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9he :;pert <uide to
=pti0 )i>t -uildi0g
?9he :>>e0ti&l 3tep@'3tep <uide to -uildi0g Aour Ber' =70
Ce>po0>iDe =ptE0 F&ili0g )i>tGH
):<I) J=9EC:
9he Ku@li>her h&> >triDed to @e &> &ccur&te &0d complete &> po>>i@le i0 the cre&tio0 o5
thi> reportL 0ot7ith>t&0di0g the 5&ct th&t he doe> 0ot 7&rr&0t or repre>e0t &t &0' time
th&t the co0te0t> 7ithi0 &re &ccur&te due to the r&pidl' ch&0gi0g 0&ture o5 the E0ter0et.
Mhile &ll &ttempt> h&De @ee0 m&de to Deri5' i05orm&tio0 proDided i0 thi> pu@lic&tio0L
the Ku@li>her &>>ume> 0o re>po0>i@ilit' 5or error>L omi>>io0>L or co0tr&r' i0terpret&tio0
o5 the >u@Nect m&tter herei0. I0' perceiDed >light> o5 >peci5ic per>o0>L people>L or
org&0iO&tio0> &re u0i0te0tio0&l.
E0 pr&ctic&l &dDice @ook>L like &0'thi0g el>e i0 li5eL there &re 0o gu&r&0tee> o5 i0come
m&de. Ce&der> &re c&utio0ed to repl' o0 their o70 Nudgme0t &@out their i0diDidu&l
circum>t&0ce> to &ct &ccordi0gl'.
9hi> @ook i> 0ot i0te0ded 5or u>e &> & >ource o5 leg&lL @u>i0e>>L &ccou0ti0g or 5i0&0ci&l
&dDice. Ill re&der> &re &dDi>ed to >eek >erDice> o5 compete0t pro5e>>io0&l> i0 leg&lL
@u>i0e>>L &ccou0ti0gL &0d 5i0&0ce 5ield.
Aou &re e0cour&ged to pri0t thi> @ook 5or e&>' re&di0g.
9&@le o5 Co0te0t>
-uildi0g Aour -u>i0e>> 7ith &0 =pti0 F&ili0g )i>t 5
PtiliOi0g the 3ecret> =5 =pti0 F&ili0g )i>t> Q
R Cruci&l 9hi0g> Aou Jeed 9o %o 9o -uild 'our )i>t S
T Uuick I0d :&>' M&'> 9o -uild I Kro5it&@le =pt E0 )i>t VV
R M&'> 9o <et Aour =pt E0 3u@>cri@er> 9o 9ru>t Aou Uuickl' VX
Ho7 to F&ke Fo0e' P>i0g Jothi0g Fore 9h&0 Aour )i>t VR
9he T 9hi0g> 9o IDoid Mhe0 :m&ili0g Aour )i>t V5
Ho7 9o -uild I )i>t =5 :&ger 3u@>cri@er> VQ
E0 Clo>i0gY I0d & C&ll to Ictio0G VS
9he :;pert <uide to
=pti0 )i>t -uildi0g
-uildi0g Aour -u>i0e>> 7ith &0 =pti0
F&ili0g )i>t
-e5ore reDe&li0g the >ecret> o5 the tr&de>L here &re m'th> &0d 5&ll&cie> th&t 0eed to @e
cle&red @e5ore o0e i0dulge> i0to @uildi0g &0 opti0 li>t. 9he>e m&rketi0g mi>co0ceptio0>
could po>e >o much o5 &0 o@>t&cle to7&rd> 'our pro5iti0g 7ell 5rom 'our @u>i0e>>.
Jot & lot o5 people u>e em&il
:m&il m&rketi0g i> o0e o5 the mo>t e55ectiDe m&rketi0g method> 0o7&d&'>
>impl' @ec&u>e Dirtu&ll' &lmo>t &ll people u>e em&il. Check o0 tho>e em&il 5ield>
or @l&0k> reZuired to @e 5illed up o0 D&riou> 5orm> 0eeded i0 proce>>i0g di55ere0t
tr&0>&ctio0>. I per>o0 7ithout &0 em&il &ddre>> i> t&0t&mou0t to & per>o0
7ithout &0 o0li0e homeL 7hich i> o0e @ig >h&me5ul truth 5or thi> ge0er&tio0.
:m&il m&rketi0g c&mp&ig0> c&0 o55e0d & lot o5 people
9he 0ot>o >ecret 7&' to >urmou0t thi> dilemm& i> through permi>>io0@&>ed
&dDerti>i0g. 9here[> 0o h&rm i0 tr'i0g &5ter &>ki0g 5or permi>>io0.
Et[> >tupid to >e0d em&il to &ll the people
9he ke' to thi> predic&me0t i> to h&De & Der' di>cer0i0g e'e o0 7ho to em&il &0d
7ho to 0ot em&il. -etter look 5or >ome metric> o0 ho7 to k0o7 7hich group o5
people 7ould giDe 'ou high C=E or retur0 o0 i0De>tme0t.
9he Ce&l %e&l 7ith -uildi0g =pti0 )i>t
I5ter cle&ri0g the 5og reg&rdi0g em&il m&rketi0g m'th>L here[> ho7 o0e c&0
@e0e5it 5rom emplo'i0g the po7er o5 em&il m&rketi0g c&mp&ig0> @uildi0g &0
opti0 li>t.
Ho7eDerL @uildi0g &0 opti0 li>t i> 0ot & piece o5 c&ke p&rticul&rl' 5or the u0i0iti&ted.
Here i> & rou0do70 o5 tip> o0 ho7 to >ucceed i0 thi> ki0d o5 m&rketi0g e0de&Dor.
V. 3tr&tegic Collectio0 o5 %&t&
\0o7 7hich i05orm&tio0 5rom 'our &udie0ce> 7ill help 'ou i0 lo7eri0g e;pe0>e>
&0d/or m&ke >&le> 5louri>h. %eDi>e & t&ctic to m&ke people Dolu0t&ril' proDide
'ou 7ith the i05orm&tio0 0ece>>&r' to cre&te higher co0Der>io0.
=Derlo&d o5 d&t& i> 0ot good. I>k o0l' 5or opti0L 7ith their 5ull 0&me &0d em&il
&ddre>>e>. F&ke >ure th&t the pro5ile> th&t 'ou g&ther &re upd&ted to &id i0
improDi0g the releD&0ceL timeli0e>> &0d >&ti>5&ctio0 5rom e&ch de&l 'ou m&ke.
X. <ood Empleme0t&tio0
=ld &d&ge >&'> it &llL ?&ctio0 >pe&k> louder th&0 7ord>H. 9hi> e&>il' tr&0>l&te> to
the di55icult' o0e h&> to u0dergo duri0g the e;ecutio0 o5 hi> or her em&il
m&rketi0g e55ort>. Et[> & good thi0g th&t D&riou> method>L o5te0 lo7co>tL &@ou0d
to h&>te0 &0d 5&cilit&te the @uildi0g up o5 o0e[> opti0 d&t&@&>e.
9r&cki0g 'our em&il m&rketi0g re>ult> c&0 po>e gre&t h&rd>hipL too. 9ech0olog'
&0d releD&0t >ource> >hould @e emplo'ed i0 m&ki0g thi> &>pect o5 'our m&rketi0g
& lot m&0&ge&@le. Aour high tr&55ic group> o5 opti0> 7ith the gre&te>t re>ult
>hould @e t&ke0 0oted o5.
9he 5ollo7i0g &re the mo>t 7idel' u>ed method> to leDer&ge ch&00el> 7ithout
V. F&ke u>e o5 7e@>ite>.
Et i> &0 e;celle0t tool 5or d&t& coll&tio0 &0d proDidi0g 'ou 7ith releD&0t i05o
reg&rdi0g 'our em&il o55er>. P>e 5orm> th&t >olicit 'our Di>itor[> em&il &ddre>>
&0d co0>e0t.
