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Executive Event:
Building the future-ready
organization in Southeast Asia
Thursday 21st August 2014
Find out what it takes to build
a future-ready organization
in Southeast Asia
Accenture Strategy has recently undertaken extensive research into
two distinct yet related aspects of Southeast Asias fast-changing
landscape and the strategic implications for government and
industry leaders.
Join other senior executives for this two-part program to hear the
research ndings, share experiences and exchange ideas. Find out
what it takes to be future-ready in ASEAN.
The future-ready organization: Uncover the
opportunities of ASEAN economic integration
This research explores the strategy, talent,
technology and supply chain implications
of ASEAN economic integration and highlights
the opportunities beneath the surface that will
enable forward- looking organizations to remain
competitive in the new economic community.
About the research
The future-ready organization: Re-inventing
work in ASEAN
This research explores the changing nature
of work and workforces in Southeast Asia
and the future-ready, talent-centric strategies
that business, governments and educational
institutions will need to adopt to meet
growth ambitions.
The future-ready organization
Reinventing work in ASEAN
The future-ready
Uncovering opportunities
from the ASEAN Economic
Community initiative
Part One: The future-ready organization:
Uncovering the opportunities of ASEAN economic integration
8.30am 9.00am Registration & tea and cofee
9.00am 9.15am Opening remarks
9.15am 9.45am Presentation
Uncovering the opportunities of ASEAN
economic integration. Accenture Strategy
ASEAN lead, Alison Kennedy will share the
ndings of our recent research.
9.45am 11.00am Panel discussion
A discussion featuring Accenture subject matter
experts and industry players on the challenges and
opportunities of ASEAN economic integration and
the implications for:
Business and operating model strategy
Talent strategy
Supply chain and operations strategy
IT strategy
11.00am 11.45am Breakout discussions
Guests will have the opportunity to join
their functional peers for a roundtable
discussion to continue the conversation
in more depth. Discussions will be facilitated
by Accenture executives.
11.45am 12noon Break
Part Two: The future-ready organization:
Re-inventing work in ASEAN
12.00pm 12.30pm Lunch
12.30pm 1.20pm Presentation
This session will share the ndings of our recent
research and examine:
How we can expect work experience,
workforce composition and the way work
gets done to change fundamentally over
the next decade
The unique characteristics of ASEAN that are
advancing us towards this future of work
The potential roadblocks facing organisations
adjusting to this new world of work
The strategic implications for business,
government and educational institutions
1.20pm 1.45pm Q&A over cofee
1.45pm Close
Kerry Mok
Kerry is a Managing Director with the Accenture Strategy, Operations
practice in ASEAN. He has spent the past 18 years helping global
MNCs with improving their business performance, particularly in
the area of supply chain management in APAC. He is recognized
as one of the thought leaders within the supply chain industry in
APAC and was awarded Visionary of the Year by Supply Chain
Asia in 2012 in recognition for his contributions to the industry.
Grace Yip
Grace is a Managing Director with the Singapore Health and Public
Service practice with a focus on management consulting work. Her
passion lies with helping organizations improve their performance
through their people and delivering citizen-centric experiences across
the public sector. Over the past 14 years with Accenture, she has led
multiple large-scale change initiatives across ASEAN as well as driven
human capital and talent strategy, target operating model and blueprint
work with clients, predominately in the nancial services and health and
public services industries.
Accenture speakers
Alison Kennedy
Alison Kennedy is managing director for ASEAN within Accenture
Strategy. Alison has more than 21 years of experience working
for Accenture. She works with executive teams to drive strategy
initiatives that transform their organizations. Ms. Kennedy has specic
functional experience and specialization in merger and acquisitions
(both pre- and post-merger activities), geographic expansion,
growth and innovation, and business and organizational design.
Alain Schneuwly
Alain is a Managing Director with Accenture Strategy, and leads
IT Strategy in ASEAN. He looks after Accentures capabilities in IT
Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy across all
industries. His focus is on helping organisations leverage Information
Technology as a capability to drive their strategic priorities and create
tangible business value.
Bali Room, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta
To register, please contact:
Susan 0856 9797 4515 (susanah@swamail.com)
Maria 0858 8104 6288 (maria.natalia@swamail.com)
Okta 0857 8223 6805 (okta.hidayanti@swamail.com)
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