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+,le o- Co.te.t!
+he 0rketi.g 0i1: 2
3roduct4 3rice4 3lce .d 3romotio. 2
Choo!i.g 5iche 6
Ho7 to 8i.d 9e"7ord! :;
Ho7 to choo!e good ke"7ord< :;
8i.di.g -ree co.te.t/rticle!: :=
Ho7 to H.dle 3>? 7ith @ou+u,e :A
Ho7 do the" do it< :A
Creti.g Co.te.t :2
8ree $ideo +ool! =B
Cplodi.g $ideo! to @ou+u,e =2
$ideo (hri.g =6
(ome o- the ,e!t $ideo#(hri.g (ite!: B;
De.e-it! o- E.e>od BB
Co.clu!io. B2
$ideo 0rketi.g i! po7er-ul mrketi.g tool. FtG! Her" e--ectiHe 7" -or
,u!i.e!!e! to promote comp."4 product or !erHice. +hereG! .o dou,t tht
mrketi.g 7ith Hideo i! o. the ri!e. Iccordi.g to curre.t re!erch4 Hideo! re 2;
time! more likel" to receiHe . org.ic -ir!t pge Joogle r.ki.g oHer te1t pge!.
$ideo! !hould ,e more ,out e.terti.me.t .d le!! ,out !le!. +he" re ,etter
-or giHi.g the Hie7er! t!te o- the ,r.d or ,uildi.g ,r.d 7re.e!!.
@ou !hould co.!ider Hideo mrketi.g 7hteHer "our li.e o- ,u!i.e!!. Here re
!ome ,e.e-it! o- Hideo mrketi.g:
K E--er! ,etter u!er e.ggeme.t
K FmproHe! emil ope. rte! .d click#through rte!
K F.cre!e! ,r.di.g L credi,ilit"
K Mecre!e! 7e,!ite ,ou.ce rte
K $ideo! re e!" to p!! o. .d !hre
K FmproHe! Hi!itor! .d !le!
K I.d more...
@ou c. -i.d Hriou! Hideo !hri.g !ite! o. the 7e, 7here "ou c. trck the
.um,er o- Hie7! o. "our Hideo. 0o!t people po!t their Hideo! o. @ou+u,e.
@ou+u,e i! curre.tl" the Brd mo!t Hi!ited 7e,!ite .d =.d ,igge!t !erch e.gi.e i.
the 7orld. HHi.g the mo!t tr--ic .d the highe!t mou.t o- u!er!4 @ou+u,e i! o.e
o- the ,e!t plce! -or pu,li!hi.g .d mrketi.g "our Hideo!.
HereN! 7ht "ou 7ill .eed:
@ou !hould hHe the tool! .eeded to mke Hideo4 7e,cm .d micropho.e
7ill do. Choo!i.g "our ke"7ord! .d tg! re Her" import.t ,ecu!e the" help
people to -i.d "our Hideo. Ou!t remem,er4 "our Hideo !hould ,e i.-ormtiHe4 !hort
,ut e.terti.i.g4 .d !tright to the poi.t.
F. thi! eDook4 "ou 7ill ler. the -ollo7i.g:
K +he A pG! o- mrketi.g
K Ho7 to choo!e .iche
K Ho7 to -i.d "our ke"7ord!
K +ool! to -i.d ke"7ord!
K Ho7 to co.Hert 3>? -or @ou+u,e
K 8ree Hideo tool!
K Ho7 to uplod Hideo o. @ou+u,e
K Ho7 to mrket 7ith Hideo !hri.g
K Ho7 to u!e Hideo !hri.g !ite!
K De.e-it! o- E.e>od
+he 0rketi.g 0i1:
3roduct4 3rice4 3lce .d 3romotio.
Fmge !ource: http://777.de.!eddo..co.uk
+he term 0rketi.g 0i1 re-er! to the P-our 3!Q Rprice4 product4 di!tri,utio. .d
promotio.S "ou c. u!e to mrket .d !ell "our product!. Ft i! good !trteg" to
determi.e the optiml po!itio. -or "our o--er i. the mrketplce.
I. e--ectiHe mrketi.g mi1 i! ,l.ced4 co.!i!te.t4 .d crete! competitiHe
dH.tge -or the ,u!i.e!!. Dut i- "our mrketi.g mi1 doe!.Gt meet "our cu!tomer
.eed!4 the" 7ill .ot ,e !ti!-ied .d tht di!!ti!-ctio. m" impir "our !le!.