X. F&ke u>e o5 pri0t &d>L @rochure>L 9BL r&dio
&0d direct m&il.
9he>e &re the more popul&r 7&'> o5 m&rketi0g
&imi0g to le&d tr&55ic to o0e[> >ite. Aou m&' 7&0t
to &>k 5or >ig0up> 5or em&il >erDice>. F&ke 'our
7e@>ite more Di>i@le through the>e medi&.
=55eri0g 5ree electro0ic 0e7>letter> &0d or
re7&rd> progr&m c&0 do 7ell i0 m&ki0g it e&>' to
7i0 the 0od o5 'our &udie0ce>L too.
T. F&;imiOe 'our >&le> 5orce.
Cu>tomer >erDice &>>oci&te> c&0 help & lot i0 m&ki0g 'ou @e0e5it more 5rom 'our
em&il corre>po0de0ce. 3&le> people 7ith proper educ&tio0 o0 ho7 to &id 'ou i0
thi> e0de&Dor c&0 Der' 7ell co0tri@ute to higher C=E. 9ech0iZue> like o55eri0g
&ccou0t upd&te> &0d >peci&l progr&m> through em&il c&0 e&>il' l&0d 'ou tho>e
li>t> o5 D&lu&@le Di>itor>.
R. %o0[t m&ke 'our poi0t o5 >&le poi0tle>>.
!orm> 5or >ig0up loc&ted &t c&>h regi>ter> &0d other hightr&55ic &0d highl'
Di>i@le >pot> c&0 @e Der' e;celle0t De0ue> 5or 'our @u>i0e>> to collect em&il
&ddre>>e>. Joti5ic&tio0 o5 upcomi0g >&le> through their em&il &ddre>>e> &0d
0&me> c&0 co&; them to >uppl' 'ou 7ith the i05orm&tio0 'ou 0eed.
5. Co05ere0ce> or tr&de >ho7> c&0 7orkL too.
<iDe I7&' eDe0t o55er> ]prime e;&mple @ei0g
http://777.&7e>ome5u0gi5t>.com/^ or e0trie> o0 >7eep>t&ke> &re gre&t 5or opt
i0 to Dolu0teer their co0t&ct det&il>.
9he>e t&ctic> >hould @e &pplied 7ith &deZu&te c&utio0 &0d >hould 5ocu> o0
e&r0i0g the tru>t o5 'our opti0 li>t i0>te&d o5 >impl' coll&ti0g d&t& 5or 'our >ole
o70 @e0e5it. Il7&'> m&ke >ure th&t the 5orm> th&t 'ou 7ill u>e &0d other
method> th&t 'ou 7ill emplo' 7ill 0ot 0ece>>it&te too much 5u>> to >u@>cri@e.
9hi> i> 5or people to 0ot @e &00o'ed duri0g the proce>> o5 d&t& >upplic&tio0.
Mith th&t @u0ch o5 i05orm&tio0L 7ho c&0 eDer go 7ro0g 7ith the 5e&t o5 @uildi0g
&0 opti0 li>t_ `
PtiliOi0g the 3ecret> =5 =pti0 F&ili0g )i>t>
:m&il> &re repl&ci0g regul&r m&il> 5rom the po>t o55ice. Jot o0l' @ec&u>e it i> che&perL
>i0ce 'ou do 0ot 0eed to @u' & >t&mpL ita> &l>o de5i0itel' 5&>ter. :m&il> c&0 @e >e0t i0 &>
5&>t &> 5iDe >eco0d>L depe0di0g o0 the >erDerL &0'7here i0 the 7orld.
Jo dou@t em&il> &re @ei0g u>ed to di>tri@ute 0e7>letter>L promotio0&l m&il>L &0d other
>tu55. Ho7 the0 7ould 'ou @e &@le to rou0d up em&il &ddre>>e> to >e0d tho>e m&rketi0g
m&il> 'ou h&De_ Here i> 7here &0 opti0 li>t come> i0.
I0 opti0 li>t i> & director' o5 em&il &ddre>> 'ou c&0 >e0d to tho>e m&il> to. 9hough it
>eem> to @e e&>' to 5i0d em&il &ddre>>e>L i5 'ou &re t&lki0g thou>&0d> i0 0um@er>L it i>
goi0g to @e h&rd. -e>ide>L 'ou h&De to determi0e the recipie0t o5 the em&il. Aou 7ould0at
7&0t 'our re&der> mo>tl' m&le i5 'ou &re >elli0g lip>tick>L right_
I good opti0 li>t >hould i0clude the pro5ile o5 the em&il &ddre>> o70er. Here &re tip> o0
ho7 to cre&te & comprehe0>iDe opti0 li>t 5or t&rget m&rket.
Cre&te 'our 7e@>ite.
Cre&ti0g & 7e@>ite i> m&de >imple 0o7&d&'>. I lot o5 progr&m> &re milli0g &@out
&>>i>ti0g regul&r computer u>er> i0 m&ki0g &0d m&i0t&i0i0g 7e@>ite> i0 & re&l
>imple 7&'. 3ome 7e@>ite cre&tor Nu>t 0eed> 'ou to cut &0d p&>teL like th&t o5 &
regul&r p&i0t progr&m. 3eDer&l 7e@ ho>ti0g >ite> &re &D&il&@le too. 3ome &re eDe0
5ree. E5 'ou h&De & >ite o5 'our o70L 'ou c&0 &>k Di>itor> to regi>ter 7ith 'ou or
>ig0 'our gue>t @ook &> the' le&De.
3et up & promotio0 or & 5ree@ie.
Jot &ll the @e>t thi0g> i0 li5e &re 5reeL &> the' >&'. -ut 'ou c&0 de5i0itel' tr' to
giDe >omethi0g out 5or >ure. Aou c&0 >ee thi> do0e &ll oDer the 7e@. !ree
>cree0>&Der>L 5ree g&me>L 5ree do70lo&d o5 progr&m>. I0d 7h&t do the' 0eed
5rom 'ou_ 9he' Nu>t &>k 5or &0 em&il &ddre>>L 'our 0&me &0d & little >omethi0g
more &@out 'ou. 9he0 'ou c&0 pl&ce & check @o; o0 the regi>tr&tio0 5orm 5or
>e0di0g o5 em&il. !or >ureL 'ou c&0 thi0k o5 >omethi0g to giDe out &> 7ell.
Mrite &0d 7rite >ome more.
9here &re >ome 7e@ m&g&Oi0e> 7here i0 re&der> c&0 >u@mit their 7riti0g> 5or &
p&rticul&r topic. E5 'ou h&d & ch&0ce to do >oL &dd & li0k to 'our &rticle proDidi0g
i05orm&tio0 &@out 7h&t 'ou &re tr'i0g to promote. 3ome re&der> o5 'our &rticle
m&' e0No' 'our 7ork >o much the'ad like to co0t&ct 'ouL >o do0at 5orget to le&De
'our em&il &ddre>> too.
Ko>e &0 e&>' optout optio0.
Keople 7ho like to Noi0 'our opti0 li>t 7ouldL &lo0g the 7&' m&' 7&0t to opt out
o5 it >omeho7. Keople 7ho &re 7&r' o5 Noi0i0g m&' 0ot Noi0 &t &ll i5 the' >ee th&t it
7ould @e 0e&r impo>>i@le to remoDe their em&il &ddre>> 5rom the li>ti0g. 3ho7
them th&t it i> &> e&>' to optout &> it i> opti0g i0.
Check othera> >tr&teg' too.
