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Year-round benefts in tune with lifestyle:
Recognition, worldwide acceptance and
convenience aren't the only reasons why credit
cards have gained such popularity. The Credit
Cards also oers attractive discounts and
privileges at various outlets in !ahrain during
various pro"otions all round the year.
#t a glance:
Convenient way to pay for goods and services
$igh credit li"it up to % "ultiples of salary
&'-hour global cash access
(le)ible repay"ent - fro" *ust +, of your "onthly
outstanding balance
-nstabuys .urchase .lan - where you get the
freedo" to "a/e high value purchases and pay in
easy install"ents at *ust 0.11, interest.
Travel points Reward .rogra" - where credit
cardholders are rewarded with valuable Travel
points for every !2 spent, which can be
redee"ed for air tic/et vouchers. These
vouchers can be e)changed for air tic/ets for
any destination, any airline and in any class
of travel.
3'4.5hat are the dierent types of Credit
Cards oered by 6tandard Chartered !an/7
6tandard Chartered !an/ today oers
dierent types of credit card products
depending on need of the custo"er,
preference and lifestyle.
The cards are Classic
.latinu" and
-nfnite 9:nly for .riority !an/ing custo"ers;
-nfnite 9:nly for .riority !an/ing custo"ers;

3'&.5ho is eligible for a 6tandard Chartered Credit
6tandard Chartered Credit Cards can be applied for
by any resident in !ahrain 9e)pats included;. The
applicant should be salaried or self-e"ployed and
have a !ahrain C.R. They should be between &4 <
=0 years of age and earning a "ini"u" of !2 %00
per "onth.
3'%.5hat docu"ents are re>uired to apply7
2ocu"entation is fairly si"ple. -n addition to an
application for", Copy of C.R and .assport 9with
Residence ?isa page for e)pats;
@ast % "onths ban/ account state"ent 96howing
salary credit for salaried :R !usiness transactional
account for self-e"ployed;
@atest original salary slip and e"ploy"ent
confr"ation letter if salaried :R proof of
ownership of business and copy of CR if self
+.5hat are the credit li"its that can be set-up7
Credit li"its are assigned depending on the
-nco"e, A"ploy"ent status, Credit !ureau Chec/
and Type of credit card product.
=.5hat are the benefts of 6tandard Chartered
!an/ Credit Cards7
6tandard Chartered !an/ credit cards oer
functionality, convenience and rewards. Classic - a
no frills credit card which addresses the basic
re>uire"ent of credit and provides Travel .oints 94
per !2 spent;
8old - fulfls credit re>uire"ent with better
rewards 94.& Travel .oints per !2 spent;
.latinu" < access to global airport lounges, travel
insurance, purchase protection, lost card cover,
rewards 9&.=+ Travel .oints per !2 spent;
-nfnite < access to global airport lounges, B62 4
"io Travel -nsurance, .urchase .rotection,
A)tended 5arranty, Total Relationship Rewards
9&.=+ Travel .oints per !2 of @ocal 6pend, +.%
Travel .oints per !2 of (oreign 6pend;
&')C contact centre
:nline !an/ing
:ption of paying a "in of +, every "onth
-nterest rates fro" 4.+, per "onth 941, #.R;D
Eultiple Repay"ent :ptions6tanding -nstruction
B#A e)change outlets
6tandard Chartered !an/ branches
.Different Types of Credit Cards:
1)Visa Gold Credit Card
2)Visa Infinite Credit Card

3)Visa Platinum Credit Card
4)Visa Classic Credit Card