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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
PPC 2asis
Cha"ter 21
3etermine .our Tar&et 4ar,et
Cha"ter /1
Choose -e"utable PPC Providers
Cha"ter 51
3etermine )hat PPC Provider 6as The 2est
0eatures 0or .our Cam"ai&n
Cha"ter 71
Learn 6o%To 8se The 0ilter Tools At The PPC
Cha"ter 91
3o E:tensive ;e'%ord -esearh
Cha"ter <1
=et A 2ud&et And =ti, To It
4a,e =ure .ou 6ave Great Content )hen =omeone
3oes Cli,
Cha"ter ?1
.ou 6ave To 0ollo%8"
)ra""in& 8"
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Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Pa'-Per-Cli,-Aadem'
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Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Tra##i)ave
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Imnia4ail
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Tar&etin& 'our ustomers %ith "a' "er li, is a an be ver' stress#ul
"roess beause o# the deliate onnotation a##iliated to it( This
deliate "hase involves lear understandin& o# the seasonal sentiment
o# the vie%in& masses( There is also a need to onsider the sometimes
trend settin& and movement o# %hat is "o"ular at the moment( Get
ever'thin& 'ou need to ,no% here(
PPC =uess Lo&istis
8sin& PPC To .our Advanta&e
Cha"ter 11
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PPC 2asis
6arness the "o%er o# the PPC throu&h understandin& it$ is %hat this
to"i is all about( The bu'in& 'le o# the vie%ers is the main
ontribution to the PPC as #or the most "art it inludes researh$ sho"
and "urhase(
There#ore the searh mar,eter should then se&ment the e##orts and
subseCuent ,e'%ords to base the researh on eah "hase o# the
bu'in& 'le( This ma' sometime entail the need to have a %ider
ran&e o# ,e'%ords$ but this does not neessaril' mean the immediate
onversion to PPC(
- ? -
The 2asis
In order to o"timi+e the PPC st'le o# harnessin& a lar&er "erenta&e o#
ontributin& vie%ers the tas, o# im"rovin& or reatin& a &ood landin&
"a&e %hih it o# hi&h Cualit' should be onsidered(
There should also be e##orts to have disussions #or "er#ormane
related am"ai&ns %hih is able to dra% the attention o# the "ros"et
to reate the ideal PPC irumstanes(
Choosin& a searh en&ine "la'er that aters to this PPC usa&e is
somethin& to onsider too( Althou&h it ma' di##er sli&htl' %here the
advertised listin&s are ran,ed based on a dail' s"endin& bud&et and
reeivable li, and not *ust bid amounts(
=ettin& a bud&et #or the PPC %ill allo% the individual to better &au&e
its e##etiveness and the bud&et mana&ement tool an be re initiated
automatiall' one it runs its ourse(
8sin& the PPC to diret tra##i to the %ebsites is %hen the advertisers
"a' %ebsite o%ners %hen the ad is li,ed on( 0or some the PPC has
"roven to be Cuite a lurative %a' o# ma,in& some im"ressive revenue
earnin& "lat#orms(
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Cha"ter 21
3etermine .our Tar&et 4ar,et
This is ver' im"ortant as it %ill eventuall' ensure the #unds used %ill
not be %asted( It is an im"ortant #at to onsider %hen it omes to
understandin& the tar&et audiene that is most li,el' to "re#er the
individualEs "roduts or servies and then #ous the PPC on this
-eo&ni+in& the ri&ht tar&et mar,et #or the intended business
endeavor %ill minimi+e bud&et alloation thus &ivin& the individual a
better "ro#it mar&in(
- 11 -
.our 4ar,et
Ensurin& the tar&et mar,et is onsidered throu&h eah ste" o# the
PPC am"ai&n is #irst done thou&h the ,e'%ord hoosin& e:erise(
These ,e'%ord am"ai&ns should inlude a &ood mi:ture o# brand
buildin& and "hrases that %ill eventuall' be able to onvert vie%ers
into bein& more ommitted(
Althou&h random ,e'%ords an still dra% tra##i to the site
throu&h the PPC this ommonl' does not onvert the vie%er into
