace; likewise abandoned the Road-
map, adopted in 2003 by the so-called Quartet
(the U.S., UN, EU and Russia) as a blueprint for
resolving, more specifcally, the Israeli-Pales-
tinian confict; committed his administration
to pushing Israel back to indefensible borders;
and essentially adopted as administration
policy Mahmoud Abbass variation on Arafats
Plan of Phases for Israels destruction.
The cumulative impact of Obamas declara-
tions is to chart a course for Israel comparable
to that charted for Czechoslovakia in 1938
when Neville Chamberlain endorsed Hitlers
demands of that country.
We believe, declared the president, in just
one of his statements undermining Israel, the
borders of Israel and Palestine should be based
on the 1967 lines.
Resolution 242, adopted unanimously by
the Security Council a few months after the
1967 war, calls for establishment between
Israel and its neighbors of secure and recog-
nized boundaries. The resolution does not call
for Israel to return to the pre-war armistice
lines, and the resolutions authors asserted
that this omission was intentional, that those
lines were an invitation to further aggression
against Israel and the future borders ought to
be elsewhere.
Czechoslovakia in 1938 was also a small
nation and a rare democracy in its region, and
was perceived by Britain and France as stand-
ing in the way of peace with a rising hostile,
militant power. So Britain and France colluded
with Germany in stripping the nation of the
Sudetenland, mountainous, fortifable terri-
tory necessary for the defense of the rest of
the country. Now it is Israelaccording to the
president, and the chorus of like-minded Euro-
pean leaders, an obstacle to improved relations
with those who wish the West illthat would
be stripped of the ability to defend itself.
Obama does aver that our commitment to
Israels security is unshakeable. But Britain
and France also offered solemn promises that,
should Germany move against what re-
mained of Czechoslovakia, they would come to
the rump nations defense. Yet when, less than
six months after Munich, Hitler conquered the
rest of Czechoslovakia, Britain and France did
nothing. [D]oes anyone truly expect Obama
to live up to his pledges of defending Israel?
obamas neville
The main issue is that Germany is building
an alliance now with the moderate Arabs
that is paving the way for the Psalm 83
prophecy to be fullled. Saudi Arabia is also
drawing closer to Germany to enhance its
own security against Iran as America gets
weaker and continues to withdraw from the
Middle East. The mystery of the Psalm 83
prophecy is being removed.
Gerald Flurry, Trumpet, May/June 2011
1967 lines, and also stated that a Palestinian state must be contiguous.
On Sunday, Netanyahu met with Obama at the White House and on
Wednesday he spoke before a joint session of the U.S. Congress in what
was seen as a rebuff to the U.S. presidents stated peace policies. The
trip demonstrated that the Netanyahu-Obama relationship is at a low
point. We could soon witness the prophesied breaking of the historic
brotherhood between America and the Jewish state. Meanwhile, Netan-
yahus strong stance in Washington was well received back home, with
his approval ratings jumping by 13 points.
America will begin withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan this
July, U.S. President Barack Obama said in his May 19 speech. In order
to do so, the Washington Post reports that the U.S. has accelerated
direct talks with the Taliban. The Taliban wants a guarantee that it
will have a substantive role in the Afghan government, writes the Post.
Additionally, around 1,740 Taliban militants have joined a reintegration
program begun by the Afghan government nearly a year ago. Maulavi
Isfandar is one who has been granted amnesty under the program.
Isfandar oversaw the execution of Bibi Sanubar, an Afghan woman
accused of having an affair, who was imprisoned, given 200 lashes
and then shot, while a crowd looked on. Both Washington and Kabul
seem willing to compromise with their former enemies in order to meet
natos 2014 deadline for withdrawing from Afghanistan.
Iran tested its new Qiyam 1 ballistic missile on Sunday and has
delivered it to its elite Revolutionary Guard. The new rocket report-
edly was designed to better evade detection than previous models and
is thought to have a range of a few hundred kilometers. Some Qiyams,
frst launched in 2010, are thought to have already reached Hezbollah.
Israeli defense analysts believe the new Qiyam is likely intended for
delivery to Hezbollah also.
Fighting escalated in Yemen this week with fears of civil war rising
as forces trying to topple President Ali Abdullah Saleh clash with forces
loyal to the government. Violence in the capital Sanaa has killed more
than a hundred since Monday as fghters loyal to tribal leader Sadiq al-
Ahmar try to take over government buildings. They have laid siege to at
least nine government ministries, and government forces have respond-
ed with mortars and shelling. The violence has prompted civilians to
fee the capital by the hundreds and has resulted in serious shortages
of food and fuel. Saleh has vowed not to step down or allow Yemen to
become a failed state and a haven for al Qaeda. I will not leave power
and I will not leave Yemen, he said in a statement.
PRESS TV | May 25
iran, egypt Fms Call for
normalized ties
rans Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has called for the normal-
ization of Tehran-Cairo relations in a meeting with his Egyptian
Salehi said better Iran-Egypt ties would beneft the entire region and
called on the two countries to clear any possible misunderstandings, a
statement released by the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.
