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Public Employees Federation AFL-CIO

Division 191
PO Box 2322 Church Street Station
New York, NY 10008 (212) 961-8083

Usher Z. Piller Robert Roslawski Catherine Pormann Andrew Del Re Robert G. Wright Robin Matthews
Council Leader Assistant Leader Treasurer Secretary Chief Steward Executive Board

Leah Cooper Serena Fallon Wendy Kidd-Vicars Cantave Paul Luisa Santiago-Farrell
Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward

Kevin E. Jones, Esq. Harvey Brody Thomas Hotz
Consultant Director of Research Director of Public Relations
October 7, 2014
James V. P. Hair
Director of Public Relations
NYS Public Employees Federation
1168-70 Troy-Schenectady Road
Albany, NY 12212

Dear Mr. Hair: RE: Interrogation of Medicaid Inspector General James C. Cox

Please be advised that --- your strident entreaty on behalf of Jimmy Cox notwithstanding --- PEF Division 191
intends to proceed with his interrogation as scheduled.

It is high time that public officials are held accountable for flagrant abuse of the Civil Service system, cronyism,
exploitation of our members, tainted outside contracts and the incredible two-year benching of acclaimed
Medicaid Investigator Harvey Brody.

Your allegation that the Notice of Interrogation was not done on behalf of PEF is rejected categorically. The
Notice was initiated with the full backing and support of PEF Division 191.

You write, there is no law, rule or regulations (sic) that grants you the authority to compel a State official to
attend an interrogation.

Please be advised that PEF Division 191 has thoroughly researched this matter and we havent found a single
law, rule or regulation that precludes us from demanding that a State official attend an interrogation.

When PEF Division 191 protested on May 1, 2014 and called for Cox resignation, the current PEF
administration failed to support us. We even received a report, from a highly reliable source, that President
Susan Kent undermined our efforts by personally apologizing to Jimmy Cox for our demonstration.

Regarding usage of the PEF Manhattan Regional Office for the interrogation, we believe that as a PEF staff
member you lack any authority to curtail or constrain our use of the office.

Respectfully yours,

Serena Fallon Usher Z. Piller
Serena Fallon, Steward Usher Z. Piller, Council Leader