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STOP Jobhopping



This book is dedicated to all the members of the

working force who are having a hard time looking for t rue

happiness in their respective professional life. I’m writ ing

this book in the hope of helping you find solutions to your

career issues.

I salute you for taking t ime and courage to seek

help by reading this now. I know how much you want to

succeed, and I also acknowledge how disappointed you are

in whatever experiences you have had in the past.

Allow me to share with you my personal Keys To

Career Pure Bliss. Read on and Stop Yourself from

Jobhopping Now.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 2

Do you understand yourself?

I understand the t rouble you have had in the past

months and years of your life. I was once like you and I’m

wri ting this because I believe I can help you in

understanding yourself better and help you find solutions

to your problems.

As we begin our efforts, allow me to give you a brief

perspective of your current situation. I want you to

evaluate yourself by simply marking each of the next

situations I have managed to list. Mark each situation

that you feel is relevant to your own personal experiences.

I hope that you could take note of each situation with

honesty because knowing where you are r ight now would

make finding your solutions easier.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 3


(Mark each situation which you can relate to.)

o You have just entered in to your new job but no

matter how hard you t ry, you can’t stop yourself

from thinking of your upcoming resignation.

o You wake up in the morning and feel no

enthusiasm or excitement to go to work. You

li terally have to drag yourself to keep doing your


o You constantly look at the wall clock or your watch

to check the remaining time you would need to stay

in the office. For you, more t ime at work means less


o Whenever you have the chance, you take a

leave, with or without pay.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 4

o You are never proud of the things you do at

work and have the uneasy feeling when being

associated with your company or position.

o You never run out of complaints about your

job, your boss, your officemates and everything

related to your work.

o You always pity yourself for having to do your

job and i t almost always moves you into tears.

o You feel indifferent when you’re at work and

don’t feel like yourself at all.

o Every morning, you hope and pray for

strength so you could finish another “hellish”

day at work.

o You feel like being tortured when asked to

finish your six months contract. The i rony is you

can’t wait to stop doing what you agreed to do.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 5

o If given the chance, you’d happily accept a

different job as soon as you receive an offer.

You’ll take the offer without second thoughts.

o You constantly envy people who are happy

with their job.

o You regularly ask yourself, “What’s wrong

with me?”

o You are having a hard time appreciating your

job even if i t pays you a huge salary.

o You love holidays, knowing that you won’t

need to go to work. Most of the time, you wish

you’d have weeklong non-working holidays.

o You constantly dream of having a month long


o You already had three jobs in less than three

years and you still don’t know what you really

want to do with your life.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 6

o You t ry to convince yourself to work for a

company for at least a year. Each t ime you t ry,

you simply fail.

o You regularly view job postings in the

newspaper and in the in ternet hoping you’ll find

the next big thing.

o You think that you are an embarrassment to

your family because you can’t seem to find

stability in your professional life.

o You start to accept that your professional life

is simply a big failure.

o When people ask you details about your job,

you simply don’t have the interest to answer


Can you find yourself in similar situations above?

How many of these situations reflected yourself? One?

Two? Three? or More?

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 7

Here's the catch.

The lesser issues you can relate to, the smaller is

your problem. The more issues you can relate to, the

bigger is your problem.

Another thing, I bet you didn't mark everything on

the list. Then that would be good news for you! You surely

have a smaller problem than what I've had before. I used

to relate with every single situation on the list you know.

Can you imagine that?

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 8

You are not alone. I understand you.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that somewhere in

your heart, there is pain. Yes, there is pain. You are

suffering because of the fact that you are a JOB HOPPER.

This may be the fi rst time you’ll hear this from

anyone. I coined i t myself. I use JOB HOPPER to denote

to people who are exactly like me a year ago.

Yes. I had the same issues as you have r ight now. I

am 101% JOB HOPPER from the year 2006 to 2008. I

used to ask God why He wanted me to be one. I even

doubted H is intentions along the way, but as I was

wri ting this book for you, I realized that He really meant

everything to happen. He really wanted me to go through

every single job that I’ve had before and later on wri te

about my experiences to simply shed some light to your

life r ight now.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 9

I believe that you are destined to know what I’ve

been through. I believe that you are destined to know

what I learned and how I learned them.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 10

I am a Pu re-blooded JOB HOPPER

Allow me to share with you how I lived the early

days of my life. As the youngest daughter in our family, I

am almost always programmed to be the obedient kid in

the house. I belonged to a family of five but as I was

growing up, I only had my father and my mother with me

because my sister and my brother, who are a lot older

than me, have already started to live independently.