Et 7ould @e @etter i5 'ou c&0 5i0d & p&rt0er i0 ge0er&ti0g &0 opti0 li>t. 9hi> 7&'L
'ou c&0 >plit the e;pe0>e> &0d @oth o5 'ou c&0 >h&re the li>t ge0er&ted. Et 7ill @e
@e>t to p&rt0er 7ith & comp&0' th&t h&> & @u>i0e>> >imil&r to 'our o70 li0e. -oth
o5 'ou c&0 pro5it more >hould th&t @e the c&>e.
P>e o55li0e 7&'> too.
Aou c&0 put up & >m&ll r&55le pre5er&@l' i0 & >uperm&rket 5or & cert&i0 item the'
@u'. Aou c&0 pl&ce &0 em&il &ddre>> opti0 p&rt i0 the r&55le e0tr' to &dd to 'our
li>t. 9hi> 7&'L 'ouad &l>o k0o7 the @u'i0g pre5ere0ce> o5 the p&rticip&0t> i5 'ou
m&rk the e0trie> >'>temic&ll'.
Cre&ti0g &0 opti0 li>t e0t&il> & lot o5 7ork &0d 5u0d>. Aou >hould outli0e ho7 much 'ou
7ill >pe0d i0 cre&ti0g &0 opti0 li>t. Keople &ppe&ri0g &t opti0 li>t> &re >&le> pro>pect>.
9he' &re tho>e i0tere>ted i0 & cert&i0 product th&t 'ou m&' @e >elli0g. =@t&i0i0g &0
optim&l opti0 li>t 7ould @oo>t 'our >&le> up >o the>e tool> &re u0dou@tedl' e>>e0ti&l.
IcZuire &0 opti0 li>t 0o7 or ge0er&te o0e. :ither 7&'L 'ou &re re&chi0g to people th&t
c&0 @e 'our o0e o5 'our tre&>ured cu>tomer> 5or & lo0g period timeG
R Cruci&l 9hi0g> Aou Jeed 9o %o 9o -uild
'our )i>t
=0li0e m&rketi0g m&' h&De deDeloped & >udde0 >urge the>e p&>t 5e7 'e&r>L @ut m&0' i0
the k0o7 ho7 h&De 5elt it> ri>e eDe0 5rom 7&' the0. I> more E0ter0et @&>ed @u>i0e>>e>
&re put upL the 0eed to deDelop 0e7 m&rketi0g >kill> &0d k0o7ledge @&>ed o0 thi> 0e7
medium h&De &ri>e0. Fore &0d more m&rketi0g >tr&tegie> &re @ei0g di>coDered &0d
deDeloped to cope 7ith the ch&0gi0g 5&ce o5 @u>i0e>> the @u>i0e>> 7orld.
9he dem&0d 5or o0li0e m&rketi0g tip> &0d >tr&tegie> h&De dr&>tic&ll' gro70 &0d & 0e7
5orm o5 @u>i0e>> h&> @ee0 @or0L E0ter0et m&rketi0g >tr&tegie>. Mhile there &re
comp&0ie> th&t &re &ll too e&ger to help 'our >ite &0d @u>i0e>> @uild & clie0tele 5or & 5eeL
there &l>o m&0' 7&'> th&t c&0 >pre&d the 7ord &@out 'our >ite> >u@>i>te0ce i0 & more
co>t 5ree 7&'. =0e o5 thi> i> =pti0 em&il m&rketi0gL &l>o k0o70 &> permi>>io0
=pti0 m&rketi0g reZuire> the permi>>io0 o5 & 7illi0g cu>tomer to >u@>cri@e to 'our
m&rketi0g m&teri&l>L m&teri&l> th&t t&ke 5orm i0 0e7>letter>L c&t&log> &0d promotio0&l
m&ili0g> Di& em&il. 9he more opti0 m&rketi0g m&il i> >e0tL the more ch&0ce> there i>
to @&g >&le> &0d more >&le>. 9o do thi>L 'ou mu>t @uild & li>t o5 &ll tho>e 7ho 7&0t> to
>u@>cri@e to 'our opti0 m&rketi0g li>t.
!rom 'our li>tL 'ou 7ill get 'our t&rgeted cu>tomerL thi> i> & good li>t >i0ce the' &lre&d'
h&De >ho70 i0tere>t i0 7h&t 'ou h&De to >ho7 &0d >ell >i0ce the' h&De 7illi0gl' >ig0ed
i0 5or 'our li>t. 9he>e &re the people 7ho h&De liked 7h&t the' h&De >ee0 i0 'our >ite &0d
h&De decided the' 7&0t to >ee more &0d m&'@e eDe0 purch&>e 7h&teDer product or
>erDice 'our comp&0' &0d >ite h&> to o55er.
F&0' people 7ould thi0k th&t @uildi0g their li>t> 7ould t&ke h&rd 7ork &0d & lot o5 time
to @uild &0d collect 0&me> &0d &ddre>>e>. 9hi> i> 0ot >oL it t&ke> & @it o5 p&tie0ce &0d
>ome >tr&tegie> @ut i0 doi0g thi> li>tL 'ou ope0 'our >ite &0d 'our @u>i0e>> to & 7hole
0e7 7orld o5 t&rget m&rket. 9&ke the e55ort to t&ke 'our @u>i0e>> to & 0e7 leDelL i5 tr&55ic
i0cre&>e &0d good pro5it> &re 7h&t 'ou 7&0tL &0 opti0 li>t 7ill do 7o0der> 5or 'our
@u>i0e>> De0ture.
9here &re m&0' >ource> &0d &rticle> i0 the E0ter0et &D&il&@le 5or eDer'o0e to re&d &0d
5ollo7 i0 @uildi0g & li>t. 3ometime> the' m&' @e co05u>i0g @ec&u>e there &re >o m&0'
&0d there &re di55ere0t 7&'>. %i55ere0t group> o5 people 7ould h&De di55ere0t
&ppro&che> i0 @uildi0g &0 opti0 li>tL @ut 0o m&tter ho7 diDer>e m&0' method> &reL
there &re &l7&'> >ome cruci&l thi0g> to do to @uild 'our li>t. Here &re 5our o5 them.
V^ Kut up & good 7e@ 5orm i0 'our >ite th&t immedi&tel' 5ollo7> the e0d o5
'our co0te0t.
Mhile >ome m&' >&' thi> i> too >oo0 to >u@>cri@e 5or & 7e@>ite Di>itor>
&pplic&tio0L tr' to remem@er th&t 'our homep&ge >hould proDide & Zuick good
impre>>io0. E5 >omeho7 & 7e@>ite Di>itor 5i0d> >omethi0g th&t he or >he doe>0at
like &0d tur0> them o55L the' m&' Nu>t 5orget &@out >ig0i0g up.
I good 7e@ 5orm 5or >u@>cri@i0g to &0 opti0 li>t i> 0ot h&rd to do. bu>t 7rite &
>imple >hort >t&teme0t &@out ho7 the' 7ould like to >ee more &0d get upd&ted
&@out the >ite. 9he0 there >hould @e &0 &re& 7here the' could put i0 their 0&me>
&0d em&il &ddre>>. 9hi> 7e@ 5orm 7ill &utom&tic&ll' >&De &0d >e0d 'ou the
d&t&a> i0putted. I> more people >ig0 i0L 'our li>t 7ill @e gro7i0g.
X^ I> me0tio0ed i0 the 5ir>t tipL m&ke 'our homep&ge Der'L Der' impre>>iDe.
Aou 0eed to h&De 7ell 7ritte0 &rticle> &0d de>criptio0> o5 'our >ite. %epe0di0g o0
7h&t 'our >ite i> &ll &@outL 'ou 0eed to c&pture 'our 7e@>ite Di>itora> 5&0c'. F&ke
'our >ite u>e5ul &0d Der' e&>' to u>e. %o 0ot e;pect eDer'o0e to @e tech >&DD'.
E0De>t i0 h&Di0g good progr&mmi0g i0 'our >iteL m&ke 'our gr&phic> @e&uti5ul
@ut do0at oDer do it.
