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TABLE Parameter Value

Max number of re-transmitting events times(MRetrans) 2

Number of slots to spread transmission(Txinteger) 14
Cell bar qualify(CellBarQualify) 0
Cell bar access(CellBarAccess) 0
Control channel maximum power level(MsTxPwrMaxCch) 5
Min received signal level to access(RxLevAccessMin) 6
IMSI attach/detach allowed(ImsIadAllowed) 1
Call reestablishment allowed(CallReestablish) 1
Directed retry indication switch(DrInd) 0
Uplink discontinuous transmission(DtxUplinkBcch) 1
Downlink discontinuous transmission allowed(DtxDwlink) 1
Preprocessing indication(Preprocess) 0
Fast average indication(FastAvg) 0
Allow FACCH call setup after emergency call 0
CBC support(SmsCbUsed) 1
Multi-band report indication(MulbandReport) 3
Early category class-mark sending control(ECSC) 1
HBTS proofread support(HBTSScanSupport) 0
RSSI threshold(RSSIThrd) 100
Proofread freqband type(GSM1900Support) 0
HBTS Arfcn Range Number 0
HBTS rang low VOID
HBTS rang high VOID
Uplink power level(HoUlLevWindow) 4
Averaging weight for uplink power level UTRAN 2
Downlink power level(HoDlLevWindow) 4
Averaging weight for downlink power level UTRAN 2
Uplink quality(HoUlQualWindow) 4
Averaging weight for uplink quality UTRAN 2
Downlink quality(HoDlQual) 4
Averaging window for downlink quality UTRAN 2
Distance(DistanceWindow) 4
Neighboring cell(NCellWindow) 4
Number of zero allowed in AV(ZeroAllowed) 1
Hoc pattern indication(HoPatternInd) 3
Parameter for PBGT between different layers 3282968
The threshold for starting PBGT handover(PbgtHoStartThs) 60
Handover from macro to micro(MacroMicroStartThs) 40
Hysteresis timer when traffic handover(TrafficHysteresisTm,s) 7
The priority of the handover from Macro cell to Micro
cell(MacroMicroHoPrio) 0
Hoc control(HoControl) 2752528
Min interval between inter-cell handover(HoMinInterval,s) 5
Uplink receive level(HoUlLevThs) 15
Downlink receive level(HoDlLevThs) 15
Uplink receive quality(HoUlQualThs) 45
Downlink receive quality(HoDlQualThs) 45
Uplink receive level of intra-ho(IntraHoUlLevThs) 35
Downlink receive level of intra-ho(IntraHoDlLevThs) 40
Max time advance threshold between MS and BTS(DistanceThs) 63
P value of uplink receive level UTRAN 2
N value of uplink receive level UTRAN 3
P value of downlink receive level UTRAN 2
N value of downlink receive level UTRAN 3
P value of uplink receive quality UTRAN 2
N value of uplink receive quality UTRAN 3
P value of downlink receive quality UTRAN 2
N Value of downlink receive quality UTRAN 3
P value of uplink receive level of intra-handover UTRAN 2
N value of uplink receive level of intra-handover UTRAN 3
P value of downlink receive level of intra-handover UTRAN 2
N value of downlink receive level of intra-handover UTRAN 3
P value of distance handover UTRAN 2
N value of distance handover UTRAN 3
Rapid handover(RapidHoThs) 10
N value of rapid handover UTRAN 2
Penalty time for handover failure(HoFailPenalTime) 7
Prior layer selecting parameter on signal lever/quality(LayerPriority) 2
Layer adapting to PBGT handover(PbgtHoLayer) 3
Good C/I(GoodCiThs) 133
P value of good C/I UTRAN 2
N value of good C/I UTRAN 3
Bad C/I(BadCiThs) 130
P value of bad C/I UTRAN 2
N value of bad C/I UTRAN 3
Difference of dynamic priority(DynPrioOffset) 1
PBGT difference(PbgtOffset) 3
Layer control value for handover on traffic(TrafficHoLayrCtl) 1
Frequency control value for handover on traffic(TrafficHoFreqCtl) 0
Threshold of traffic for handover(TrafficThs,%) 70
N value of pbgt handover UTRAN 3
P value of pbgt handover UTRAN 2
Traffic handover threshold(TrafficLevThs) 24
Level offset during penalty(PenaltyLevOffset) 15
Uplink interference quality offset(QOffsetUl) 1
Uplink interference level offset(SOffsetUl) 15
Downlink interference quality offset(QOffsetDl) 1
Downlink interference level offset(SOffsetDl) 10
Invalid intra-handover time(TMaxiHo) 30
Max count of invalid intra-handover(MaxiHo) 1
Max path loss threshold on force handover(MaxLossThs) 110
Max time advance threshold on force handover(MaxTAThs) 5
N value of force handover(HoForceN) 4
P value of force handover(HoForceP) 3
Dule band power offset(DuleBandOffset) 0
