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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
Gettin& 2tarted )ith 3ideo
Cha"ter 21
)hat )or,s 0or 4ar,etin&
Cha"ter /1
2ome 5e&innin& 2te"s
Cha"ter 61
)hat About .our Audiene
Cha"ter 71
)hat About The Len&th
Cha"ter 81
4ista,es To Avoid
)ra""in& 9"
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4ar,etin& a "rodut %ell is the basis o# an' "romotional am"ai&n(
As there are man' %a's o# doin& this and &ettin& the "rodut to a
"lat#orm %here it:s &enerall' reo&ni+able$ serious thou&ht must be
&iven to the mode o# advertin& utili+ed( 3ideo ma' assist %ith that(
)ith the &ro%th o# the Net and tehnolo&'$ videos have inreasin&l'
beome a more "o%er#ul tool in a;uirin& more leads and &ro%in&
one<s business(
The ommeriali+ation o# video editin& tools and ease o# sharin&
videos thru video sharin& sites li,e .ouTube has made the &ro%th o#
the video industr' e="lode ;ui,l'(
Presentl'$ it doesn<t matter i# 'ou are a small time mar,eter or a
or"orate &iant> 'ou stand to &ain lots throu&h levera&in& videos to
&ro% 'our business( Get all the in#o 'ou need here(
3ideo 3i&ilante
2la'in& .our Com"etition )ith 3ideo 4ar,etin&
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Cha"ter 11
Gettin& 2tarted )ith 3ideo
The a##et o# video "resentations as an online "romotion strate&' is
bein& #elt "rominentl' b' mar,eters( Individuals %ho are "romotin&
their net%or,s online are utili+in& these videos to drive their "oint
strai&ht home and ma,e a &enuine im"ression on the visitors that
hel"s in better onversion rates(
- ? -
The 5asis
3ideos are sim"le to ma,e and easier to u"load( The' ma' onve'
a lot more than mere t'"ed %ords ma'( This is the reason
mar,eters are &oin& all out to mar,et their stu## throu&h %eb video
The tehni;ue is strai&ht#or%ard - ma,e an a""ealin& video about
the "rodut that &ives the vie%er some sort o# in#o and "ut it on a
relevant "lae on the Net %hih ould be on a site or a blo& or a
soial ommunit' net%or,( Then the video is adverti+ed in several
%a's so that it &ets a bi& number o# vie%ers( The brand name o#
the "rodut or the lin, o# the site or both o# these are ommonl'
mentioned in the video( There#ore$ individuals %ho %ath the
video are more li,el' to "urhase the "rodut than the individuals
%ho merel' read the te=t on a site(
0or 4L4$ the one"t o# video mar,etin& %or,s &reat( The
#ollo%in& are a #e% reasons %h' it does e=e"tionall' %ell here1-
1( It builds u" the redibilit' o# the s"onsor beause in most ases
individuals %ill be able to see and hear the s"onsor in the video(
This adds authentiit' to the business o""ortunit' itsel#(
2( It hel"s e="lain the one"t in a better %a'( Individuals %ould
li,e to hear and om"rehend than read and understand( Li,e%ise
- @ -
sine the video ma' ontain several illustrations$ it mi&ht be muh
sim"ler to &et to ,no% the one"t(
/( 0aial &estures and motions mean a lot to individuals %ho are
onsiderin& s"endin& ash$ time and e##ort on a business
o""ortunit'( The' ma' see these in the video( There#ore$ the
o""ortunit' beomes more real to them and the' don:t #eel too
an=ious about it( That:s %h' a video hel"s brin& in more
individuals into the net%or,(
6( 3ideos ma' li,e%ise hel" in brandin&( Aearin& 'ou s"ea, out
the name o# 'our business$ it sounds more believable and there:s a