%o0at 7&>te 'our time m&ki0g the homep&ge too oDerl' l&rge meg&@'te 7i>e. Jot
&ll people h&De dedic&ted 9V co00ectio0>L the 5&>ter 'our >ite get> lo&dedL the
@etter. <o 5or & look th&t @order> @et7ee0 >implicit' &0d >ophi>tic&ted
T^ KroDide good >erDice &0d product>.
I retur0 cu>tomer i> more likel' to @ri0g i0 more @u>i0e>>. :De0 the0 &0d 0o7L &
>&ti>5ied cu>tomer 7ill recomme0d & @u>i0e>> &l7&'>. Mord o5 mouth &0d
recomme0d&tio0> &lo0e c&0 r&ke i0 more @u>i0e>> th&0 &0 e;pe0>iDe &d. I> 'our
clie0tele ro>ter gro7> >o >h&ll 'our li>t. Mith more mem@er> o0 the li>tL the more
people 7ill get to k0o7 &@out 7h&t 'ou h&De 0e7 to o55er.
R^ \eep & cle&0 &0d priD&te li>t.
JeDer lo>e the tru>t 'our cu>tomer> h&De e0tru>ted 'ou. E5 'ou proDide
em&il> to other> &0d the' get >p&mmedL m&0' 7ill pro@&@l' u0>u@>cri@e to 'ou.
Cemem@erL & good reput&tio0 7ill driDe i0 more tr&55ic &0d >u@>cri@er> &> 7ell &>
>tre0gthe0 the lo'&lt' o5 'our cu>tomer>.
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T Uuick I0d :&>' M&'> 9o -uild I Kro5it&@le
=pt E0 )i>t
Here E 7ill o55er more &dDiceL 5or tho>e 7ho h&De >t&rted &0 opti0 li>t &0d h&De 5&iledL
'ou c&0 reNuDe0&te 'our 5&iled De0ture. !or tho>e 7ho &re >t&rti0gL here &re three Zuick
&0d e&>' 7&'> to @uild & pro5it&@le opti0 li>t:
V^ <et 'our cu>tomer> to tru>t 'ou &0d 'our product> 5ir>t.
bu>t l&u0chi0g 'our opti0 li>t 7ould 0ot m&ke 'ou &0 e;pert &0d & @elieD&@le
>eller. Kut m&0' &rticle> 5ir>t @e5ore 'ou >t&rt &0 opti0 li>t. Mrite &@out the topic
'ou k0o7 &0d h&De >t&rted &0d u>ed 5or 'our >ite. 9r' to put 5orum> 5ir>t to g&i0
k0o7ledge &@out 'our cu>tomer> &@out their 7&0t> &0d 0eed> &0d t&rget tho>e
7&0t> &0d 0eed>.
boi0 5orum> 5rom other >ite> &> 7ell. KroDide e;pert &dDice> &0d
recomme0d&tio0>. Mhe0 'ou 5eel th&t people tru>t 'ou &lre&d'L 'ou 7ill @e &@le
to >t&rt 'our o70 opti0 li>t. Aou c&0 @uild & @&>e &> 7ell 7ith other 5orum u>er>.
Aou c&0 &>k them to Noi0 'our li>t. !rie0d> &re &l7&'> good cu>tomer>. Kut up &
li0k to 'our >ite >o th&t the' m&' @e &@le to >ee 7h&t 'ou[re @u>i0e>> i> &ll &@out.
9he cert&i0 truth i>L the mo0e' 7ill o0l' come i0 7he0 the co0>umer> &0d
>u@>cri@er> @elieDe &0d tru>t i0 'ou. 9he' 7&0t & product or >erDice th&t could @e
& good e;ch&0ge 5or their mo0e'. Keople &re 0ot goi0g to @u' >omethi0g out o5
'our recomme0d&tio0 i5 the' do0at k0o7 'ou.
X^ !i0d & product or >erDice th&t people 7&0t &0d 0eed.
Ilthough it m&' 0ot @e 'our 5orteL i5 'ou proDide & >erDice &0d product th&t 'ou
h&De re>e&rched &0d le&r0ed &@out 7ellL 'ou c&0 c&rr' it o0 5or7&rd. E0De>t 'our
timeL e55ort &0d mo0e' th&t 'ou could >ell &> 7ell &> the @u'er> or >u@>cri@er> o5
'our opti0 li>t c&0 u>e.
Mhile it i> true th&t it i> @e>t to >ell >omethi0g th&t 'ou h&De i0tere>t i0L there &re
0ot m&0' people 7ho h&De the >&me i0tere>t &> 'ou i5 'ou decide to >ell
>omethi0g th&t i> 0ot e0tirel' popul&r or pro5it&@le. %o 'our re>e&rch 7ell &0d
'ou 7ould >ee the pro5it> come i0. Il>o proDide 'our >u@>cri@er> 7ith
promotio0&l m&teri&l th&t the' could &ctu&ll' u>e &0d >pre&d &rou0d.
T^ F&ke 5rie0d> 7ith other opti0 li>t u>er>.
9hi> i> @&>ic&ll' @e0e5ici&l e>peci&ll' i5 it i> >omeo0e 7ho h&> &lre&d' l&u0ched &
>ucce>>5ul opti0 li>t. 9he>e &re people th&t h&De the e;perie0ce i0 thi> De0ture
&0d e;perie0ce i> >till the @e>t te&cher. Mhile there &re m&0' &rticle> &D&il&@le 5or
'ou i0 the E0ter0et to u>eL there i> 0othi0g like getti0g & 5ir>t h&0d &ccou0t 5rom
>omeo0e 'ou tru>t.
:;perie0ced opti0 li>t u>er> 7ill @e &@le to tell 'ou 7h&t to do &0d 7h&t 0ot to do
@ec&u>e the' h&De go0e through it. Mhile di55ere0t >itu&tio0> occur 5or di55ere0t
peopleL the ge0er&l co0cept c&0 >till @e Der' help5ul. 9here &re m&0' thi0g> to
&Doid &0d the>e people 7ill @e &@le to tell 'ou 7hich o0e>.
Emport&0tG -uildi0g & pro5it&@le opti0 li>t do0at Nu>t h&ppe0 oDer0ight. 9here &re
m&0' prep&r&tio0> &0d e55ort to do. =pti0 li>t> &re @uilt 5rom >cr&tchL &> 'our li>t
gro7>L 'ou >hould &l>o m&i0t&i0 the Zu&lit' o5 'our li>t. \eep it org&0iOed &0d
m&0&ge&@le. <et or hire help i5 0eed @eL Nu>t m&ke >ure th&t 'our >u@>cri@er> &re h&pp'
&0d >&ti>5ied &0d the' 7ill @e 7illi0g to @u' 5rom 'ou.
R M&'> 9o <et Aour =pt E0 3u@>cri@er> 9o
9ru>t Aou Uuickl'
Mhile the re>t o5 the 7orld h&De deDeloped m&0' @&rrier> &0d protectio0> to keep their
em&il &ccou0t> >p&m5reeL there &re &l>o tho>e th&t >u@>cri@e to m&il> th&t promote>
their product>L >erDice> &0d their >ite. 9hi> i> m&i0l' @ec&u>e the>e >u@>cri@e> 7&0t> to
k0o7 more &@out 7h&t the>e >ite> &re o55eri0g &0d c&0 @e @e0e5ici&l 5or them. 9he'
e;pect to get @e kept po>ted o0 7h&t the' &re i0tere>ted i0 &0d 7h&t &re 0e7 i0 the
m&rket or 5ield the' h&De cho>e0.