The maximum of path loss(PathLossMax) 140
The minimum of path loss(PathLossMin) 130
The maximum of time advance(SubCellTAMax) 3
The minimum of time advance(SubCellTAMin) 1
N value of subcell handover(SubCellN) 4
P value of subcell handover(SubCellP) 3
Cell reselecting hysteresis level(ReselHysteresis,2db) 2
Additional reselection parameter indication(AdditionReselPI) 0
Cell reselection parameter indication(CellReselPI) 0
Cell reselection offset(ReselOffset,2db) 5
Temporary offset(TemporaryOffset,10db) 1
Penalty time(PenaltyTime,20s) 0
Common control channel configuration(CcchConf) 0
Number of blocks reserved for AGCH(BsAgBlkRes) 1
Number of multi-frames of the PCH(BsPaMframs) 4
Periodical location updating timer(T3212,360s) 20
Protection period for access attempt(T3122,s) 10
Radio link failure criterion(ConFailCriterion) 1
Radio link timeout on MS side(MsRadioLkTmOut) 7
Radio link timeout on BSS side(BsRadioLkTmOut) 6
Receiving level threshold(RxLevThs) 10
Receiving quality threshold(RxQualThs) 6
Radio link failure checking period(RxLevQualprd) 63
Interference averaging period(InterfAvgPrd) 31
Interference band boundary0 0,5,13,20,45,63
Switch flag of cell TRX power off(StartTRXPowerOff) 1
Threshold for FR to HR(HRThs,%) 1
Threshold of AMR HR(AmrHRThs) 1
Percentage of HR Ts(HRTsPercentage) 100
HR channel fragment collected support(HRDfragSupport) 1
Reserved rate of EMLPP(EmlppThs) 20
Use cell dynamic HR parameter(UseCellDynHRPara) 1
FR-HR handover based on cell load(FRThrHoSupport) 0
Threshold of HR defrag(HRDefragThs) 70
Use cell EMLPP Threshold(UseCellEmlppThs) 0
Use cell AMR parameter(UseCellAMRParam) 1
AMR codec adjust mode(AmrAdjMode) 0
AMR codec adjust interval(AmrAdjInterval,480ms) 1
Repeated ACCH support(RepeatACCH) 1
Start PA power off(StartPAPowerOff) 0
BA show(BcchBaInd) 1
TFO support(TFOSupport) 1
MR Report Time Bmp 0,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23
Min resource threshold(ResourceThs,%) 20
BSS radio link timer's maximum value for AMR FR(BsRadioLkTmOutAMRFR) 8
BSS radio link timer's maximum value for AMR
HR(BsRadioLkTmOutAMRHR) 7
Access Control(AccessControl) void
Reserved rate of CS(CsRsvRate) 1
Reserved No. of EMLPP(EmlppBusyNum) 0
EGPRS packet channel request access program support(EgprsPacketChreq) 1
Average filter period for uplink BEP(BEPperiodUp) 10
Average filter period for downlink BEP(BEPperiodDown) 10
DTM Support(DTMSupport) 1
EGPRS phone quality measure mode(LinkQuameaMode) 0
Uplink LA+IR quality control support(IrSupportUp) 1
Take preemptive transmit bit function(PreemptiveTrans) 1
Selective granularity(USFGranularity) 1
EGPRS init attach select 5,5,8,8
GPRS init attach select 1,1,3,3
Init attach exchange 7
Max number of GTTP Lapdm frame(GttpLapdmNum) 3
Parameter used by phone(T3168,s) 7
Parameter used by phone(T3192,ms) 2
DRX mode holding time(DrxTimeMax,s) 4
Max blocks transmission in each TS(BsCvMax) 9
Packet control acknowledgment type(CtraCkType) 1
Access burst type(AccessType) 0
N3102 decrease step(PanDec) 0
N3102 increase step(PanInc) 1
N3102 maximum(PanMax) 7
PBCCH reserved blocks(PbcchBlks) 3
PAGCH reserved blocks(PagBlkRes) 5
PRACH reserved blocks(PrachBlks) 2
Interval range of packet access attempt(TxInt) 14
Access persist level 0,0,0,0
Access control level 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Power control parameter(Alpha) 6
Filter period in the packet idle mode(T_AVG_W,s) 0
Filter period in packet transmission mode(T_AVG_T,s) 0
Power decreasing descending on PBCCH(Pb,-2db) 0
Power control measurement channel(PcMeasChan) 0
PSI4 sending mark(Psi4Send) 0
Filter constant of power control(N_AVG_I) 0
GPRS access minimum signal level(RxLevAsMin) 12,12
GPRS maximum initial access signal level(MsTxMaxCch) 5,5
HCS exist(HCS_Exist) 0,0
HCS priority(PrioClass) 0,0
Threshold of HCS signal level(HCS_Thr) 0,0
Cell reselection offset(ReselOffset,2db) 0,0
GPRS cell reselection hysteresis(ReselHys,db) 3,3
C31 hysteresis(C31_Hyst) 0,0
Usage of cell reselection offset(C32_Qual) 0,0
Random access attempt permitted(RadAcRetry) 0,0
Interval of reselecting the same cell(T_Resel,s) 0,0
Routing reselection hysteresis(RaReselHys,db) 4,4
Temporary offset of cell reselection(TempOffset,db) 0,0