3roduct # F! the item !old to the cu!tomer!. @our product !hould hHe u.iTue
-eture! .d de!ig. to ,e ppeli.g to "our trget mrket. +here re !ome thi.g! to
co.!ider i. mki.g the product more ttrctiHe to ,u". +r" to !k "our!el- the
-ollo7i.g Tue!tio.!:
K Co.!ider "our trget mrket. Uht doe! the cu!tomer .eed!<
K Uht re the -eture! "ou c. dd to meet their .eed!<
K Ho7 7ill the cu!tomer u!e it<
K F! there ." di--ere.ce ,et7ee. "our o--er! oHer competitor!<
K Ho7 i! it ,r.ded<
K Ho7 lo.g i! the li-e c"cle o- the product "ouGre mrketi.g<
3rice # F! the mou.t cu!tomer p"! -or the product. Ft !hould ,e high e.ough to
coHer co!t! .d mke pro-it ,ut lo7 e.ough to ttrct cu!tomer!. Uhe. !etti.g
price4 "ouGll .eed to co.!ider competitor prici.g .d ,e 7re o- the ,r.d .d it!
i.tegrit". FtG! .ot l7"! good to !et lo7 price ,ecu!e the cu!tomer m" -eel tht
the Tulit" i! ,ei.g compromi!ed.
D!ic 3rici.g (trtegie!
K Cremi.g # Chrgi.g lo7 price to gi. po!itio. i. the mrket
K 3e.etrtio. 3rici.g # Chrgi.g high price to per!ude people tht the
product i! o- high Tulit"
K Co!t 3lu! 3rici.g V +otl o- the co!t plu! mrgi. dded o. -or pro-it
3romotio. # Ft coHer! ll t"pe! o- mrketi.g commu.ictio.!. Uith promotio.4 "ou
c. ri!e the 7re.e!! o- the people i.to "our product .d e.courge them to
purch!e. IdHerti!i.g4 per!o.l !elli.g4 !le! promotio.4 .d pu,lic reltio.! re
Xu!t !ome o- the eleme.t! o- promotio..
IdHerti!i.g i! co.ducted o. +$4 rdio4 o.li.e4 .e7!pper!4 le-let!4 ,ill,ord!4
@ello73ge! .d ," G7ord o- mouthG 7hich o-te. per-ormed ," !le! !t--.
3lce # F! the loctio. 7here "ou !tored or !ell "our product!. Ft i! Her" import.t
to !!ure tht the product! re Hil,le i. the right plce t the right time i. the
right Tu.titie!. Dut .o7d"!4 plce i! ,ecomi.g le!! releH.t ,ecu!e o- the ri!e
o- i.ter.et.
Choo!i.g 5iche
Uhe. choo!i.g pro-it,le .iche4 "ou !hould k.o7 "our o7. per!o.l
pre-ere.ce!. Choo!e .iche "ou re p!!io.te ,out or 7here "ou hHe
pro-e!!io.l e1perie.ce!. F- "ou choo!e .iche "ou do.Gt hHe ." k.o7ledge o-4
"ou 7ill e.d up creti.g more 7ork -or "our!el- ,ecu!e "ou .eed to !pe.d lot o-
time doi.g the re!erch.
Co.!ider ,ri.!tormi.g 7he. choo!i.g "our .iche. Jet pe.cil .d pper the. !trt
,ri.!tormi.g ," !ki.g "our!el- Tue!tio.!: 7hich -ield FGm co.!idered ! .
e1pert i.<4 7ht re m" ho,,ie! .d i.tere!t!<4 7ht c. get hold o- m" tte.tio.
-or lo.g time<4 .d !o o.. E.ce "ouGHe come up 7ith !ome ide!4 .o7 itG! time to
do !ome re!erch ,out "our ide!. UhteHer "our ide! m" ,e4 !urel" there i!
!omeo.e lred" u!i.g them. @our re!erch 7ill help "ou to come up 7ith more
5e1t "ou .eed to .rro7 do7. "our ide! i.to = or B thi.g! "ou re p!!io.te
,out4 the. check i- itG! pro-it,le or .ot. Joogle Id7ord! i! the ,e!t tool to check thi!.
I-ter checki.g the pro-it,ilit" o- "our .iche4 choo!e the o.e thtG! .ot too
competitiHe .d !omethi.g tht "ou c. rell" get e1cited to 7ork o..
8or e1mple4 tke the 7ord P(tre!! 0.geme.t.P F- "ou check it o. the Joogle
Id7ord! ke"7ord tool4 "ouGll -i.d lot! o- !ugge!ted ke"7ord! tht "ou c. u!e i.
"our Hideo mrketi.g cmpig. !uch ! !tre!! reductio.4 h.dli.g !tre!!4 rel1tio.
tech.iTue!4 .d !o o..
Ft i! l!o import.t to hHe !TueeYe pge 7here "ou c. !e.d people to Hie7 "our
Hideo! .d ,uild "our emil !u,!cri,er! li!t. Uith !TueeYe pge "ou 7ill ,e ,le
to get the emil ddre!! .d other import.t i.-ormtio. -rom the people 7ho Hi!it
"our !ite !o tht "ou c. keep i. touch 7ith them. I good !TueeYe pge !hould ,e
,le to ctch the tte.tio. o- the Hi!itor!. @our hedli.e !hould ,e ctch" .d !pek
,out "our product or !erHice. Delo7 i! !cree. !hot o- good !TueeYe pge.
Ho7 to 8i.d 9e"7ord!