-u>i0e>>e> 7ould @e >o luck' to h&De the>e ki0d> o5 cu>tomer>c the @&>ic eleme0t
0eeded to get the>e t'pe> o5 people i> tru>t. Mhe0 'our cu>tomer> tru>t 'ou the' 7ill
re7&rd 'ou 7ith their lo'&lt'. F&0' E0ter0et u>er> h&De go0e to gre&t le0gth> i0
protecti0g their em&il &ccou0t> 5rom >p&m m&il. 3ome 5reem&il E0ter0et proDider> &0d
E0ter0et >erDice proDider> o55er >p&m protectio0 7hile there &re &l>o >ome E0ter0et
@&>ed comp&0ie> th&t >cree0 'our m&il> 5or 'ou.
Mith &0 opti0 m&il li>tL the m&il> 'ou >e0d co0t&i0i0g 'our promotio0&l m&teri&l> >uch
&> 0e7>letter>L c&t&log> &0d m&rketi0g medi& 7ill go through. Aour i0te0ded recipie0t
7ill @e &@le to re&d &0d Die7 7h&t 'ou h&De >e0t m&ki0g it & >ucce>>5ul tr&0>5er o5
i05orm&tio0. 9o @e &@le to @e &llo7ed to do >oL 'ou 7ill 0eed permi>>io0 5rom 'our
recipie0tL to get thi> permi>>io0c 'ou 0eed to @e &@le to get their tru>t. Mith the gre&t
l&ck o5 di>reg&rd 5or priD&c' i0 the E0ter0etL getti0g the tru>t o5 &0 i0ter0et u>er 'ou
do0at per>o0&ll' k0o7 i> & @ig &chieDeme0t.
9o @uild & good opti0 li>t 'ou 0eed people to tru>t 'ouL 5or & 5&>ter &0d Zuicker @uild
upL 'ou 0eed to get 'our opti0 >u@>cri@er> to tru>t 'ou Zuickl'. 9he 5&>ter 'ou @uild
'our opti0 li>t the 5&>ter 7ord &@out 'our >ite &0d comp&0' get> to @e >pre&d. 9he
@igger the >cope o5 'our opti0 li>t the more tr&55ic 'ou get >pelli0g more pro5it>. Et> e&>'
m&th i5 'ou thi0 &@out it. <etti0g the 0um@er> i> 0ot th&t >imple thoughL or m&'@e it i>_
d <etti0g the tru>t o5 'our clie0tele >hould0at @e >o h&rd e>peci&ll' i5
'ou do h&De & legitim&te @u>i0e>>. <etti0g 'our cu>tomer> tru>t >hould @e
@&>ed upo0 'our e;perti>e. Keople rel' o0 other people 7ho k0o7 7h&t the' &re
t&lki0g &@out. <&r0er &ll the k0o7ledge &0d i05orm&tio0 &@out 'our @u>i0e>>. :llL
5r&0kl' i5 'ou decide to go i0to & @u>i0e>> mo>t pro@&@l' 'ou h&De &0 i0tere>t i0
it. )ike ho7 m&0' @&>ket@&ll p&'er> @ecome co&che>L 'ou do0at re&ll' De0ture
i0to >omethi0g 'ou do0at h&De &0' i0tere>t i0.
d 3ho7 'our clie0t> th&t 'ou k0o7 7h&t 'ou &re t&lki0g &@out. KroDide
them 7ith help5ul hi0t> &0d guideli0e> th&t pert&i0 to 7h&t 'ou &re >elli0g. 9&lk
&@out ho7 to i0>t&ll & roo5 i5 'our i0to h&rd7&re product> or proDide &rticle> o0
i0>ur&0ce >ettleme0t> i5 'ouare & >ettleme0t l&7'er. Aou do0at h&De to @e & @ig
corpor&tio0 to m&ke u>e o5 &0 opti0 li>t. E5 'our cu>tomer> >ee 'ou &> >omeo0e
7ho k0o7> 7h&t he i> doi0g &0d >&'i0gL the' 7ill tru>t 'ou Zuickl'.
d -e true to 'our cu>tomer>L i5 'ou 7&0t to h'pe up 'our product> &0d
>erDice>L proDide gu&r&0tee>. 9he more >&ti>5ied cu>tomer> 'ou getL the
@igger pro@&@ilit' there i> th&t the' 7ill recomme0d 'ou. <e0er&ll'L people 7ill
tru>t >omeo0e the' k0o7L 7he0 th&t >omeo0e recomme0d> 'ou the0 'ouare &
>hooi0. 9he' 7ill go to 'our >ite &0d check it 5or them>elDe> &0d @e giDe0 &
ch&0ce to e;perie0ce 7h&t the other >h&De e;perie0ced 5rom 'ouL >o m&ke >ure to
@e co0>i>te0t i0 the >erDice 'ou proDide.
d I0other tip i0 getti0g & cu>tomer to tru>t 'ou Zuickl' i> to proDide
them&0 e>c&pe h&tch. 3ho7 them th&t 'ou &re 0ot there to tr&p them. \eep &
cle&0 li>t th&t 7ould e0&@le them to u0>u@>cri@e &0'time the' 7&0t. :l&@or&te
'our 7e@ 5orm @' proDidi0g i05orm&tio0 o0 ho7 to u0>u@>cri@e 5rom the li>t.
<u&r&0tee them th&t the' c&0 let go o5 the >erDice 7he0eDer the' 7&0t to. F&0'
&re 7&r' th&t the' m&' @e >tuck 5or li5e &0d 7ould h&De to &@&0do0 their em&il
&ccou0t> 7he0 the' get pe>tered 7ith >p&m.
Cemem@er th&t 7he0 'ou get the tru>t o5 'our clie0t> do0at lo>e th&t tru>t. -ec&u>e i5
'ou do &0'thi0g 7ith their em&il &ddre>>e> like >ell them or giDe them outL 'ou 7ill lo>e
m&0' mem@er> o5 'our li>t &> ell &> pote0ti&l mem@er>. 9he true Zuicke>t 7&' to g&i0
the tru>t o5 'our >u@>cri@er> i> 7he0 'ou &re recomme0ded @' >omeo0e the' tru>t.
Ho7 to F&ke Fo0e' P>i0g Jothi0g Fore
9h&0 Aour )i>t
9he more C:3K=J3EB: >u@>cri@er> 'ou h&DeL the more mo0e' 'ou c&0 m&ke. Here &re
>eDe0 7&'> to m&ke mo0e' u>i0g 0othi0g more th&0 'our li>t.
V^ Kl&ce &dDerti>eme0t>.
9here &re m&0' corpor&tio0> 7ho 7ill @e 7illi0g to p&' to put their @&00er> &0d &d> o0 &
li>t 7ith m&0' >u@>cri@er>. 3elli0g or re0ti0g out li>t> i> 0ot & good ide& >o r&ther th&0
doi0g th&tL m&0' comp&0ie> 7ould Nu>t r&ther pl&ce &d> 7ith li>t> th&t h&De & huge
>u@>cri@er @&>e. Aour 0e7>letter could @e pl&ced 7ith m&0' &d> &0d e&ch o0e >pell>
X^ H&De &55ili&tio0> 7ith other comp&0ie> th&t h&De &t le&>t & >em@l&0ce or
rel&tio0 to 7h&t 'our >ite i> &@out.
Here other comp&0ie> 7ill proDide li0k> &0d @rie5 de>criptio0> o5 7h&t the' o55erL
product> &0d >erDice>. Mith eDer' click m&de o0 the li0k th&t direct> or le&d> &
>u@>cri@er 5rom 'our li>t to their >iteL the comp&0' 7ill p&' 'ou. 9hi> KRK or p&'
5or per5orm&0ce.
T^ F&ke de&l> 7ith other comp&0ie> @' &>ki0g 5or & >m&ll perce0t&ge o5
>&le> do0e through 'our li>t.
