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Product information

Ozone technology / UV technology

For the "plus" in water quality - the compact
ozone system, highly effective and
environmentally sound.
din-o-zon VARIO V2, Capacity: 2 g/h ozone, Compact
Art. no.: 0610-341-90
The din-o-zon method eliminates microorganisms and disintegrates organic impurities in a safe and
environmentally sound way. The consumption of disinfectants is reduced, the water quality is
considerably improved. The typical swimming pool smell is reduced. Due to the fact that the
ozone is generated on site, there are no additional transport costs involved and there is no need for
storage of further chemicals. Ozone is the most effective disinfectant in the are of pool water
treatment, and is obtained from aerial oxygen. The efficiency is clearly demonstrated by the
immediate oxidation of bacteria and organic substances. What's more, the use of ozone does not
contribute to the greenhouse effect.
Brief description
din-o-zon VARIO V2 complete systems for elimination of microorganisms and a further
disintegration of organic impurities using the slip-stream process. Compact construction with switch
cabinet, ozone generator, mixing module, injector with diaphragm check valve and second ball
check valve, reaction tank incl. mixing device, automatic ventilation, residual ozone destructor with
booster pump and connection set, accessories kit incl. initial filling of activated charcoal, pre-
assembled at the factory on stable plastic chassis with adjustable feet, completely wired electrically
and ready for operation. A gas detector is not required.
Fulfills the requirements of DIN 19627

Ozone generator
Ozone output: 2 g/h
Current consumption: 0.125 kW
Booster pump: IN-V 2-40
Pump capacity: 4 m/h
Current consumption: max. 0.55 kW
Motor power: 0.55 kW
Circulation volume: approx. 4 m/h
Overall electrical connection: approx. 0.8 kW
Supply voltage: 220-240 V / 50Hz, 1.1 kW
Dimensions (h x w x d): 1280 x 540 x 420 mm
Weight: approx. 55 kg
Technical data
Ecological and safety-conscious production of ozone from atmospheric oxygen for use in the
treatment of pool water as support the maintenance and safeguarding of the quality of the hygiene
parameters (TVO, 11 UBA).
Suitable for private or hotel pools / whirlpools up to a circulation capacity of 150 m/h
Direct integration of the ozone system in the main filtration circulation according to the bypass
principle. Fully automatic treatment with ozone.
Product information
Ozone technology / UV technology
There are no waste products that require disposal.
No handling of or contact with hazardous materials required. Low energy input. Easy installation on
site. Minimum space requirements. No gas detector required!
Electrical mains supply and cable installation / water supply / floor drain in installation room /
ventilation and de-aeration of installation room / permissible room temperature min. +10 C up to
max. + 40 C.
Additional Information
The ozone system must be stores upright and in a dry and clean place.
Storage instructions
Dosing point with ball valve FPM
Armstrong air vent for OZONE,
Venturi injector, type 25152
Reaction vessel complete
Spare parts
dinotec GmbH
Water and Pool Technology
Spessartstrasse 7
63477 Maintal/Germany
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