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Expenses KRW PHP What to do Instructions


Philippine Travel tax 38200 1620
Terminal Fee 15300 650
Buy T-money ( with load for 4 days) 12000 508.56
Incheon Airport to Myeongdong 10000 423.8 Take Bus to Sejong Hotel, Route 6015 (Bus Stop 5B or 12A) just outside the airport
Global Hostel cost for 4 nights -1 roomfor 4 people is 95000
krw per night, so its 23750 krw per person per night
95000 4026.1 Follow the map in Global Hostel site.
Buy supplies (water, breakfast,banana milk, etc in 711 5000 211.9
Get train map in information center of Myeongdong station 0 0 get map! In Myeongdong subway station tourist information center. Or you can also get one from your hostel.
Breakfast in Paris Baguette -Myeongdong 8000 339.04 eat! Beside Myeongdong subway station
Changdeokgung Palace and Secret garden (UNESCO site (9
am- 4pm) -closed on Mondays
5000 211.9 (1) Photowalk and tour in Secret Garden (2) Dress up with traditional Hanbok for photo-op. Take the subway, and alight at Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), then use Exit 3. Just go straight for 5-10 minutes. Dont worry
about being lost since there are plenty of Changdeokgung Palace direction labels in the street.
Lunch at a traditional Korean restaurant for Samgyeopsal
and Chadolbagi.
10000 423.8 eat! One of the restaurants near Changdeokgung Palace.
Samcheong-dong, and Bukchon Hanok Village 0 0 (1) Chill in a cute korean coffee shop within Samcheongdong area, (2) Take pictures of the
traditional Hanok houses.
From Anguk station, take exit #2, then go straight. for map, please refer to
Namsan tower ( it is advisable for you to go here by 5pm,
then wait for the sunset up to 6:30pm) . 8500 krw for
roundtrip cable car ride. If you will just visit the terrace, then
its free. Going up to the tower will cost you more
8500 360.23 Offer love lock. Take a picture of love locks while daytime. Take a picture in the broken
chair.Observatory: 10:00-23:00 (Sun-Thu), until 24:00 (Fri-Sat)
Take the yellow bus!Y ellow Bus No.02 (refer to the chart below) stops near Exit No.4 of Chungmuro Station. Because of its
color, you will recognize the right bus easily. OR Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3. Use the road to the right of
Pacific Hotel and walk 10 minutes up to Namsan cable car station. Then take the cable car to N Seoul Tower (3-minute cable car
Dinner 8000 339.04 eat! There are many restaurants around Myeongdong area.
Dongdaemun Market 0 0 Shopping or window shopping! Take the subway and alight at Dongdaemun station. Just walk straight ( going to the right for the malls, and left for the stores).
Brunch at Two-two chicken ( since there are really no good
affordable restaurants around Nami)
8000 339.04 eat! From Myeong station, take exit # 3, and walk in the left side street of Pacific Hotel. You will see and smell it rightaway.
Nami Island 24000 1017.12 (1) Family picture with the famous winter trees so bring tripod. (2) Sky Bike (3) Motor bike
around Nami Island
for a detailed step by step explanation
Dinner in Namdaemun Market Food tents 11000 466.18 (1)Try the eel and chapchae dishes. Food is delicious, but its too pricey considering that it is
in a market and it should be cheaper. (2) Buy korean strawberries here too since its way
cheaper (around 3000-4000 krw only)
Take the subway and alight at Namdaemun station.
Myeongdong Cat Cafe 8000 339.04 Take pictures with the cute cats. From Myeongdong station, take exit # 6. Walk in the street where you can find Uniqlo, faceshop and other beauty stores ( this is
the main fashion store street). You need to turn left onto a street where you can find a dancing cat mascot. (I forgot the name
of the street).This is before you see Dunkin Donut.
Shopping in Myeongdong * * Actually, the shops here sell products for normal price ( but its way cheaper compared to
Philippines). If you want more discount, you can try visiting the Namdaemun branches.
From Myeongdong station, take exit # 6.
Buffet Lunch in Self Bar ( highly recommended!!!) 11000 466.18 Eat all you can! One freezer full of chadolbagi and various meat, veggies, desserts. Hapjeong station exit 3: You can also refer to this site:
Everland Tickets (normal price is 46,000 won, but we were
able to get a discount coupon because of the Korean Grand
sale last Feb2014.) You can also get a discounted ticket for
37,000 won via this link:
27000 1144.26 Take the Everline. Try the sleigh, and safari ride. Ride cable car. Stay up to 5 pmthen go
Take the subway, and alight at Gangnamstation.Take exit # 10, cross the street and stay in the bus stop area in the middle of
the road. Wait for bus 5002 and that will bring you straight to Everland. One way ticket is 2100 won, and you can use your T-
money for this.
Dinner in KFC GangnamBranch 8000 339.04 eat! Just beside Gangnamsubway station entrance/ 5002 bus stop.
Shopping in Gangnam! * * Gangnamhas various clothes and bags stores. Typical Korean school backpacks cost only
10,000 won. Girls blouses , and the usual denimtops are only 10,000 won too. They also sell
various sheer tops for office wear starting at 10,000 won.
along Gangnamsubway station.
Brunch at Myeongdong Gyoza- one of the best know and
dont miss restaurants in Seoul. It is famous for its Kalguksu
and Mandu (dumplings).
8000 339.04 There are only 4 dishes in Myeongdong Gyozas menu mandu (dumplings), bibim
guksu (noodles with vegetables and red hot pepper paste), kalguksu (wheat flour
noodles in a hot broth) and kongguksu (noodles in cold soy milk broth). Each dish is
8000 won
Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 7. The upper street branch located next to H&M outlet. The other
branch located near Watson. Operating Hours: opens daily from 1030 to 2130
Namdaemun Market Shopping! * * Buy souvenir items like key chain and ref magnet in a bundle. Face shop branch here also
sells items in a lower price with lots of promo.
Take subway and alight at Namdaemun station.
Hanbok Experience! 0 0 FREE hanbok experience @Korea TourismInfo Center in M Plaza, Myeongdong. M Plaza
houses Forever 21, Zara and Kosney so its hard to miss it. Take a lift to level 5, registered
yourself at the counter (English/Chinese/Japanese language options available) and wait for
your time slot. Awesome right? Theres also FREE wifi and locker services available.
Seoul Global Culture & TourismCenter--> Myeong-dong Station, Seoul Subway line 4, Exit #6 >> 200 meters from the station-->
5th floor of the M Plaza in Myeongdong.
Myeongdong to Airport 10000 423.8 Food is allowed inside the bus so you can drink Banana milk for one last time before leaving
Go back where you were dropped off on your first day ( Sejong hotel). Buses arrive here in a regular 30 min- 1 hr interval.
Miscellaneous ( for other snacks, and extra items) 20000 847.6
TOTAL 468000 19834
Day 0 - Flight and Checkin
The Madaldal Kids Budget Itinerary for Seoul, South Korea for 4 days
Day 1 -Changdeokgung Palace, Samcheong-dong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Namsan Tower, Dongdaemun Market. [Option: You can also add Gyeongbukjong Palace]
Day 2 - Nami Island, Namdaemun Market, and Myeongdong Cat Cafe. [Option: You can also add Petite France]
Day 3-Everland, Myeongdong Shopping again!
Day 4- Myeongdong Gyoza, Namdaemun market shopping, and flight back home
Outlet Stores
Palace Tour
Transportation Tmoney which is like Octopus card
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