9e"7ord! re the 7ord! "ou u!e 7he. !erchi.g i. !erch e.gi.e!. @our ke"7ord!
!hould ,e releH.t to "our product or !erHice !o tht it c. ,e e!il" -ou.d ,"
pote.til co.!umer!. @ou !hould come up 7ith ke"7ord! tht ddre!! cu!tomer
7.t!. 3o!itio. "our!el- ! o.e o- the co.!umer!. 8or i.!t.ce4 i- "ouGre looki.g
-or !tre!! m.geme.t4 7ht ke"7ord !hould "ou u!e to -i.d i.-ormtio. regrdi.g
tht topic< Er 7ht 7ill "ou Joogle<
Ho7 to choo!e good ke"7ord<
K 8ir!t o- ll4 "ou hHe to determi.e "our mi. ke"7ord4 .d the. -i.d
ke"7ord! tht re relted to "our mi. ke"7ord.
K >ogi. to Joogle Id7ord! .d go to 9e"7ord +ool u.der +ool! .d I.l"!i!
K E.ter "our mi. ke"7ord o. the ke"7ord ,r4 u.check the Po.l" !ho7 ide!
relted to m" !erch term!4 the. loctio. !hould ,e !et to Ill4 .d the. click
the P(erchP ,utto..
K @ou c. m.ge the optio.! -ir!t ,e-ore !erchi.g ," clicki.g o. the
PIdH.ced Eptio.! .d 8ilter!P to choo!e the loctio. .d l.guge!4 the.
tick o. the ,o1 i- "ou 7.t to i.clude dult ide!4 !ho7 ide! .d !tti!tic!
-or Rde!ktop .d lptop deHice!4 ll mo,ile deHice!4 mo,ile UI3 deHice!4
mo,ile deHice! 7ith -ull i.ter.et ,ro7!er!S4 or !et "our 8ilter ide!.
K Choo!e -rom the -ollo7i.g 0tch +"pe!Z Drod4 E1ct .d 3hr!e locted
t the le-t h.d !ide o- the Joogle Id7ord! i.ter-ce.
K I-ter "ouGre do.e 7ith the optio.!4 click o. the (erch ,utto. .d
!omethi.g like thi! 7ill pper:
K +here re oHer 6;; ke"7ord ide! !ho7i.g the leHel o- competitio.4 glo,l
.d locl mo.thl" !erche!4 etc o- ech ke"7ord. F- "ou 7.t to -i.d other
relted ke"7ord!4 Xu!t e.ter "our mi. ke"7ord u.der [E1clude term!Q .d
click the plu! !ig. ,utto.. Ft 7ill remoHe "our mi. ke"7ord -rom re!ult!
.d "ouGll o.l" !ee other relted term!.
K (elect the ke"7ord! tht 7ould mke the mo!t !e.!e regrdi.g "our topic.
@ou !hould -i.d t le!t 2 to :; releH.t ke"7ord! .d 7rite them do7. i.
0ke !ure tht the ke"7ord! "ou pick 7ill ctull" proHide p"i.g cu!tomer!. @ou
!hould k.o7 tht the higher the .um,er o- !erche!4 the more di--icult it 7ill ,e to
r.k o. Joogle. Il!o4 "ou !hould me!ure the co.Her!io. rte to determi.e the
ke"7ord Hlue.
8i.di.g -ree co.te.t/rticle!:
I-ter mki.g li!t o- releH.t ke"7ord!4 itG! time to -i.d co.te.t -or "our Hideo.
+here re cou.tle!! -ree .d pid co.te.t o. the 7e,. Ou!t go to Joogle .d t"pe i.
"our ke"7ord -ollo7ed ," -ree 3>? rticle!4 the. click P(erchP.
@ouNll -i.d lot! o- 7e,!ite! o--eri.g -ree 3>? rticle! relted to "our .iche. Dut i-
"ou 7.t Tulit" 3>? co.te.t -or "our !ite4 De!t \ulit" 3>? i! the ,e!t plce to go.
Ou!t Hi!it the D\3 3roduct Ctlog to !ee the complete li!t o- product!.
Here re !ome o- the tool! 7hich c. help "ou re!erch -or di--ere.t
Joogle Id7ord! 9e"7ord +ool # F! -ree tool ,e!t -or 33C Cmpig.!. C!i.g Joogle
Id7ord!4 "ou c. !ee ho7 m." people re !erchi.g -or !peci-ic ke"7ord
phr!e4 ge.erte ke"7ord !ugge!tio.! .d determi.e the leHel o- competitio. o-
eHer" ke"7ord.
9e"7ord (p" # F! -ree tool tht let! "ou !erch -or Momi.!4 Me!ti.tio. C?>! .d
Id Copie!. Ft l!o llo7! "ou to !ee more releH.t !tti!tic! ,out 33C
Uord +rcker # F! -ree ke"7ord re!erchi.g tool ,ut c. ,e upgrded to 3remium
Her!io. 7hich co!t! ]2^. Uith Uord +rcker "ou c. ge.erte Her" releH.t
ke"7ord! !o "ouGll get gret re!ult!. +he Uord +rcker !tti!tic! re ,!ed o.
i.-ormtio. mde ," people liHi.g i. the C.ited (tte! or collected o.l" -rom
!erch e.gi.e! i. the C.ited (tte!.