Penalty time of cell reselection(PenalTime,10s) 0,0
SI13 sending position(Si13Locate) 0
Route area color code(RaColor) 0
Extended measurement report order(MeaOrder) 0
Network control order(CtrlOrder) 0
NC hold time in non-drx mode(NcNoDrxPer,s) 2
Packet idle mode(NcRepPerI,s) 7
Packet transmission mode(NcRerPerT,s) 3
PSI status support(PsiStatInd) 0
Min number of idle CS channel(CsChansThs) 2
Extended measurement report order(ExMeaOrder) 0
Type of extended measurement report(ExtRepType) 0
Report period of extended measurement(ExtRepPer,s) 5
Send speed 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Extended paging support(EpageMode) 0
Calculating period of load on PPCH(LoadPer,s) 10
Overload report period on PRACH(OvLoadPer,s) 10
Buffer threshold of paging message(%) 50,50,50
Link error counter(RLTimeout) 20
PRACH receive signal level threshold(PrachBusyT) 63
Average measuring bursts number on PRACH(MeaAvgSlot) 60
Additional reselect parameter indicator(AddResPI2) 0
Allow SOLSA MS to access(Exc_Acc) 0
LSA offset(LSA_Offset) 0
Priority threshold(Prio_Thr,db) 1
CCN mode support(CCNActive) 1
Cell support system message status flow(SIStatusInd) 1
Cell support extendable uplink TBF(Ext_UTBF) 1
Interval number of GPRS TBF downlink's RRBP(GPRSDlRrbpInterVal) 10
Interval number of EGPRS TBF downlink's RRBP(EGPRSDlRrbpInterVal) 10
Interval number of GPRS TBF uplink's ACK(GPRSUlAckInterVal) 10
Interval number of EGPRS TBF uplink's ACK(EGPRSUlAckInterVal) 8
Take preemptive transmit bit function(PreemptiveTrans) 1
Extended uplink dynamic allocation support(ExUpDynSupport) 1
UPU unit(UpuUnit) 0
Uplink measure report period(Ulmeasureperiod,ms) 800
Downlink delay time(DlDelaytime,ms) 2000
Extend uplink TBF time(ExtUlTBFTime,ms) 1500
Uplink delay time(UlDelayTime,ms) 1000
PS preempt CS support(PSPrmpCSSupport) 0
Subscriber occupying other preference channel support(HybridOccuSupp) 1
PS subscriber moving out of other preference channel
support(AllowPsMove) 0
Congeneric service threshold for PS-moving(SfPreferBusyThs) 100
Uncongeneric service threshold for PS-moving(OpPreferBusyThs) 0
C/I(Sc) 2
ARP(Sa) 2
THP(St) 2
PS queuing support(PsQueueInd) 0
Max PS queue count(PsMaxQueueInstNum) 8
PS preemption support(PsPreemptionInd) 0
CS subscriber moving support(AllowCsMove) 0
The size of test report's slip window(Wnd) 4
Allowed report number of the same cell in Slip window(AllowedRepNum) 3
CCCH SPLITPGCYCLE support(SpgcSuport) 0
Packet access priority threshold(PriAcThr) 6
Interval period of packet access attempt(S) 7
Max times of attempt(MaxRetrans) 2,2,2,2
3G NACC support(Support3GCCN) 0
PSI1 send period(Psi1RepPer) 4
Extended dynamic allocation supported(ExtDynAllocsupp) 0
Max resource for POC service(POCSrcThs,%) 50
DSP No.(DSP) 9
Info 5120,1347421184,109,0,0,0,0,0
Info1 84215562,335544336,0,0,4352,67913512,407251210,4484
Priority of handover(Hopriority) 3
MAX power level of MS(MsTxPwrMax) 5
MIN power level for handover access(RxLevMin) 22
MIN threshold of signal level for handover on PBGT(HoMarginPbgt) 30
MIN threshold of signal level for handover on power level(HoMarginRxLev) 28
MIN threshold of signal level for handover on quality(HoMarginRxQual) 24
MAX level difference of force handover(MaxForceHoDiff) 9
Handover force resource threshold(HoForceResThs) 40
Neighboring cell layer(NCellLayer) 1
CS adjacent cell report priority(RepPrioCS) 0
PS adjacent cell report priority(RepPrioPS) 0
Is related cell(IsRelatedCell) 0
Is handover forced neighbor cell(IsHoForceNcell) 0
CCN support(CCNSupport) 0
Cell type(CellType) 1
RAC 193
Target cell traffic threshold(TargetCellTrafficThs) 75
Counter of handover threshold from macro to micro (MacroMicroHon) 2
Assign queue enable(AssQueEnable) 1
Internal redirection enable(InDrEnable) 1
Outer redirection enable(OutDrEnable) 0
Assign preemption enable(AssPreEmpt) 1
BSC intra cell handover enable(HoIntraEnable) 1
BSC cell handover enable(HoInterEnable) 1
BSC outer handover enable(HoOutEnable) 1
SDCCH handover enable(ShoEnable) 0
TCH/F handover enable(TfHoEnable) 1
TCH/H handover enable(ThHoEnable) 1
Handover queue enable(HoQueEnable) 1
Handover preemption enable(HoPreEmpt) 1
Handover check arithmetic choose(HoA) 0