Egypt, with its ancient history, deserves to return to the shining days
of its past, Salehi said, expressing optimism regarding the countrys post-
Mubarak era. Salehi made the remarks in a meeting with Egyptian For-
eign Minister Nabil al-Arabi at the 16th conference of foreign ministers of
the Non-Aligned Movement (nam) on the island of Bali in Indonesia.
Al-Arabi for his part expressed his countrys readiness to enhance ties
with the Islamic Republic and said Egypt was in the process of reforming
saudi bid to Curb
iran worries U.s.
saudi arabia is rallying Muslim nations
across the Middle East and Asia to join an in-
formal Arab alliance against Iran, in a move
some U.S. offcials worry could draw other
troubled nations into the sectarian tensions
gripping the Arab world.
Saudi offcials have approached Pakistan,
Malaysia, Indonesia and Central Asian states
to lend diplomatic supportand potentially
military assistance in some casesto help
stife a majority Shiite revolt in Sunni-led
Bahrain, a confict that has become a symbol
of Arab defance against Iran.
Saudi Arabias efforts, though against a
common enemy, signal increasing friction
with the Obama administration. Its invitation
to Pakistan in particular could complicate
U.S. security goals in South Asia. The push
also complicates U.S. efforts to guide popular
uprisings in the Middle East toward a peace-
ful and democratic conclusion.
U.S. offcials working with Saudi Arabia
acknowledged in recent days Riyadhs frus-
tration with Washingtons policies but believe
the relationship can be stabilized. They are
not happy with us, and are really nervous
about Iran, said an American offcial. But I
dont think they are going to go too far.
The U.S. provides Saudi Arabia and other
allies in the region with an air and naval
shield against possible attacks by Iran, with
military bases in Qatar, Bahrain and the uae.
Still, U.S.-Saudi relations have soured over
the past decade. Saudi Arabia was opposed
to the toppling of Iraqs Saddam Hussein be-
cause of his role as a bulwark against Iranian
power. And Riyadh has been skeptical of the
Obama administrations efforts to engage
Iran diplomatically, among other disagree-
Saudis blame the U.S. in large part for
abetting the push to topple Hosni Mubarak
in Egypt. The Saudis saw him as the last
strong Sunni hedge against Iranian infuence
and fear Egypts new government will be too
friendly with Tehran.
its foreign policy to better
suit the nations agenda.
Egypt currently chairs
nam, and Nabil al-Arabi is
the new head of the Arab
At the end of this years
conference, Iran will take
over the presidency of nam
for next year.
pains regional elections resulted in a massive defeat for Spains
ruling Socialist Workers Party on May 22. The conservative
Peoples Party gained a 10 percent leadgaining power in 9 out of
17 regional governments, and winning 36 out of 50 mayoral races. This
puts it in a good position for Spains general election that will be held by
March 2012. If the Peoples Party wins, it will be a boon for the Catholic
Church. Prime Minister Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapateros government
clashed with the church when it legalized homosexual marriage, al-
lowed abortion on demand and made divorce easier. But the churchs
fortunes could soon change. The Peoples Party is more closely aligned
with the Catholics, and it has promised to repeal the abortion law. The
Catholic Church is trying to regain its lost infuence across Europe.
Watch this trend in Spain and the rest of the Continent.
Young protesters gathered across several cities in Spain on May
15. The protests continued for several days, despite a ban on protests
before elections. Youth unemployment in Spain is around 40 percent.
The movement has already been heralded as Europes equivalent of
the Arab Spring. Spain is not the only EU state with very high youth
unemploymentGreeces is 33.5 percent, Irelands and Italys both
28 percent and Portugals and Frances above 20 percent. This type of
youth movement has the potential to spread across Europe.
FORBES | May 20
germany gets serious
about squeezing iran
ive angela Merkel credit. For all her rhetoric to the contrary,
Germanys chancellor has not always been an ardent supporter
of international pressure on Iran. In fact her government has
perpetuated Germanys historic Janus-faced policy supporting UN
and European sanctions against Irans ayatollahs while simultaneously
nurturing a thriving economic partnership with them.
Of late, however, Merkel and her administration seem to have had a
change of heart. In recent days, Germany has signaled its willingness
to sign on to a European Union effort to sanction the European-Iranian
Trade Bank, or eih.
The move is deeply signifcant. The Iranian-controlled, Hamburg-
based bank is widely known to be a key fnancial conduit for the Islamic
Republic, facilitating billions of dollars in trade between Iran and
Europeand contributing substantially to Irans nuclear and ballistic
missile programs in the process.
According to U.S. and international intelligence assessments, eih serves
breaking the
the ultimate signifcance of
the skirmishes this week be-
tween U.S. President Barack
Obama and Israels Prime
Minister Benjamin Netan-
yahu will be revealed in the
weeks and months ahead.
Its possible, however, that
we just witnessed a mile-
stone moment in the U.S.-Israel brotherhood.
By now youre probably familiar with the
presidents explicit endorsement, the frst ever
by an American presidentreportedly written
by Mr. Obama himselfof a Palestinian state
along the 1967 lines. The basis for negotiations
between Israel and the Palestinians is clear, he
stated: We believe the borders of Israel and
Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines
with mutually agreed swaps.