bein& more ommitted thus the need to better de#ine the tar&et
Ad reation is also another im"ortant element in the PPC tool as
this is %hat %ill interest a visitor and ause them to be "art o# the
tra##i driven to the site( The more in#ormative ontent "laed
%ithin the ad the better the dra%(
All this %ill hel" to tailor the ad to reate the desired PPC #or the
business( =easonal tar&et am"ai&ns are more li,el' to reate the
PPC and this should also be e:"lored #or its "ossible merits(
2eause the tar&et mar,et ensure better ost e##etive measures
the idea o# havin& the most e##etive and aountable tool is o#ten
a,no%led&ed %ithin the PPC "lat#orm(
- 12 -
This is evident %hen the om"etitors are "la'in& muh more #or
the same results &ained #rom the PPC tool( In some %a's this an
also be loo,ed u"on as a rather trans"arent and measurable o"tion
to hoose #rom %hen om"ared to the other tools that are
- 1/ -
Cha"ter /1
Choose -e"utable PPC Providers
PPC is a ver' bene#iial tool #or advertisin& and mar,etin& as it
enables the individual to &et the site ran,ed almost immediatel'
thou&h the related searh "hrases that in turn drives tra##i in the
#orm o# tar&eted visitors( These visitors are the ur&ed to onvert #or
site visitors o# ontributin& ones in terms o# the ommitment to
ma,in& a "urhase or an'thin& else that is revenue earnin&(
- 15 -
Choose )ell
There is al%a's a "ossibilit' o# losin& mone' throu&h the ill
mana&ement o# the PPC advertisin& am"ai&ns thus #indin& or
usin& onl' re"utable "roviders are im"ortant(
-e"utable PPC "roviders ideall' have all the e:"ertise that is
needed to set u" and mana&e all as"ets o# the am"ai&n to
o"timi+e the PPC st'le o# mar,etin&(
This is an im"ortant #eature as it %ill ensure the mar,etin& bud&et
%et is not abused$ e:"loited or even %orse %asted( The PPC an
also e##etivel' ontribute to the onversion rates bein&
onsistentl' hi&h(
4ost hi&h Cualit' PPC "roviders %ill ensure that the' &et the
s"ei#iation #rom the host to attain the best "ossible results #rom
the hosen advertisement "osted(
E:erisin& e##etive ,e' "hrase searhes is also another #untion o#
a &ood PPC "rovider as this too %ill ontribute to onvertin& tra##i
into lients(
3oin& some "ersonal researh #or a re"utable PPC "rovider is also
enoura&ed( This an be done throu&h enCuirin& or loo,in& into
the urrent ustomer base o# the "rovider tar&eted(
Choosin& a PPC "rovider that an address "roblems as the' arise is
- 17 -
also im"ortant as one o# the more "o"ular ones %ould inlude the
li,s #raud %hih an be Cuite ram"ant(
Thus the a#ter sales servie o# the om"an' "i,ed should be
a""ro"riatel' onsidered and evaluated #or its servie "rovidin&
a"ait'( The om"an' hosen should also be able to #ine tune or
ma,e neessar' ad*ustments to ensure o"timum results(
- 19 -
Cha"ter 51
3etermine )hat PPC Provider 6as The 2est 0eatures 0or
.our Cam"ai&n
Pi,in& the best PPC "rovider that has the best #eatures #or a
am"ai&n to best suit the individual is not a tas, that should be ta,en
li&htl' and as suh a #e% im"ortant elements should be ta,en into
- 1< -
)hat 3o .ou Get
As the PPC am"ai&n is one o the most hi&hl' tar&eted advertisin&
available man' individual tend to ma,e the mista,e o# not "ro"erl'
levera&in& these ads #or the best results(
One o# the #eatures that is ver' im"ortant to a PPC am"ai&n is the
use o# ,e'%ords( These ,e'%ords hosen to tar&et the intended
audiene is "ivotal in attratin& the tra##i to the site and as suh
should be done %ith some onsideration(
I# the PPC "rovider is able to ma,e use o# ne&ative ,e'%ords to
hel" diret more tra##i due to the s"ei#i ad "laement$ this %ill
ensure the inreased rates o# the li, throu&h CT- and the
onversion %ill be assured o# a""earin& on #e%er non interested
The ne&ative ,e'%ords an hel" to hone the ad "laement and
