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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
2ideo Produt 3asis
Cha"ter 21
Choosin& .our Tar&et 4ar,et And 5ub*et
Cha"ter /1
2isuali+e .our Com"lete Produt$ )rite .our 5ri"t
And Obtain Gra"his
Cha"ter 61
Choose And Learn .our Editin& 5o#t%are
Cha"ter 71
-eord Audio
Cha"ter 81
Assemble 2ideo
Cha"ter 91
5u""l' A 5am"le And 4a,e It 2iral
Launh .our 0inal Produt
)ra""in& ;"
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2ideo "roduts are another %a' o# reatin& "rodut a%areness and
"romotin& one<s business throu&h the "rodut( The video "rodution
is meant to sho%ase movin& ima&es to be done on eletroni media(
5imilar to #ilm ma,in& it onl' de#er in the ima&es bein& reoded
eletroniall' rather than on #ilm sto,( Get all the in#o 'ou need here(
2ideo Produt Per#etion
Insider Ti"s On Launhin& Pro#it Gettin& 2ideo Produts
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Cha"ter 11
2ideo Produt 3asis
;sin& this innovative tool there is a "lat#orm available to reatin&
ontent$ video editin& and deliverin& a #inished video "rodut #or
various mediums o# e="osure(
0or the online mar,eter %ho ost onerns are hi&h on the "riorit'
list$ this #orm o# reatin& material to "romote the intended item an
be >uite a %elomed res"ite( In almost all ases the video "rodut an
be om"etitivel' ost e##etive and de#initel' hea"er that other tools
#or "romotional use(
- : -
The 3asis
There are several mediums that an be used to "romote an
or&ani+ation$ a "rodut or a servie and video "rodution is *ust one
o# them( Creatin& the a%areness #or the "rodut is the "rimar' reason
this tool is hosen(
3ein& an aessible #eature that an be used #rom television
advertisements to internet ommerials and viral videos this tool is
innovative enou&h in its ma,eu" to ater to all mediums o# sourin&
the relevant in#ormation(
4ainl' desi&ned #or internet home based businesses it is a tool %here
interation %ith the audiene throu&h visual "resentations is its ,e'
3ro,en into t%o si&ni#iantl' di##erent t'"es o# video "rodution are
the transational and the re#erene st'le( The transational video
"rodution st'le is mostl' meant to "romote a "rodut %ith the
intention o# ma,in& a sale( 0or the re#erene based video "rodut the
idea is to &et the vie%er to navi&ate #urther into the %ebsite to vie%
more in#ormation(
2ideos are also &reat searh en&ine avenues thus usin& these tools
%ould ensure the site is "rominentl' #eature %hen onnetive or
similar sub*ets are ,e'ed into the s'stem(
- ? -
Cha"ter 21
Choosin& .our Tar&et 4ar,et And 5ub*et
;sin& the video "rodution st'le the individual an e##etivel'
"romote the business endeavor "lanned( This method thou&h
om"arativel' ne% to the online internet mar,et it is #ast "rovin& its
%orth in terms o# bein& e=tremel' bene#iial in reatin& the
a%areness o# the "rodut to%ards its tar&et audiene(
- 1@ -
.our 4ar,et
One o# the bi&&est and most e##etive advanta&e o# the video
"rodution is that it allo%s the ontent to be visuall' "resented
there#ore ma,in& a learer im"at on the tar&et audiene %hen
om"ared to other tools available #or online mar,etin&(
The sub*et matter is also ver' im"ortant as this should be
somethin& that the tar&et audiene %ould be interested in bein& a
"art o#(
2isual e="lanations aom"anied b' visual e##et is al%a's more
im"at#ul in deliverin& an' messa&e desi&ned es"eiall' i# it is #or
mar,etin& "ur"oses(
3ein& able to &et the video "rodut to the end tar&et audiene an
ideall' be done %ith "ro"er assistane #rom established om"anies
handlin& suh business "romotion st'les(
These entities usuall' are ver' a"t in bein& able to &et the video
"rodut to the distributorshi"s that %ill hel" #urther the e="osure
#or the "rodut(
I# the video "rodut is suitable as an e=hibition tool #or the
business entit' then the om"anies "romotin& them %ill tar&et
businesses that "riorities suh "romotional st'les(
2ideo "rodut have been able to suess#ull' "ith revenue earnin&
- 11 -
"ros"ets #or various t'"e o# business st'les and it usuall' &ets the
desired attention #aster than other more onventional tool an(
Ta""in& into the tar&et audiene se&ment that s"ends most o# their
time in the om#orts o# their home$ throu&h the various di##erent
media "lat#orms available$ is also another %a' to &et the video