&reater hane that the name %ill have a reall value( This is a %a'
o# brandin& 'our "rodut$ %hih is lea&ues better than merel'
%ritin& its name do%n on 'our site(
In ever' %hih %a' that 'ou loo, at it$ video mar,etin& %or,s
e=e"tionall' %ell #or net%or, mar,etin&( Individuals in 4L4
must ta,e the time out to understand this one"t and utili+e it #or
their "romotional needs(
3ideo mar,etin& has been demonstrated time and time a&ain to be
amon& the most use#ul tools in bein& able to suess#ull'
aom"lish the "resene the "rodut or servie needs in order to
be remar,abl' reo&ni+able(
3ideo mar,etin& brin&s li#e to an' mar,etin& am"ai&n as it has
- B -
the "o%er to trans#orm stati and unattrative onventional ad
st'les into ation orientated "resentations( In the #ast movin& and
ever evolvin& %orld o# toda'$ individuals are loo,in& #or #resher
%a's to a"ture in the attention o# the mar,et share o# bu'ers and
li,e%ise ustomers %ant to be %ooed %ith e=itin& dis"la's that
ti,le their minds(
3ideo mar,etin& li,e%ise has the uni;ue element o# bein& able to
onnet %ith the tar&et audiene both visuall' and mentall'$ ta,in&
the audiene to an entirel' di##erent level o# advertisin&( This then
translates into suess#ul sales #i&ures %hih is %hat advertisin& is
all about( It li,e%ise motivates and "uts the tar&et audiene in
touh %ith %hat is im"ortant to them(
2ienti#i researh has as %ell demonstrated the si&ni#iant
inrease in value o# an'thin& %hen it:s visuall' e="osed to the
tar&et audiene( This in a ertain %a' is instantl' ta,en to a %hole
other level %hih indiretl' "rodues the "ere"tion o# value on
the "roduts #or the vie%ers(
3ideo mar,etin& s"ea,s to a "erson the %a' no other #orm o#
advertisin& has mana&ed to( 3ideo mar,etin& is able to "rodue
the "ereived %ant and need in the "erson #or somethin& the' ma'
not even ,no% about or "a' attention to till bein& e="osed to this
sort o# mar,etin& a""roah(
Cha"ter 21
- 1C -
)hat )or,s 0or 4ar,etin&
Eah business strate&ist needs to be a%are o# the most urrent$ viable
and suess#ul %a' o# earnin& and maintainin& o"timum business
suess( Com"rehendin& that mar,etin& has shi#ted #orm a one-%a'
broadast to a multi-"oint onversation is a &reat start( No%ada's a
hu&e amount o# onsumers utili+e online searhes %hen loo,in& to
researh "roduts or servies(
The T'"es
- 11 -
3ideo mar,etin& is no% beomin& inreasin&l' "o"ular as a tool to &et
hold o# out to a %ider tar&et audiene than be#ore( Individuals see,
out these #orms o# mar,etin& and advertisin& tools to hel" them
disover ans%ers to their ;uestions$ sho% them ho% to aom"lish
somethin& or %hen the' %ould li,e to read about revie%s on a
"artiular "rodut$ servie or business(
There#ore onsiderin& the utili+e o# video mar,etin& #or online or
o##line businesses %ill introdue the most "otent %a' o# reahin& the
tar&et audiene b' %a' o# data "rovided$ eduation o# the "rodut use
and advanta&es$ buildin& a ommunit' o# users and man' more(
Currentl' more and more individuals are ma,in& a bu'in& deision
based on the video mar,etin& tool the':ve ome in ontat %ith(
2everal searh en&ines have noted an inreased interest in li,el'
bu'ers see,in& the in#ormation on servies or "rodut throu&h online
#ailities$ one o# %hih is video mar,etin&(
It:s true that video mar,etin& is the ne% %ave in online mar,etin&$