Mith eDer' >&le do0e @' cu>tomer> th&t h&De come 5rom 'our li>t &0d h&De go0e
there @ec&u>e o5 'our 0e7>letterL the other comp&0' 7ill p&' 'ou & >m&ll
perce0t&ge o5 'our >&le>. 9he more people 7ho @u'> 5rom themL the more
e&r0i0g> 'ou get.
R^ Aou m&' &l>o get product> 5rom other >ite> o0 & co0>ig0me0t @&>i> &0d
>ell themto 'our li>t Di& 'our 0e7>letter.
Kl&ce de>criptio0>L &rticle> &0d photo> o5 the product i0 'our 0e7>letter. 9here
7ill @e tho>e 7ho 7ill @u' 5rom 'ou &0d 7he0 th&t h&ppe0>L 'ou c&0 order the
product 5rom the other >ite &0d >ell it to 'our @u'er.
5^ 3ell e@ook> or & compil&tio0 o5 'our &rticle> o0 'our li>t.
F&0u&l> &0d ho7to &rticle> &re i0 gre&t dem&0d. F&0' people 7ill @e 7illi0g to
>hell out mo0e' to g&i0 k0o7ledge &@out & cert&i0 topic &0d >u@Nect. Mith 'our
e;i>ti0g li>t tru>ti0g 'our e;perti>e i0 th&t &re&L &0 e@ook could @e o55ered &0d
>old or u>ed &> &0 i0ce0tiDe.
e^ Cre&te & 0et7ork out o5 'our li>t.
<et people to i0Dite more people to Die7 'our >ite &0d >u@>cri@e to 'our li>t. 9he
l&rger 'our li>t i>L the more people 7ill @e &@le to click o0 'our li0k> &0d &55ili&te
li0k> &> 7ell &> m&ke 'our &dDerti>eme0t r&te> higher.
Q^ 3u@>cri@er> &re 7illi0g to p&' 5or i05orm&tio0 i5 the' k0o7 th&t it c&0 @e
tru>ted &0d relied upo0.
P>e 'our li>t to get more &0d more people to >u@>cri@e to 'ou &> 7ell &> @ro7>e
'our >ite. )&>tl'L 'ou c&0 u>e 'our li>t to e&r0 mo0e' @' m&ki0g them 'our
p&rt0er>. Aour li>t 7ill @e the @loodli0e o5 'our gro7th &0d i0cre&>e.
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9he T 9hi0g> 9o IDoid Mhe0 :m&ili0g Aour
Mhile there &re >o m&0' 7&'> 'ou c&0 m&ke people >u@>cri@e to 'our li>tL there &re &l>o
>ome thi0g> 'ou mu>t do to &Doid >u@>cri@er> 5rom 7&0ti0g to get o55 5rom 'our li>t.
I>ide 5rom th&tL 'ou &l>o 7&0t to &Doid &0' pro@lem> 7ith the l&7 &0d 'our E0ter0et
>erDice proDider or E3K. 9here &re 0o7 m&0' l&7> &0d rule> th&t &re &pplied to help
protect the priD&c' o5 the E0ter0et u>er> 5rom >p&mmi0g &0d u07&0ted m&il>. Mith the
popul&rit' o5 the electro0ic m&il &> & medium 5or m&rketi0g @ec&u>e o5 the lo7 co>tL
m&0' comp&0'a> h&De >eiOed the opportu0it' &0d h&De 5looded m&0' peoplea> em&il
&ccou0t> 7ith promotio0&l m&il.
-utL 7ith &0 opti0 li>tL 'ou &Doid thi> &00o'&0ce @ec&u>e people >u@>cri@e to the li>tc
the' 7&0t to receiDe the 0e7>letter> &0d promotio0&l m&teri&l>. 9he' h&De co0>e0ted to
@ei0g o0 the li>t @' >u@>cri@i0g them>elDe>L Nu>t do0at 5orget to put &0 u0>u@>cri@e
5e&ture eDer' time i0 'our opti0 li>t >o th&t 'ou &Doid &0' co05u>io0. 9here m&' @e
time> 7he0 &0 em&il &ccou0t 7&> proDided 7he0 the re&l o70er did0at 7&0t to
Et i> e>>e0ti&l th&t 'ou keep 'our li>t cle&0 &0d m&0&ge&@le. Irr&0ge it @' u>i0g the
m&0' tool> &0d tech0ologie> &D&il&@le 5or 'our opti0 li>t. %o 0ot 7orr'c 'our
i0De>tme0t i0 thi> m&rketi0g >tr&teg' i> 7ell 7orth it 7ith &ll the coDer&ge 'ou 7ill get
7hich 7ill likel' @e co0Derted i0to >&le> the0 to pro5it.
\eep 'our>el5 &0d 'our @u>i0e>> out o5 trou@le &0d pote0ti&l ru0i0> 7ith the l&7 &0d
the i0ter0et >erDice proDider>. \eep 'our oper&tio0 legit &0d cle&0. Aour reput&tio0 &> &
legitim&te @u>i0e>>m&0 &0d & legitim&te >ite depe0d> o0 'our @ei0g & >tr&ight &0d true
m&rketi0g >tr&tegi>t. I> & tipL here &re three thi0g> to &Doid 7he0 em&ili0g 'our li>t.
V^ 9&ke 0otice o5 'our u0>ucce>>5ul >e0d>.
9he>e &re the em&il> th&t @ou0ce. -ou0ced em&il>L &l>o k0o70 &> u0deliDer&@le
me>>&ge>L &re tho>e me>>&ge> th&tL 5or 7h&teDer re&>o0L 7ere 0ot >ucce>>5ull'
receiDed @' the i0te0ded recipie0t.
9here &re @ou0ce> th&t h&ppe0 or occur @ec&u>e the >erDer 7&> @u>' &t th&t time
@ut c&0 >till @e deliDered i0 &0other time. 9here &re &l>o @ou0ce> @ec&u>e the
i0@o; o5 the recipie0t i> 5ull &t th&t time. 9here &re tho>e @ou0ce me>>&ge> th&t
&re >impl' u0deliDer&@le eDer. 9he re&>o0 5or thi> i> th&t it m&' @e &0 i0D&lid
em&il &ddre>>L & mi>>pelled em&il &ddre>>L or &0 em&il &ddre>> th&t 7&>
&@&0do0ed &0d er&>ed &lre&d'.
F&0&ge 'our li>t @' putti0g m&rki0g> o0 tho>e th&t @ou0ce. :r&>e &0 em&il
&ccou0t 5rom 'our li>t >o th&t 'ou h&De &0 &ccur&te >t&ti>tic> &0d record> &> to
ho7 m&0' &re &ctu&ll' receiDi0g 'our m&il. Aou m&' &l>o 7&0t to check the
>pelli0g> o5 'our em&il &ddre>>e> i0 'our li>t. =0e commo0 mi>t&ke i> 7he0 &0 J
i0>te&d o5 &0 F i> pl&ced i0 the .com &re&.
X^ Il7&'> proDide &0 u0>u@>cri@e 5e&ture i0 'our >ite &0d &0 u0>u@>cri@e
li0k i0 'our m&il>.
Mhe0 >omeo0e i0 'our li>t 5ile> & reZue>t to @e u0>u@>cri@edL &l7&'> t&ke th&t
reZue>t >eriou>l'. E5 'ou do0at t&ke them o55 'our li>t &0d keep >e0di0g them 'our
em&il>L 'ou &re 0o7 >e0di0g them >p&m m&il.
Mhe0 'ou &re reported &> & >p&mmerL 'ou &0d 'our @u>i0e>> c&0 get i0to & lot o5
trou@le. Aou c&0 @e reported to the &uthoritie> &0d m&'@e @l&ckli>ted @' m&0'
i0ter0et >erDice proDider>. Aou 7ill lo>e & lot o5 >u@>cri@er> thi> 7&' &0d m&0'
more i0 pote0ti&l >u@>cri@er>.
