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To: Interested Parties

From: Paul Harstad and Mike Kulisheck
Date: October 25, 2014
Re: New Colorado Senate Poll Affirms Movement Toward Mark Udall

Our latest survey of 1,004 Colorado likely voters indicates that Mark Udall has rebounded
to a small lead over Corey Gardner for the first time this month of October. Udall
currently leads Gardner by 44% to 43% for Gardner, with 6% for other candidates, and
6% undecided.
The survey was conducted by telephone (using live interviewers reaching voters on both
landlines and cell phones) among 1,004 likely voters from October 19 to 23, 2014.
In terms of the current gender gap, the survey indicates Udall leading among women by
9% while Gardner leads among men by a 7% margin. Undecided voters feel better
disposed toward Udall (23% favorable / 25% unfavorable) than they are toward Gardner
(13% favorable / 31% unfavorable).
The survey shows that Udall does somewhat better among registered Democrats (leading
by 86% to 6%) than Gardner does among registered Republicans (leading by 84% to
9%), and Udall holds a meaningful 10% lead among registered Independents (ahead by
48% to 38%).
Conducted for the DSCC, the Harstad Research survey is based upon a sample of
active voters that is 5% more registered Republicans than registered Democrats.

The survey was conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, Inc. Based in Colorado,
Harstad Strategic Research has served as pollster for winning Democrats in each of
Colorados last three Senate races (Ken Salazar in 2004, Mark Udall in 2008, Michael
Bennet in 2010) as well as both of Barack Obamas wins here in 2008 and 2012.
No pollster in America has conducted statewide surveys in Colorado with more
frequency, more accuracy, or more success than Harstad Research.