Ho7 to H.dle 3>? 7ith @ou+u,e
$ideo i! ,ecomi.g huge 7he. it come! to o.li.e dHerti!i.g. F.ter.et mrketer!
re thi.ki.g o- !trtegie! ,out ho7 the" c. crete pro-it,le Hideo! 7hich the"
c. uplod o. Hriou! Hideo !hri.g !ite!. Ether! re -i.di.g -ree 3>? co.te.t4
tur.i.g it i.to !lide!ho7!4 .d the. !hri.g it o. @ou+u,e. 3riHte l,el right!
R3>?S co.te.t i! 7ritte. mteril tht "ou c. purch!e or do7.lod -or -ree .d
the. clim uthor!hip4 edit the co.te.t4 ,rek it prt4 .d !o -orth.
Ho7 do the" do it<
+he -ir!t thi.g "ou hHe to do i! to -i.d .iche tht i! pro-it,le .d lot o- people
re !erchi.g -or. ?emem,er4 it !hould ,e !omethi.g tht "ou e.Xo" doi.g or
7ithi. "our i.tere!t!. I-ter "ou hHe picked "our .iche4 go to Joogle Id7ord! 9e"7ord
+ool # here "ou c. -i.d !ome pro-it,le ke"7ord! tht "ou c. u!e -or the Hideo
title! .d de!criptio.!.
Uhe. "ou t"pe i. "our !erch term o. the [7ord or phr!eQ ,o14 "ouGll !ee ,u.ch
o- ke"7ord ide! 7ith the !ttu! o- competitio. ! 7ell ! the .um,er o- glo,l
.d locl mo.thl" !erche! per mo.th. Crete li!t o- ,e!t po!!i,le ke"7ord! 7ith
good mou.t o- !erch Holume. Cop" .d p!te them o. .otepd to keep -or lter
5e1t4 -i.d "our co.te.t. 8i.di.g 3>? rticle! i. Joogle i! Her" e!"4 Xu!t t"pe i.
P-ree 3>? rticle!P 7ith "our .iche. (ome rticle! re -ree4 ,ut "ou hHe to giHe
"our .me .d emil ddre!! i. e1ch.ge o- the product. @ou c. l!o ,u" 3>?
rticle!. +he" do.Gt rell" co!t much4 rou.d ]B.
De!t \ulit" 3>? i! the ,e!t plce to -i.d co.te.t tht "ou c. u!e o. @ou+u,e. De!t
Tulit" 3>? o--er! high Tulit" 3>? product! tht "ou c. !ell !tright up. @ou c.
eHe. purch!e !i.gle product .d te!t out the Tulit" or Xoi. ! mo.thl"/"erl"
E.ce "ou hHe "our 3>? rticle!4 "ou c. tur. them i.to Hideo! .d uplod them
to @ou+u,e.
Creti.g Co.te.t
5o7 tht "ou hHe "our ke"7ord! .d co.te.t4 itG! time to tur. it i.to 3o7er3oi.t
!lide!. @ou c. u!e 0icro!o-t 3o7er3oi.t ,ut F recomme.d u!i.g Epe. E--ice
,ecu!e it h! more -eture! th. 0icro!o-t h!. F- "ou do.Gt hHe ope. o--ice "et4
"ou c. do7.lod it here -or -ree.
K E.ce do7.loded4 ope. the progrm .d choo!e P3re!e.ttio..P
K +he. choo!e the optio.! tht "ou 7.t to u!e -rom the pre!e.ttio. 7iYrd
,o1 # -rom the t"pe o- pre!e.ttio.4 !lide de!ig.4 tr.!itio.! .d !o o....click
o. the [5e1tQ ,utto. -ter !electi.g ech o- the optio. .d !elect [CreteQ
7he. do.e 7ith the B !tep!. @ou c. !till edit .d ch.ge the optio.! 7hile
7orki.g o. "our pre!e.ttio..
K +o get !trted4 choo!e the l"out "ou 7.t to u!e. @ou might 7.t to u!e the
Ptitle !lideP l"out to keep it !imple or !elect -rom the di--ere.t l"out
de!ig.! i. the right h.d cor.er u.der +!k!.
K Degi. ddi.g "our title .d co.te.t o. the !lide!. +he -ir!t !lide !hould
co.ti. the title. @ou c. ch.ge the -o.t !t"le4 -o.t !iYe4 -o.t color4 dd
,ckgrou.d or !hpe!4 etc. Ou!t pl" rou.d 7ith it u.til "ou get the de!ig.
"ou 7.t.