and "artiularl' #or multilevel mar,etin& businesses$ but it:s li,e%ise
true that it has to be done orretl'( 2im"l' as in an' other tehni;ue
o# "romotion$ in video mar,etin& also$ it:s ruial to ta" the ri&ht
nerves o# the %athers so that the' onsider bu'in&(
- 12 -
The #ollo%in& are the most e##etive ,inds o# videos that 'ou ma'
3ideos desribin& the "rodut are short videos that s"ea, onisel'
about the "rodut( The':re built more li,e Po%erPoint "resentations
%here the #eatures$ advanta&es$ et( are %or,ed in a bullet #ormat so
that the vie%er ma' om"rehend them easil'(
0or 'our business "romotion$ 'ou ma' utili+e the video to e="lain the
one"t o# the business tellin& individuals mostl' %hat the':ll have to
do and %hat the':ll &et in return #or that( Li,e%ise$ assorted statistial
"oints li,e individuals %ho are alread' "ro&ressin& %ith the net%or,
and ma,in& &reat inomes ma' be a "art o# the "resentation videos(
3ideos revie%in& the "rodut are more elusive videos$ but the' do
%or, #or the business( .ou ma' &et a third "art' revie% 'our business
o""ortunit' in a matter-o#-#at manner( These videos have hu&e
im"at as the individuals %athin& the videos thin, that 'our
business is bi& enou&h to merit a revie%( -evie%s al%a's hel" #or
brandin&$ %hether the':re "ositive or ne&ative( .ou:ll &et a brand built
u"$ and naturall'$ most revie%ers %ill hi&hli&ht the #avorable "oints(
A #e% entre"reneurs in realit' hire individuals to do revie%s #or them
in the #orm o# video "resentations(
3ideos &ivin& instrutions &ive instrutions are desi&ned mostl' li,e
tutorial videos( The':re hel"#ul to the end user in a lot o# %a's as the'
- 1/ -
sho% them ho% the "rodut %or,s( The instrutions need to be
sim"le to #ollo%( 2uh videos have the &reatest "ossibilit' o# bein&
boo,mar,ed so that individuals %ho have %athed them one %ill
,ee" %athin& them a&ain and a&ain(
Aeadshot videos %or, #or "romotion and #or addin& to 'our o%n
"ubliit'( .ou s"ea, about the "rodut and the video basiall'
a"tures 'ou as 'ou:re tal,in&( The e##et here is that the vie%er
,no%s that 'ou are a real #lesh-and-blood "erson$ a"able o#
emotions and e="ressions and that the' ma' do business %ith 'ou(
There are assorted ,inds o# videos bein& used #or "romotion(
Consider %hih %ill be best #or 'our business and &o ahead %ith
Cha"ter /1
2ome 5e&innin& 2te"s
- 16 -
3ideo mar,etin& is e=e"tional beause it has the "o%er to &ro%
virall'( 3iral mar,etin& means it s"reads as #ast and as %idel' as a
biolo&ial virus$ ho%ever in the mar,etin& sense( This ma' hel" 'ou
reah a %ide audiene in a short amount o# time and at a humble ost(
- 17 -
Aave A Loo,
Individuals love %athin& videos$ so muh more beause 'ou ma'
inor"orate visual and audio elements %hih ma' e=ite emotions
and ma,e material interestin&( E-boo,s are so 'esterda' and have a
hard time ,ee"in& u" %ith videos %hih have been &ettin& better and
Amon& the most use#ul sites out there is .ouTube - The %orld<s
lar&est video sharin& site(
)h' are the' alled video sharin& sitesD It<s beause ever'bod' %ho
u"loads videos are li,e a T3 hannel o# their o%n - .ou ma' &et
subsribers and individuals %ho %ath 'our videos ma' #reel' share it
%ith others throu&h a %ide assortment o# soial media sharin& tools
The "o"ularit' o# .ouTube has e="loded$ and businesses$ bi& or small
stand a lot to &ain b' ta""in& into this "henomenon(