&ood su&&estion #or suh %ords to be eliminated an be #ound in
various "laes o# %hih the PPC "rovider should be savv' about(
The ideal PPC "rovider should also be able to "romote the brand
else%here and reserve all non branded ads( As this eventuall'
dilutes the values o# the non searh brand ads b' not lettin& the
"ros"ets hoose the branded as(
The "rovider should also reommend &eneri ,e'%ords that allo%
- 1> -
the ads to run the brand that ensures an' reo&nition(
PPC "roviders should also be able to ensure that the visitor does
more than *ust bro%se the home "a&e( One the visitor enters the
site ever'thin& should be done to ensure the eas' aess to the
material throu&hout the site as this should eh &oal o# the atual
am"ai&n basis(
- 1? -
Cha"ter 71
Learn 6o%To 8se The 0ilter Tools At The PPC Provider
In order to be able to use the #ilter tools at an' PPC "rovider to reate
o"timum results one has to #irst determine the reasons #or the PPC
hoie made #irst( One o# the most im"ortant elements o# the PPC
basis lies in the ,e'%ord researh done(
- 2D -
The Tools
As %ith an' initial business venture the e##ort made to outline the
am"ai&n &oals usuall' ta,es some "reedene( The lear indiation
o# the atual ideal is im"ortant and s"ei#i Cuestions should be as,ed
and ans%ered in this area(
These ma' inlude e:am"les suh as is the ad ontent about sellin& a
"rodut$ &eneratin& leads #or the business$ enoura&in& #ree trials and
so on( One these are ate&oriall' addressed then the #ilter tools
suitable an be identi#ied throu&h the PPC "rovider(
8sin& the E:el s"readsheet tool an "rove its value$ i# the mana&in&
o# the PPC am"ai&n is done "ro"erl'( As e:el is an alread' a ,no%n
use#ul tool in mana&in& PPC am"ai&ns the understandin& o# its
im"ortane to #ilter out %ords and "hrases that %ould best suit the
intentions o# the site #eaturin& the "rodut or servies %ould be
adeCuatel' met(
8sin& the ,e'%ord tool that 'ields a lot o# data on the urrent and
more "o"ular su&&estions o# ,e'%ords is also another #ilter tool that
assists &reatl' in ,ee"in& the PPC "rovider hosen "er#ormin&
4a*or searh en&ines suh as Goo&le and 4=N an assist in the hu&e
amount o# data the' an "rovide on the ,e'%ords "eo"le use in their
searhes on a re&ular or dail' basis(
0ilterin& the ,e'%ords that are &oin& to ost in term o# un%anted
- 21 -
li, is also another "oint that should be onsidered throu&h the #ilter
This is to ensure the li,s that our are atuall' &oin& to the
onverted into "ositive and ommitted interest in the site rather than
random li,s that %ill eventuall' 'ield nothin& but ost the host(
- 22 -
Cha"ter 91
3o E:tensive ;e'%ord -esearh
In order to suess#ull' o"timi+e the PPC senario the ,e'%ord searh
e:erise should ideall' be not onl' e:tensive but also done in a
#oused st'le( The #undamentals o# the PPC lies in the ,e'%ords
hosen to enoura&e the a#ore mentioned ation( The various searh
en&ines onsider the identi#'in& and o"timi+in& o# the s"ei#i %ord
hosen to be #eature in order to &arner the intended PPC is essential
to the basi am"ai&n(
- 2/ -
The -i&ht ;e'%ords
6o%ever it should not be ta,en #or &ranted that the "roess o#
#ilterin& and hoosin& the ,e'%ords are an eas' and mana&eable
"roess as in most ases it does "rove to be Cuite hallen&in&(
8nderstandin& the "roess involved in the ,e'%ord researh and
reo&ni+in& the ones that %ill have the hi&hest 'ield is %orth some
essential #ous(
Learnin& ho% to researh ,e'%ords %ould inlude the ontinuous
disover' "roess o# Cualit' tar&et #riendl' ,e'%ord o""ortunities(
This %ould essentiall' #ailitate a more om"etitive advanta&e #or
better PPC(
Ta,in& on the "roess o# onvertin& the e##etive and ontinuous
,e'%ords hosen to ensure the researh done 'ield some "ositive
ation is the ne:t "riorit'(