"roduts ontent to the masses(
)hen it omes to sub*et matter there %ould be a ver' %ide hoie
base to hoose #rom as the "ossible tar&et audiene varies &reatl'(
- 12 -
Cha"ter /1
2isuali+e .our Com"lete Produt$ )rite .our 5ri"t And
Obtain Gra"his
Ever' business venture has to start %ith a basi idea and video
"roduts are no di##erent( 3e#ore a video "rodut is launhed there
are a lot o# onnetin& issues that should be addressed to ensure the
"rime tar&et audiene is reahed and the material used to reah them
is suitable and e##etivel' desi&ned(
- 1/ -
In order to suess#ull' desi&n and reate the ontents o# a video
"rodut$ the individual has to #irst have an idea o# the end results
)ith this #irml' in mind it %ould be easier to soure #or and a""l'
the ri&ht tools to start ma,in& the video "rodut itsel#( )hen the
video outline has been deided the ne=t ste" %ould be to start
%ritin& the sri"t #or the video ontent(
5ri"t %ritin& an be done b' almost an'one even a novie but i#
the individual is serious about &ettin& the best "ossible e="osure
#or the "rodut "erha"s onsiderin& more "ro#essional e="ertise
ma'be more bene#iial(
Those %ith the e="ertise %ill be able to better desi&n sri"t ontent
that %ould diretl' im"at the vie%er and this should be the ideal
im"at sou&ht(
Ae"endin& on the t'"e o# "rodut$ business or servie bein&
#eatured in the video "rodut$ the sri"t desi&ned should be able to
re#let the idea behind the "rodut learl' and e##etivel'( The st'le
o# the desi&n %ould have to suit the ontent and messa&e intended
#or the vie%in& "ros"ets(
4a,in& use o# &ra"his to enhane the ontent st'le o# the video
- 16 -
"rodut is another %a' o# reatin& as e=itin& "rodut( )henever
there is e=tensive use o# &ra"his the end "rodut is usuall' more
e=itin& and visuall' attrative(
This is %h' most %ell desi&ned video "rodut ma,es it a "oint to
inlude &ood &ra"his into their desi&ns( 3esides bein& attention
&rabbin& it is also a &reat interative st'le tool that &ets the senses
o# the vie%er alerted to the intended messa&e(
Cha"ter 61
- 17 -
Choose And Learn .our Editin& 5o#t%are
There are several reasons %h' there is a need to understand the
various as"ets o# hoosin& and learnin& about editin& so#t%are(
Choosin& the best editin& so#t%are to assist in editin& e=erises %ill
ensure the end video ontent %ill be #it #or vie%in& and "romotional
- 18 -
The Tools
Elements li,e ensurin& the editin& so#t%are hosen should be able to
onvert the im"orted video material into other #ormats that are
available to the "artiular tar&et audiene #or "ortable devies that
are used to read the video material(
3ein& able to edit material suh as uttin& and mer&in& "arts o# the
ori&inal material to ustom #it the re>uirements should be e="lored
#or its merits(
Not all vie%ers %ould need the same ontent thus the need to edit to
ustom #it the needs o# the nihe tar&et audiene( There are also
editin& so#t%are that allo% #or the e="ort and im"ort o# video #iles
that an be diretl' lin,ed to the om"uter #or eas' aess(
This then beomes a &ood advanta&e as there is no #urther need #or
an' other ,inds o# "lu&-ins and do%nloads( 3ein& able to add in e=tra
e##ets an also be #ailitated %ith editin& so#t%are that "rovides #or
this #eature(
Im"rovin& the >ualit' o# the video an also be done %ith the use o#
&ood and om"atible editin& so#t%are(
Choosin& editin& so#t%are that allo% #or si+e ad*ustments and
&ra"his to reate material that is suitable #or smaller sreens suh as
mobile "hones should also be seriousl' e="lored(
This is mainl' due to the #at that mobile "hones are a #ast and
e##etive tool #or advertisin& an'thin& and ever'thin& instantaneousl'(
- 19 -
-ememberin& to %atermar, an'%here to ensure "rotetion #or the
video o"' %rite o%nershi" is im"ortant(
;nderstandin& all these im"ortant "oints %ill ertainl' hel" the
individual to ,ee" an in#ormed &ras" on ever' as"et o# the video
"rodut<s reation(
- 1: -
Cha"ter 71
-eord Audio
The "roess o# learnin& ho% to reord audio is reall' not ver' di##iult(
Bo%ever one must be e>ui" %ith the ri&ht tool and some ,no%led&e
o# ho% it<s done( The items that %ould be needed are a &ood >ualit'
miro"hone or in"ut devie$ a om"uter %ith a sound ard and an
audio reordin& so#t%are( )ith these tools$ one should be able to
ommene the audio reordin& session(