.ouTube lets 'ou u"load videos #or #ree$ and i# 'our videos meet their
standards the':ll o##er 'ou a diretor<s status$ %here 'ou an "ost u"
videos lon&er than 1C minutes(
One &ood thin& about .ouTube$ is that 'ou ma' "ost desri"tions
- 18 -
do%n at the bottom bo= o# 'our videos( This lets 'ou dra% tra##i to
'our site and %rite desri"tions about 'our videos(
.ouTube li,e%ise has that added advanta&e o# bein& o%ned b'
Goo&le$ the lar&est searh en&ine in the %orld( 5eause o# that$
.ouTube<s videos ran, hi&hl' on Goo&le$ and 'ou ma' dra% tons o#
tra##i b' tar&etin& ,e'%ords %ith hi&h searh volume and are related
to 'our nihe(
Aere<s ho% 'ou be&in mar,etin& 'our business utili+in& .ouTube1
1E Produe a video %orth o# valuable materials related to 'our nihe
2E ma,e ertain there<s a all to ation at the end o# the video
/E 9"load 'our video to .ouTube
6E Add a desri"tion belo% ever' video
7E ma,e sure to inlude a lin, to 'our site Ftra##i dra%in& "ur"osesE
8E 2hare 'our videos %ith 'our tar&et audiene
-emember$ a reall' im"ortant "art o# video mar,etin& is the sharin&
om"onent( Get 'our subsribers or #ollo%ers to "ortion out 'our
videos %ith others to &et more vie%s( The more vie%s 'ou a;uire$ the
hi&her 'our video %ill be ran,ed(
3ideos %ith hi&her ran, %ill ommonl' be #eatured in .ouTube<s
hannel listin&s and this %ill #urther ollet 'ou more vie%s(
- 1? -
Let<s loo, into some eas' tools #or "roduin& videos #or mar,etin&
"ur"oses( Amon& m' #avorite ombinations are 4iroso#t Po%er"oint
G Camstasia(
4iroso#t Po%er"oint lets 'ou "rodue video ontent throu&h slides$
animations and sound e##ets( Camstasia lets 'ou reord a sreen
a"ture$ so %hen 'ou "la' 'our slides in real time$ 'ou ma' reord
ever' sin&le thin& that:s ourrin&(
Combined %ith some ool musi$ 'ou ma' ma,e "o%er#ul
enli&htenin& videos %hih 'our lient base %ill li,e(
Camstasia li,e%ise lets 'ou edit 'our videos %ith basi #eatures li,e
audio editin&$ slide transitions et( Post video "rodution is #ollo%ed
b' u"loadin& to .ouTube> all ma' be done instantl' via Camstasia(
Last but not least$ 'ou:ll need to si&n u" #or a .ouTube aount be#ore
'ou ma' be&in u"loadin& videos(
In short$ these tools %ill hel" 'ou "rodue sim"le 'et "o%er#ul videos
#or a;uirin& tra##i and ustomers$ as lon& as 'ou have &ood material
that 'our tar&et mar,et %ould en*o'(
- 1@ -
Cha"ter 61
)hat About .our Audiene
A video is the "er#et "rodut #or an u"sell$ meanin& that beause 'ou
alread' sold somethin&$ the video ma' be somethin& related to 'our
"rodut but "ried even hi&her but &ive double the valueH
.ou have to ma,e it suh a %a' that it %ould be #oolish to &ive u"
suh an o""ortunit'( .our video "rodut ould be a video version o#
the "rodut #or a sli&htl' hi&her "rie$ or a massive video olletion
that om"lements the "rodut "ried hi&her than the "rodut(
Or$ 'ou mi&ht also sell 'our video as a onetime o##er FOTOE and tell
the ustomer that the':ll never have the hane to &et this s"eial
o##er a&ain a#ter the' leave the site(
4illions are le#t on the table as mar,eters #ail to ta" into ba,ends #or
e=tra sales( 2o be&in reatin& 'our ba,end "roduts toda' utili+in&
videos but 'ou have to ma,e sure 'ou have the ri&ht audiene(
- 1B -
)ho<s Goin& To 5u'
4a,in& un#ounded assum"tions is #re;uentl' the &rievous mista,e
most individuals ma,e %hen si+in& u" a "otential bu'er( The same