K E. the .e1t !lide4 ope. .d !elect the prgrph "ou 7.t to i.clude -rom
"our 3>? rticle!. F. thi! e1mple4 FNHe cho!e. !hort ,ut i.-ormtiHe
!ectio. -rom the eDook [Jood,"e (tre!!4 Hello (ucce!!.Q
Ft doe!.Gt .eed to ,e lo.g4 A to _ !lide! 7ill do4 Xu!t mke !ure tht itG!
pre!e.t,le4 .d !tright to the poi.t.
K +he. cop" : or = !e.te.ce! -rom the rticle4 .d p!te it o. the !lide!.
Ft !hould look like thi!:
K F- "ou .eed more co.te.t -or "our !lide!4 ope. .other rticle the. !impl"
cop" portio. o- the rticle the. p!te it o. the B
!lide .d !o o.. +hi!
time F 7ill ,e cop"i.g prgrph -rom [(tre!! 0.geme.tQ rticle. I!
"ou c. !ee4 there re m." topic! "ou c. !elect -rom i. the t,le o-
co.te.t!. Choo!e the relted .d u!e-ul topic! 7hich "ou c. i.clude i. "our
FNHe cho!e. the co.te.t -rom [(tre!! 0.geme.t +herp".Q Ou!t cop" gi.
portio. o- the rticle the. p!te it o. the !lide.
>ike thi!:
K Ou!t co.ti.ue ddi.g co.te.t o. the !lide! u.til "ouNHe reched the .um,er
o- !lide! "ou pre-er.
K @ou might l!o 7.t to dd .imtio. .d cu!tom tr.!itio. to mke it more
pre!e.t,le. Il!o4 i.clude !ome cll to ctio. or i.-o 7here "ou 7.t to tke
them -ter 7tchi.g "our Hideo pre!e.ttio.. 8or e1mple4 "ou 7.t to
direct "our Hie7er! o. "our !TueeYe pge4 "ou c. !" [U.t to ler. more
o. ho7 to dpt to the !tre!!< $i!it http://dpttothe!tre!!.comQ
K @ouNll !ee ,elo7 tht F hHe lred" creted _ !lide!:
K Mo.Nt -orget to !He "our pre!e.ttio. ," goi.g to 8ile4 the. [(HeQ or
!impl" ," u!i.g Ctrl`( o. "our ke",ord.
Uhe. do.e mki.g "our !lide!ho7 pre!e.ttio.4 the .e1t thi.g "ou .eed to do i! to
do7.lod !o-t7re 7hich "ou c. u!e to record Hideo! or mke Hoice oHer -or
"our pre!e.ttio.. @ou c. -i.d !ome o- the ,e!t tool! tht "ou c. u!e i. the .e1t
+here re m." tutoril! o. the 7e, tht c. help ler. ho7 to u!e the tool!. F-
"ouNll ,e u!i.g !cree. recorder tool4 Xu!t ope. the !o-t7re .d ,egi. cpturi.g
the !cree. 7hile pl"i.g "our !lide !ho7 pre!e.ttio.. @ou might l!o 7.t to
mke Hoice oHer. Ill "ou hHe to do i! to get micropho.e4 the. ,egi. tlki.g
7hile cpturi.g the pre!e.ttio. o. "our !cree..
8ree $ideo +ool!
$ideo i! . import.t tool -or !tor"telli.g .d u!er e.ggeme.t i. the 7orld o-
mrketi.g. +hi! !imple tool c. help "ou gro7 "our ,u!i.e!! ,ecu!e mo!t people
7ould rther 7tch Hideo th. to red. F- "ou re pl..i.g to crete Hideo4 ll
"ou .eed i! cmer or Hideo cretio. tool V Hideo editor to mke it
+here re lot o- -ree Hideo tool! o. the 7e, 7hich "ou c. u!e i. "our Hideo
mrketi.g cmpig.4 tool! or !o-t7re 7hich e.,le! "ou to mke Hideo tutoril!4
editi.g Hideo!4 record !cree. ctiHitie!4 .d much more. Here re !ome:
Cm(tudio # F! -ree4 ope. !ource recorder -or Ui.do7!. Uith Cm(tudio "ou c.
crete demo.!trtio.!4 ctiHe pre!e.ttio.!4 record !cree. ctiHit" o. "our
computer .d the. !He it to !tremi.g -l!h Hideo.
Ui.do7! 0oHie 0ker # Ft i! -ree .d e!" to u!e !o-t7re tht c. ,e u!ed to edit
homemde Hideo! .d impre!!iHe proXect!. Ft h! u!er -rie.dl" i.ter-ce !o "ou
c. e!il" crete .d edit "our Hideo! ," ddi.g udio .d m." di--ere.t e--ect!.
(cree.r # F! !cree.c!t recordi.g tool u!ed -or creti.g product demo!4 e1pli.i.g
-eture! o- their 7e,!ite4 etc. Ft llo7! u!er! to record !cree.c!t! .d the. pu,li!h
them to u.iTue 7e, pge o. (cree.r !ite.