T^ %o 0ot proDide por0ogr&phic or >hocki0g &0d di>tur@i0g co0te0t i0 'our
Et i> h&rd to decipher the &ge o5 the recipie0t &0d m&0' compl&i0t> m&' >tem
5rom the>e. Co0troDer>i&l i>>ue> &l>o &re to @e &Doided to 0ot @e @r&0ded @' 'our
>u@>cri@er>. 3tick to the 0&ture o5 'our >ite &0d @u>i0e>>.
Il7&'> remem@er the>e tip> i0 thi> &rticle >o th&t 'ou c&0 h&De & he&lth'
rel&tio0>hip 7ith 'our >u@>cri@er> &> 7ell &> @e kept 7ithi0 the @ou0d&rie> o5
7h&t i> &llo7ed i0 >e0di0g m&il> to &0 opti0 li>t.
Ho7to -uild I )i>t =5 :&ger 3u@>cri@er>
:Der' o0li0e @u>i0e>> proDide> gre&t >erDice to ge0er&te >&ti>5&ctio0 &mo0g their
cu>tomer>. I> e&ch &0d eDer' cu>tomer receiDe> >&ti>5&ctio0 oDer their product> or the
>erDice> the' getL there i> & gre&t ch&0ce th&t the' 7ill @ecome & retur0 cu>tomer &0d
@u' &g&i0. -etter 'etL the' 7ill recomme0d 'ou to other people th&t could ge0er&te more
@u>i0e>> 5or 'ou &0d 'our >ite.
I> more tr&55ic i> driDe0 to 'our >iteL 'ou c&0 e0tice m&0' o5 them to >u@>cri@e to 'our
m&ili0g li>t or opti0 li>t. 9hi> i> & li>t 7here i0 7e@>ite Di>itor> &gree to @e >e0t
promotio0&l m&teri&l> >uch &> 0e7>letter>L c&t&log> &0d >uch th&t could keep them
upd&ted &@out 'our >ite or the 0iche o5 'our >ite. 9he>e promotio0&l m&teri&l> &re >e0t
Di& em&il to the mem@er> o5 the li>t i0 di55ere0t time i0terD&l>.
Mhe0 u>i0g em&il &> the medi& o5 'our m&rketi0g &0d &dDerti>eme0t>L 'ou elimi0&te
the 0eed 5or high co>t>. :m&il i> 5ree &0d i5 'ou c&0 m&0&ge to m&ke 'our o70
promotio0&l &dDerti>eme0t> 'ou c&0 &l>o >&De & @u0dle there. Mith &0 opti0
>u@>cri@er> li>tL 'ou &re prett' >ure th&t 7h&t 'ou &re >e0di0g out i> receiDedL Die7ed
&0d re&d @' the >u@>cri@er> &0d 0ot >impl' @ei0g deleted. 9he' h&De >ig0ed up 5or
>erDice &0d h&De co0>e0ted i0 receiDi0g it.
9hi> me&0> th&t there &re co0>t&0t remi0der> to 'our >u@>cri@er> &@out &ll 'our
product>L 0e7 product> &0d >erDice> &> 7ell &> &0' promotio0> &0d >peci&l de&l> 'ou &re
h&Di0g. 9here i> &l>o the ch&0ce th&t the' c&0 @e 5or7&rded to other pote0ti&l cu>tomer>
&> the' tell their 5rie0d> &0d 5&milie> &@out 'ou &0d 'our >ite.
=5 cour>e 'ou >hould @e &l>o &7&re th&t & >u@>cri@er m&' u0>u@>cri@e 7he0 the' 5eel
th&t the' &re 0ot getti0g 7h&t the' 7&0t or e;pected. F&ke >ure th&t the' &re >&ti>5ied
7ith 'our opti0 m&rketi0g >tr&tegie> &0d keep them e;cited i0 receiDi0g 'our
0e7>letter> &0d c&t&log>. Here &re >ome tip> th&t c&0 help 'ou @uild & li>t o5 e&ger
F&ke 'our promotio0&l m&teri&l> i0tere>ti0g &0d 5u0. 9r' to u>e & little
cre&tiDit' @ut 0ot too oDer &rt>'. -uild &rou0d 7h&t 'our product or >erDice i> &@out. !or
e;&mplec i5 'ou &re >elli0g c&r p&rt>L put >ome picture> o5 7h&t i> 0e7 i0 the &uto p&rt>
7orldL & 0e7 7i0g door po>>i@l' th&t c&0 5it &0' c&r &0d m&ke it look like &
9r' to re>e&rch 7h&t people &re looki0g 5orL the>e 7&'L 'ou >t&' o0e >tep
&he&d o5 them &ll the time &0d 'ou 7ill @e their @e&rer o5 0e7 tidi0g>. 9he'
7ill @e e&ger to receiDe 7h&t 'ou &re >e0di0g them @ec&u>e the' 0e7 'ou &l7&'> h&De
5re>h &0d 0e7 thi0g> to >h&re 7ith them.
Mrite good &rticle> th&t c&0 @e Der' i05orm&tio0&l @ut light &t the >&me time. E5
'our >u@>cri@er> e0No' 'our &rticle>L the' 7ill go to 'our >ite @' clicki0g the li0k> th&t
'ou 7ill @e putti0g o0 'our 0e7>letter to re&d >ome more. Aou c&0 proDide &rticle> th&t
c&0 co00ect to m&0' people. -e diDer>e i0 'our &rticle>. Kut >omethi0g humorou>L the0
put >omethi0g i05orm&tio0&lL the0 put >omethi0g th&t h&> @oth.
Ire 'ou 7&r' &@out thi> @ec&u>e 'ou do0at like 7riti0g_ Jo pro@lemL there &re m&0'
pro5e>>io0&l &0d e;perie0ced &rticle 7riter> th&t c&0 do the No@ 5or 'ou 5or mi0im&l
5ee>. 9he' k0o7 7h&t the' &re doi0g &0d c&0 proDide the 0eed th&t 'ou h&De 5or 'our
0e7>letter>L the mo0e' th&t 'ou p&' 5or 'our &rticle> &re goi0g to @e met @' the m&0'
>ig0up> &0d the pote0ti&l pro5it 5rom the >&le> th&t 'ou 7ill get.
Cre&te &0d >e0d &0 :@ook to 'our cu>tomer> &@out &0'thi0g th&t i> rel&ted to 'our
@u>i0e>> or >ite. P>e 'our k0o7ledge &0d e;perti>e i0 the 5ield 'ou h&De cho>e0 to help
other people 7ho &re >imil&rl' i0tere>ted. =55er thi> e@ook 5or 5ree. Aou c&0 7rite &@out
&0'thi0g i05orm&tio0&l &0d help5ul to 'our >u@>cri@er>. !or e;&mplec 'ou c&0 do
m&0u&l> &0d guide> i0 >o m&0' thi0g>. 9hi> e@ook could @e u>ed &> & re5ere0ce 5or
m&0' people.
3h&re thi> e@ook 7ith eDer'o0eL eDe0 other >ite>c Nu>t m&ke >ure th&t the' do0at ch&0ge
the li0k> i0 the e@ook th&t 7ill le&d people to 'our >ite. E5 'ou 7&0tL 'ou c&0 &l7&'> get
>ome people to 7rite it 5or 'ou Nu>t like 'our &rticle>. Aour i0De>tme0t o0ce &g&i0 7ill @e
coDered @' the gre&t m&rketi0g thi> 7ill ge0er&te.
Idd ecoupo0> i0 'our 0e7>letter> th&t 7ill help them &D&il to >peci&l di>cou0t>. Kut &
co0trol 0um@er i0 'our ecoupo0 >o th&t the' c&0 o0l' @e u>ed o0ce. Mhe0 people get
di>cou0t> th&t c&0 @e 5ou0d i0 'our 0e7>letter>L the' 7ill @e e&ger to receiDe 'our
0e7>letter i0 &0ticip&tio0 o5 7h&t 'ou &re promoti0g 0e;t.