ma' be said %hen tar&etin& a "artiular "ereived audiene( The
sa'in& that loo,s ma' be deeivin& has never run& more true(
4a'be one &ood startin& "oint %ould be to loo, into the
"s'ho&ra"hi trends that are "resentl' dominatin& the desired
tar&et audiene(
Com"rehendin& that is not all about the demo&ra"his$ li,e a&e$
inome$ &ender$ rae and others %ill allo% #or a better vie% on the
ho% to reah the desi&nated tar&et audiene( This then allo%s #or a
better mar,etin& e##ort to be launhed in order to reah the sou&ht
a#ter tar&et audiene(
4a,in& the error o# de"endin& on the merit o# the "rodut or
servie to s"ea, #or itsel# ma' ause detrimental e##ets in the
business arena( A better hoie %ould be to enter on &rou"s that
an identi#' and be interested in the "rodut "roduin& the
element o# a""eal(
Condutin& a "reliminar' mar,et researh e=erise on ontendin&
businesses and stores %ould hel" identi#' ertain "roduts and the
- 2C -
onsumer<s reation and "urhasin& "erenta&e to the said item(
This %ill li,e%ise brin& to li&ht the e##etiveness o# the media o#
advertisin& utili+ed( This ould also inlude a team assi&ned to
"rodue mar,et a%areness and in doin& so ma' ate&oriall'
identi#' the orret tar&et audiene(
Condutin& online surve's is li,e%ise another %a' to assess the
"robabilit' o# the hoie made on the "ereived ri&ht tar&et
audiene( All the same it should be noted that ver' #e% individuals
are %illin& to ta,e and om"lete online surve's i# there is little or
no inentives ta&&ed to the om"letion o# the surve'(
Assessin& the mar,et situation as a %hole and ho% the "rodut or
servie %ould im"at it is li,e%ise another indiret %a' o#
#oundin& the basis #or the ri&ht tar&et audiene hoie(
Cha"ter 71
- 21 -
)hat About The Len&th
Amon& the "oints that 'ou have to bear in mind about 'our video is
that 'ou have to ,ee" it at a %ell-situated len&th( 3ideos that are too
brie# muh #ail to ma,e an im"ression on the vie%er(
5ut$ videos that &o on and on an bore the vie%er to death( -ather
than a*olin& individuals into 'our business or to bu' somethin&$
these videos mi&ht atuall' ta,e them a%a'( )hen 'ou:re ma,in& a
video$ 'ou must not thin, onl' about %hat 'ou:re &oin& to "ut into it>
'ou li,e%ise have to onsider ho% muh o# it are 'ou &oin& to "ut in(
- 22 -
There:s nothin& li,e an ideal video len&th( It de"ends u"on the sort
o# video 'ou:re ma,in&( The thin& %or,s *ust li,e it does %ith
movies( Oasionall' 'ou do not mind movies that are lon&er than
t%o and a hal# hour beause the' hold 'our interest( All the same$
there are li,e%ise movies that are &reat onl' i# the':re short(
Consider those ation #li,s that ever'bod' loves to %ath so muh
- Io 'ou thin, the':d have the same sort o# a""eal i# the' %ere
strethed on interminabl'D
The same sort o# lo&i a""lies to videos that 'ou utili+e #or
"romotin& 'our business( .es$ the "ro"ortionate time limits are
muh shorter here$ but the rationale is the same( Give individuals
somethin& interestin& or valuable and the' %on:t mind i# it is a tad
bit too lon&( Or else 'ou mi&ht ma,e a bree+' entertainer that
doesn:t last more than a minute(
Thou&h there are deidedl' no rules about the len&th o# video
mar,etin&$ the #ollo%in& are a #e% "oints that 'ou ma' %ant to
abide b'1-
J I# 'ou:re ma,in& a #unn' advertisement$ do not ma,e it more
than a minute in len&th( On the Internet$ the rule is Kthe
