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FB Tips and Tricks

When you are pos-ng on facebook there is a right way to do it and a wrong way
to do it.
NEVER SE on facebook"..#ER$%&
Facebook is not a se''ing p'aEor). $f you want to se'' stu* you need to bui'd an e-
)ai' 'ist fro) facebook and se'' the) %FF of facebook.
Facebook is a socia' network""..so be socia'""'ook for +#, o*ers that gi-e
things away. #eop'e wi'' gi-e away contact infor)a-on fro) socia' )edia
sugges-ons. but they won/t buy a who'e 'ot of stu* fro) you.
With that in )ind you are going to want to get the )ost out of each status
&o your best to be socia'. #u'' a picture o* of the page and use it in your status
$ do this a'' the -)e on )y dog pages. Since the 0reat ,)erican #et #hoto
+ontest is a photo contest it works perfect'y. $ pu'' a picture o* the page and then
$ )ake a -ery strong ca'' to ac-on to go to the FB1 page or direct'y to the +#,
When $ say a strong ca'' to ac-on $ )ean a VER2 STR%N0 ca'' to ac-on.
5&on/t you think this photo is cute67
$ do and it/s a contender for pup of the week"
".. #8%T%
.". #8%T%
".. #8%T%
+'ick here to enter yours 99; 'ink to cpa o*er
See how $ b'atant'y to'd the) to c'ick the 'ink and e-en pointed at it.
<n'ess you actua''y TE peop'e to c'ick things they won/t do it.
Serious'y""use the word 5c'ick7""
%k onto the ne=t B$0 -p"
$n the -ideos $ ta'k a few -)es about another way to do it that is )ore
pro>tab'e"..and there is".and it/s si)p'e.
When you >rst test niches to see if they work you wi'' want to be using the FB1
page to get that set-up. The on'y prob'e) is that so)e peop'e don/t a'ways c'ick
the i)age. This )eans that the +#, o*er wi'' ne-er get a chance for the). To get
around this you can set-up a website that re-directs to your +#, o*er. Then you
?ust 'ink out to that and you won/t ha-e to dea' with the drop in con-ersions fro)
the peop'e that don/t c'ick on your i)age on the FB1 page.
%k"..'ast set of -ps here".
0e@ng into a +#, network"..
This can be a prob'e) for peop'e if you do it wrong".so here/s what you do.
0o to )a=bounty.co) and app'y for appro-a' to be in the network. ,sk for an
aA'iate )anager na)ed ,da). Te'' hi) that you ha-e a few websites. but you
are an e=pert at is ##+. B+#, networks 'o-e paid traAcC &on/t )en-on socia'
)edia. They 'o-e facebook ##+. but they don/t 'ike facebook because 'ots of
peop'e send super untargeted traAc with facebook.
+#, networks wi'' fo''ow up with you with a phone ca''. So when you ta'k to the)
say SE% or ##+"..that/s what they want to hear.
,nd don/t )iss that phone ca''.
Bbtw".na)e drop"&ona'd Wi'son".and you/'' get into )a=bountyC
8ope those tricks and -ps he'p you cash in.
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DFB-$nf'uence
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)D0odaddy
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)D8ostgator
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DNa)e+heap
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DSocia',dr
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DTrafficWa-e
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)D$)nica1ai'
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DGaHH'eBackToSchoo'Store
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DGaHH'e+ardShapesStore
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DGaHH'e+reate+usto)TshirtsStore
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DGaHH'e+usto)iHe$t,''Store
+'ick 8ere4 http4DDguiderightgroup.co)DGaHH'e&isneysFroHenStore
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