The president also stated that a Palestinian
state must be contiguous. Consider: Joining
the Gaza Strip with the West Bank to create
a contiguousPalestinian state would re-
quire cutting israel in halF!
For Israel, these issues are paramount to
national security and national self-interest. As
Prime Minister Netanyahu so poignantly put it
in his address to Congress Tuesday: [I]f
Israel simply walked out of the territories, the
fow of weapons into a future Palestinian state
would be unchecked. Missiles fred from it
could reach virtually every home in Israel in
less than a minute. I want you to think about
that too. Imagine that right now we all had less
than 60 seconds to fnd shelter from an incom-
ing rocket. Would you live that way? Would
anyone live that way? Well, we arent going to
live that way either.
For Israel, the creation of a contiguous
Palestinian state based on 1967 lines would be
an act of national self-destruction!
Mr. Netanyahus response was respectful,
forceful and entirely unsurprising: no thanks!
Continue to watch the U.S.-Israel relation-
ship closely. The way this relationship is going,
we could soon witness the prophesied breaking
of the historic brotherhood between America
and the Jewish state. You can read the proph-
ecy in Zechariah 11:14. About this prophecy,
Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote
back in 2004: This could be a prophecy
of a rift between these two countriesone
that would leave Judah very alone (Royal
Vision, March/April 2004). And what does
Bible prophecy say will happen when America
abandons Israel? Mr. Flurry continued: If the
brotherhood between superpower America and
the Jewish state is broken, that is probably
when half of Jerusalem would be taken.

The time is coming when the MB could gain
heavy inuence or even control over Egypt
This is apparently what a growing number of
Egyptians want. [W]atch for Cairo to distance
itself from America. Should the MB ever take
control, there is no doubt that a strong alliance
between Iran and Egypt will be built.
Gerald Flurry, co-worker letter, Jan. 3, 2006
as a pass-through for arms deals involving Irans acquisition of wmd-
related components; as a fnancial lifeline for Irans feared clerical army,
the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; and as an economic conduit
which has facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars in ballistic missile
technology to the Islamic Republic in recent years. This role led the U.S.
Treasury Department to formally blacklist eih in September of 2010.
Until recently, however, Germany has been reluctant to follow Amer-
icas lead. The hesitance is understandable. The partnership that
has developed between Berlin and Tehran over the past three decades
isnt just politically expedient, its highly lucrative. Germany represents
Irans top trade partner in the European Union.
Nevertheless, Germanys support of sanctions against eih should be
seen for what it is: a signifcant evolution in Berlins Iran policy, and a
major step forward for international efforts to cut off a critical conduit
for Irans burgeoning strategic arsenal. When she comes to Washing-
ton, American policymakers should commend Chancellor Merkel for
facilitating both. But they also should make clear that they expect these
changes to be more than simply temporary.
rebellion of the elites
spanish government adviser has sharply criticized German dic-
tate in the euro crisis. In a recent press article, Jos Ignacio Tor-
reblanca, director of the Madrid offce of the European Council
on Foreign Relations (ecFr), declared that some states, led by Germany
are using the crisis to impose their economic model on other sovereign
EU members. If this continues, the European Union will end up being,
in the eyes of many Europeans, what the International Monetary Fund
was for many Asian and Latin American countries in the 1980s and
1990s: a tool for the imposition of socially devastating economic mea-
sures, risking the end of Europe.
The German chancellors demand, yesterday, that Greece and other
Southern European countries signifcantly raise their retirement
ages, serves as a confrmation of Torreblancas criticism. The expert in
Madrid expressed the suspicion that in light of its booming business,
particularly with China, the south of Europe is seen as a hindrance to
economic growth, that Berlin is no longer against throwing overboard.
seat demanded for eU on
Un security Council
ermanys Foreign minister says Berlin is fully committed to the
EU having a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations.
The comments by Guido Westerwelle in parliament on Tuesday
will cause a stir in some member states, notably the UK and France,
Europes only two permanent members of the UN Security Council.
Addressing the security and defense subcommittee, Westerwelle ad-
mitted that Berlins view represented a problem for those who are op-
posed to the EU having a permanent Security Council seat. We know
that two EU member states are permanent members of the UN Security
Council and that they do not want to give up their seats, he said.
This makes for a diffcult situation but Germanys goal is for the EU to
become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. He also told
an anti-israel
say what you will about President Obamas
approach to Israel he sure has mastered
the concept of chutzpah. On Thursday
at the State Department, the president
gave his big speech on the Middle East, in
which he invoked the claims of friendship
to tell Israelis the truth, which to his
mind was that the status quo is unsus-
tainable, and Israel too must act boldly to
advance a lasting peace.
On Friday in the Oval Offce, Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
offered his version of the truth, which
was that the 1967 border proposed by Mr.
Obama as a basis for negotiating the out-
lines of a Palestinian state was a nonstarter.
Administration reaction to this reciprocal
act of friendly truth-telling? That was Bibi
over the top, the New York Times quoted
one senior U.S. offcial, using the prime
ministers nickname. Thats not how you
address the president of the United States.