shorter$ the #unnierK(
J I# 'ou:re revealin& somethin& s"eial throu&h 'our video - it
- 2/ -
mi&ht be a sna& in 'our om"etitor:s "rodut or somethin&
revolutionar' about 'our line o# business itsel# - do not rub it
in too muh( Lust sa' %hatever 'ou %ish to sa' one and
re"eat it one at the end( As #ar as the len&th &oes$ strethin&
it on the #ar side o# a minute dilutes the e##et( I# 'ou %ish to
&ive additional details$ "ut u" a di##erent video later on and
lin, it to this #irst one(
J I# 'ou:re &ivin& instrutions throu&h 'our video on usin&
'our "rodut$ 'ou:ll need to be as detailed as "ossible( )ith
instrutions$ a len&th o# about 6-7 minutes is a"t( 2trethin&
it on the #ar side o# this ma' "rove to be borin&(
J No headshot video must be more than a minute in len&th
unless 'ou:re &ettin& someone else to s"ea, #or 'ouH Lust
s"ea, o# the ruial details out and ma,e more videos i# 'ou
%ish to instead o# ,ee"in& one lon& one(
Naturall'$ there are e=e"tions( I# 'ou thin, %hat 'ou are tellin& is
o# true value and %ill s"ur the interest o# the %ather$ &o on and
ma,e it lon&er(
- 26 -
Cha"ter 81
4ista,es To Avoid
There:s one "rimar' ob*etive %ith 'our video - 'ou %ant it to reah
out to as man' individuals as "ossible( The tehni;ue o# doin& this is
throu&h searh en&ine o"timi+ation( The ma*or hun, o# the
individuals %ho are &oin& to %ath 'our video are &oin& to be those
that have ome there b' searh en&ine results(
Ao%ever ho% %ill the searh en&ines ran, 'our videoD In short -
videos that are better searh en&ine o"timi+ed %ill ran, hi&her on the
searh en&ines( No% ho% do 'ou searh en&ine o"timi+e a videoD
Thou&h there:s no tehni;ue to alter the reall' ontent o# the video to
ma,e it &ood #or 2EO$ there:s de#initel' the o"tion o# o"timi+in& the
te=t "art that &oes %ith the video$ %hih inludes the title and the
desri"tion( .ou have to s'stematiall' %or, the title and the
desri"tion so that 'our video *um"s hi&her on the searh en&ine
- 27 -
Great In#o
Aere are a #e% ti"s that 'ou ma' use1-
-esearh Me'%ords and inlude the 5est Ones in the 3ideo Title
.ou ma' use tools li,e Goo&le 2u&&est or Overture to disover
%hat "hrases individuals are utili+in& %hen the':re searhin& stu##
related to 'our business on the Internet( )ith Goo&le 2u&&est$ 'ou
&et su&&estions %hile 'ou t'"e( )ith Overture$ 'ou ma' also
disover the number o# individuals %ho have searhed #or ertain
in#ormation in the urrent month and the last month(
9tili+e these ,e'%ords in the title o# 'our video( As these ,e'%ords
are "o"ular$ the searh en&ines are on the loo,out #or them too$
and onseutivel'$ the':ll ran, 'our video hi&her(
9se 5randin& in the 3ideo Title
Ion:t miss out on this hane( .ou ma' ma,e a brand o# 'oursel#
to "romote 'our videos over the Internet( On most video sites$ 'ou
are able to ma,e a hannel %here 'ou "ut in 'our videos( .ou ma'
&ive a name to this hannel(
Aere is %here 'ou ma' do some brandin&( Name the hannel %ith
'our o%n name( As 'our videos &et more and more "o"ular$ 'our
- 28 -
hannel %ill &et "o"ular too and soon enou&h 'our name %ill
beome searhable on the Internet strai&hta%a'( )hat 'ou do %ith
'our name$ 'ou ma' also do %ith the name o# 'our business
2earh En&ine O"timi+e the 3ideo Iesri"tion
.ou ma' inlude "o"ular ,e'%ords in the desri"tion so that it:s
ra%led better b' the searh en&ine s"iders( Mee" the desri"tion