Handover request response(HoAck) 0
Force FACCH(FacchOnly) 0
Continuum handover trigger(HoTrigger) 0
Handover reason tip(HoCauseInd) 0
Local cell position number(LAC) 0
Local cell identification(CI) 0
Outer cell target number(OutCellNum) 0
Outer cell position number(OutLAC) 0,0,0
Outer cell number(OutCI) 0,0,0
Outer RNC(OutRNC) 0,0,0
Two phase access(TwoPhaseAccess) 0
Old BSS to new BSS information(OldToneWctrl) 0
Access control(AccessCtrl) 0
Resume set option(ResumeSetOpt) 0
Queuing Indicator in handover required message(HandOutQueInd) 0
Send cell prefer indication(SendCellPreferInd) 0
IPA AMR start mode(IpaAMRStartMode) 0
TDD cell handover enable(TdHoEnable) 0
Use system message method when MSC overload or link
block(MSCSysInfoFlc) 0
Start system message method(CPUSysInfoFlc) 0
Start limit of system message method(CPUSysInfoCTLCPU,%) 65
Start FUC flow control(CPUFucFlc) 1
Start limit of FUC flow control(CPUFucCtlCPU,%) 75
The maximum control level for MSC overload or link
block(MSCFlcMaxLevel) 6
CPU access flow control(CPUAccessFlc) 0
Handover BCCH(CanBCCHEx) 1
Dynamic configuration SDCCH(CanSDCCHDyn) 1
Scan SDCCH(ScanSDCCH,100ms) 30
Scan BCCH(ScanBCCH,100ms) 3000
BCCH starting delay(BCCHDelay,100ms) 200
BCCH finishing delay(ReBCCHEx,100ms) 200
Delay of TRX forcible release(TrxRel,100ms) 60
Delay of TS forcible release(TsRel,100ms) 10
Delay protection(MaxDelay,100ms) 1800
TCH->SDCCH limit(MinSDCCH) 4
SDCCH->TCH delay(TimeToTch) 2
The maximum cells' amount of simultaneously handover(MaxChangeProc) 2
B2 support AMR(V2TruSupportAMR) 0
CHR enable(ChrEnable) 0
NC2 support(NC2support) 0
MR server IP(MRSvrIP)
MR server port(MRSvrPort) 15000
Voice Quality Weight 1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Resource Alarm Threshold 80,80,80,80,80,80,80,80
IBS shutdown limit(ByDownLimit,%) 30
IBS power up limit(ByUpLimit,%) 60
IBS power over limit(ByPowerOverLmt,%) 90
IBS power priority(ByPowerPriority) 4
IBS time bitmap(DwDownPowerBmp) 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
BCCH forbidden TS merger time bitmap(BCCHForbiddenBmp) 0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
ABIS alarm delay time(AbisAlmDelayTime,s) 0
Local disk save performance measurement data(PMLocalSave) 0
Pingpong handover duration(PingPongDura,s) 10
Number of measurement reports for dropped
connections(LatestMeasureRptNum,num) 1
The method of intelligent TRX power off and Baseband frequency Hopping
TRX Exchange Parameters(Info) 0000320007080bb8000002580000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Dropped Threshold(DropThs) 50,50,12,12,20
CDT support(CDTOn) 0
CTS support(CTSOn) 0
CDT server IP(CdtSvrIP)
CDT server port(CdtSvrPort) 15006
Report CDT flow threshold of inform(CdtFlowThres,kbps) 2000
CdtOption(CdtOption) 2973
Sending HO detect message to MSC during intra-BSC HO with IPA
Amr handover option(AmrHoOpt) 0
Buffered and transferred Max LLC frame number(MaxLLCFrameNum) 100,40
Send by SNDCP indicator(SNDCPSendInd) 0
TCP/IP performance enhance(TCPIPEnhance) 0
Range of tolerance of LLC out of order(OutOfOrderTolerance) 40
Send message to SGSN(GBMsgSndInd) 2
Threshold of quality in radio status(RadStaQuaThs) 8
Send packet TBF release to MS when BSS abnormal(PacketTBFRel) 0
Inter-cell handover processed within BSC allowed(InHoEnable) 1
BSC maximum reset number(BscMaxResetNum) 3
Send confusion message allowed(ConfusionMsg) 0
Automatic resource indication threshold(ResourceIndThs,%) 30
Resource adjust threshold(ResourceAdjustThs) 2000
Load indication allowed(LoadInd) 0
Load indication valid time(LoadValidTime,10s) 18
Load indication period(LoadIndPrd,100ms) 1500
BMP corresponded with flow control level(ChlReqRejBmp) 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
Send assignment failure allowed(ExDRSendAssFail) 0
BVC flow control threshold(CellFcThs,%) 80
MS flow control threshold(MsFcThs,%) 80
BVC flow control period(CellFcPer,10ms) 3000
MS flow control period(MsFcPer,10ms) 3000
Control TFO 0
NSVC peer to peer delay(Delay,ms) 10
Max times of NS block retry(NSBlkMax) 3
Max times of NS unblock retry(NSUnblkMax) 3
Max times of NS alive retry(NSAliveMax) 10
Max times of BVC block retry(BVCBlkMax) 3