The ,e'%ord researh should ideall' be a su""ortin& element %hih is
"art o# the overall searh mar,etin& e##orts to ensure the ,e'%ords
atuall' lead to the "ro#its intended #or the business endeavor
throu&h the "ostin&s(
8sin& other tools that "rovide assistane suh as )ord =treamEs
Goo&le ,e'%ord researh too %ill ma,e the researhin& a better "ro#it
- 25 -
drivin& e:erise o# ma:imi+in& the %ords hosen( Or&ani+in& them
into lists and evaluatin& their individual "er#ormanes %ill hel" to
ensure the non "er#ormin& ones are eliminated(
E:lusive ,e'%ord researh$ ,e'%ord data 'ou an at on and
,e'%ords %hen 'ou need them are all di##erent "lat#orms that "rovide
the ore bene#its to ensure the best ,e'%ords are identi#ied to suit the
"ur"ose intended #or the PPC o"timi+ed ation(
- 27 -
Cha"ter <1
=et A 2ud&et And =ti, To It
PPC searh s"endin& an be Cuite a hallen&e to deide in s"ei#i as
it is an inreasin& #ast "ae mar,et &eneratin& revenue( 2ased on
latest statistis the PPC has &enerated a substantial amount o#
revenue to the internet mar,etin& "lat#orm(
- 29 -
- 2< -
)ath .our 4one'
2ud&etin& #or PPC is di##iult but not im"ossible$ sim"l' beause
the "riin& is mainl' set based on the ,e'%ord bids %hih is ver'
inonsistent and #lutuates onstantl'(
One %a' o# reatin& a bud&et is to estimate one b' alulatin& the
"erenta&e o# revenue derived #rom the online "resene and then
base it on that alulated "erenta&e(
=ome searh en&ines suh as Goo&le have bud&et o"timi+ers #or ad
%ords %hih are &enerall' desi&ned to hel" advertisers reeive the
hi&hest number o# li,s %ithin the bud&et allotted(
6o%ever this does not in an' %a' hel" in ahievin& an'
"ositionin& %ithin the inde:in& e:erise( There is also the use#ul
ost "er li, %hih %or, on monthl' bud&ets or the automate ost
"er li, version %hih allo%s #or automati ad*ustments(
Periodi revie%in& o# the bud&et %hih %as established at the
onset o# the PPC tool e:erise is done to ensure the onversions
and "ro#its balane out ideall' and brin& in the desired revenue(
The bud&ets should be based on the e##etiveness o# reatin& the
revenue #rom the PPC(
6o%ever all the bud&etin& ti"s and desi&ned suitable hoies %ill
not be use#ul i# it is not ,e"t onsistent and there are too man'
- 2> -
ad*ustments made %ithout "ro"er and are#ul onsideration(
There is also the need to sti, to the bud&et laid out until other%ise
"roven to be ine##etive(
There#ore "roblems suh insu##iientl' s"ent #unds$ overs"endin&$
seasonal han&es and o"timi+ed -OI via bud&etin& alloation
should not be the ause o# an' derailment o# the bud&et allotted as
all these "oints should have been adeCuate onsidered be#ore the
PPC %as launhed(
- 2? -
Cha"ter >1
4a,e =ure .ou 6ave Great Content )hen =omeone 3oes
-esearh has sho%n that this is urrentl' the Cui,est %a' to send
tar&eted vie%ers to the intended %ebsite %hih e##etivel' uts the
Ftestin&G "hase do%n onsiderabl'(
- /D -
Content Is ;in&
6o%ever in ma,in& the hoie to use PPC all the #at and #i&ures
should be understood so that an in#ormed hoie an be made %hile
limitin& the "ossibilit' o# #ailure(
Creatin& &reat ontent is the most im"ortant #eature to inlude in the
e:erise o# desi&nin& the site( 6o%ever other su""ortin& elements
should also be loo,ed into to #ailitate the atual ste"s that %ill reate
the "lat#orm #or the visitor #inall' bein& able to vie% the siteEs ontent(
Attrat the tar&et bu'ers %ith the ri&ht ,e'%ords that should ideall'
a""ear on the 8-L( This is an o#ten overloo,ed #at as althou&h most
individuals s"end a onsiderable amount o# time "i,in& the best and
most suitable ,e'%ords that reate the relation and attration "oint to
the site$ the' #ail to inlude this as a learl' dis"la'ed #eature on the
Those vie%in& the initial ads %ill be able to see the 8-L and this