Maybe so. Then again, it isnt often that
this or any other U.S. president welcomes
a foreign leader by sandbagging him with
an adversarial policy speech a day before
the visit. Remember when the Dalai Lama
visited Mr. Obama last year? As a courtesy
to Beijing, the president made sure to have
the Tibetan spiritual leader exit by the
door where the White House trash was
piled up. And that was 11 months before
Hu Jintaos state visit to the U.S. When
this president wants to make a show of his
exquisite diplomatic sensitivityburgers
with Medvedev, bows to Abdullah, New
Years greetings to the mullahshe knows
how. And when he wants to show his con-
tempt, he knows how, too.
The contempt was again on display
Sunday, when Mr. Obama spoke to the
aipac policy conference in Washington. The
speech was stocked with the perennial bro-
mides about U.S.-Israeli friendship, which
brought an anxious crowd to its feet a few
times. As for the rest, it was a thin tissue of
falsehoods, rhetorical legerdemain, telling
omissions and self-contradictions.
What, then, would a pro-Israel presi-
dent do? He would tell Palestinians that
there is no right of return. He would make
the reform of the Arab mindset toward
Israel the centerpiece of his peace ef-
forts. He would outline hard and specifc
consequences should Hamas join the
government. Such a vision could lay the
groundwork for peace.
What Mr. Obama offered is a formula
for war .
the committee that, in addition to the EU, Germany wants to have a UN
Security Council seat itself. At present, it is a temporary member.
He added, As one of the biggest members of the UN, the EU ought to
take more responsibility.
He told members that the UN had to free itself from its current pa-
ralysis, otherwise it would lose its signifcance in the world.
He said the UN urgently needed reform, adding, This is not about
obtaining more weight for the EU, or Germany, but about rebuilding
the UNs architecture.
Vatican helped thousands
of nazis escape
n his book Nazis on the Run: How Hitlers Henchmen Fled Europe,
Gerald Steinacher, a research fellow from Harvard University, sheds
light on just how thousands of Nazis managed to evade detection
and start a new life.
Steinacher based much of his book on unpublished documents held
by the Red Cross that revealed a system struggling to cope with the
millions of displaced people in post-war Europe, and one that could be
exploited by feeing Nazis. The historian estimates the some 8,000 SS
men managed to escape to Britain and Canada alone using documents
issued to them by the Red
Cross by mistake.
But most feeing war
criminals either headed
to Francos Spain or South
While the Red Cross
provided inadvertent help,
the Vatican provided more
considered help for Nazis
desperate to avoid prison or the gallows. [T]he Vatican, through its
refugee commission, said Mr. Steinacher, provided leading war crimi-
nals with false identity papers.
The Red Cross also depended upon Vatican references where issuing
travel documents. The Vatican has always refused to comment on its
wartime activities and has kept its archive closed to the public.
akistan announced last Saturday that Beijing had agreed to Islam-
abads request for China to take over operations at the Gwadar
port as soon as the terms of agreement with the Singapore Port
Authority (spa) expire. Pakistani Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmad
Mukhtar said Islamabad is grateful, but would be more thankful if a
naval base is constructed at the site of Gwadar for Pakistan. Mukhtar
also said Pakistan asked China for a loan to pay for 4,400-ton frigates
and requested that Beijing train Pakistans forces in submarine opera-
tions. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman denied that China had
agreed to take over operations at Gwadarperhaps in an effort to avoid
fueling tensions with India, which fears Chinese encirclement. China
has invested heavily in the Gwadar port since construction on it frst
guttenberg returns!
germanys most popular
politician, Karl-Theodor zu
Guttenberg, resigned his
Defense Ministry post on
March 1, then, on March 21,
resigned as Christian Social
Union as leader in his lo-
cal district of Kulmbach,
Yet just two months following his
disappearance from the political arena,
Guttenberg has been appointed local
delegate at his partys regional conference
and is already being touted as a prospect
to succeed Christian Social Union Chair-
man Horst Seehofer at the csu congress in
Three things are driving the push for
the early return of Guttenberg to the po-
litical limelight. One main driving force is
the sheer popularity of Germanys aris-
tocratic royal couple, Karl-Theodor and
Stephanie zu Guttenberg with the German
public. German daily newspaper, Sued-
deutsche, commented on the show of the
royal wedding when millions of Germans
become crown witnesses to Willie and
Katies kiss. But a German Willie and a
German Katie do not promise to appear.
If only Karl-Theo could come back again
(April 29; translation ours).
The second thrust pushing Gutten-
bergs political resurrection comes from
the political arena. Chancellor Merkels
government is in disarray. Guttenbergs
political friends are pushing for his return
at a time when Germans are increasingly
clamoring for a leader who can rise above
the fray and give some frm direction as to
the countrys future.