Practically, I’m lavished with the love and support

of my parents all throughout my younger years. Because

of this, I was able to bloom into becoming a top rated

student in our school, both in elementary and in high

school. My parents were very happy to see me succeed in

the academics and were even happier when I got to enter

another top rated university in the country.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 11

College life was equally satisfying and productive

for this was the t ime when I got the chance to even grow

my knowledge and my relationships with people of

different kinds (as in different kinds). I was pretty good in

doing both, that I almost graduated Cum Laude, if I have

not been heartbroken during my senior year.

We were all very happy when I graduated college

for I was the fi rst in the family to receive that level of

education. I felt victorious for having graduated with good

scholastic records and good reputation too.

However, things started to become very gloomy

after these wonderful years.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 12

Jobs 1…2…3…

I found my first job through the internet. I was

lucky to find a good job opportuni ty in a reputable real

estate fi rm. I got hired in a week’s t ime. I was so happy

for having my fi rst job ever but I really didn’t know what I

was getting into until I started working.

I didn’t know that work life could feel so bad. I

didn’t really like my job. I had an unending list of issues

with the office, people and responsibilities of my fi rst job.

Every single day, I felt like I could not breathe. I didn’t

want to face the customers nor the bosses. None of my

expectations on my fi rst job was ever met. After three

months of working, I decided to leave.

I rested for sometime and looked for another job. I

t r ied a job that a colleague has already gotten into. I loved

the people. I loved the compensation package. I loved the

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 13

freedom. One thing I didn’t like was the fact that i t was a

selling job. I was never in to selling. I felt shy and

incompetent to sell our valued products. After eight

months of painstakingly t rying to do the job, I left i t with

an infected colon.

I rested again and regained strength to find

another job. This time, I managed to stay with the office

for ten months. Most of my officemates were remarkable

people. They made my short stay really memorable. The

compensation package was t ruly awesome. I could live

with half of my salary. BUT, I didn’t really like the nature

of the job. I wasn’t in love with what I was doing. I felt lost

most of the time. I kept asking myself for reasons why I

should be doing what I was being told to do. I cannot

commit my heart to the office’s mission and objectives. I

thought I could make i t for a year but I just could not take

i t anymore. I again resigned.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 14

The Road to Cla r ity

After experiencing all these, I took the liberty to

find peace in committing myself to reflection, a form of

self-initiated retreat. I felt that I really needed more t ime

to talk to myself about my performance in my professional


The road to clari ty was never easy. I had to deal

with my critical self who repeatedly highlighted the

things that didn’t work out. I was almost always

depressed and felt guilty of all my past actions.

Yes, I am very much guilty of practically everything

that happened to my professional life. The good thing is,

after thinking things through, I finally identified my

mistakes and promised to do the exact opposite next time.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 15


Goof-up #1:

I never planned.

Did you know that one of my basic skills is

planning for events? Oh, well. Unfortunately, I was great

at organizing events but never my life. After graduating

from college, I never paused to reflect on my dreams and

put them in to a serious plan.

Upon graduating, hasty to find a job, I urgently

searched for a job through the in ternet, applied for

whatever vacancy there was and proceeded to work. I

failed to think of ways and strategies on how I may be

able to reach my dreams. I was sailing through life

without any destination.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 16

Goof-up #2:

I choose jobs that pay the biggest salary.

My top consideration in choosing a job was the

amount of compensation they offer. I didn’t really focus on

what things are expected of me when I commit to the job.

I never really committed myself to any of my jobs. I just

want the huge salary but I was not really commit ted to

getting the job done. I didn’t even think if the job is what I

really wanted to do. I took pride with how much money I

was receiving but not with what I am able to do to help

the company or office I was working for. Now, I know that

money is never everything there is in a job.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 17

Goof-up #3:

I choose what other people choose for me.

I always consider other people’s opinion, never my

opinion. While deciding on whether to get into my third

job or not, my brother encouraged me to t ry i t out. He said

that since i t’s a once in a lifetime offer, he said i t would be

best to have a feel of i t first before letting it go. That’s

exactly what I did, no matter how doubtful I was of my

interest in the responsibili ties of the job.

