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Benefits Of Early Marriage And Its Islamic View

Teenagers are these days getting into marriage at an early age. They prefer to venture on their own, set
up families and manage their own affairs, without depending upon their parents. This trend may turn
out to e positive in some cases, although many feel that early marriage has its own set of prolems.
Early marriage does enefit teenagers and young adults in many ways. They may not e all that mature
to cope up with responsiilities, ut together as a couple they can resolve many of their prolems.
Early Marriage Benefits
Emotional support ! Often teenagers are forced to leave their homes or are neglected at the home front.
They find a partner with whom they can share their woes and difficulties. Their emotional needs are
met when they live together.
"inancial support ! Both the young adults are often earning memers and they can help themselves in
case they are forced to leave their homes. They start wor#ing at an early marriage to sustain themselves
and together they have ample income to run their household.
More independence ! Away from home, the youngsters are ale to lead a life of their own. They ma#e
their own decisions aout what is good for them. They ecome self sufficient financially and
$earn to shoulder responsiilities at an early age ! Many teenagers at home may perhaps not e so
responsile as their parents may ta#e care of everything. On the other hand, those who set up their own
homes need to e responsile as they have to manage their affairs.
An escape from poor parenting s#ills ! %ome teenagers may face a lot of prolems at home, as their
parents may not e understanding and caring. In fact, they may e emotionally and physically aused
y their parents. By living on their own, they escape from this hostile environment.
Easy to ad&ust ! 'oungsters are ale to ad&ust with each other very easily. In many Asian countries,
girls are married off early as parents feel they will e ale to ad&ust (uic#ly with the other family.
'oung people who are into a relationship often prefer to solemni)e their relationship. They prefer to get
married as they feel they now #now each other etter and marriage will ensure that they stay together
forever. They feel they are made for each other and marriage is a way out for them. Also, marriage
helps them to e independent of parents, who perhaps may not e ta#ing good care of them.
Early marriage has its own set of prolems. Teenagers may prefer to tie the #not despite perhaps
parental o&ections, ut they need to #now what is in store for them efore ta#ing such a decision.
The institution of marriage has een given tremendous importance in Islam. *enerally, in the terms of
&urisprudence it is highly recommended, ut in many cases due to e+traordinary circumstances, it
ecomes oligatory and a religious duty. "or instance, marriage ecoming oligatory when there is a
chance of adultery or any other similar sin.
The ,oly -rophet .%A/0 said, 1The est people of my 2mma are those who get married and have
chosen their wives and the worst people of my nation are those who have #ept away from marriage and
are passing their lives as achelors.3 .Mustadra#ul /asail y Muhaddith 4oori, Vol 5, -g 6780.
As one matures physically, se+ual desires develop in the individual and gradually oth girls and oys
start getting attracted to each other, which slowly develops into some sort of psychological pressure.
This natural and undirected emotion gradually see#s solace in whatever form possile. 2nfortunately,
more often than not, it results in the youngsters deviating from the right path and indulging in some
unwanted and undesired haits. Before ecoming victims of ill9directed lust, it is etter for them to get
married and settle down. Therefore, the leaders of Islam have advised their followers to follow this
most important %unnah.
As the ,oly -rophet .%A/0 states:
1O youths, whosoever among you can marry, he should do so ecause marriage protects your eyes
.from indulging in sin y loo#ing lustfully at others in privacy.3 .Ma#aarimul A#hla(0.
Imam %adi( .A%0 narrates that one day the ,oly -rophet .%A/0 went on the pulpit and said, 1O
people, ;iraeel has rought unto me a divine command stating that girls are li#e fruits from a tree. If
they are not pluc#ed in time then they get rotten y the rays of the sun and a slight low of the wind
will result in their falling down from the tree. %imilarly, when girls attain maturity, then li#e other
women they develop emotions related to se+ and there is no cure for it e+cept her husand. If they are
not married, prevention of character corruption ecomes a remote possiility ecause after all they are
human eings and no human is free from vice.3 ."uroo9e9<afi, Vol 6, -g 77=0.
In yet another tradition from Mustadra#ul /asail it is narrated that 1/hen a youngster marries early in
his youth, %haitaan cries out of desperation and says, Alas> This person has protected one third of his
religion, now he will protect the remaining two thirds also.3
Imam %adi( .as0 narrates from the ,oly -rophet .%.A./.0 that he said, 1Those elievers who marry,
protect half of their religion from danger.
1In yet another tradition, Imam %adi( .as0 says, 1Two ?a#@as of a married person is etter than seventy
?a#@as of an unmarried one.3 ./asailush %hia, Vol 6, -g 80
The ,oly -rophet .%.A./.0 once said, 1/hoever marries, protects half of his religion, then for the
remaining half he must only fear *od.3 .$a@alil A#har0.
The si+th Imam, Imam %adi( .as0 says, 1A sleeping married man is etter than a fasting unmarried
man.3 .$a@alil A#har0.
The Messenger of Islam .%.A./.0 said, 1Ao not marry a woman for the following four reasons: /ealth,
eauty, ancestry and lust. It is oligatory upon you to marry a woman on account of her religion.3
.;aame ul A#har0.
In yet another tradition, the Messenger of Islam .%.A./.0 has prohiited his followers from marrying a
eautiful woman from a disgraceful ac#ground. .Bihar ul Anwar, Vol 57, -g 6B0.
To get a good, modest and chaste spouse is among the good fortunes of a person according to the
leaders of Islam and is also considered as one of the sources y which the religion of a person can e
protected. They have conveyed this message (uite often that the worship of a married person is much
more significant and important efore Allah than that of a achelor or a spinster.
The ,oly -rophet .%.A./.0 says: 1Among the good fortunes of a man is to have a good wife.3 ."uroo9
e9<afi, Vol. 6, -g. 75=0.