I.imoto # F! 7e, pplictio. tht llo7! "ou to crete Tulit" Hideo! to !hre 7ith
"our -rie.d! ! 7ell ! ,ri.gi.g Hlue to "our ,u!i.e!!.
3reYi # F! pre!e.ttio. tool tht e.,le! u!er to ,ri.g pre!e.ttio.! to li-e. Uith
3reYiG! Yoom,le c.H!4 "ou c. Yoom i. .d out o- the pre!e.ttio. medi. Ill
item! re plced upo. the c.H! 7here "ou c. moHe4 re!iYe .d rotte.
$ie7,i1 # Illo7! "ou to crete i.terctiHe Hideo! ," ddi.g i.terctiHe pp! tht re
de!ig.ed to mke Hideo! more compelli.g .d driHe cll! to ctio.. Ft !upport!
cu!tom ,r.di.g i.cludi.g logo4 color!4 cll to ctio. te1t .d more.
Dle.der # F! . ope. !ource4 BM Hideo cretio. tool tht let! "ou crete .imtio.! to
ttrct more people. Ft l!o h! .um,er o- tool! 7hich c. mke "our t!k e!ier
.d -!ter. Ft i! Hil,le -or ll mXor operti.g !"!tem!.
+here re m." more -ree Hideo tool! o. the 7e, -or mki.g Hideo!.
Cplodi.g $ideo! to @ou+u,e
@ou+u,e i! -ree o.li.e Hideo !erHice tht let! ."o.e Hie74 uplod .d !hre
Hideo!. @ou 7ill .eed @ou+u,e ccou.t to get !trted. F- "ou do.Nt hHe .
ccou.t "et4 here re the !tep! "ouGll .eed to tke:
K Jo to http://777."outu,e.com/
K Click o. the P(ig. F.P li.k t the top right cor.er R"ouGll ,e tke. to .other
K Click the red [Crete . ccou.tQ ,utto. or li.k o. the upper right cor.er o-
the pge
K 8ill out the -orm 7ith "our per!o.l i.-ormtio.
K E.ce "ouGHe !ig.ed up4 "ou !hould ,e utomticll" !ig.ed i.
K (ee i- "ou hHe "our @ou+u,e ccou.t .me i. the upper right cor.er. F-
"ou do.Gt4 click o. the (ig. F. li.k up there .d !ig. i. 7ith "our u!er.me
.d p!!7ord
5o74 "ou re red" to uplod "our $ideo!
K 0ke !ure tht "ouGre !ig.ed i. to "our ccou.t
K Click o. the PCplodP li.k i. the le-t o- "our u!er.me
K F- itG! "our -ir!t time to uplod Hideo o. @ou+u,e4 pop up 7i.do7 7ill
pper 7ith tick ,o1e! ,out the ctiHitie! "ou 7ill !hre o. "our ch..el
R>ike Hideo4 Comme.t o. Hideo4 8Horite Hideo4 (u,!cri,e to
K +he. hit the ,lue PEk4 FGm red" to uplodP ,utto.
K I 7i.do7 7ill pper 7here "ou c. !elect -ile! -rom "our computer4
Cplod multiple -ile! .d ?ecord -rom Ue,cm. @ou 7.t to click P(elect
-ile! -rom "our computer.P
K I .e7 7i.do7 7ill pop up tht 7ill let "ou !elect the Hideo "ou 7.t to
uplod .d click the PEpe.P ,utto.
K +he Hideo 7ill !trt to uplod. E. thi! pge "ou c. dd +itle4 Me!criptio.
.d +g! to "our Hideo ! 7ell ! choo!i.g 3riHc" (etti.g!4 Ctegor" .d
>ice.!e4 .d right! o7.er!hip.
K E.ce "our Hideo h! -i.i!hed uplodi.g4 "ouGll ,e ,le to 7tch .d !hre it
7ith "our -rie.d!.
K @ou c. l7"! -i.d "our Hideo! ," clicki.g o. "our u!er.me the. P$ideo
0.gerP # thi! 7ill let "ou cce!! ll the Hideo! "ou hHe uploded.
$ideo (hri.g
$ideo !hri.g i! o.e o- the -!te!t gro7i.g ctiHitie! o.li.e. Ft e.,le! u!er! to
uplod Hideo! .d !hre them 7ith the 7orld. Ilmo!t = ,illio. Hideo! re ,ei.g
7tched .d hu.dred! o- thou!.d! re ,ei.g uploded ech d" o. o.e o- the
mo!t populr $ideo !hri.g !ite! # @ou+u,e.
(ocil 0rker i! gret tool "ou c. u!e to promote "our 7e,!ite. +hi! po7er-ul tool
e.,le! "ou to !u,mit "our !ite! to oHer 2; ,ookmrki.g !ite! i. Xu!t :2 mi.ute!.