- 1? -
The Audio
One o# the more "o"ular so#t%are used b' most "eo"le tr'in& to
desi&n their o%n audio "resentation is the -eord 0orAll sreen( This
is mainl' divided into three main setions(
0irst one %ill be &iven aess to the librar' tool %here all stora&e and
or&ani+in& o# the audio li"s are done( Bere the individual an im"ort
son&s$ sound e##ets or other audio #iles b' sim"l' li,in& on the "lus
The red button #ailitates the reordin& diretl' #rom the miro"hone
or #rom another live audio #eed( All this an then be added to the
librar' alread' reated( The li"s an be sorted b' title$ artist or an'
other hosen riteria %hih an then be aessed b' li,in& on the
olumn headin&s(
Then the ne=t area to deal %ith is alled the "la' list and here is %here
the list o# li"s is in the urrent sho% state( Addin& this material to
the "la'list an be done b' dra&&in& the intended item in #rom the
This method an also be used to han&e the order o# items on the
"la'list( To vie% the "resentation ontent there is a timeline at the
bottom o# the sreen %hih sho%s the same li"s but in muh more
Eah line on the timeline sho%s a visual re"resentation o# ho% the
- 2@ -
li" sounds and an' "art an be aessed b' "ressin& the "la' button(
)hen the overall ontent and "resentation has reahed the
satis#ator' level then the sho% sounds an be sent out %ith the
e="ort button at the to" o# the sreen to e="ort in 4P/$ )A2 or )4A
- 21 -
Cha"ter 81
Assemble 2ideo
Assemblin& a video #or enhanement o# the business a%areness
e=erise is another e##etive %a' o# &ettin& the "rodut to the
attention o# the tar&et audiene intended( This an be done %ith a
#e% sim"le ideas that should be inor"orated into the video
"resentation desi&n(
- 22 -
The 2isuals
0irst a deision should be made on %hat ,ind o# video "resentation is
to be reated( Aetails suh as the t'"e o# tar&et audiene it is tar&eted
#or( 5uh in#ormation %ill ran, in more relevant searhes and "rovide
relevant in#ormation #ields on the "a&e "osted(
The tools needed %ould inlude di&ital "hotos and musi$ video
slidesho% so#t%are suh as A2A slidesho% builder #or %indo%s or
0antasho% #or 4a and .ouTube or 0aeboo, aounts %here
re&istration is #ree( The #ollo%in& are some ste" to hel" in the "roess
o# ma,in& a video slide sho%1
Addin& "hotos and musi - Ao%nload and install A2A slide sho%
builder delu=e so#t%are and %hen this has been launher enter
advane mode and start #rom or&ani+e tab( Then im"ort #avorite
"hotos$ videos$ musi to the stor' board and an' other dis"la's to be
inluded in the "resentation( I# there is an' need #or it$ li, media
soures #or edit "ur"oses(
Chan&in& "hoto transitions C a#ter im"ortin& the "hoto and video
material$ random transitions %ill automatiall' be a""lied( Bo%ever
han&es an be made to the "hoto transition b' li,in& the transition
thumb on the stor' board and seletin& the desired transition #or the
eventual dialo& "hase( An auto s'stem an also be aessed i# the
individual does not #an' settin& the transitions "ersonall'(
- 2/ -
5ave video to 4P6 C &o to the reate tab and in the out"ut #ormats
dro" do%n list$ selet 4P6 as the "revailin& video #ormat( ;"on
aessin& this li, start and this %ill save the video #or the hosen
"lat#orm( I# there is a need to ustomi+e the video the o"tions button
an be li,ed thus &ivin& the individual other o"tions(
- 26 -
Cha"ter 91
5u""l' A 5am"le And 4a,e It 2iral
A#ter desi&nin& and %or,in& on the video the end result that is read'
#or vie%in& should no% be made available to the tar&et audiene as
e##iientl' and as >ui,l' as "ossible( There are various %a's to
ahieve this and one o# them is b' &oin& viral(
- 27 -
The 3u++
I# the intention is to use a##iliates and other su""ortin& hel" to &et
the video to a tar&et audiene that annot be reahed b' the
individual<s o%n e##orts then su""l'in& a sam"le to eah o# these
"otential assistin& avenues needs to be done(
)hen this has been done$ then the reeivin& "arties an use other
su""ortin& tools individuall' to ma,e the video viral( 5ometimes
b' usin& this s'stem there is a hi&her "erenta&e o# ma,in& the
video &o viral as there is more than one soure "uttin& the video
out #or the masses to vie% it( The more e="osure &ained the more
hanes o# it &oin& viral(
Creatin& videos that automatiall' seed themselves %ithin ertain