The media is the third element stimu-
lating clamor for Guttenbergs early return
to German politics. The media know the
Guttenberg name is good for their bot-
tom line. Whether it be news of vindictive
efforts to tear down his character, plain
social gossip, or about politicsGutten-
berg sells! Speculation about Guttenbergs
return to politics is grist for the mill to
German media moguls. As Leftists comb
through the doctoral theses of those on
the right of politics, each effort to expose
yet another plagiarist offender from the
conservative side of politics just dilutes
any sense that Guttenberg was a lone wolf
plagiarizer. Soon that story will be old hat.
We have reason to repeat that which
we have declared over the past two years:
Watch Baron Guttenberg!
This is one political star that is not
about to disappear in a hurry!

The Vaticans connection with this sordid
history went beyond a simple blessing from
the pope. The Vatican actually helped to
smuggle many of the worst criminals of the
age! But most people continue to ignore
the truthto their own great peril!
Gerald Flurry, Trumpet, May/June 2010
began, and the rapidly warming relationship between Pakistan and
China gives Beijing great infuence over the port. The port, 240 miles
from the Strait of Hormuz, is the most important oil choke point on the
globe, and besides giving Beijing key naval capability in the Arabian
Sea, the Gwadar port also grants China a crucial transit terminal for oil
coming from Africa and the Persian Gulf, which equates to 40 percent
of the worlds total seaborne traded oil. Zia Haider of the Stimson Cen-
ter says the strategic Gwadar hub also provides China with a listening
post from where it is able to monitor U.S. naval activity in the Persian
Gulf, Indian activity in the Arabian Sea, and future U.S.-Indian mari-
time cooperation in the Indian Ocean. Pakistans cozying up to China
is another sign of the radically shifting world order.
China is prepared to bolster the strength of the Shanghai Coop-
eration Organization (sco) in the face of terrorism and other security
threats, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said
on Wednesday. Established in 2001, the sco is made up of six member
countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and
Tajikistan. China is willing to continue stepping up its exchange and
cooperation with the other (sco) member countries in terms of defense
and security and make joint efforts with them to improve our ability
to combat the three evil forces (of terrorism, separatism and extrem-
ism) and other new threats and challenges, Geng said. The Shanghai
Cooperation Organization is growing in power and infuence, and its
development is an indication of a rising Asian superpower.
The performance of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the fourth trilat-
eral summit between China, South Korea and Japan on May 22 reveals
that Beijing is on a charm offensive with Seoul and Tokyo. In his speech
at the summit, Wen steered clear of any controversy and was resolutely
optimistic about relations between the three Asian nations, positing
proposals to boost ties between them. Wen proposed a signifcant trade
boost, saying Beijing is ready to promote with the greatest sincerity
progress toward a China-Japan-South Korean free-trade zone. He also
called for the three nations to increase investment cooperation and to
collaborate in renewable energy sectors. Finally, Wen proposed a boost
in trilateral cooperation in dealing with disasters and post-disaster
projects. Chinas charm offensive means the U.S. cannot expect to
maintain regional infuence in Asia without exerting constant effort. As
America is increasingly distracted by conficts in Afghanistan and
the Middle East, expect more and more Asian nations to succumb to
Chinas advances.
G2 BULLETIN | May 25
U.s. throwing taiwan
Under bus
.s.-taiwanese military ties are beginning to show signs of strain
as pressure from Beijing on Washington becomes increasingly
intense and the notion that China ultimately may incorporate
Taiwan appears more and more to be an acceptable outcome in Wash-
ington, although no U.S. offcials openly will admit that.
It would mean an abandonment of the U.S. security commitment to
Taiwan that was frst laid out in the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, analysts
say. Increasingly, there have been calls to abandon the tra and halt
U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.
Analysts say that China has particular designs for the island of
Taiwan if it can get it back under its administrative authority. Beijing
would use the east coast of the island to establish deep-water harbors
for container ships and base its navy and submarine feet.
when will the
world end?
a sensationalist news story
swept across the nation last
week when preacher Harold
Camping proclaimed that
May 21 would commence
the rapture of true believers
and set off the beginning of
the end of the world. Believ-
ers abandoned their careers
and sold all their earthly belongings in
preparation, while scoffers held end of
the world parties as the declared dead-
line came and went without incident.
Camping made a similar prediction
in 1994, but it received little publicity
and was hardly the media furor that
erupted last weekend. This time, how-
ever, the story headlined across news-
papers around the globe. Why?
Todays world is plagued with wars,
the Middle East is in turmoil, Western
nations are in the throes of massive
debt crises and the entire globe is being
pummeled in an unprecedented wave of
natural disasters.
In a world spinning further and
further out of control, perhaps the idea
of the end of the worldor that people
would look for a way off this sinking
shipisnt so crazy after all.
Critics of Mr. Camping have right-
fully pointed to Matthew 25:13, where
it says we cannot know the exact day or
hour of Christs returnonly the Father
knows that. But does this mean we
should ignore Bible prophecy altogether,
just because of the failed prediction of
a man?
God says its precisely because we
dont know the day or hour that we
watch and pray! In Matthew 24, Jesus
gave His disciples specifc signs to
watch for that would point to His return.
God doesnt want us to stop do-
ing the work so that we can set dates.
But neither does He want us to ignore
prophecy or say in our hearts, My lord
delayeth his coming (Matthew 24:48).