I do what other people tell me to do, without asking

myself if I’m happy with what they have chosen for me. I

was acting like the youngest child all the time. I was

obedient and unhappy.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 18

Goof-up #4:

I forgot to consider my strengths and weaknesses.

Remember my selling job? I thought I could learn to

love i t when I start learn more about the products and

start to receive my paycheck, but no! The t ruth is, I suck

at selling. I don’t even know how to handle a “no.”

Because of this, I was suffering every single day I spent in

my selling job.

As usual, I got into the job because I was just

looking at the huge salary and benefits they were offering

me. I never really asked myself if I would be interested to

claim the objectives of the company as my own before

getting in i t. I didn’t care to evaluate my passion and

competency’s compatibility with the job. I took comfort in

knowing that a friend took the job and thought that I’d be

fi t for i t too. I thought I’d be happy if I’d get to have what

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 19

other people also have. I saw their strengths but never


STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 20

Goof-up #5:

I was too impatient.

I didn’t want to do any waiting. I didn’t want to

analyze the future I would have if I work with the position

or company I’m applying for. I wanted to get ahead of

others. I thought life was a race. I always ask who got the

job fi rst. How fast can I get this job?

If company A gives me an offer today, I’d take i t

r ight away, even if I’m very much interested with company

B. I wanted to amaze people with how fast I could get a

new job. I wanted to make i t appear that finding a job is

as easy as 1-2-3. I easily grab what’s available for the

moment even if that’s not what I want.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 21

Goof-up #6:

I was afraid to explore the field that I’m in terested in.

My family never wanted to see me teach. They

think that teaching is not a good profession because there

is too lit t le money in it. So, whenever there is a teaching

opportunity for me, I never considered i t for myself

because I know my family won’t appreciate. I was always

looking for their approval. I developed a distasteful feeling

towards teaching even though I know how good I am at i t.

I was too afraid to fight for my dream. I was too afraid to

be deviant from my family’s standards.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 22

Goof-up #7:

I consult the wrong people.

I’m very good at asking for people’s opinions. I like

asking a lot but the problem is that I used to ask people

who are neither knowledgeable nor experienced in the

issue that I intend to solve.

I ask friends. I ask family members. BUT…I never

asked the experts. I never asked the advice of those who

have already proven themselves. I never asked those who

have already been there and done that. I never asked the

r ight people.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 23

Goof-up #8:

I never imagined the future.

I never thought of how I wanted my future to

become. I just went on from one day to another without

thinking of what things I need to do now so I may have a

future that fits my dreams and aspirations in life. I never

focused on my dreams. Instead, I focused on other people’s

dreams for me.

I wonder, if I had wri t ten down my dreams before, I

would have easily realized how distant my actions were in

relations to my dreams. I should have realized r ight there

and then how I was t rying to tu rn away from my real

goals in life. I never imagined my dreams. I imagined

what others dream of me to become.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 24

Goof-up #9:

I imitate other people’s decisions.

I never really knew where I should go and what I

should do, so I ask other people for their life choices and I

consequently “copy” their decisions. There are times when

i t worked, but there are many other times when i t didn’t

work. I t even aggravated my situation because I wasn’t

satisfying myself. I was t rying hard to fi t myself in to

situations where my skills and interests were

incompatible, thinking that “if others made i t good, maybe

I could make i t good too.”

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 25

Goof-up #10:

I was too insecure.

I never t rusted my instincts. I never t rusted my

competencies. When I get into a job, I tend to forget my

value and instead look down on my capabilities. I forgot

about how great a thinker I am. I forgot about awesome a

communicator I am. I forgot about how sincere a wri ter I

am. I forgot about how valuable and unique my skills are.

I didn’t let myself shine thinking that I was just a li t tle

girl who can do lit tle things.

I forgot to love myself. I adored others but never


Now, can you relate with any of the big mistakes I

have had in the past?

This is a very good opportunity for you to evaluate

your past too. Think about the things you did before that

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 26

didn't do you any good. L ist down every single mistake you

made and commit to yourself to do the exact opposite of i t

all next time.

