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Description of Classroom:
Government, 17-18 year old High School Seniors, 17 male 17 female.
Students understand the foundations of American government, the constitution and structure of our
Content Objective(s):
Students will evaluate the controversial issue of illegal immigration in America. They will analye
de!ortation or amnesty and tell me why that argument is "etter for America.
Language Objective(s):
Students will listen, read, write and s!ea# a"out $mmigration in America.
Common Core State Standards (Mat ! "L# Content) and$or %evada &o'er
Standards ('it standard numbers referenced):
%elated Standard& '1(.)*-1+,.- - ./amine the rights of citiens and how these rights are !rotected and
%elated Standard& '1(.)*-1+,.8 - ./amine the res!onsi"ilities of local, state, and national citienshi!.
%elated Standard& '1(.)*-1+,.7 - Analye and evaluate the role of citien !artici!ation in civic life.
(e) *ocabular):
Amnesty, de!ortation, alien, resident alien, illegal immigrant, refugee and nonresident alien.
Best &ractices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
&reparation Scaffolding +rouping Options
X Ada!tation of content 0odeling X 1hole 'lass
X 2in#s to "ac#ground Guided !ractice Small grou!s
X 2in#s to !ast learning X $nde!endent !ractice 3artners
4 Strategies incor!orated 5er"al scaffolds X $nde!endent
X 3rocedural scaffolds
,ntegration of &rocesses #pplication #ssessment
X 2istening X Hands-on X $ndividual
X S!ea#ing X Authentic 60eaningful7 X Grou!
X %eading X 2in#ed to o"8ectives X 1ritten
X 1riting X 3romotes engagement X 9ral
-eacing Strategies:
:irections, summary, de"ate and coo!eration.
.arm /p #ctivit):
Students will loo# over their summary of their !articular argument a"out de!orting or giving am
amnesty to illegal immigrants in America. $n their summary for amnesty or de!ortation of
immigrants, they are to relate the de"ate to their family history and why either de!ortation or amnesty
their lives.
Lesson Se0uence:
After the class reads over their argument, the teacher will e/!lain the directions of the de"ate. 1ith .
. three rounds 6the main arguments, re"uttal, and closing statements7 students will all !artici!ate to
de"ate the to!ic of illegal immigration in America. The argument for de!ortation will go first then
amnesty. After "oth sides state their main arguments, re"uttal and ma#e their closing statements to
the 8udges, the 8udges will decide which argument is "etter for America. ;or a closing, the teacher will
e/!lain the im!ortance of a democracy government, immigration !olicies and how illegal
immigration effect all Americans.
Any student who needs e/tra hel! will "e assisted "y the teacher. Any student who finishes early can
hel! other students, or read the te/t"oo#.
Supplementar) Materials:
Teacher directions, immigration de"ate handout and te/t"oo#.
Students will "e graded out of <= !oints on their half !age argument and their !artici!ation in the
The de"ate on de!orting or giving amnesty to illegal immigrants was controversial at times and
enlightening to most students. ;ew students did not get involved while many were !assionate and
interested in the de"ate. $ chose what the students were to de"ate on. ;or future de"ates, $ would allow
a few students to chose to switch their de"ate with someone from the o!!osite team if
;orm& ==<
*>?>+=1( 1'