Ho7 doe! it 7ork!<
K (impl" go to 777.!ocilmrker.com R"ou do.Gt .eed to !ig. up to u!e thi! 7e,!ite
!erHice4 ll "ou .eed i! . ccou.t o. the re!pectiHe !ocil ,ookmrki.g
!ite! li!ted o. (ocil 0rker to mke !emi#utomtic !u,mi!!io.S
K Uhe. "ou !croll do7. the pge4 "ouGll !ee li!t o- !ocil ,ookmrki.g !ite!
7here "ou c. !u,mit "our Hideo!. Delo7 re Xu!t !ome o- the !ocil
,ookmrki.g !ite!:
K F. order to ,ookmrk "our Hideo or 7e,!ite4 "ouGll .eed to e.ter the title4
li.k or !ite C?>4 de!criptio. .d tg! tht "ou 7.t. Click P(u,mitP -ter
proHidi.g ll the detil! .eeded.
K I-ter clicki.g o. !u,mit4 .e7 7i.do7 7ill pper 7here "ou c. !trt
!u,mitti.g "our detil!. Ill proce!! !u,mi!!io. 7ill ,e mde i. o.e plce.
Ill the i.-ormtio. "ouGHe e.tered o. the ,ookmrk detil! ,o1 i! o. the
,ottom o- the pge.
K I-ter putti.g ll the detil! i. the pproprite -ield!4 click o. the P(u,mit
(tor"P li.k t the right h.d cor.er t the ,ottom o- the pge.
K Click P5e1tP t the upper right h.d cor.er. @ouGll ,e tke. to the .e1t !ite
.d !o o. u.til "ou hHe !u,mitted "our Hideo! or 7e,!ite to ll the
Hil,le ,ookmrki.g !ite!.
(ocil mrker c. help lot i. promoti.g 7e,!ite to !ocil ,ookmrki.g !ite!. Ft
i! tool 7hich i! Her" e!" .d prcticl .d "ou do.Gt hHe to !pe.d lot o- time
to do it m.ull".
(ome o- the ,e!t $ideo#(hri.g (ite!:
@ou+u,e # F! o.e o- the mo!t populr Hideo#!hri.g 7e,!ite! Ft 7! -ou.ded ," Chd
Hurle"4 (teHe Che. .d O7ed 9rim4 e1#3"pl emplo"ee!. +here re .o
re!trictio.! o. the .um,er o- Hideo! "ou c. po!t o. @ou+u,e ! lo.g ! "ou
-ollo7 the =JD/:;mi. rule. @ou+u,e llo7! u!er! to like4 di!like4 !hre .d dd to
pl"li!t or -Horite! the Hideo! o. @ou+u,e.
Dlip.tH # F! -ree Hideo#!hri.g !erHice tht c. ,e upgrded i.to 3ro ccou.t -or
]^_/"er. $ideo! uploded to ,lip.tH re limited to -ile !iYe! o- :JD -or ,oth ,!ic
.d pro ccou.t. E.e o- the ,e!t -eture! o- Dlip.tH i! tht it c. !upport ll
po!!i,le Hideo -ormt! i.cludi.g the populr 8l!h $ideo R-lHS -ormt.
$iddler # F! -ree Hideo !hri.g !ite 7ith .o le.gth limit ! lo.g ! "our -ile i!
2;;0D or le!! i. !iYe. @ouGre l!o re!tricted to = JD o- !torge .d ,.d7idth per
mo.th. +he three gol! o- $iddler re to !hre "our !tor"4 giHi.g out opportu.it" to
rech thou!.d! o- Hie7er! o.li.e .d mki.g !erch re!ult! releH.t.
$imeo # F! -ree Hideo !hri.g !erHice tht c. ,e upgrded i.to 3lu! ccou.t i.
7hich "ou hHe to p" ]_;/"er. Ft 7! -ou.ded ," Oke >od7ick .d ach 9lei.
i. =;;A. F- "ouGre u!i.g ,!ic ccou.t4 "ou c. uplod 2;;0D Hideo .d o.e HM
Hideo per 7eek. Uhile o. the 3lu! ccou.t4 there i! .o re!trictio. o. HM moHie!.
@ou c. uplod Hideo! up to 2JD4 em,ed HM moHie!4 e1p.d! "our priHc"
co.trol .d cu!tomiYe the em,edded pl"er.
Mil"motio. # F! 8re.ch Hideo#!hri.g 7e,!ite 7hich o--er! t7o di--ere.t ccou.t!Z
D!ic .d 0otio.mker. +he ,!ic ccou.t let! "ou uplod Hideo! up to : JD i.
!iYe 7hile the 0otio.mker ccou.t llo7! "ou to uplod HM co.te.t. +he" hHe
re!tricted co.te.t guideli.e! tht -or,id cop"7riter4 por.ogrphic4 rci!t .d
Hiole.t Hideo!.
+echertu,e # F! Hideo !hri.g 7e,!ite de!ig.ed -or !hri.g i.!tructio.l techer
Hideo!. +here re Hriet" o- Hideo!4 docume.t!4 udio .d photo! tht re
Hlu,le -or techer!. @ouGll .eed to regi!ter -ir!t i- "ou 7.t to leHe comme.t! or
uplod "our o7. Hideo to +echertu,e.