In Marks Gospel, we are admon-
ished to learn the parable of the fg
treein that when it brings forth leaves,
you know summer is near. So ye in like
manner, when ye shall see these things
come to pass, know that it is nigh, even
at the doors (Mark 13:29). No man can
know the day or the hour. But we can
knowwe will knowwhen it is near,
if we are prayerfully watching world

Analysts say that without Taiwan Chinese submarines need to
traverse very shallow waters, making them vulnerable to the Japanese
and Taiwanese navies. In basing its submarines at Taiwan, however, it
would give China the force projection it needs to expand its capability
into the Pacifc Ocean.
With access to Taiwan, China also could interfere with the sea lanes
of communication that supply the economies of Japan and South Korea
with raw materials.
Despite these concerns, supporters for revoking the tra argue that the
arms sales to Taiwan are the principal problem in Sino-U.S. relations
which has become even more important given the economic challenges
facing the U.S. and Chinas efforts to assist in Americas debt servicing.
Proponents for revoking the tra say that given the $14 trillion U.S. debt,
and rising, the U.S. would have to spend more than $1 trillion a year on
the military in an effort to compete with the Chinese military buildup.
As I see it, the tra is being forgotten, said John Copper, a professor
in international studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn. The tra
has not been mentioned by anyone in Congress in the last two or three
years. This suggests that not many in the U.S. are determined to fght
for Taiwan, he added. President (Barack) Obama is focusing on other
thingsso is Congress.
africa/ latin aMerica
enya is preparing to recognize Somalilands independence from
Somalia, which would create another new country in the Horn of
Africa, according to claims made on Sunday by the Somaliland
Press. Kenyan Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Richard Onyonka
said during an event held in Nairobi to commemorate Somalilands 20th
anniversary of independence that his country will support Somaliland
as an independent state, reported Somaliland Press and Irans Press tv.
Kenyans who are calling for their government to recognize Somaliland
argue that its independence would help stabilize the region and stop
Somalias dreams of expansion into Kenya and eastern Ethiopia. Expect
violence in the Horn of Africa, however, to push the region further into
the arms of Iran and radical Islam. Bible prophecy predicts that Ethio-
pia will soon be allied with Iran, the end-time king of the south.
The Union of South American Nations (unasur) made great progress
this week in becoming more like its European Union role model. A re-
port published by United Press International on Tuesday revealed that
unasur leaders met in Lima, Peru, last week and issued a declaration
calling for the region to pursue a common methodology in monitoring
defense expenditures among member nations. Latin America remains a
major customer for global defense suppliers and there are now calls for
unasur to become more militarily integrated. Expect South America to
continue looking to Europe for guidance as it integrates economically,
politically and militarily.
ritain is the third-least family-friendly country in Europe, ac-
cording to a study by the Relationships Foundation, a UK-based
think tank that aims to strengthen social connections. Its study
looked at 25 indicators showing fnancial pressures, work pressures,
caring and parenting pressures, and living environment. The only
countries that did worse than Britain in this study were Romania and
Bulgaria. It found that 20.9 percent of UK households with dependent
Competencies, or
incompetent Creeps?
apparently the British government is
shockedshocked!that the European
Unions foreign service is attempting to usurp
the role and authority of British diplomats.
The Times reports that Foreign Secretary
William Hague has ordered British ambassa-
dors around the world to fght off what he be-
lieves are attempts by the EU foreign service
to usurp their positions:
David Lidington, the Europe Minister,
made no secret of Mr. Hagues suspicion of the
ambitions of Lady Ashtons External Action
Service (eas) in a briefng in Brussels yesterday.
William has sent out instructions to all our
posts around the world to be vigilant about
any risk of competence creep. It is things like
an EU delegation assuming and asserting that
it has the right to speak on behalf of member
states. There is a pressure from some parts of
the EU machine to push competence and we
are very keen to make sure it is pushed back
and clear lines are drawn.
Competence creep? Seeing some evi-
dence of EU delegations pushing for an en-
hanced leadership role? Vigilance to make
sure this is pushed back?
Whats with the surprise all of a sudden?
The thermonuclear row over the Lisbon Treaty,
which enshrined the EU constitution and
thus effectively created the EU Superstate
of Bureaucratiya, was all about the fact that
henceforth the EU would indeed speak on
behalf of member states through its foreign
serviceindeed, that it would usurp virtually
every self-governing function of Britain and
other EU member states.
The whole point about the Lisbon Treaty
was that it would fnally destroy Britain as an
independently governed country. That was
why, when they were in opposition, the Cam-
eroons promised a referendum on that treaty,
only to fall strangely silent once it was signed.
It is now clear to all that, having issued
apocalyptic warnings that the EU would
destroy what remained of British sovereignty,
the Cameroons have absolutely no intention
of restoring that sovereigntybecause that
inescapably means leaving the EU . Which
they will not countenance.
So do they really take us for total fools ?
Surely it cant be the case that they actually
believe the nonsense they have been telling us
about repatriating British powers from the
grasp of the EU?