Max times of BVC unblock retry(BVCUblkMax) 3
Max times of BVC reset retry(BVCRestMax) 3
Max times of suspend retry(SuspendMax) 3
Max times of resume retry(ResumeMax) 3
Max times of radio access capabilities update retry(UpdateMax) 3
Max times of PFC create retry(DownLoadBssPFCMax) 3
Max times of PFC modify retry(ModifyBssPFCMax) 3
Cn 85,85,85
Nn 20,20,20
Xn(%) 25,25,25
Max allowed number of continuous losses of uplink data blocks(N3101) 250
Times of packet uplink ACK/NACK retries(N3103) 250
Max allowed number of continuous losses of uplink RLC/MAC control
message(N3105) 250
Dynamic HR enable(DynaHREnable) 1
Threshold for TRX switched from FR to HR(HRThs,%) 100
User priority for EMLPP(PriThreshold) 2
Reserved channel first(RsvChanFirst) 1
Preferred speech version(PreferSpeechVer) 15
BVC flow control support(BVCFlowCtrl) 1
MS flow control support(MSFlowCtrl) 1
Flow control mode(FlowCtrlMode) 2
Parameter of flow control mode 1(FlowCtlMode1Para) 1
Parameter of flow control mode 2(FlowCtlMode2Para) 800
BVC flow control R minimum value(BVCFlowCtrlRMin,100 bps) 300
MS flow control R minimum value(MSFlowCtrlRMin,100 bps) 300
Satellite transmission at GB interface indication(IsStatelliteGB) 0
Extended RLC send window allowed(IsWindowExpend) 0
PFC support(PFCSupport) 0
BSC net operation mode(NMO) 1
BSC support page coordination(PagCoordination) 1
RS(RS) 12
RR(RR) 12
RA(RA) 6
RM(RM) 14
RB(RB) 6
RG(RG) 15
RE(RE) 35
C(C) 5
R99 IND(R99Ind) 1
DCS1800/PCS1900 support(FuncExt) 0
MNC 3 digits support(MNC3Digits) 0
NACC support(NACCSupport) 1
TBF establish support(TBF_EST) 0
Signal extended uplink TBF support(Signal_EUTBF) 1
Extended uplink dynamic allocation support(ExUpDynSupport) 1
Downlink TBF retry(DlTBFRetry) 0
Resource pool for PS rate(PsAbisThs,%) 80
EMLPP channel reserved threshold(EMLPPThs,%) 0
CS channel reserved time(CsThs,%) 30
Max PS user PERTS(MaxPsUserPerts) 4,6
Max users of POC service on shared PS channel(PsCapaThs) 3,3
Longitude(Longitude) 180
Latitude(Latitude) 90
MSP support(MSPSupport) 0
Flex A support(FlexASupport) 0
Flex GB support(FlexGBSupport) 0
TC type support(TCType) 1
RIM support(RIMSupport) 0
RIM retry times(RIMRetryTimes) 0
Virtual IP(VirtualIP) 000000006196684d0000000076160001
Multi PLMN support(MPLMNSupport) 0
AMR full active codec set(AmrFullAcs) 165
AMR half active codec set 21
Thresholds of AMR 6,9,13,18,24,31,39,22,25,29,34,40
Hysteresis of AMR 3,4,3,5,5,5,6,4,5,5,6,6
Enable noise control(IsAmrNscb) 0,0
Initial codec mode(IsAmrICM) 1,1
Start mode(AmrStartMode) 1,1
HR channel fragment finishing support(HRDfragSupport) 0
HR channel percentage threshold(HRTsPercentage) 50
AMR dynamic HR conversion threshold(AmrHRThs) 50
DFCA support(DFCASupport) 0
Voice uplink target C/I 15,15,18,9,15,15,15,18,9,15
Voice downlink target C/I 15,15,18,9,15,15,15,18,9,15
Voice uplink minimum C/I 10,10,12,4,10,10,10,12,4,10
Voice downlink minimum C/I 10,10,12,4,10,10,10,12,4,10
Report voice quality(VoiceQualityReport) 0
IP TOS(IPTOS) 2.01E+24
GE support(GESupport) 1
Different reselection parameter in idle and transfer status
support(PSReselParam2) 0
MR report support(MrRptEnable) 0
BTS of different net handover support(InterNetHO) 0
Threshold of packet service busy-level on TRX(TrxPSBusyThs) 50
Blocking/Unblocking period(T1,100ms) 80
Protective time for No.7 signal instantaneous disconnection(T3,100ms) 100
Global resetting period(T4,100ms) 100
Protection period for handover request(T7,100ms) 100
Source BSC handover executing period(T8,100ms) 120
Assignment period(T10,100ms) 80
Protection period for global resetting(T13,100ms) 40
First overload period of flow traffic control(T17,100ms) 80
Second overload period of flow traffic control(T18,100ms) 150
Circuit resetting period on BSS side(T19,100ms) 80
Circuit group blocking/unblocking period(T20,100ms) 80
Protective time waiting for access(RmsT1,100ms) 290
Protective time for applying to channel(RmsT2,100ms) 40
Protective time for link establishment response(RmsT3,100ms) 60
Protective time that P0 confirms the message HO/ASS COM(RmsT4,100ms) 30
Encryption mode modification time(RmsT5,100ms) 100
SAPI3 link establishment time(RmsT6,100ms) 100
Protective time that PO responses external handover completion