should ause them to %ant to e:"lore #urther into the related to"is(
A#ter this ste" is suess#ull' ta,en the ontent o# the "a&e must be
able to math the ads that brou&ht the vie%er to the site in the #irst
"lae( ;ee"in& the ontent interestin& and #ull o# in#ormative tidbits
%ill enoura&e the vie%er to also reommend the site to others
thereb' e##etivel' reatin& the other revenue earnin& li, #or the
- /1 -
The landin& "a&e should ontain the in#ormation that %as "romised
at the ads "laements as the PPC method is used to aess the
- /2 -
Cha"ter ?1
.ou 6ave To 0ollo%8"
)hile PPC is de#initel' "roven to be a &ood tool to use in the Cuest to
diret tra##i to a site %here the eventual desired results o# inreasin&
interest and reatin& revenue is evident$ there should ideall' also be
some #ollo% u" e:erises to ensure o"timum results are &arnered(
- // -
=ta' In Touh
-unnin& PPC am"ai&ns %ithout ,ee"in& tra, o# its "ro&ress and
an' han&es "eriodiall' %ill ause the PPC am"ai&n to beome
either no lon&er use#ul or redundant alto&ether(
Considerin& ob*etives suh as brandin&$ han&es$ "ros"ets and
others needs onstant #ollo% u" e:erises to ,ee" them relevant to the
mar,et sentiments o# the time(
Thin&s to avoid should inlude all o# the #ollo%in& - one am"ai&n #its
all tar&et audiene$ multi"le am"ai&ns #or a sin&le "rodut$
du"liatin& ,e'%ords aross all am"ai&ns and not havin& the
a""ro"riate measurin& tools #or "er#ormane and monitorin& the
The #ollo% u" "roesses should inlude onversion tra,in& %hih
%ill &ive the host an idea o# the "er#ormane levels the hosen
am"ai&n is hurnin& out( This #eedba, should inlude im"ressive
details suh as #ull re"orts on the amount o# PPC$ interative results
#rom the PPC and atual onversion rates mana&ed(
One this in#ormation is established some #orm o# #ollo% u" e:erise
should be set in "lae to ensure the interested "arties are assured o#
the servies touted at the site(
The #ollo% u" e:erise should also inlude ,ee"in& the vie%er ha""'
- /5 -
%ith the eventual "urhase made$ and address an' shortomin&s(
0ollo% u" e:erises an also "rovide bene#iial in#ormation that %ill
hel" to ma,e neessar' ad*ustments %here needed(
These #ollo% u" "hases should ideall' be done "eriodiall' %hether or
not the PPC am"ai&n is &oin& %ell or "oorl'( The #ollo% u"
am"ai&ns an also at as learnin& urves %hereb' valuable lessons
an be leant and mista,es an be orreted(
)ra""in& 8"
- /7 -
8sin& the PPC to attrat "artii"ative tra##i to a site in ver'
im"ortant in the Cuest to &et notied and &et some serious revenue
omin& in( .ou no% have the tools and ,no%led&e to &et 'ou on 'our
- /9 -
-eommended -esoures
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Godadd'
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@6ost&ator
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@NameChea"
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@=oialAdr
- /< -
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le2a,To=hool=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leCard=ha"es=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leCreateCustomTshirts=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leCustomi+eItAll=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le3isne's0ro+en=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leGraduationInvitations=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leInternational=tores
- /> -
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leiPhone9CasesPreorder=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le=aveThe3ate=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le=aveThe3ate4a&nets=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le)ra""edCanvas=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++leGi#tCenter=tore
Cli, 6ere1 htt"1@@&uideri&ht&rou"(om@Ha++le=ho"AndCreateIn8=A