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Pharma Biggies Vie for a Bigger Share of the Fast

Growing Domestic Mouthwash Category in Oral Care

Segment Worth Rs 6 Crore an! Growing at "#$
* Elder Pharma relaunches AMPM Mouthwash - also
introduces a Specifc Mouthwash for smokers/tobacco
users. * Becomes rd ma!or entit" after #$# and
%ol&ate in this feld' tar&ets () market share.
Mumbai, India, October 24th, 2014 -- With the com&letion of its
!eal with 'orrent Pharma for Rs "( crore in)ol)ing sale of select
*ran!s( +l!er Pharmaceuticals ,imite! -BS+. #/"/"" 0
1S+.+,D+RP2%RM+34 has lai! out aggressi)e e5&ansion &lans for
achie)ing a turno)er of Rs 6 crore *y F7 "689 :n a!!ition to its
thrust on the %nti;infecti)es( Multi Vitamins an! S<in care segments(
+l!er has i!enti=e! the fast growing mouthwash category in the Oral c
are in!ustry as its focus area an! to this e>ect has relaunche! its
famous %MPM range of mouthwash with an a!!ition of a range for
Smo<ers ? to*acco users9
:n!ian oral care in!ustry( o)er the last few years( has *een one of the
fast growing FMCG sectors9 'he oral care in!ustry is segmente! into
=)e categories which inclu!e tooth&aste( tooth*rush( tooth&ow!er(
mouthwashes( other oral care &ro!ucts such as !ental @osses an!
chewing gum9
%ccor!ing to %lo< Sa5ena( Managing Director( +l!er Pharma( A%mong
Oral Care &ro!ucts( the mouthwash category has seen high
&enetration le)els with su*stantial mar<et e5&ansion e)en in rural an!
semi;ur*an areas9 'here is a maBor change in the consumer tastes an!
&references towar!s easy to use oral care &ro!ucts in the mar<et9
Com&anies li<e +l!er( focusing on a!)ance solutions for oral health
&ro*lems for the consumer( are recei)ing goo! res&onse from the
De)elo&e! *y the RDD scientists at +l!er Pharma in Boint co;o&eration
with &racticing !entists( the new %MPM Mouthwash has as its <ey
ingre!ient E'riclosanF( an anti*acterial an! antifungal agent9 'riclosan
has *een shown to *e e>ecti)e in re!ucing an! controlling *acterial
contamination an! =ghting germs9 :n a!!ition to its anti &laGue an!
anti ca)ity &ro&erties( %MPM has *een !esigne! to =ght gum recession(
!ry mouth( to*acco o!our( tartar *uil! u& an! tooth staining from
smo<ing( yellowing or *rowning of front teeth !ue to e5haling to*acco
%MPM is a)aila*le in / )ariants %MPM P,HS( %MPM SP+C:%, an! the
newly launche! %MPM 1:COFR+S2 s&ecially formulate! for
smo<ers?to*acco users9 Smo<ing not only causes *a! *reath *ut lea)es
stains on teeth an! lea!s to gum !iseases9 :n a!!ition to 'R:C,OS%1(
%MPM 1:COFR+S2 contains So!ium Per*orate which hel&s remo)e
smo<e an! to*acco tar9 'he o5ygenating e>ect of 1:COFR+S2 hits one
of the most stu**orn sources of sulfur;&ro!ucing *acteria an! sto&s it
at its source9
Going ahea! +l!er is also &lanning to launch mouthwashes *ase! on
natural ingre!ients li<e aloe )era( green tea an! &ro*iotics un!er the
%MPM range9
'he Domestic mouthwash in!ustry is &resently )alue! at Rs 6 crore
an! growing at "# I /$ &a9 Online ecommerce &layers an! organiJe!
retail chains are also &laying a maBor role in the mar<et e5&ansion of
mouthwashes as oral health D hygiene awareness increases *y the
!ay9 'he lea!er in the mouthwash category is ,isterine which accounts
for 8$ of mar<et share while Colgate Pla5 has 68$ share9 +l!er ho&es
to garner a #;8$ share in the ne5t few years9
%!!s Sa5ena( A'he in!ustry has e5&an!e! with the intro!uction of
inno)ati)e an! con!ition;s&eci=c &ro!ucts li<e mouthwashes for
sensiti)e teeth( for gum care ( for !iscoloration of teeth( for smo<ers
etc9 :ncrease! com&etition from :nternational &layers has also meant
reaching out to the last mile &o&ulation to &romote &ro!ucts9C
+l!erFs growth strategy is to lay em&hasis on e5&an!ing the *ran!s
remaining with itself &ost 'orrent !eal an! strengthening them rather
than launch new &ro!ucts9 1ew &ro!ucts are also in the &i&eline *ut
will *e intro!uce! in a &hase! manner once the e5isting *ran!s reach a
critical le)el9 +l!er grou&Fs target of Rs 6 cr turno)er *y "68 will
see eGual contri*ution from its !omestic an! international o&erations9
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