short ho%ever inlude the ,e'%ords so that the' don:t loo, stu##ed
and still onve' to the vie%er %hat the video ontains(
3ideos ma' be a &reat %a' to &ro% 'our business #ast$ %hen
utili+ed ri&ht( Ao%ever i# 'ou ommit these ommon video "it#alls$
'our business stands more to lose than to &ain so be are#ul( Che,
out these ommon mista,es no%1
Not levera&in& on ommunities( There are "o%er#ul ommunities
on %eb sites li,e .ouTube that allo% individuals to omment on
videos$ share and ta,e "art in onversation and subsribe to
videos( .ou ou&ht to a"itali+e on this ommunit'( .ou have to &et
involved in the ommunit' and sho% the other users that 'ou are
about them(
Not ta""in& into other video sharin& ommunities( .ouTube is the
lar&est> ho%ever there are other bi& video ommunities li,e
4etaCa#e and 3imeo( I# 'ou #ail to ta" into these ommunities$
- 2? -
'ou<ll be leavin& lots o# ash on the table(
Not ma,in& 'our videos viral( 3iral videos are ;uir,'$ interestin&
videos %hih ma,e individuals %ish to share it %ith their #riends
beause o# its #unn' value(
Carin& too muh about vie%s( Too #re;uentl'$ businesses "rodue
videos and ho"e to &et 1 million vie%s( On toda'<s soial %eb$
suess isn<t al%a's alulated %ith stats or measured in vie%
ounts( )hat<s ruial is meanin&#ul en&a&ement instead(
)ra""in& 9"
- 2@ -
In summar'$ videos are an e=e"tional "o%er#ul tool #or hel"in& 'ou
&ro% 'our online business in a lot o# as"ets(
-ome %asn<t built in a da'$ the same %a' tra##i doesn<t our in an
instant( All the same$ i# 'ou dili&entl' "ratie these video mar,etin&
tehni;ues$ 'our business %ill surel' have a lot to &ain(
The best %a' to onstrut a buddin& business online is to levera&e not
*ust on videos$ but on as man' mar,etin& tehni;ues as %ell suh as
artile mar,etin&$ 2EO and "aid advertisin&(
One 'ou:ve #ound %hat %or,s best #or 'our business$ re"liate and
multi"l' 'our e##orts and in no time 'ou<ve established 'oursel# a
solid business em"ire streamin& %ith thousands o# #ollo%ers(
4ar,etin& %ith video is a "o%er#ul tool #or 'our business and #or
brin&in& tra##i to 'our site( .ou:ll be able to do it the ri&ht %a' %ith
all the in#ormation that has been "rovided in this boo,( Get &oin&
mar,etin& 'our videos orretl' ri&ht no%(
-eommended -esoures
- 2B -
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omN3ideo-Tra##i-Aadem'
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Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNGodadd'
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNAost&ator
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNNameChea"
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omN2oialAdr
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNTra##i)ave
- /1 -
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNImnia4ail
- /2 -
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNQa++le5a,To2hool2tore
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNQa++leCard2ha"es2tore
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNQa++leCreateCustomTshirts2tore
Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNQa++leCustomi+eItAll2tore
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- // -
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Cli, Aere1 htt"1NN&uideri&ht&rou"(omNQa++le2ho"AndCreateIn92A
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