message(RmsT7,100ms) 150
External handover protective time(RmsT8,100ms) 250
Protective time for RF channel release(RmsT9,100ms) 20
Starting time for oriented retry(RmsT10,100ms) 60
Queue period of assignment(RmsT11,100ms) 60
Queue period for handover(RmsTqho,100ms) 50
Acknowledgment interval for periodic status(RmsT12,100ms) 50
Mode modification process time(RmsT13,100ms) 60
Protective time of UM assignment completion(RmsT14,100ms) 20
Time of destination instance waiting for available resources when forced
disconnection(RmsT15,100ms) 30
Waiting time for oriented retry(RmsT16,100ms) 20
Continue timer for mode modify(TModeModifyConn,100ms) 50
Handover protecting time to UTRAN(mT7,100ms) 100
First overload period of flow traffic control(mT11,100ms) 80
Second overload period of flow traffic control(mT12,100ms) 150
Immediate assignment period(RmsT3101,100ms) 50
Handover period of source cell(RmsT3103,100ms) 280
Assignment period(RmsT3107,100ms) 60
Channel release period(RmsT3109,100ms) 300
Channel deactivation delay(RmsT3111,100ms) 5
RLSD message receive protection timer(T9101,100ms) 20
Channel activation protection timer(RmsT9103,100ms) 20
MSC clear command protection timer(T9104,100ms) 30
SCCP connection protection timer(T9105,100ms) 30
Monitor physical context request(RmsT9108,100ms) 20
External handover protection timer in target cell(T9113,100ms) 110
Time of micro-micro handover delay(Tmicro,100ms) 50
BSIC decoding period(Tbsic,100ms) 50
Protection time of resources on external in-Handover(aisT4,100ms) 40
Serving status protection timer(aisT12,100ms) 3000
Regular timer for system message broadcast(BcRegular,100ms) 18000
Protecting time of FUC response to system message
broadcast(BcProtect,100ms) 50
TFI and USF release timer(T3169,10ms) 500
TBF release timer(T3191,10ms) 500
TBF release time of downlink transmission(T3193,10ms) 250
TBF protect time when radio link failure(T3195,10ms) 500
BVC block/unblock retry time(BssgpT1,100ms) 30
BVC reset retry time(BssgpT2,100ms) 150
Suspend retry time(BssgpT3,100ms) 30
Resume retry time(BssgpT4,100ms) 30
Access capability update retry time(BssgpT5,100ms) 30
PFC creating retry time(BssgpT6,100ms) 30
PFC modifying retry time(BssgpT8,100ms) 30
Timer that monitors block/unblock procedure(NS_T1,100ms) 100
Timer that monitors reset procedure(NS_T2,100ms) 100
NS-cycle of NS-VC test process(NS_T3,100ms) 300
Timer that monitors alive process of NSVC(NS_T4,100ms) 30
Max attempt period of reset(NS_T5,100ms) 1800
Protection time for FUC channel type change(ccmT1,100ms) 100
Protection time for T-network connection(ccmT2,100ms) 100
Protection time for LSP movement(ccmT3,100ms) 100
Handover protecting timer to WCDMA/FDD(RmsT3121,100ms) 100
Get static parameter timer(GetStaticParamTimer,100ms) 120
Timer for MSG waiting(TWaitMsg,100ms) 20
Timer for RANCSEST waiting(TWaitRancsEst,100ms) 100
Timer for RANCSCLECOM waiting(TWaitRancsCleCom,100ms) 30
Length of super vision(LcsSuperVision,100ms) 250
Length of radio(LcsRadio,100ms) 50
LCS wait intra BSS handover timer(LcsWaitInTraHO,100ms) 60
PS channel delay release timer(PSRelDelay,100ms) 300
ATER wait SCCP connection timer(TAterWaitConn,100ms) 15
ATER wait resource timer(TWaitAterRes,100ms) 20
ATER wait resource release timer(TAterWaitRel,100ms) 20
ATER handover monitor timer(TAterMoniterHO,100ms) 120
ATER block circuit timer(TAterCicBlk,100ms) 80
ATER block circuit group timer(TAterBlkCicGrp,100ms) 80
ATER reset timer(TAterRst,100ms) 100
ATER reset guard timer(TITCRst,100ms) 40
ATER block a interface circuit timer(TBlkACic,100ms) 100
ATER block a interface circuit group timer(TBlkACicGrp,100ms) 100
ATER wait resource acknowledge timer(TWaitAterResAck,100ms) 15
RIR timer(TRIR,100ms) 50
RI timer(TRI,100ms) 50
RIAE timer(TRIAE,100ms) 50
HO performed ack timer(TwaitHoPFMAck,100ms) 60
Timer for CCM waiting(CcmWaitTimer,100ms) 45
ATER reset circuit timer(TAterRstCic,100ms) 80
Queue indicate when assign(QueueIndAss) 1
Queue allowed when handover(QueueIndHo) 0
Forced release indicate when assign(PreemptionIndAss) 0
Forced release allowed when handover(PreemptionIndHo) 0
Forced handover indication for assign(ForcedHoIndAss) 0
Forced handover indication for handover(ForcedHoIndHo) 0