De.e-it! o- E.e>od
E.e>od i! Hideo di!tri,utio. !erHice 7here "ou c. uplod Hideo! .d !hre
them to multiple Hideo !hri.g !ite! !imult.eou!l". Uith E.e>od4 "ou re ,le
to !He gret del o- time. Ill "ou hHe to do i! uplod "our Hideo o.ce4 .d the"
7ill lu.ch it to .um,er o- di--ere.t Hideo !u,mi!!io. 7e,!ite!. +he -ree !ig. up
7ill giHe "ou :;; [Hideo deplo"me.t!Q per mo.th.
E.elod o--er! u.iTue tr--ic .l"tic! cp,ilit" 7hich c. trck the .um,er o-
Hie7!4 click!4 comme.t! .d other i.-ormtio. relted to "our Hideo. E.e>od l!o
h! !"!tem tht llo7! "ou to utomticll" updte "our !ocil medi .et7ork!.
C!i.g Hideo to driHe tr--ic to 7e,!ite i! .o7 !o much -!ter .d !impler 7ith
+here re m." more ,e.e-it! tht "ou c. get -rom E.elod. F- "ou re . o.li.e
mrketer4 or . o--li.e ,u!i.e!! looki.g to ,uild . o.li.e pre!e.ce4 E.elod could
,e gret tool -or "ou. Ft 7ill help "ou !He time4 trck tre.d! .d !!e!! "our
Hideo mrketi.g e--ort!. (ig. up to E.elod to get the mo!t e1po!ure -or "our
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/E!"#$ideo#(uite
Decu!e o- the gro7i.g populrit" o- Hideo !ite! like @ou+u,e4 mrketi.g 7ith
Hideo i! ,ecomi.g more import.t .d e--ectiHe o.li.e mrketi.g tctic. Ft i! !id
tht ,out 2=b o- ll 7e, tr--ic h! to do 7ith Hideo. $ideo i! .o7 more po7er-ul
th. ." other -orm o- promotio. ,ecu!e it llo7! "ou to demo.!trte "our
product! or ide! tht !o tht people Hie7 "our ,u!i.e!! 7ith more credi,ilit".
(ome people m" thi.k tht creti.g pro-e!!io.l Hideo i! hrd .d co!t! lot o-
mo.e"4 ,ut the truth i!4 7ith Her" !imple eTuipme.t like Hideo cmer .d Hideo
editi.g tool!4 "ou c. crete !hort .d e--ectiHe mrketi.g Hideo. $ideo
0rketi.g i! reltiHel" i.e1pe.!iHe. @ou c. record Hideo o.ce .d reu!e it
I.other Hi!i,le ,e.e-it o- Hideo mrketi.g i! tht it llo7! ,u!i.e!! to ,e -le1i,le
,out ho7 the" mrket their comp.". 0ke !ure tht "our Hideo mrketi.g
cmpig. i! 7ell thought out .d properl" e1ecuted. Ft i! the per-ect tool -or
trgeted dHerti!i.g.
$ideo mrketi.g c. l!o help ,u!i.e!!e! crete lo"l -. ,!e ," e.,li.g
cu!tomer prticiptio. through !ocil medi !hri.g4 ,log comme.t! .d liHe
co..ectio.!. @ou do.Gt .eed to ,e . e1pert to !ucceed t Hideo mrketi.g. @ou c.
!trt ," Xu!t mki.g !imple !lide pre!e.ttio.4 recordi.g it4 .d the. uplodi.g it
to Hideo !hri.g !ite like @ou+u,e 7ith the de!criptio. .d li.k to "our !ite.
$ideo mrketi.g i! trul" o.e o- the mo!t import.t t"pe! o- mrketi.g cmpig.!.
Ft doe!.Nt co!t much4 dr7! pote.til cu!tomer!4 improHe! 7e,!ite tr--ic4 ,uild!
lo"l cu!tomer ,!e4 i.cre!e! commercil di!tri,utio. rte!4 improHe! !le!4 .d
lot more.
$ideo! re . idel 7" to get "our me!!ge out to !ercher! o. the i.ter.et. +he
po7er o- Hideo i! trul" u.de.i,le.
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/E!"#$ideo#(uite
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/E!"#$ideo#(uite
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/Joddd"
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/Ho!tgtor
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/5meChep
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/(ocilIdr
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/+r--icUHe
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/Fm.ic0il
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleDck+o(chool(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleCrd(hpe!(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleCreteCu!tom+!hirt!(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleCu!tomiYeFtIll(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleMi!.e"!8roYe.(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleJrdutio.F.Hittio.!(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleF.ter.tio.l(tore!
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYlei3ho.e_C!e!3reorder(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYle(He+heMte(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYle(He+heMte0g.et!(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleUrppedC.H!(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYleJi-tCe.ter(tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/aYYle(hopI.dCreteF.C(I

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