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Executive Summary

The purpose of this project is to identify and discuss why FedEx

Express is a good place to work. FedEx express has been ranked
sixth on the great places to work for list in the United Arab Emirates.
This report will discuss about what aspects makes FedEx Express
such a great place to work.
Great Place to Work Institute is a global research, consulting and
training firm that helps organisations identify, create and sustain great
workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures.
We serve businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45
countries on all six continents.

This report will talk about what FedEx Express does for its employees
and the community. We believe that these might be a couple of
reasons why this brand has been listed as the sixth best place to
work for in the U.A.E.
Our group has chosen to talk about certain things FedEx does for its
employees. Firstly, FedEx believes in giving major employee
recognition. They have constructed a variety of awards that are given
to the ones who excel. Secondly, the company is focused towards
safety and well being of employees, safety environment would be
discussed. Thirdly, FedEx provides a range of employee benefits,
which will be listed and explained in this report in detail.
FedEx not only believes in employee welfare but also in society well
being. They work for environmental sustainability and want to connect
the world in responsible and resourceful ways.

Problem Statement:

FedEx has been ranked sixth on the great places to work for list in the

Purpose Statement:

Determine and discuss aspects that make FedEx a good place to work

Company Background and Facts:

FedEx Express invented express distribution and remains the industrys
global leader, providing rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more
than 220 countries and territories, connecting markets that comprise
more than 90 percent of the worlds gross domestic product within one
to three business days. Unmatched air route authorities and
transportation infrastructure, combined with leading-edge information
technologies, make FedEx Express the worlds largest express
transportation company, providing fast and reliable services for more
than 3.9 million shipments each business day.

FedEx Express was founded in 1971 and has been a growing company
since then. FedEx Express is one of the seven sub companies under the
brand FedEx. This company has an estimated workforce of 160,000
worldwide. FedEx Express has an aircraft fleet of 649 aircrafts and has a
delivery fleet of 47500 motorized vehicles. This sub company has 690
world service centers, 1750 FedEx office locations, 6,300 FedEx
Authorized ShipCenters and Alliance Partners, 37,000 FedEx Drop