Feel good about how well you tu rn your mistakes

into solutions. Feel good about how well you solve each

and every issue you've had before. Feel good about

creating a new beginning, something you very much

deserve to have.

Keys to Career Pu re Bliss

Now, let me share with you some of my personal

strategies in resolving past career issues. Here are three

powerful ways you can use to STOP YOURSELF FROM


Career Pure Bliss Key #1:

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 27

Know your heart's desire.

What people, things, activities, etc. can make you

extremely happy? What is it that you do best? What is i t

that you dream yourself to become, ever since you were

young? What can make your heart jump up and sing?

Know your heart's desire. Unless you determine

your heart's desire, you can never give yourself the chance

to be t ruly happy.

I am happiest when I am directly in touch with

my family. Being the youngest, I have the gift of being

able to communicate with each of my family members

about every family issue that we in tend to solve. I am

most alive when I help our family deal with these issues

and keep our family's close t ies. I mend broken family

relationships. I revive relationships that are drifting


STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 28

I cannot afford to be away from these imperfect but

wonderful people in my life. I'm happiest when I'm of

service to them.

I also enjoy mentoring people. I love sharing my

experiences to every single person that which I think are

in need of my guidance. I believe that I am responsible to

help nur ture and educate the younger generations by

developing close bonds with them and appreciating them

for what they are and what they could be. I love teaching

my 6 year old nephew named Ren. I t makes me want to

wake up early in the morning.

I love teaching anyone interested to learn. I t excites

me to see people learn from me. I t rejuvenates my soul to

know that lives are changed for the better with my help.

Thanks to God, after all these years that I've been

blinded, I now acknowledge my heart's desires. I now

pursue my passion.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 29

How about you? What are your dreams? What are

your heart's desires?

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 30

Career Pure Bliss Key #2:

Focus on your dreams.

Avoid being distracted by the things that come your

way. Focus on what you want. Focus on what you enjoy.

Focus on what makes you happy.

If you love to wri te, then go find an opportunity

(not necessarily a job) that requires you to wri te.

If you love to sing, then go find an opportunity that

requires you to sing.

If you love to building things, then go find an

opportunity that requires you to build things.

I t's actually that simple. You just have to know

what you want first, and then go find that opportunity

that will give you the chance to do exactly what you want

to do.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 31

If you do this, there is a greater possibility that you

would be so much happier in your next money making

opportunity. Yes, I say i t's a money making opportunity,

not necessarily a job.

If by chance, you are again offered with a high-

paying money making opportunity that is not congruent

to your heart's desire or passion, then you now know what

to do with them. You got to have the courage to say "no" to

them and keep yourself focused on the things that make

you really really satisfied.

You got to fight for your heart's desire. Fighting for

your passion is fighting for your happiness.

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 32

Career Pure Bliss Key #3:

Surround yourself with supportive people.

No man is an island. Nobody can make him or

herself happy alone. You've got to keep supportive, caring,

loving, understanding, responsible, t rustworthy and

inspiring people always present in your life.

You have to keep strong relationships with people

that inspire you and help you become a better person in

one way or another. You have to make sure that only those

who are positive and productive people surround you.

Why? Well, people in our lives influence us. If we

allow negative and unsupportive people get into our lives

and influence us, the possibility of achieving our dreams

would decrease.

On the other hand, if we allow positive and

supportive people to get into our lives and inf luence us,

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 33

the possibility of achieving more and more successes will


For example, if I keep on listening to people who

say that teaching is never a good career option, then I

would most probably move away from that dream and

choose something else that is not in harmony with my

heart's desire to teach. This would make finding my ideal

career even more difficult in the end. That would mean

more suffering and more failed jobs.

L ist down the people who are closest to you. Are

they positive or negative people? Do they add value to

yourself or not? Are they the ones you need to help you

make your dreams come t rue?

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 34

The Most I mportant Pa r t

(…you shouldn’t miss)

Lastly, my list of strategies can go on and on but as

long as you don't DO any of these things, you are

definitely going nowhere but back to your old habits.

The most important thing to DO is to TAKE


You have to ACT the soonest t ime possible. You

have to commit yourself to CHANGE. You have to commit

to a BRIGHTER FUTURE. You have to commit to DO IT


Wishing you the courage to fight for your


edeL ramiLo

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 35

STOP Jobhopping NOW! By Edel Ramilo Page 36