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Corporater to Host their Flagship International Performance Management Conference EPM

Connect 2014 at Duai

EPM Connect Dubai 2014 would be a great platform for its worldwide customers to discuss new
and emerging business trends in performance management.
Duai! "#E! $ctoer 2%! 2014 && Corporater, the worlds leading provider of performance
management software, today announced their flagship international conference Corporater EPM
Connect for 201 that will !e held at "he #ddress $u!ai Marina on 1%th and 20th of &ovem!er' (t
is a premier event for enterprise performance management enthusiasts and practitioners worldwide
for networ)ing and learning'
Paul &iven, "he noted spea)er and writer on the su!*ects of strategy, the !alanced scorecard, and
performance management and "or (nge +asshus, ,ounder and CE- of Corporater would !e
amongst the )eynote spea)ers at the event, along with renowned strategy e.perts and !usiness
performance management practitioners from around the world'
/"he conference will !e a great platform to present new and emerging !usiness trends in
performance management, and discuss the )ey principles that would ensure any !usiness to !e
future0ready and primed for e.ceptional e.ecution,1 said "or (nge +asshus, CE- of Corporater'
"he conference, spread across two days will comprise discussion of !usiness concepts, customer
use case presentations and interactive wor)shops'
1% &ovem!er, 2012 (t is e.pected that day 1 will witness Paul &ivens )eynote session on strategy
formation, and integration of change management processes in to strategy e.ecution processes' "he
following sessions in the day includes interactive customer case studies offering insights on the
practical aspects of strategy0driven performance management and overcoming related challenges'
20 &ovem!er, 2012 "he second day would !e dedicated to Corporater EPM 3uite customers,
where customers would !e demonstrating practical implementations of their solutions' "he day will
also offernew areas of use of Corporater EPM 3uite, and will provide interactive wor)shops
designed to inspire customers on how to get the most out of their EPM 3uite implementation'
#out Corporater EPM 'uite(
Corporater EPM 3uite is a leading strategy0driven performance management software solution that
can !e fully managed and configured !y !usiness users, without (" support' Corporater provides
!usiness users with everything they need to manage and drive performance including !alanced
scorecard software, strategy maps, dash!oards and 4P(s, tools for !udgeting and planning,
performance reporting, action plans, forms, E"5 tools, surveys and more' Corporater EPM 3uite is
Palladium 4aplan0&orton 6alanced 3corecard certified, and fully supports the E.ecution Premium
Process',or more information on Corporater EPM 3uite, please visit www'corporater'com'
Please access a fully functional demo of Corporater EPM 3uite '0 7 Performance Management
3oftware $emo
#out Corporater(
Corporater is a leading enterprise performance management solution provider that was founded in
2000 !y CE- "or (nge +asshus' #s a fast growing company, Corporaters users have 8uic)ly grown
into thousands, with customers ranging from 3ME9s to ,ortune :00 companies'Corporater has
offices in the &orway, 3weden, ;#E, ;3, (ndia, #rgentina, 6ra<il and Chile to support its
customers and the glo!al partner networ)'
Me)ia Contact( =aagneshwaran >anesh, ?ead 0 >lo!al Mar)eting,
=aagneshwaran >anesh
Corporater #'
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&00EC, 3tavanger,&orway
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