Whats more alarming in a politician
shameless dishonesty or rank stupidity?

children experienced diffculty or great diffculty in making ends
meet. Fourteen percent of households in the UK, as well as in Germany,
suffered under highly critical debt burdens, whereas only 1 percent of
Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian households claimed to be in the same
position. The study also stated that Britain has the third-worst living
environment in Europe. The report states, In teen drinking the UK
was once again in the high pressure group with 47 percent of 15-year-
olds having been drunk at least twice. These statistics show that family
life is becoming more diffcult in the UK.
The number of abortions being carried out in England and Wales
has increased by 8 percent since 2000. Last year, over 20,000 women
under the age of 25 had a repeat apportion. Of those abortions, 3,718
were for girls under 16a slight decrease from the year before.
British Prime Minister David Cameron has once again backed
marriage as the solution to Britains social problems. I think families
are immensely important, he said in a speech on May 23. I am pro-
commitment, I back marriage and I think its a wonderfully precious
institution. Strong families are where children learn to become respon-
sible people. However, statistics show that Cameron has a long way to
go to strengthen Britains society.
Only 3 out of 10 British teenagers who left school by age 18 are now
in work and the remainder are at risk of never fnding a job, minister
for work and pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, said in a speech on May
19. Nearly one in four families in Scotland doesnt include a working
person; for the UK as a whole, the fgure is one in fve, said Smith at
a youth unemployment seminar in Scotland. We know that almost
200,000 young people left school between 2002 and 2006 and have
still never held regular work since, he stated. [I]f we lose young
people early we risk losing them for good. This is the lost generation.
In December 2010, 20.3 percent of under-25-year-olds were unem-
ployedthe highest level since British records began. This contrasts
with the 1999 unemployment rate for 18-to-24-year-olds of 12.5 percent.
Older workers, on the other hand, are in great demand, with pensioner
employment increasing by 100,000 over the past year. The reason for
the dire state of youth unemployment in Britain comes down to young
peoples unemployability. The problem is largely an educational system
that is churning out young people with neither the abilities nor the
drive to survive in the competitive international environment.
The United States hit its legal borrowing limit on Monday. The
Treasury Department said that Congress must raise the debt ceil-
ing by August 2 if the government is to avoid a default. The Obama
administration is trying to hammer out a deal with lawmakers to cut
federal spending in exchange for a debt-limit increase. The federal debt
currently stands at $14.3 trillion. If such an amount was made into a
single stack of $1,000 bills, it would be more than 900 miles tall. If
the pile were made with $1 bills, it would stretch to the moon and back
twice. Once the world wakes up to the magnitude of the American
governments debt, the dollars day as the world reserve currency will
be fnished.
TIME | May 24
joplin tornado tragedy
ark, boiling clouds on a May evening dont make much of an
impression in the Midwest. They wreak havocbut always down
the road . Hollie Hounschell, 26, was getting ready to go to a
party on May 22 as the clouds approached. With one ear on the tv as
she painted her nails, she noted that big hail was falling in Webb City,
some eight miles (13 kilometers) distant.
Suddenly, the voice from the tv was shouting: Take cover! Get to
hasnt caliFornia suffered enough? Apparently
not, according to the U.S. Supreme Court. In
the name of reducing prison overcrowding and
preserving a standard of decency, the high
court this week handed down a decision that
could set the stage for something indecent: the
release of tens of thousands of prisoners back
into society.
Just when Californians thought they had
seen it all and endured it all. The Golden State
has withstood drought, mudslides, fres and
earthquakes. It has a massive budget defcit,
about $9.6 billion . The state has an unem-
ployment rate that is higher than the national
average at 11.7 percent, and it has one of the
highest rates of mortgage foreclosures per
capita in the country.
Whats next? How about Get Out of Jail
Free cards for 33,000 inmates in the state
prison system? It could happen.
In a 5-4 decision this week, the Supreme
Court upheld a 2009 ruling by a lower court
that ordered California offcials to shrink the
prison population by about 25 percent. The
state could decide how to meet that goal, the
lower court said, but the goal had to be met one
way or another. No stalling. No excuses.
After the high court seconded that motion,
state offcials tried to offer assurances that they
wouldnt arbitrarily grant early release to such
a large number of inmates. Instead, they prom-
ised to submit a plan of housing nonviolent
felons with short sentences in county jails, not
that there is much vacancy there, either.
In the Supreme Court decision, the all-im-
portant swing vote belonged to Justice Anthony
Kennedy. A former California resident himself,
Kennedy wrote that cramming 143,435 pris-
oners into facilities that are operating at 200
percent capacity constituted serious consti-
tutional violations resulting in injury and
harm. But, in a dissent, Justice Samuel Alito
warned that any mass prisoner release would
be tantamount to gambling with the safety of
the people of California.
Yet, at the same time, its not right to blame
the courts for pointing out the obvious: Cali-
fornia prisons are bursting at the seams. The
states 33 correctional facilities operate at 200
percent capacity, with three prisoners crammed
into 6-foot-by-9-foot cells that were intended to
hold just one.