Strategy for preemption when assign(AssPreemptstrategy) 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Strategy for preemption when handover(HoPreemptstrategy) 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Max forced handover times when assign(AssForcedHoTry) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Max forced handover times when handover(HoForcedHoTry) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Max forced release times when assign(AssForcedRelTry) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Max forced release times when handover(HoForcedRelTry) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Preemption duration when assign(AssPreempTimer,100ms)40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40
Preemption duration when handover(HoPreempTimer,100ms) 30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30
Timer for start forced release when assign(AssForceRelTimer,100ms) 30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30
Timer for start forced release when handover(HoForceRelTimer,100ms) 25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25
Interval for search forced handover target when
assign(AssForceHoInterval,100ms) 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Interval for search forced handover target when
handover(HoForceHoInterval,100ms) 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Interval for search forced release target when
assign(AssForceRelInterval,100ms) 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Interval for search forced release target when
handover(HoForceRelInterval,100ms) 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Wait resource timer after forced handover(ForceHoWait,100ms) 25
Wait resource timer after forced release(ForceRelWait,100ms) 25
Queue timer for assign(RmsT11,100ms) 60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60
Queue timer for handover(RmsTqho,100ms) 50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50,50
Enough low priority for preemption(LowestPriority) 14
Enough call duration for preemption(LongCallDuration) 50
Forced handover target penalty time(ForceHoPenalty) 60
Priority of emergency service(EmergServicelPrio) 1
Info 27660,32768256,19663800,0,7680,0,0,0
Optimized POC service support(PocSupport) 0
Highest coding scheme of POC service(PocAttSelt) 2,9
Highest coding scheme of signal TBF(SigTBFMaxCode) 9
HBTS scan begin timer(HBTSScanBT) 3
HBTS scan cycle(HBTSScanCyc,3600s) 24
HBTS scan site number(HBTSScanSiteNum) 10
LLC frame rerouting(LLCTransupport) 0
Max resending times for physical information(NY1) 35
Emergency call allowed(EmergencyCall) 0
Multi-band report indication(MulbandReport) 3
New setup cause indication(NECI) 0
Power offset indication(PowerOffsetInd) 0
Power offset(PowerOffset,2db) 0
Queue allowed when assign 1,0
Preemption allowed when assign or handover 0,0
Number of candidate cells for handover(CandidateNum) 6
Cipher mode(CipherMode) 1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
CCCH load indication period(CcchLoadIndPrd,s) 2
CCCH load indication 80,80
Overload sending period(OverloadPrd,s) 2
Average bursts count surveyed by RACH(AvgSlots) 60
RACH receiving signal level threshold for busy burst(RachBusyThs) 63
T200 timer/SDCCH(5ms) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1
Interval of re-sending repeating physical info message(10ms) 28,10
BCCH switch allowed(CanBcchExch) 1
SDCCH dynamic configuration allowed(CanSdcchDyn) 1
TA maximum(TaMax) 63
TA allowed(TaAllowed) 63
Dynamic HR support indication(DynaHREnable) 1
Subcell used(SubCellUsed) 0
Frequency band of subcell(SubFreqBand) 0
AMR full active codec set(AmrFullAcs) 165
AMR half active codec set 21
Thresholds of AMR 6,9,13,18,24,31,39,22,25,29,34,40
Hysteresis of AMR 3,4,3,5,5,5,6,4,5,5,6,6
Enable noise control(IsAmrNscb) 0,0
Initial codec mode(IsAmrICM) 1,1
Start mode(AmrStartMode) 1,1
Forced handover indication 0,0
Channel Select Strategy 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
Uplink level(PcUlLevWindow) 2
Weight value of weighted average uplink intensity 2
Downlink level(PcDlLevWindow) 2
Weight value of weighted average downlink intensity 2
