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1 Preparation of Base of Concrete

4.1.1 The surfaces where to concrete are to be poured cleaned of any laitance, mud, debris, oils etc.
4.2.2 These surfaces should be roughened before continuous of concrete work to facilitate proper concrete bonding
between the structure.
4.2 Installation of Reinforcement Bars
4.2.1 All rebars shall be cleaned of laitance prior to installation.
4.2.2 The numbers, sizes, lengths and positions of all reinforcing bars, links, stirrups, spacer bars and other parts
of the steel reinforcement, would be installed in accordance with the drawings and specifications.
4.2.3 Spacer blocks should be adequately secured to the reinforcement bars. Spacer block is the same/greater
grade as the concrete to be used.
4.2.1 The reinforcement bars shall be inspected and approved by the consultants prior to the installation of
4.3 Formwork
4.3.1 The formwork should be installed as per the construction drawing.
4.3.2 The formwork should be installed to the required sizes, shapes, lines and dimensions as shown on the
drawings in order to obtain accurate alignment, location, grades, level and verticality of the finished column.
4.3.3 The internal surface of the proprietary formwork should be cleaned and applied with an approved release
agent prior to erection and prior to installation of reinforcement.
4.3.4 False work should also be erected to give sufficient support and bracing and so that any necessary
adjustment to the proprietary formwork could be made.
4.3.5 Any gaps which might allow the leakage of concrete or its cement grout should be sealed off by sponges,
tapes etc.
4.3.6 During concrete placement operations, the falsework and formwork should be monitored visually for any
signs of abnormal deflection or failure.All formwork must be strongly and rigidly supported.
4.4 Placing of Concrete
4.4.1 Each batch shall be placed and compacted within 2 hours of adding the cement to dry aggregates and within
45 minutes of adding water to the cement and aggregates.
4.4.2 If site mix is used source of water must approved by S.O or pH test will be conduct.
4.4.3 Mix proportions will be follow as per construction drawing requirement.
4.4.4 When in situ concrete has been place for 4 hours, no further concrete shall be placed against it for a further
20 hours.
4.4.5 Concrete shall be deposited in horizontal layers to a compacted depth not exceeding 450 mm where internal
vibrators are used; or 300mm in all other cases. The surface of the concrete shall be maintained reasonably level
during placing.
4.4.6 Concrete shall not be dropped into place from height exceeding 1500mm.
4.4.7 No concrete shall be placed in flowing water. Underwater concrete if deemed shall be placed in position by
tremies or pipelines from the mixer. All concreting works shall be comply to Section 9 (JKR/SPJ/1988).
4.5 Post Concreting Inspection
4.5.1 Prior to removal of the formwork, approval form the consultants shall be obtained.
Minimum Periods Between Concreting And Removal Of Forms
Type of Structure Days
Vertical faces of beams, wall columns, piles, foundation plinths and
precast items.
3 days
Underside of Slabs 14 days
Underside of Beams 28 days
4.5.2 After removal of the formwork, each concrete structure shall be inspected by the surveyors and project
engineers / site supervisors for its size, shape, lines, dimensions, alignment, location, level and verticality. In case
there be any defects, these defects shall be identified and recorded. Remedial measures shall be proposed and
agreed by the consultants prior to implementation.
4.2.1 The formwork removed shall be inspected again for distortion or damage. Distorted or damaged components
should be repaired or replaced. Otherwise, irreparable components should be identified and set aside to prevent
unintentional use.
4.3 Curing
4.3.1 Exposed surfaces, immediately shall be protected from the sun and rain in a manner approved by
4.3.2 All concrete after it has set, shall be kept continuously damp until thoroughly cured. Provision shall be made
for adequate water distribution to all part of the works, so that if required, this treatment can be continued efficiently
throughout the whole period of construction.
4.3.3 In order to keep the concrete continuously damped, all exposed surfaces shall be covered with gunny bags
or shall have water impounded on them for the full period of curing which shall be not less than 7 days.
5.0 Quality Control Procedure
Inspection by SC will be carried out before casting, cube test sample will be take for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. All
test cubes will be cure in curing tank before carry out cube crushing test. All cube test will be label with necessary
data for identification.