Part of the reason for the overcrowding is
that the state prison population has increased
75 percent in the past 20 years.
where does
California put
33,000 released

only the beginning of sorrows.
It would be a terrible mistake to dismiss those forecasts. One might
as well shut off the weather warnings and drive heedlessly into the path
of a twister.
More important than simply giving a forecast of those disasters,
Scripture also explains the reasons for them. This is crucial to under-
standbecause so many people see them as being entirely random.
Scientists search for explanations within the natural world itself, par-
ticularly as disasters increase in their regularity and lethality. But the
true explanation provided by revealed Scripture is that these disasters
are curses being inficted on us for our rebellion against our Maker.
To take one example, in the book of Nahuma book of end-time
prophecythe prophet begins by drawing attention to the command
God has over disastrous weather. The Lord is slow to anger, and great
in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way
in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his
feet (Nahum 1:3). In todays language, this is speaking of God sending
hurricanes and tornadoesin order to punish the wicked.
Thats not to sayas Christ Himself clarifed and as we write in this
new bookletthat those specifcally hit by these storms are any more
sinful than those who were spared. We should recognize these as being
curses on and warnings to the nation, not particular individuals. Christs
message was, [E]xcept ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish (Luke 13:5).
The Bible also explains how to be protected from these disasters.
Order a copy of Why Natural Disasters? to study those explanations
well get it to you as soon as it comes off the presses; we should have it
posted online next week.
Outside my window, the sky is starting to rumble; lightning is fash-
ing. News has come through of tornadoes starting to touch down in
western Oklahoma. Just received word to evacuate. Im out.
the basement! Not everyone had a basement. Bewildered neighbors
appeared at the door begging for help. In all, fve people hurried down
the hall and huddled in a tiny basement as wood splinters, shards of
glass and needles of fberglass insulation scoured the air. The house ex-
ploded. The neighborhood
Twenty-four hours later,
as a chilly rain drenched
the ruins of this southwest-
ern Missouri town, Houn-
schell recalled struggling
from the debris after the
storm passed, teetering
in her black dress and high heels. Emerging from the basement, she
could see Joplin High School three blocks away, down the hill behind
her house. That was new. Every manmade structure, every leaf on every
tree that had obscured the view minutes earlier, was gone.
The idea of cleaning up Joplin seemed unimaginable. Perhaps a
third of this city of 50,000 residents, a city that took decades to build,
was unbuilt in a matter of moments by the killer tornado, which left at
least 117 people dead and hundreds more injured. Clean up is a phrase
that doesnt compute. In the coming weeks and months, Joplin will
have to scrape bare a blasted hole in its heart.
Many hundreds of houses are gone. Restaurants, strip malls, grocery
stores, drugstores, big-box outletsgone. The high school is a wreck.
St. Johns Hospital is gutted. Power poles are snapped. Steel fence posts
are bent fat to the ground. Thousands of cars are crumpled like soda
cans. A forest of big, beautiful trees is uprooted, denuded.
THE TRUMPET WEEKLY May 28, 2011 10
TORNADO from page 1
a new global
Financial system
the european Union is
set to issue a very special
bond this week. It is special
because it is practically
unprecedented. Just twice
before has the EU borrowed
money with the promise
that all member nations
would be responsible for paying it back.
If the eurobonds become a permanent
part of the European Union, the implica-
tions are global. For the frst time, the U.S.
treasury market will have a real and po-
tentially lethal competitor, and the world
will fnally have a true alternative to the
dollar for reserve currency.
According to the Financial Times, the
frst bond auction in January led to over-
whelming demand for the paper from
investors around the world. The second
issuance in March was equally successful,
as investors in Asia and the Middle East
snapped up the bonds. Germanys Klaus
Regling, the head of the EU facility sell-
ing the eurobonds, said investors saw the
bonds as a new way to diversify their as-
sets. And due to the success of the frst two
auctions, European Union offcials will now
hold seven auctions this year, maybe more.
On the global stage, U.S. treasuries are
the unrivaled debt marketplace in terms
of volume and liquidity. Consequently, the
dollar is used as the worlds reserve cur-
rency. This reserve currency status is why
America can have such low interest rates,
why it is so easy for Americans to get loans,
and why the Federal Reserve can get away
with creating money out of thin air so that
Congress can spend money it does not have.
It is a big factor supporting Americas debt-
based economic model and consequently its
standard of living.
But Americas hold on reserve status
is precarious. It maintains it mostly by
default. China, Russia, Germany, Brazil
and other nations have publicly stated that
they want a new global reserve currency not
linked to a dollar that constantly deval-
ues. The problem is that there just isnt an
alternative market large enough in which to
be able to move massive amounts of money
into and out of without upsetting the boat.
That may be about to change.
A full-fedged European Union bond
market may soon be born from Europes
economic crisis.
A new global fnancial system may be
about to emerge.

What is wrong with our weather? [T]his
savagely destructive weather is a sign as a
part of the countdown to Jesus Christs return.
So you can see theres a lot of good news here.
And let me tell you, that bad weather is not
caused by global warming; its something far
more serious than that .
Gerald Flurry, Key of David, May 22