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By now, you know all workouts that are part of the Freeletics basic package. You might wonder what is yet to come. Last but not least, a major Freeletics
experience: Hell.

Every now and then we choose to go through hell to come out even stronger. Freeletics Hell Weeks are all about reaching true exhaustion reaching our
performance limits several times within a short period of time and with little rest exceeding our own expectations. Hell weeks made many of our athletes much
stronger both physically and mentally.

Hell Week means a lot of training. 7 days, 7 times Freeletics. All out: 7 days in a row. As always, try to beat your PBs. This week, however, it is even more
important to successfully complete every single session. No matter if your body and mind get weaker. Remember: This is Freeletics. Quitting is not an option.

Day 1: Dione or Zeus
Day 2: Squat MAX & Pushup MAX & Metis
Day 3: Dione
Day 4: Aphrodite
Day 5: Dione or Zeus
Day 6: Aphrodite
Day 7: Dione or Zeus & Metis & Squat MAX
Day 8, 9 and 10: Rest.

If you have to do more than one Workout or MAX at the same day, do them in one session. Choose Dione if you rather want to burn fat or if you dont have the
equipment that is required for Zeus. Choose Zeus if you rather want to build muscle.
Make sure to warm-up properly before every workout. Jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles and the like are suited.