Uplink quality(PcUlQualWindow) 2
Weight value of weighted average uplink quality 2
Downlink quality(PcDlQualWindow) 2
Weight value of weighted average downlink quality 2
Min interval of power control(PcMinInterval,SACCH double frame) 2,2,2,2
Uplink power control allowed(PwrControlUl) 1
Downlink power control allowed(PwrControlDl) 1
Power increasing step(db) 1,1,1,1
Power decreasing step(db) 0,0,0,0
Max power level of MS(MsTxPwrMax) 5,5,5,5
Min power level of MS(MsTxPwrMin) 16,16,16,16
Min power level of BS(BsTxPwrMin) 10,10,10,10
Increase uplink level 20,20,20,20
Decrease uplink level 30,30,30,30
Increase uplink quality 3,3,3,3
Decrease uplink quality 1,1,1,1
Increase downlink level 25,25,25,25
Decrease downlink level 35,35,35,35
Increase downlink quality 3,3,3,3
Decrease downlink quality 1,1,1,1
P value. If there are P in N uplink intensity mean values are lower than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will increase 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N uplink intensity mean values are lower than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will increase 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N uplink intensity mean values are higher than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will decrease 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N uplink intensity mean values are higher than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will decrease 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N uplink quality mean values are higher than
PcUlInclQualThs value (worse), power will increase 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N uplink quality mean values are higher than
PcUlInclQualThs value (worse), power will increase 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N uplink quality mean values are lower than
PcUlInclQualThs value, power will decrease 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N uplink quality mean values are lower than
PcUlInclQualThs value, power will decrease 3,3,3,3
P value.If there are P in N downlink intensity mean values are lower than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will increase 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N downlink intensity mean values are lower than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will increase 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N downlink intensity mean values are higher than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will decrease 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N downlink intensity mean values are higher than
PcUlInclLevThs value, power will decrease 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N downlink quality mean values are higher than
PcUlInclQualThs value (worse), power will increase 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N downlink quality mean values are higher than
PcUlInclQualThs value (worse), power will increase 3,3,3,3
P value. If there are P in N uplink (downlink) quality mean values are lower
than PcUlInclQualThs value, power will decrease 2,2,2,2
N value. If there are P in N uplink (downlink) quality mean values are lower
than PcUlInclQualThs value, power will decrease 3,3,3,3
Power decrease limit 24,22,20,18,16,14,12,10
Report period of measurement for power control(PwrCtrlReportPrd) 240
Uplink power control strategy(UlPwCtrl) 0
Downlink power control strategy(DlPwCtrl) 0
Expected signal intensity of MS(SS_BTS) 40
Downlink power control mode(PwCtrlMode) 0
Power control level(PwCtrlLev) 0
Power descending of PDCH to BCCH in a mode(P0,2db) 0
Downlink rapid power control indication(DlRapidPcInd) 0
Uplink rapid power control indication(UlRapidPcInd) 0
Uplink quality(PcUlQualWindow) 2
Weight value of weighted average uplink quality 2
Downlink quality(PcDlQualWindow) 2
Access minimal signal level(RxLevAsMin) 12,12
Maximum initial access signal level(MsTxMaxCCH) 5,5
Cell reselection offset(ReselOffset,2db) 0,0
Cell reselection temporary offset(TempOffset,db) 0,0
Penalty time of cell reselection(PenalTime,10s) 0,0
HSC exist(HCS_EXIST) 0,0
Threshold of HSC signal level(HCS_THR) 0,0
HCS priority(PrioClass) 0,0
PLAN_TRX_TABLE Priority(TrxPriority) 1