E5 'our >u@>cri@er> c&0 get @e0e5it> 5rom 'our 0e7>letter>L the' 7ill @e Der' e&ger to
receiDe them. bu>t do0at 5lood 'our m&ili0g li>t 7ith m&il> >o th&t 'ou do0at &00o' 'our
E0 Clo>i0gYI0d & C&ll to Ictio0G
I> the @ook e0ter> the 7r&p up i0 thi> ch&pterL E 7ill >h&re 7ith 'ou >omethi0g D&lu&@le.
E5 'ou &im 5or >ucce>>L 'ou mu>t do eDer'thi0g 7ithi0 'our me&0> to &chieDe th&t. Aou
Nu>t do0at go o0 >itti0g there i0 'our hou>e compl&i0i0g &@out 0ot getti0g &> much pro5it
&> 'ou e;pect. Aou h&De to keep moDi0g. Aou h&De to pour i0 &0d i0De>t e0ough timeL
mo0e' &0d e55ort to h&De pro5it&@le re>ult>.
E0 doi0g E0ter0et @u>i0e>>L 'ou mu>t &im Nu>t the >&me. Aou >hould m&;imiOe &ll o5 'our
E0ter0et m&rketi0g >tr&tegie>L giDe0 the 7ide m&rket th&t 'our @u>i0e>> 7ill @e e;po>ed
to. Em&gi0e the 7hole o0li0e commu0it' &> pote0ti&l clie0t>G
Jo7L o0e o5 the @e>t m&rketi0g tool> th&t 'ou c&0 u>e i0 'our o0li0e @u>i0e>> i> @uildi0g
& li>t ]7hich i> the >u@Nect o5 thi> @ookG^.
I0 opti0 li>t i> the @e>tL mo>t e55ectiDe &0d >m&rte>t optio0 th&t 'ou c&0 m&ke to m&ke
it @ig. Et i> o0e thi0g to >t&' i0 @u>i0e>> &0d it i> &0other thi0g to h&De & pro5it&@le
@u>i0e>>. 3o i5 'ou 7ill @e &llo7ed to choo>eL m&ke u>e o5 the @uildi0g li>t to e0>ure th&t
pro5it> 7ill keep comi0g i0.
I0d @uildi0g & li>t 7ill de5i0itel' 7ork 5or 'our @e0e5it. 9hi> 7ill e0>ure th&t 'ou c&0
m&i0t&i0 clo>e co0t&ct &0d & good rel&tio0>hip 7ith 'our clie0t>L e>peci&ll' the 5reZue0t
9hi> 7ill &l>o >&De 'ou mo0e'L time &0d e55ort @ec&u>e o0ce 'ou come up 7ith & 0e7
product or 0e7 i05orm&tio0L 'ou k0o7 e;&ctl' 7ho 'ou 7ill >e0d upd&te> to @ec&u>e 'ou
h&De & de5i0ite m&rket.
9hi> i> o0e &>pect th&t 'ou 7ill h&De to m&i0t&i0 to h&De & >te&d' >ource o5 i0come &t the
le&>t. 9he0 the re>t o5 'our e55ort> 7ill @e to m&ke the 0um@er o5 'our regul&r clie0t>
3ome poi0ter> i0 @uildi0g 'our opti0 li>t:
f Aou >hould put & h>u@>cri@e li0ka or h>u@>cri@e @o;a i0 'our 7e@ >ite. Et
i> &dDi>&@le to put it o0 &ll the p&ge>. 9he0 m&ke >ure th&t it i> >tr&tegic&ll'
po>itio0edL me&0i0g it h&> to @e e&>il' loc&ted @' the Di>itor>. 9he upper right
h&0d cor0er o5 the p&ge 7ould @e & good po>itio0.
f Kromote 'our 7e@>ite &0d promote it eDe0 more to m&ke giDe it more
e;po>ure &0d to get more >u@>cri@er>.
f Come up 7ith co0te>t> or giDe &7&' 5ree@ie> &0d goodie> th&t 7ill reZuire
Di>itor> to giDe out their em&il &d> to @e &@le to Noi0.
f <iDe out i05orm&tio0L &rticle> &0d upd&te> to 'our clie0t> 7ith 'our
li0k> i0 it. F&ke >ure th&t the i05orm&tio0 7ill @e releD&0t to the clie0t.
f =55er 5ree cour>e> to 'our Di>itor>. 9hi> 7ill &l>o help m&i0t&i0 & good
rel&tio0>hip 7ith 'our >u@>cri@er>.
f P>e 'our >ig0&ture &l>o to m&ke 'our opti0 li>t e;p&0d. :Der' time 'ou
>e0d out me>>&ge> the li0k i05orm&tio0 >hould @e i0cluded.
f %o >ome 0et7orki0g too. boi0 >ome 5orum> or di>cu>>io0> &0d @uild
rel&tio0>hip> 7ith the people there. 9hi> 7&' 7ill &l>o @e & good 7&' 5or 'ou to
get more co0t&ct> &0d clie0t>.
It the >&me time 'ou >hould &l>o k0o7 7h&t 'ou >hould &Doid i0 @uildi0g &0 opti0 li>t.
9here i> o0e thi0g th&t 'ou >hould keep i0 mi0d &> the do0[t[> o5 @uildi0g & li>t.
i J:B:C :B:C >p&m 'our >u@>cri@er>. Et i> @e>t th&t 'ou get permi>>io0
5rom 'our >u@>cri@er>L or el>e 'ou might e0d up 7ith & @&d reput&tio0.
i IDoid I-CI3EB: popup> ]though 0ot &ll^. 9he' c&0 >ometime> &00o' the
Di>itor>. 9here &re &l>o popup @locker> 0o7. Aour e55ort here might e0d up 5utile.
i Aou >hould &l>o re5r&i0 5rom 5loodi0g 'our >u@>cri@er> 7ith
i05orm&tio0. Aou might e0d up &> &0 &00o'&0ce th&t 'ou might 0ot get &
5&Dor&@le re>ult. 9here m&' @e time> th&t 'ou[ll giDe releD&0t i05orm&tio0L @ut
'our clie0t> m&' Nu>t di>mi>> it.
9he @e0e5it> o5 h&Di0g m&0' regul&r >u@>cri@er> &re u0de0i&@le. 9he' 7ill de5i0itel'
keep 'our @u>i0e>> goi0g &0d 'ou 7ill de5i0itel' e0No' the pro5it> th&t 7ill come i0. bu>t
remem@er th&t thi0g> do0at e0d there.
=0ce 'ouaDe @uild up o0 & >u@>t&0ti&l opti0 li>tL m&ke >ure th&t 'ou m&i0t&i0 it 7ell.
\eep i0 co0t&ct 7ith 'our >u@>cri@er>. 3e0d them upd&te>. <iDe out >peci&l o55er> &0d
help5ul tip>. !ree@ie> 7ill @e help5ul too.
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/5!igure%&')e&d-uildi0g3o5t7&re
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/<od&dd'
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/Ho>tg&tor
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/J&meChe&p
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/3oci&lIdr
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/9r&55icM&De
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/5!igure%&')e&d-uildi0g3o5t7&re
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/Em0ic&F&il
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/5!igure%&')e&d-uildi0g3o5t7&re
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle-&ck9o3chool3tore
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Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOleCu>tomiOeEtIll3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle%i>0e'>!roOe03tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle<r&du&tio0E0Dit&tio0>3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOleE0ter0&tio0&l3tore>
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOleiKho0eeC&>e>Kreorder3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle3&De9he%&te3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle3&De9he%&teF&g0et>3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOleMr&ppedC&0D&>3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle<i5tCe0ter3tore
Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/j&OOle3hopI0dCre&teE0P3I

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