"lat#orms o# ommunities and #an bases %ill also #ailitate the viral
#ator and ensure its suess(
The rei"ient o# suh video %ho are #asinated or attrated to the
ontent %ill automatiall' be inlined to share the said ontent
%ith others thus a&ain reatin& the viral irumstanes(
Aesi&nin& and "ostin& videos that are uni>ue 'et attention
&rabbin& %ill also &et an'one and ever'one e=ited and %antin& to
vie% the material #or themselves(
It %ill also ensure more "eo"le %ill share the said video %ith
- 28 -
others( The basi idea behind &oin& viral is that the video beomes
a "ro"ert' so hot that ever'one %ants to be "riv' to its ontent at
all ost(
There#ore one should al%a's ,ee" in mind this #at %hen desi&nin&
the ontent( 5ome ma' thin, this %ould mean that there is a need
#or bein& bi+arre in the st'le or ontent but it reall' means the
video needs to stand out i# the massive attention is to be en&a&ed(
Cha"ter :1
- 29 -
Launh .our 0inal Produt
3ein& able to suess#ull' launh a "rodut does not neessaril'
means havin& a lot o# #an#are or a bi& bud&et( There are %a's to be
able to do this es"eiall' online %ith om"arativel' minimal ost and
de#inite *ust as e##etivel'( There#ore it is "ossible to launh a "rodut
%ith a small bud&et and the ,no%led&e o# tools that ould assist and
enhane the e=erise(
Gettin& It Goin&
- 2: -
;nderstandin& that the "ur"ose o# the launh is to build the
momentum o# the sales "ositionin& and eventual revenue earned is
Thus %or,in& %ithin this understandin& should ideall' 'ield the
desired results( The #ollo%in& are ti"s to onsider %hile %or,in&
%ithin the above mentioned mindset1
The im"ortant "oint o# mathin& "rodut a"abilities to the mar,et
needs is "erha"s one that should be &iven due onsideration(
Identi#'in& the ideal mar,et "ositionin& %ill reate the advanta&e o#
bein& able to ta" into the tar&et audiene %ith a hi&her "erenta&e o#
suess( Ensure the launh is desi&ned around a lear "ositionin& and
messa&in& "lat#orm(
5ettin& lear launh &oals %ill hel" the individual or team %or, %ith
tan&ible tatis on ho% to ta,le and onstantl' evaluate the "ro&ress(
At this "oint ensurin& all the om"limentin& tools are also used to
o"timi+ation %ould hel" enhane the launh(
- 2? -
)ra""in& ;"
Creatin& the "ere"tion o# ade>uate levera&e and a"itali+in& on it is
another %a' to ensure o"timal launh results( The levera&e used
should ideall' be based on the one"t o# usin& little to &ain muh$
%hih is "ossible throu&h the use o# some internet mar,etin& tools(
Gettin& hel" #rom all soures available$ es"eiall' #rom %ithin the
e=tended irle %or,in& on the launh %ould e##etivel' ontribute to
the a&enda bein& onvenientl' "ublii+ed( Publiit' es"eiall' %hen it
is o# the "ositive nature is al%a's a &reat ro%d "uller(
5ettin& the "ae #or the interest #or the "rodut #eatured in the video
%ould &enerall' 'ield &ood results(
- /@ -
-eommended -esoures
Cli, Lin, 3elo%1
- /1 -
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGodadd'
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDBost&ator
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDNameChea"
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omD5oialAdr
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDTra##i)ave
- /2 -
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDImnia4ail
- // -
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++le3a,To5hool5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leCard5ha"es5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leCreateCustomTshirts5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leCustomi+eItAll5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leAisne's0ro+en5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leGraduationInvitations5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leInternational5tores
- /6 -
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leiPhone8CasesPreorder5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++le5aveTheAate5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++le5aveTheAate4a&nets5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++le)ra""edCanvas5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++leGi#tCenter5tore
Cli, Bere1 htt"1DD&uideri&ht&rou"(omDGa++le5ho"AndCreateIn;5A
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