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Company Profle and Overview of Services

Full Service Translation Company

Every year Ocean Translations helps thousands of
companies and multi-lateral organizations
communicate effectively to their target audience
by providing accurate and affordable translation
and DTP solutions.
As a full-service translation provider, our services
include translation, edition and proofreading as a
standard as well as desktop publishing services by
an in-house team of graphic designers and
Today, the companys keywords are flexibility,
commitment and transparency - foundations that
support over 2 million words for translation per
month, with a response capacity and quality that
match the markets requirements.
Did you know?
Online visitors spend twice as long on a page and
are four times as likely to buy from your website
or engage with your organization if your content
is in their own language.
Translation & Localization
Text translation
English < > Spanish
English < > Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish < > Portuguese (Brazil)
Cultural and linguistic localization for the
different Spanish flavors (Latin American
Spanish + countries variations, US Spanish
and Neutral Spanish)
Editing, Reviewing, Proofing & QA
E-mail On Demand Translation
MT-Post Editing
Software, website and multimedia
internationalization and localization
Spanish, Portuguese and English Translations
Phone: +54 341 527 0513 l Rosario, Argentina l e-mail: info@oceantranslations.com l www.oceantranslations.com
As YOU communicate with your global audiences, we
accompany you on your JOURNEY by providing accurate
and affordable TRANSLATIONS and DTP solutions.
Get on Board with us and Travel through the World of Words, Images and Sounds
Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Professional transcription and related
translation from audio and video materials
such as commercials and infomercials,
webinars, conferences, interviews, training
courses, business calls, and TV shows.
Subtitling, dubbing and closed captioning
Text extraction from non editable file types
File preparation at large
Typesetting, design and production
DTP verification and proofing
Software Testing
Full professional testing and feedback
Spanish, Portuguese and English Translations
Phone: +54 341 527 0513 l Rosario, Argentina l e-mail: info@oceantranslations.com l www.oceantranslations.com
Guarantee of Quality
In our 14 years of experience, we have gathered
the best skilled professionals in the sector and
have acquired an excellent reputation and an
admirable track record of clients satisfaction.
As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we
produce accurate and timely-delivered
translations. We place quality first! Our
convictions demand that quality is always the
dominating ideal in the services we provide. Our
goal is to deliver a customized service to each of
our clients and build long-term business
In order to meet our clients rigorous
requirements, we especially created a Quality
Assurance Department, which is in charge of the
overall supervision of projects, and follows an
internal QA procedure. All our work is delivered
edited and proof-read by different translators,
unless otherwise stated.
Spanish, Portuguese and English Translations
Phone: +54 341 527 0513 l Rosario, Argentina l e-mail: info@oceantranslations.com l www.oceantranslations.com
Our History
Ocean Translations was founded in 1998 by
professor and interpreter Beatriz Galiano,
pursuing her passion for languages and the needs
of her interpretation clients for written
With solid knowledge on the medical arena and a
rich history in this field, she gradually added
associates, resources, clients, areas of expertise
and great achievements to her enterprise.
The company has a strong association with
medical, health care and life sciences texts - both
for the general public and the scientific
community, providing direct services to high-end
agencies such as the WHO, PAHO, The James Lind
Library, the World Bank Group among others .
Over the years Ocean Translations diversified and
broadened their areas of expertise which now
includes Spanish and Portuguese translations and
transcriptions for the following sectors: life
science, e-learning, education,
telecommunications, finance and banking, human
resources, software products, food and hospitality
industries, automotive, users manuals, legal,
travel, insurance and manufacturing.
Among direct clients who have year after year
trusted Ocean Translations, we can mention:
WHO Department of Reproductive Health,
WHO Department of Nutrition, Switzerland
UNAIDS, Switzerland
James Lind Library, UK
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, USA
Unum, USA (HMO)
Colonial Life, USA (HMO)
American Association for Clinical Chemistry, USA
CREP (Centro Rosarino de Estudios Perinatales),
Sociedad Argentina de Pediatra, Argentina
ISAGS (UNASUR), Instituto Suramericano de
Gobierno en Salud
CARF International, USA
Novartis, Mexico
Cohred, Switzerland
Equator-Network.Org Oxford, UK
The Cochrane Library, Barcelona, Spain
ECLA, Argentina
Spanish, Portuguese and English Translations
Phone: +54 341 527 0513 l Rosario, Argentina l e-mail: info@oceantranslations.com l www.oceantranslations.com
Our Team
Betty Galiano CEO
Federico Carroli Chief Operations Officer
8 Bilingual Project Managers
Executive and Administrative team
25 Translation / Localization staff
(including 15 In-house Translators, 5 In-house
Reviewers and 5 In-house Designers)
What our clients say about us...
The World Health Organization (Reproductive Health
and Research Department) is extremely satisfied with
the work of Ocean Translations over the past decade.
Specifically they have the capacity to translate large
volumes and have consistently delivered high-quality
World Health Organization - Department of
Reproductive Health and Research, Switzerland
Your Project Manager is always responding very fast,
which is very important for us. The quality has been
checked through LQI and the results were good as well.
Canadian LSP Project Manager
My experience with Ocean Translations has been
nothing but the best! Honestly, its been wonderful! Id
like to congratulate you on your Project Manager, she
has been of tremendous support to two large accounts
of mine.
US Language Service Provider Language Lead
"I wanted to share with you that we had an excellent
Spanish translation of our latest LASPAU News! These
eNewsletters help us reaching more than 7,000 people
connected to our organization. We are very pleased with
the translations provided by Ocean Translations as they
were spot-on for our Latin American contacts.
Online Communications Coordinator, LASPAU:
Academic and Professional Programs for the
Americas, USA
Associations and affiliations
The Globalization and Localization Association
Association of Language Companies (ALC)
International Association of Translators and
Editors of Medicine and Allied Sciences
American Translation Association (ATA)
Santa Fe Board of Translators - Province of Santa
Fe, 2nd Circumscription
Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters
Contact us today!
Ocean Translations S.R.L.
San Lorenzo, 1716 -7
Rosario (2000) - Argentina
Phone: +54 341 527 0513
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